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  • INFER  |  TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2016
    [Product] Profile Management Product Updates: Account-Based Marketo Behavior Profiles, “Contains” Operator, and More
    We’re excited to share all of our newest product features and updates in greater detail below. The post Profile Management Product Updates: Account-Based Marketo Behavior Profiles, “Contains” Operator, and More appeared first on Infer: Predictive Lead Scoring for Sales & Marketing.
    [Product] How the Voice of the Customer Can Course-Correct Your Product Roadmap
    It was the day of the product release. Luckily, we were able to course-correct and reintroduce that filter without much fallout; however, it did teach us a valuable lesson—we needed to be able to tap into customer feedback throughout all stages of the product journey. And even more importantly, use our internal content team as a lab for each product release. The voice of the customer has always been a critical component of our product roadmap strategy.
    [Product] 5 Tips to Punch Up Your Product Descriptions
    Pictures of products are great for showing customers what they’re considering giving you hard-earned money for. If you’re skating by with minimal product descriptions, you may be earning minimal profits. Will they be more likely to buy if you focus on the status they’ll acquire when they purchase your products, or are they more pragmatic? Is a fun and quippy product description going to catch their eyes, or do they prefer just the facts?
  • VIDYARD  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 11, 2016
    [Product] 4 Reasons Why We Are Building an In-house Video Production Room
    For example, predictive scoring measures intent data (showing you if/when someone is browsing a competitor site or searching terms relevant to your product) and fit data which shows you firmographic data (company size, industry, geography), tech stack data, and personal level data about title, skills, etc. The post 4 Reasons Why We Are Building an In-house Video Production Room appeared first on Vidyard. At EverString, we are all about using data to understand our customers.
    [Product] Productivity-Boosting Benefits of Virtual Meetings
    Now that you know how to use video to help make you more productive, watch our on-demand webinar, Video Marketing: 3 Building Blocks to Get You Started , to learn how video can help generate leads and increase engagement with your audience. The post Productivity-Boosting Benefits of Virtual Meetings appeared first on Marketing Action Blog - Act-On. How much time do you spend in in-person meetings?
    [Product] 6 Lessons to Help You Launch a Product Like Apple
    For new product marketers out there looking to make a splash, I thought it might be worth examining the company that is arguably the best in the world when it comes to launching new products, to see how they do it. If you''re holding an event to introduce a new product, start doing walk-throughs a week before the big day. You can''t just roll out a product. You need to attach that product to a bigger story.
    [Product] Personalization vs. Productivity: Perfecting Your Sales Approach
    The post Personalization vs. Productivity: Perfecting Your Sales Approach appeared first on Opentopic. We can all feel it – the competition to stand out and stay top of mind among prospects is growing more fierce each year. To stay ahead, sales leaders must give reps the necessary processes and tools to identify, contact, qualify and convert prospects at record scale and speed. For instance, who can forget that famous HBR study a few.
    [Product] Yes, You Still Need Product Content
    First, they indicate that B2B buyers have a strong preference for product-related content. When buyers identified the three types of content they preferred, the two most popular choices were product information, features, functions (35%) and demos (31%). For example, only 24% of marketers rated product information as effective, which is eleven percentage points lower than the opinion of buyers.
    [Product] Press Release: Kaon to be Apple Launch Partner for 3D AR, Showing Interactive 3D Products in Enterprise Environments
    Click here to view a video of Kaon’s 3D AR product models in action on Apple devices. Deployed on the Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform ® , Kaon AR allows customers to make more reliable buying decisions by placing photo-realistic, interactive, 3D product models ‘at scale’ within a real physical space, seeing how the product works to solve their business or technical challenges.
  • NUSPARK  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2014
    [Product] Video Marketing; A recap of the potential platforms and placements for promoting your product video
    The digital frontier is growing in sophistication, and companies worldwide are scrambling to find the silver bullet technology that will help them effectively promote their product, ideally resulting in a healthy and sustainable expansion of their bottom line. Fortunately, the internet marketing industry focused on video production has exploded recently. Even with the obvious benefits, these video need to be of quality that meets the polish of your own product.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2017
    [Product] Are Amazon 'Sponsored Products' Ads Worth It?
    Amazon has several advertising programs to chose from, but the best one to get started with is Amazon Sponsored Products. The Sponsored Product ads are really just image ads -- similar to display ads in Google Adwords -- but the cool thing is that they appear in search results on Amazon right next to the searched products. You'll also see sponsored products can appear in the sidebar. Just like Google AdWords, Amazon sponsored products uses keywords to trigger your ads.
    [Product] Content production? Danish companies have it right
    With content marketing exploding onto the scene of mainstream B2B marketing in 2012 marketers everywhere scramble to re-adjust marketing plans to reap the benefits more comprehensive content strategy and content production. But while planning and strategy in itself aren’t easy tasks for many companies not used to the new realities and change in B2B buyer behavior content production apparently is seen as the biggest challenge to executing content strategy in 2012.
