How to Use Psychographics in Your Marketing: A Beginner's Guide


but still, no one is buying your amazing, anti-aging, weight-loss product. What could really be at work here is that you''re probably ignoring psychographics. What are psychographics? Demographic information includes gender, age, income, marital status -- the dry facts.

B2B Marketing in Martech Age


The modern Martech age aids B2B marketing. Marketers in the modern Martech age have new data points to attract, engage & drive the audiences to sales. The post B2B Marketing in Martech Age appeared first on Valasys Media.

Aging 55

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Why are marketers afraid of data?


Aged 25-34. They’re the type of demographic and psychographic data marketers have lived with for years. Again, demographic and psychographic data. Nothing about this reality invalidates demographic, psychographic, geographic, or firmographic data.

How do you segment your market?


We use what we call the A2G framework to help you think through all the characteristics that might be helpful: Attitudes : What are the visitor’s psychographics? These characteristics include age, gender, income level, and lots more.

8 Steps To An Effective Social Media Strategy

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To do this, you need a combination of demographics and psychographics. Demographics are statistics and descriptions of a group of people, such as their location, age, gender, income and education level, religion and ethnicity.

Google Analytics vs. Quantcast: Which Analytics Platform Is More Powerful?


Quantcast is designed with predictive modeling and AI technology to help content marketers determine the demographic and psychographic measures of those consuming their content. Over the years, “ big data ” has shifted to focus more on actionable data.

Why See, Think, Do, Care Is The Best Marketing Model For The Digital Era


When targeting the largest addressable qualified audience with a display campaign based on demographics [and] psychographics, display ads are ‘buy now, buy now, buy now,’ [and] it’s not going to work,” Kaushik said. But Kaushik also told Grehan digital marketers have not necessarily made the case that they can discern intent through behavior, which is a much better way to target and/or serve ads than psychographics and demographics – like a 98-year-old woman who wants an iPad.

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Why B2B Marketing Buyer Personas Rule

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When I created B2B marketing buyer personas (“personae” for those of you who studied Latin) for one of my clients last year, it became crystal clear why they beat working from demographic and even psychographic profiles hands-down. Tweet.

How a SoLoMo (Social, Local & Mobile) Content Strategy Aids B2B Marketing


The data gathered from social chatter is analyzed & merged with data from the demographic, technographic, firmographic, psychographic & “fit-data” of the potential customers as well as their past browsing details & purchase histories.

5 Ways to Handle Customer and Market Segmentation Like a Pro (+ Free Webinar)


In the case of marketing segmentation, you can group together customers based on characteristics such as age, gender, geographical location, profession, and so on. Demographic data includes: Age. This stat showcases age demographics about a young target audience.

50 Email Segmentation Tips You Need to Use Now


Psychographics. What can you deduce about your subscriber’s psychographics from your data? Psychographics are traits like personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles.

B2B Marketing Trends & Studies That Every Marketer Should Know


The trends from intent-data can be combined with B2B marketing topics & B2B personalization trends including the demographic, psychographic, technographic, firmographic & ‘fit-data’ as well as based on psychographic analysis of the audiences on the website, can be used for segmenting & sub-segmenting the market into diverse clusters. Prologue.

How to find the target audience: 6 simple steps


Identifying the demographics of your Customers & their Buying Patterns: The geographic distribution of the existing customers, their age ranges, purchasing habits & other insights can be analyzed with the help of the analytical tools in the CRM. Prologue.

How to flesh out your B2B buyer personas

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Selecting the tab Audience, then Demographics and Overview will yield a simple analysis of the average consumer, from age to gender and location. Psychographic Information. Knowing your buyer persona’s age, gender, location, and interests is only half of the battle.

Target Market Research for the Professional Services

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Also consider behavioral and psychographic variables as well. In the consumer world demographics refer to variables such as gender, age, income and the like. Psychographic. Psychographic variables are often described as softer attributes.

Get Into Your Buyer’s Psyche To Create Relevant Digital Marketing


” 2) What are the demographics and psychographics? A demographic study provides an outline, but a psychographic study allows me to fill in the color. One of my current projects is to develop and market a product to college-educated women between the ages of 40 and 60.

Marketers: Are You Going to Accept B2B Boring?

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I’m not talking demographics (age, income, education, etc.) or merely psychographics (attitudes, behaviors) here. Recently a few comments from different sources converged about how B2B marketing is boring. I believe it doesn’t have to be.

Why purpose matters to marketing: growth, revenue, and profit

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We do this to ultimately help businesses in the digital age compete, contend, and build really great, meaningful and sustainable businesses. Success is not in just analyzing your customer data or your audience data or the psychographic data that you get. Success is not in just analyzing your customer data or your audience data or the psychographic data that you get on your customers. Understand the audience data, the demographic data, psychographic data that you get.