    [Product] 35 Marketing Tips to Make Your Work Day More Productive
    For Content Production and Workflow. . You marketers aren’t just busy people – you’re jugglers. . You juggle content creation, design, distribution, promotion, analytics – just to name a few of the balls you have in the air at any given time. And if you manage an in-house team or contractors … well, you deserve a medal. . The team and I here at SnapApp knew you’d appreciate some shortcuts.
    [Product] How to Launch (Or Relaunch) Your Technology Product at a Trade Show
    It makes sense: at trade shows, 83% of the attendees have some kind of buying power, 79% say that attending helps them decide on what products to buy, and 91% report that they get the most useful buying info from trade shows and events. The combination of these factors make trade shows the perfect place to launch a new technology product.
    [Product] 10 Online Marketing Shortcuts To Increase Productivity
    Without further ado, here are 10 online marketing shortcuts to increase productivity. Brands like Puma who don’t have a single physical location use the location to label its photos with the product name. It takes less than a minute to add a line to promote your latest product, service, offer, or resource, which means you are marketing to everyone who gets an email from you. Let’s face it, our collective attention spans are either at zero or hovering right around it.
  • FATHOM  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2014
    [Product] 5 Steps to Launching Your First Product on Amazon
    Amazon gives you the platform to get your product(s) in front of these potential buyers who might not have heard of you. In this post I will walk you through creating an Amazon Seller Account as well as launching your first product. This means actually selling and shipping a product on Amazon. What categories do competitors use to sell their product(s)? To find this, go to a competitors product description page and find it in the area highlighted below.
    [Product] Tired of Ecommerce Product Returns? Try a More Lenient Policy
    By requiring that products be returned for refund or exchange before a certain number of days pass, customers are likely to let the deadline pass without realizing. In fact, unless a product doesn’t fit or has the potential to cause harm, most will develop an affinity for it. It makes sense to implement a rigid return policy, doesn’t it?
    [Product] Prose, Bullet Points and Journalism: How to Write Product Page Descriptions that Sell
    This is especially true for ecommerce managers and online store owners looking to boost conversions on product pages via product descriptions. As businessmen and women by profession, rather than writers, many ecommerce professionals often ask about how to optimize product descriptions. It’s no wonder they are worried — the quality of a product description can make or break a sale, especially if it doesn’t include the information a shopper needs to make a purchase decision.
    [Product] 13 Types of Product Content Sales Needs to Close More Deals
    While this educational, top-of-the-funnel content is vitally important, let's not undermine the importance of bottom -of-the-funnel marketing content -- content that communicates the functionality and benefits of your product/services -- and content that enables your sales team and helps them sell. We bucket these two types of content together because they usually fall under the responsibility of a company's product marketer(s) to create. Product Marketing Content.
    [Product] The Best Product Videos Ever (and Why They Make You Buy)
    I could watch product videos all day long. If possible, I''d watch the length-equivalent of The Godfather Part III in product videos at work (assuming they were good enough and my boss allowed it). I thought I''d save you the effort and curate some of the best videos I''ve found for marketing a product or new release. There are a lot of product videos to choose from, and the list could go on and on -- but I''ve refrained from highlighting too many of them.
    [Product] The Best Content Marketing Books of 2017 to Boost Your Creativity and Productivity
    If you’re a chief content officer , copywriter, designer, or programmer searching for ways to create more and better content in less time, you’ll find fresh ideas for improving your creativity, productivity, and writing skills with these best books from 2017. Complicating the issue is that content marketing success requires ideas and insights from experts from dozens of other fields, including: creativity, design, HTML, productivity, project management, writing, and dozens more.
    [Product] What Marketers Need to Deliver the Right Product, Right Place & Right Time
    It’s still about the right product, the right place and the right time. Right Product. Thanks to tracking and reporting tools, product marketing is no guessing game. You can actually see what products and services buyers are interested in, as well as gauge how they feel about the products they’ve already purchased. Armed with that information, you can adjust your product marketing strategy and messaging.
    [Product] Raab Report: B2B Marketing Automation Vendors Are Making Incremental, Not Radical, Changes To Their Products
    One of my favorite parts about putting out a new edition of the VEST report is I get to dive into a pile of new data about industry trends. Think Scrooge McDuck and his pool filled with gold coins. Indeed, with 208 data points on 22 vendors, there’s so much data that it’s a challenge to make sense of it. The approach I settled on this time is to compare the average score of each item against its average in the previous edition, six months earlier.
  • KAPOST  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 2016
    [Product] B2B Product Marketing Tips in the Age of the Customer
    In the Age of the Customer, the best B2B product marketers are keenly aware of the convergence of understanding buyer personas and building content specifically targeted at those buyer’s needs. We chatted with top B2B product marketers about the future of product marketing , solving the elusive customer experience issue, and best practices for cross-team alignment. Insights from World-Class Product Marketers. Product Marketing Is Content Marketing.
    [Product] 15 Blog Posts to Increase Sales Productivity
    It’s not only sales managers that are interested in increasing sales productivity. Every sales rep that is serious about their career tries to be more productive and effective in their sales efforts. One of the best ways to learn to be more productive as a sales person is to learn what is working and what is not by other experts. How Entrepreneurs Can Increase Productivity by 500% - TechCrunch.
    [Product] The Biggest Gap in Marketing Software Selection Isn't Product Information
    My solution today was: Dear [First Name], A friend of mine who is building one of those "wisdom of the crowd" software review sites tells me her research shows that what buyers want most is "apples to apples" comparisons of product features. Of course, smart vendors will still game the system by encouraging satisfied users to post reviews, so the relative rankings will reflect the vendors’ marketing skills at least as much as their actual product quality.
    [Product] How to Run a Seriously Productive Project Post-Mortem
    A productive project post-mortem is a chance to fully unpack a project's trajectory and dig deeper into why things unfolded the way they did. Check them out below and make your next post-mortem your most productive one yet. How to Run a Productive Project Post-Mortem. For this discussion to be productive, someone needs to keep the conversation civil, on-point, and moving forward. No project is an unmitigated success or failure.
    [Product] A List of Product Marketing Books
    What should product marketers read? That’s a question I’m often asked and decided to list all the books I typically recommend, especially if you are starting off in your product marketing journey. The full list is on this post at Medium: The Product Marketer’s Essential Reading List. I hope you like it
    [Product] Sales Tools and Planning Resources for Your Next Product Launch
    Whether we’re utilizing in-house resources or have help from a marketing agency, many of us may agree product launches can be daunting and overwhelming experiences. There is a lot of work and planning that goes into creating a successful product launch. We recently read a fantastic article on the key steps the product marketing team over at Brainshark used to stay ahead of the game. Product Marketing
    [Product] Product Showcase: Private Connection Cloud
    Product Showcase Best Connections Customer Relationships Databases Geography Lodato Marketing Network Network Hardware Resale Personal Connections Pipeline Private Connection Private Connections relationship Sales And Marketing Senior Vice President Success Rate Targets Unprecedented OpportunitiesInsideView today released a press showcase of our Private Connection Cloud , which is essentially an extension to standard InsideView Connections.
    [Product] Branding for Scale: How to Align Company and Product Logo Systems
    For this reason, many tech companies have a hard time knowing if they should develop both a company brand and a product brand. That decision gets even more complicated when the company has only one primary product. Establishing and maintaining a strong, consistent brand presence is incredibly difficult. Design
    [Product] SnapApp’s New Product Release, Canopy: A Whole New Habitat for Creating Interactive Content
    Today is the day – the latest SnapApp release has launched, and it’s beautiful! . Through countless conversations with our customers and a wide assortment of marketers, we gathered up the feedback and aimed the Canopy release at one key objective: making interactive content creation as easy as possible. Because we want to enable marketers to unleash their true potential , and start connecting with their audiences more effectively.
    [Product] Do You Follow Up After A Sale? How to Increase Sales Productivity
    One of the easiest ways to increase B2B sales productivity is to continue to sell to current customers. Sending periodic emails with information about new products or upcoming sales is a good way to bring about new orders. Sending tweets on Twitter, a newsletter, text messages on smartphones or automated phone messages are all ways to remind customers that your company offers products or services that they need.
    [Product] Have We Really Improved Marketing Productivity?
    But have these innovations really improved the bottom-line productivity of B2B marketing? Can we show - in a credible and convincing way - that B2B marketing is more financially productive today than it was 10 or 15 years ago? Some B2B marketers may be able to show that their marketing efforts have become significantly more productive over the past several years. One indicator of B2B marketing and sales productivity is the efficiency of the demand generation process.
    [Product] Driving Sales Productivity with Social Selling
    With an increased focus on enablement through sales intelligence, we are planning on more product enhancements and training. Driving Sales Productivity with Social Intelligence <~~ WebEx Link. Why social intelligence trumps sales data in driving sales productivity. Social Selling University has continued to grow in numbers. After a great launch of the program at the beginning of this month with an All-Star series of webinars focused on leveraging social media for sales.
    [Product] Social, mobile, cloud and big data: knowledge as a product
    This time around, the change is happening to an intangible product: knowledge. Ceramics, the domestication of animals, agriculture, the invention of the wheel, canoes, steam power, movable type, electricity, and the production line all contributed to this pattern of progress being highly correlated to our ability of having more people, more goods, and moving both more efficiently. The post Social, mobile, cloud and big data: knowledge as a product appeared first on Biznology.
    [Product] 5 Ways to Systematize your eNewsletter Production Process
    A featured article related to your work, product or services. Do you need help with your marketing or eNewsletter production? New Incite provides writing, editing and production services so that you can focus on the day-to-day aspects of your business. Your newsletter sent by email is still an important marketing tool for staying in front of customers and prospects. But how can you produce an interesting eLetter with fresh and compelling content with minimum time and effort?