How to Optimize Your Webpage for Semantic Search


Customer Avatar – demographics such as gender, age, income, and so on. Once you have completed the above, it’s time to dig deeper with psychographics (i.e., Gone are the days of “if you build it, the search engine (and rankings) will come.”

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Is Incrementality the New TV Currency?

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The consumer adoption of streaming video is accelerating, fragmenting audiences further while reducing the ratings of traditional television programming - especially among the coveted age 18 to 49 demographic.

Why Written Plans Improve Web Site Project Success

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What are their demographics (age, income, gender, etc.)? What are their psychographics (lifestyle preferences, purchase habits, affinities, hobbies, etc.)? Studies show that up to 25% of web site projects fail and 30% are over budget. But, don’t worry, there is a solution!

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Writing About People: Tips for Stronger Interviews, Quotes and Testimonials


If your client has taken the time to investigate the psychographics of your target audience, allow these personalized insights to further inform your writing to connect with readers’ attitudes, values, lifestyle and interests, not just demographic stats.

B2B Marketers – It’s Time to Face Your Fear of Facebook

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of Facebook users are between the ages of 18 and 44. The percentage by age range breaks down as follows: Age 18-24 30.9% Age 25-34 22.3% Age 35-44 15.3% An online profile which includes age, sex and geographical information?

Increasing Marketing Effectiveness with the Power of Alignment

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Creating a buyer persona requires research, surveys and interviews to determine demographic and background information like gender, age, family situation, education level, and job and income level. Unsubscribe. Unfollow. Delete.

How to flesh out your B2B buyer personas

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Selecting the tab Audience, then Demographics and Overview will yield a simple analysis of the average consumer, from age to gender and location. Psychographic Information. Knowing your buyer persona’s age, gender, location, and interests is only half of the battle. For this, you need to draw on psychographic data. Buyer personas have been used for years to help marketers hone in on what causes purchasers to make positive buying decisions.

Audience Targeting: What It Is and Why You Need It


Helpful demographics to consider would be age, average income, interests, location, and gender. Other considerations that can be helpful are psychographics — values and motivations that impact a consumer's buyer's journey. Targeting audiences is important, especially in the digital age.

Social Spotlight: Adjusting and adapting during a global pandemic

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Zoom, the video conferencing tool now being leveraged by thousands of organizations to facilitate meetings and webinars in the age of quarantine, had to get ready for its closeup with very little time to prepare.

Four Challenges Market Research Faces Today

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Some may argue that psychographics provides this but psychographics focuses more on lifestyles as oppose to insightful and deep understanding into how and why consumers or buyers buy. Image via Wikipedia. Market research today finds itself in somewhat of a quandary.

Is Data Science the Key to Marketing?

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The age of big data had everyone so thrilled about the volume of data they could collect that no one actually started to think about organization until a few years ago. Is data science the key to marketing? In a word, yes! There was a time when statisticians did not have to be so scientific.

How To Make Sure Your Drip Marketing Campaigns Are Not Water Torture

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Have you done not only a demographic (age, income, sex, title) but a psychographic (wants and needs, fears, personality) profile of your prospective customers? They won’t listen to you unless you speak their language and appeal to their psychographic profile. Tweet. A fellow consultant emailed me recently and asked, “What is a drip marketing campaign?”

Developing a Content Strategy: 25 Questions to Ask Your Team First


Demographics include information such as age, income, education level, etc. What are the psychographics for my buyer personas? Psychographics are the attitudes, aspirations and other “psychological” information about your target audience.

4 Simple but Strong Ways Agencies Boost Brand Trust

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A buyer persona of your ideal customer includes: Psychographic data: likes, dislikes and relevant personality traits. Demographic data: age range and income.

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8 Reasons Your Sales Reps are Losing Deals


demographics, geographics, psychographics, and firmographics), where the prospect is in the sales cycle, how a buyer progresses through their journey, the context of their pain points, and the customer’s expectations.

10 Unintentional Intent Signal Mistakes to Avoid, Part One


Savvy B2B sales and marketing teams must put Intent Signals in relative context by using other data factors that may or may not include psychographic, geographic, and firmographic information. In the age of big data and Intent Signals, it’s an all-too-familiar problem.

Market Research: How to Increase Sales in a Competitive Market


Age range. Once you have created your target audience demographics, you can move on to understanding their psychographics. Have you ever come up with a seemingly original product idea, only to find that a few other people have already created something similar?

4 Ways to Shift Your Thinking to Truly Focus on Your Audience

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This group doesn’t need to share demographics or psychographics. The core audience isn’t based on an age group but on a state of mind. Subscribers are asked to identify the age(s) of their children, to calculate their due date, or to indicate if they are trying to conceive.

12 Tips to Get Your Travel Content Strategy on Point

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These details include demographics, psychographics, pain points, everyday concerns, aspirations and barriers to booking. And its influence goes beyond millennials; in fact, the majority of consumers across all ages trust UGC over other marketing sources.