  • EMAGINE B2B BLOG  |  MONDAY, MAY 18, 2015
    [Product] May Brings New Products and Updates from Google
    While many of us were sitting back and eating tacos and sipping on margaritas in observance of Cinco de Mayo, Google was rolling out new products and functionalities for Digital Marketers in the SEO, PPC and Social Media world. AdWords #StepInsideAdwords Livestream and New Product Rollout. On Tuesday, May 2, 2015, Google held a Livestream event in order to announce some product improvements and new product offerings within AdWords.
    [Product] Podcast Production Playbook for When You’re Sick of Talking Heads
    The post Podcast Production Playbook for When You’re Sick of Talking Heads appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. A version of this post originally appeared on the Content Marketing Institute blog. And also in my brain. Like a big, singular PNG file that I put onto my screen. How do you write?) “Hey. Welcome to my blog. It, um…I write about content here, and uh… oh, Jimmy is here too. Hey Jimmy. […].
  • HG DATA  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2016
    [Product] Design Thinking for User Centricity: An Interview With HG Data VP of Product Faith Chiang
    Product strategists have a lot to think about. They’re responsible for ensuring the products they build are ahead of the curve, but they also face the ongoing challenge of designing for individual users while applying to the broader market. According to Faith Chiang , HG Data’s new Vice President of Product, the key is to identify information that translates into customer opportunities, risks, and insights that they can act on. How does that apply to product design?
  • FATHOM  |  MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2015
    [Product] Content Marketing Drives Sales Productivity [List]
    Has Content Marketing boosted your sales productivity? The post Content Marketing Drives Sales Productivity [List] appeared first on Fathom. Winning sales professionals have embraced their content-centric modern marketing partner because of the deep customer insight gained and awesome support delivered by a strong Content Marketing program. Here are 10 Reasons Content Marketing Rocks for Sales.
    [Product] Ecommerce Product Releases: August 16, 2016
    Here is a list of recent ecommerce-related product releases and updates for mid-August — from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on social media stories and exclusive content, buy buttons, crowd-funded products, local search, marketing engines, and more. The post Ecommerce Product Releases: August 16, 2016 appeared first on Opentopic.
    [Product] 3 Steps that Helped Skyline Exhibits Increase New Product Sales by 18%
    It was a smart move, considering that Skyline: Became the smallest company ever to win the Product Development and Management Association’s prestigious Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award in October 2012 – joining the ranks of companies like Harley-Davidson and FedEx. Increased sales from new products from 6% to 24%. Customers are using and modifying products. Competitors’ products perform. “By
    [Product] 12 Tips to Instantly Enhance Video Production Quality
    Your video is being judged on its content, presentation, production quality, style, and the valuable information it provides. Here are the 12 tips to instantly improve the production quality of your video marketing content to give it a nice little boost. Pre-Production. If you show up to your shoot unorganized and decide to “wing it,” your final product will look unprofessional and sloppy. Top Pre-Production Tips: 1. Production.
    [Product] From Ray-Bans to Reese's Pieces: 13 Unforgettable Examples of Product Placement
    Whenever I'm watching a movie and I see a case of really obvious product placement, I can't help but roll my eyes. But product placement is everywhere, from the famous Mini Cooper car chase in the 2003 film The Italian Job to the cans of Mountain Dew rewarded to the winning team on CBS's television series, Survivor. And while some instances of product placement are pretty subtle and tasteful, others are so obvious they're groan-worthy. So how does product placement work?
    [Product] 10 Gifts for Marketers That Will Boost Productivity
    Whether you’re a marketer looking to buy yourself (or your team) an end of the year gift, or you know a marketer that’s always looking to boost their productivity, we’re here to help. We’ve assembled a list of 10 gifts for marketers that can be used to make the hours between 9 and 5 (and beyond) easier to manage and more productive. So yes, coffee does equate to productivity. The holidays are upon us and time is running out to buy presents.
    [Product] Social Intelligence adds value throughout the Stage Gate Process
    Social data is becoming increasingly important in the new product development processes of many companies. In particular, manufacturers are tapping into social conversations as they explore new product ideas in order to learn what consumers are interested in and talking about. For example, during discovery, social media data can help uncover ideas for new products or product line extentions to existing product lines.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 2017
    [Product] The Best New Type of Content to Support a Product Launch: A HubSpot Experiment
    Here at HubSpot, we obsess over our product -- how it’s built, where it’s headed, and how we talk about it. Every update, from minor feature tweaks to major product launches, are pored over by a team. Developers and product managers handle the creation and vision of individual products. Product marketers own the story of the product, with the goal of creating the narrative that defines the product. In this case, that product was our Ads add-on.
    [Product] Omnichannel: A Fancy Word for Increasing Product Discoverability
    An Adlucent study found that 47% of shoppers plan to start researching products on a search engine like Google or Bing, followed by Amazon with 31%, and 13% in stores. Bloomberg data released earlier this year reported similar findings: 44% of consumers start their product search on Amazon, with 34% doing so on search engines. Make sure all product pages have proper meta-data and page titles. Write your own, compelling and keyword rich product descriptions.
    [Product] How to Launch a New Product: A 7-Step Checklist for Nailing Your Next Launch [SlideShare]
    Like a tree falling in the woods, if you launch a product without spreading the word. To help you make your next product launch successful, Drifft created the SlideShare below. Check it out to learn how you can drive demand for the products you launch. How To Launch A Product: 7 Tips To Drive Demand from. will anyone use it? Will anyone even want it? Probably not.
    [Product] 4 Ways Google+ Hangouts Can Increase B2B Productivity
    It is definitely poised to help businesses increase productivity through new ways of working and collaborating. Here are four ways that using Google+ Hangouts can increase productivity within your organization. Do you have any clever ideas for using Hangouts to increase productivity? 4 Ways Google+ Hangouts Can Increase B2B Productivity was posted at Modern B2B Marketing - Marketo Best Practices Blog. | [link].
    [Product] What Has The SnapApp Product Team Been Up To All Summer?
    The product team at SnapApp was really busy this summer. We had 4 major releases that introduced lots of great features and a brand new product. In June we announced the release of our new interactive video product. Sign up for the webinar to find out the rest, and also get a sneak preview of all the cool things we’re adding to the product this fall.
    [Product] 10 tips for Driving Sales Productivity: Tip #1
    Sales sales productivity social sellingDuring my now 3+ year engagement with InsideView, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with dozens of InsideView customers, explore their business drivers for selecting a sales intelligence solution and discover benefits realized. As I listened to success story after success story from both large and small organizations, trends began to emerge on what is [.]. Sales 2.0 Sales Data Sales Intelligence Social CRM Social Selling B2B b2b sales crm 2.0
    [Product] Jamie Anderson and Marcus Ruebsam, Global VP and Head of Product Marketing at SAP: The Brave New World of Corporate Marketing [Podcast]
    The traditional corporate marketing model, where a brand controls how a buyer learns about its products, is giving way to a seemingly anarchistic world where buyers interact with and are influenced by a constellation of marketing channels and touch points. Jamie Anderson is the Global Vice President of Product Marketing for Customer Engagement and Commerce Solutions at SAP. Marcus Ruebsam is the Global Head of Product Management.
    [Product] Product Marketer as a Story Teller
    Those in product marketing roles are used to being the product experts and the ones who people turn to when they need creation of sales support materials, thought leadership pieces, and other content needs. The demands on product marketers are great, as the content needs of enterprises only grow to encompass not only the traditional whitepapers and product spec sheets but videos, eBooks, infographics, and more.
    [Product] How-to Help Sales Understand Your Product Through Video
    A product marketer can attest to this phenomenon when they find out their carefully constructed product announcement has gone through the blender that is the sales team and comes out unrecognizable on the other side. ” This is bad for obvious reasons: misaligned customer expectations lead to misery for both sales and product people. Take back control of the conversation and release soundbites on your product vision.
    [Product] 17 Tools For Helping Mobile B2B Marketers Be Productive
    The post 17 Tools For Helping Mobile B2B Marketers Be Productive appeared first on MLT Creative. In January I’m planning to move to Athens to be united to my wonderful bride to be. This move will officially christen me into the mobile workforce that we are constantly told via forward thinking Richard Branson-esque Linkedin articles is going to inevitably take over the world. But is this really sustainable? Isn’t it inevitable […].
    [Product] Keys to Creating Successful Product Marketing Content
    Marketers are constantly attempting to strike a balance between engaging, funnel-driving content at the top of the funnel with educational, The post Keys to Creating Successful Product Marketing Content appeared first on Kapost Content Marketing Blog. In today’s buyer-controlled marketplace, creating winning B2B content is difficult.
    [Product] 14 Offbeat, Extreme, and Downright Unusual Ways Brands Have Promoted Their Products
    When Swiss chocolate company Milka launched in France, they turned to Paris-based agency Buzzman to devise a unique way to introduce their product to the French people. The final product includes mood lighting, WiFi, a USB phone charger, and a small video screen -- you know, in case you feel compelled to watch some Netflix on your shoes.
    [Product] A Look Back Before We Look Ahead: A SnapApp Product Recap of 2016
    A New Product (LeadREV). . . The highlights above only scratch the surface of what was added to the product in 2016; SnapApp clients can check out all the details in our Knowledge base. If you ever want to hear more about what we are working on, send us product suggestions, ask questions about the product, or want to tell us your favorite season of The Wire , you can reach me at
    [Product] Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Launch Event – The Power of Productivity
    Microsoft Dynamics sales productivity social intelligenceSalespeople who understand how to use social media and sales intelligence to quickly build trust and credibility with prospects are more successful than those who do not. InsideView is the only application that combines millions of company and decision-maker contact records with actionable sales triggers, rich social profiles, relevant news alerts and major social networks [.].
    [Product] How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Productivity, Hiring Practices, Collaboration & More [Live Discussion]
    They're going to discuss how AI is changing productivity, hiring, content creation, marketing, and more. The field of artificial intelligence (AI) is dominating both headlines and the attention of businesses -- and for good reason. In 2016 alone, at least 40 AI companies were acquired. The increasing sophistication of AI is also predicted to change the work force.
    [Product] Patagonia's Founder Says We Should Buy Less Stuff (Including His Products)
    That project lets you see every step involved in the making of every Patagonia product. All of its products can be recycled. A version of this post originally appeared on Up & to the Right , a new section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to Up & to the Right. I love Patagonia catalogs. They''re beautiful.
    [Product] 11 inspiring case studies of digital transformation
    Features include: free two-day shipping on orders of $49 or more, exclusive price discounts, hundreds of millions of products, purchasing system integration, tax-exempt purchasing for qualified customers, shared payment methods, order approval workflows, and enhanced order reporting among others. Amazon Business launched in April 2015, with over 250 million products and a more holistic marketplace for B2B companies.
    [Product] Become Data-Driven: 9 Data-ish Resources for Product, Growth and Marketing Professionals – In The Know
    – Become Data-Driven: 9 Data-ish Resources for Product, Growth and Marketing Professionals I sometimes hear from smaller companies that the move to a data-driven organization is a scary one, in particular, when the rubber actually hits the road (i.e. The post Become Data-Driven: 9 Data-ish Resources for Product, Growth and Marketing Professionals – In The Know appeared first on Opentopic.
    [Product] Radius Product Innovation Solves Top Marketer Challenge: Proving ROI
    Radius SVP of Product Arup Banerjee hosted a webinar introducing two major feature launches within the Radius predictive analytics platform: Performance and Multiple Goals. In today’s post, Product Manager Eric Chang shares the inspiration behind the development of the Performance dashboard: Today’s B2B marketers are getting more and more sophisticated, with a wide variety of marketing technologies at their disposal.
    [Product] Radius Product Innovation Solves Top Marketer Challenge: Proving ROI
    Radius SVP of Product Arup Banerjee hosted a webinar introducing two major feature launches within the Radius predictive analytics platform: Performance and Multiple Goals. In today’s post, Product Manager Eric Chang shares the inspiration behind the development of the Performance dashboard: Today’s B2B marketers are getting more and more sophisticated, with a wide variety of marketing technologies at their disposal.
    [Product] Marketo Celebrates the Marketer, the Marketing Nation, and Unveils New Product Innovations–Keynote LiveBlog
    New Product Innovations. Patty hands the baton back over to Phil as he begins to discuss some truly exciting product updates. There is a vast sea of products that have been created for the marketer, but they all have different data. How do we make this product faster and meet the needs of our customers? Phil introduces Srini Venkatesan, Senior VP of Products and Engineering at Marketo. Srini has done some amazing things with product speed.
  • OPENTOPIC  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Product] Ecommerce Product Releases: July 17, 2016
    Here is a list of recent ecommerce-related product releases and updates for mid-July, from companies that offer services to online merchants. The post Ecommerce Product Releases: July 17, 2016 appeared first on Opentopic. There are updates regarding Amazon Prime Day, ecommerce in China and Africa, shopping with virtual reality, ecommerce in Africa, automated customer service, and shipping. Olark launches Hummingbird for mobile live chat.
  • TRAACKR  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2017
    [Product] How 176 Product Updates Enable Mature Influencer Marketing that Scales | Traackr
    With 176 updates in 2016, see how Traackr's IRM technology has evolved to help customers normalize influencer marketing, standardize KPIs and scale impact
    [Product] Numbers You Need to Beat Your Pipeline and Productivity Goals in 2016
    Find out the next steps in this process by downloading our free eBook: The post Numbers You Need to Beat Your Pipeline and Productivity Goals in 2016 appeared first on Captora Blog. Marketers aren’t known for their affinity for mathematics. They ARE known for their drive to hit lead gen goals and produce metrics that validate their campaigns and expand the marketing pipeline.
    [Product] How to Use a To-Do-List Productively
    Productivity, a topic that so many people struggle a lot with and ask some tough questions about. We all have productivity hacks or “methods to our madness” as I like to call them at times. The lists of productivity methods are absolutely endless. ProductivityTiny quirks that seemingly make us get more out of our day. But one method I’m fond of and use frequently is a to-do list.
  • KAPOST  |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22, 2017
    [Product] How to Double Asset Production, According to Lenovo
    Lenovo Used Kapost to Streamline Workflows and Boost Productivity. Lenovo used Kapost workflow functionality to streamline their operation, eliminating cross-team inefficiencies and doubling their asset production over the course of two years. The post How to Double Asset Production, According to Lenovo appeared first on Kapost Content Marketing Blog. When it comes to content creation, the struggle for getting things out the door is real.
  • KAPOST  |  MONDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2017
    [Product] The Secret to Great Product Messaging
    Establishing your product messaging is a continually evolving process. If you’re doing it right, your product should see a variety of iterations and updates, sometimes quite a few over the. The post The Secret to Great Product Messaging appeared first on Kapost Content Marketing Blog. Customer Experience Marketing Strategy
    [Product] 4 Reasons Product Launch Marketing Campaigns Fail
    In today’s world of fast-paced and competitive product launches, a marketer’s ability to get attention and attract potential buyers is critical. But many product launches fail to capture the attention of target audiences. Product launches fail because they don’t have enough runway to get off the ground successfully – entrepreneurs and inventors don’t start the marketing process early enough.
    [Product] From Nail Polish to Peanut Butter: 16 Unlikely Products Launched by Ad Agencies
    But in reality, they have the knowledge, expertise, and experience necessary to create products, services, and software. We believe the next layer is ‘involved’ -- where the consumers literally want to be involved in the products you actually offer, the services you actually provide. Made by Many’s senior product strategist Rachel Mercer called this idea “future-proofing yourself as an agency.” 16 Products Launched by Ad Agencies.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 14, 2012
    [Product] How Savvy Marketers Harness Social Data for Product Development
    Moving to a fully integrated marketing picture for enterprise, using social media to compliment traditional market and product development research only makes sense. The very nature of uncontrolled conversations empowers customers to communicate and yield unthought-of insights and new product directions. Dell’s work with Ideastorm as a crowdsourced marketing intelligence center is legendary, leading to almost 500 implemented products.
    [Product] How Manufacturers can Resurrect Product Content from the Dead Zone
    Manufacturers of industrial products struggle when it comes to generating a steady flow of fresh marketing content. Most manufacturing websites are packed with product data sheets and catalogs, a few case studies, some application notes, may be a technical article or two and not much else. In other words, their content is very product-centric. In my opinion, product-centric content is and will always be very important in manufacturing marketing.
    [Product] 3 Helpful Tips That Will Spread Awareness To Your SaaS Product
    Existing in it means you’re going to need more than just a great product to exist, but also impeccable customer service, an influential value proposition, and a marketing strategy so good it’s bursting at the seams with creative tenacity and unique ingenuity. Most viral videos never intended on going viral; in other words, leave your product open and free for the taking. Just because you’re giving your product away doesn’t mean you won’t make money.
    [Product] How Mobile Technology Helps Component Manufacturers Make Their Printed Catalogs More Productive
    Component manufacturers are keenly aware of the fact that design engineers must first specify their components or parts before purchasing can place an order. These manufacturers have relied on their [.]. This is only a content summary. Please click on the headline to read the full article. Visit my website for more content on industrial marketing.]. Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Industrial Marketing 2D CAD drawings 3D Models content assets eCatalogs Industrial and manufacturing marketing
  • FATHOM  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 2, 2014
    [Product] 6 Reports, Alerts & Strategies for Increasing Sales & Marketing Productivity
    The post 6 Reports, Alerts & Strategies for Increasing Sales & Marketing Productivity appeared first on Fathom. Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you’re in charge of leads for your company. If you’re on the marketing team, you’re likely responsible for delivering quality inbound leads to your sales team. If you’re on the sales team, you’re accountable for new business – and probably don’t care where the leads are coming from as long as they’re hot!
    [Product] Multitasking Puts Your Brain on Information Overload [Infographic]
    If you’re looking to be more productive then it’s helpful to understand exactly how multitasking affects your brain. Mobile Marketing Online Advertising Social Media Work-Life / Productivity brain digital infographic mobile multitasking online productivity stress tasksAccording to a recent infographic by , your brain “wasn’t designed to handle the amount information they’re currently processing.”
  • RADIUS  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2017
    [Product] Top 2017 Takeaways From Product Executives
    Businesses are focused more and more each day on driving value, rather than simply selling a product or service. Mark Woollen, Chief Product Officer at Radius. Sean Kester, VP Product Strategy at Salesloft. Now that we’ve covered some of the major innovations from the past year, let’s review the predictions our product executives shared in the webinar: More agile experimentation and testing across data sources. Sean Kester, VP Product Strategy at Salesloft.
    [Product] New Sales Training Helps Evolve B2B Vendors from Product Pitches to Value Selling
    Consisting of how-to training videos and advancing to a one-day instructor led workshop and certification program, the Value Expert Sales Training is designed to help sales reps improve their customer conversations, evolving from a typical company / product-focused pitch to a more collaborative and effective challenge / value-focused approach. “A
    [Product] 5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Increase Your Productivity
    The quiet hours are always the hours during which the most productive work gets done. Do this just one hour a day and you’ll see a quick jump in your sales productivity and sales volumes. 25 Days of Closing Cell Phone Communication Conversations Electrician Supplies Electricians Emails Fit Increase Productivity Niches Outlook Calendar Phone Call Phone Calls Productive Work Prospects Quiet Hours Salespeople Single One Tight Time Frame Time Frames Water Cooler
    [Product] Product Showcase: People Alerts for InsideView Relationship Manager Edition
    Product Updates Relationship Management Account Managers Account Retention Business Landscape Business Success Change Positions Company News Customer Intelligence customer success Flagship Application New Accounts New Edition News Updates Organizational Changes press release Product Showcase Relationship Manager saas Sponsor Account Success Teams Umberto
    [Product] 5 Emotions to Tap So You Can Move Products on Cyber Monday
    What does the doting wife know about the necessary products for her husband’s beer-brewing hobby? This has been a major product mover in the past, especially with toys. Then show them bundling options that might save them even more money if they’re willing to buy a few more products while they’re there. Emotions are always high during the holiday season, and that puts you, the ecommerce vendor, in a very pleasant situation.
    [Product] Whether It’s a Tree You Need to Move or B2B Products, This Awesome Online Video Tells a Great Story
    Perhaps you’ve already watched this video about the Ghirardi Compton Oak. It made the rounds on the Internet a while ago. I think it makes a powerful B2B testimonial—for CAT Heavy Equipment and the Hess Landscaping Company. But that’s not what it’s really about. This simple but moving (pun intended) video on the City of [.]. B2B Marketing B2B marketing video marketing
    [Product] 3 Ways that Content Boosts Product Marketing
    As a product marketer, your job is tough: you’re the point person between multiple cross-functional teams , and it’s up to you to weave together a cohesive company story. When you publish bite-sized resources ranging from blog posts to eBooks, case studies, and product overviews, you create micro-touch points with your audiences. How Product Marketing Benefits from High-Quality Content. Here are three ways that product marketing teams benefit, as a result: 1.
    [Product] One-Hit Holiday Wonders: Popular Products That Totally Tanked in the 2000s
    But the main point here is that each and every holiday season, we’re presented with a fresh array of “must-have” products, from toys and trinkets to consumer electronics. Now, some of these products go on to become store shelf staples, returning each and every holiday season while gaining (or at least, maintaining) market share. Other products never take off, and are pulled from store shelves before they ever get any real market penetration. The Holiday Season.
    [Product] 5 Proven Ways to Stay Productive at Work During the Summer Slump
    Summer is fast approaching (well, technically it’s already here), which means the hardest time of year to stay productive at the office is upon us. So unless you want to spend all of September in panic mode, it’s worth thinking about how to stay productive even while the sun is shining and your Facebook friends are mercilessly bombarding you with pictures from their outrageously awesome holidays, just to spite you.
    [Product] 10 tips for Driving Sales Productivity: Tip #2
    Provide access to sales intelligence directly at the “point of need” Last week I kicked off a multi-post blog series on the top sales productivity tips I have assembled based on my ongoing conversations with dozens of InsideView customers. facebook insideview linkedin Sales Sales Data sales productivity sCRM social media social selling twitter
    [Product] All the Cool New Products (and Massive Shade) You Missed at the #MadebyGoogle Event
    By any other name, it was a large-scale unveiling of the latest generation of Google hardware products, ranging from phones to virtual reality (VR) headsets. And coming on the heels of similar events from both Apple and Amazon, that's where the shade came in: Google wanted to make sure that its new products were easier to use, more competitively priced, and not ruined by advance leaks. But mirror, mirror, on the wall: which product release is the most fly of all?
    [Product] Digital Marketing Strategy for Launching New Products & Services
    Businesses launch exciting new products and services every day, but not all of them succeed. Just like great marketing will sell products faster than a company can stock the shelves, poor marketing will result in negligible sales and a whole lot of frustration. Fortunately, there is a tried and true digital marketing strategy that we at Fathom use regularly to give our clients’ new product and service launches the best shot at success.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2017
    [Product] How to build a killer content team
    According to a MarketingProfs article, “A more popular approach has been to bring on board someone with slightly less authority (and associated cost)—a VP or director of content marketing, with responsibility for developing and orchestrating a content strategy, hiring, and running the daily production schedule, but without reporting to the board.”. Many SMEs can’t dedicate the time needed for constant production. Staying with an inefficient content production process is easy.
    [Product] Modeling B2B video content on micro-learning
    Most B2B marketing content is built to answer a question: Why should I be interested in this product? The video would look a lot different if we designed it to answer the question “How do I use this product?” A focus on “deeper learning,” for example, would rule out marketing-speak and empty assertions of superiority (“unprecedented productivity gains”).
    [Product] How Product Planning Uses the Buyers’ Journey
    Product planning as an activity is more art than science. Prioritization is a key aspect of product planning and accurate prioritization requires product managers to have their pulse on market needs, on individual requirements and on industry and competitive trends. Buyer's Journey Product MarketingRequirements pour in from various quarters – customers, prospects, partners and internal sources.
    [Product] Cost areas that make up a business video marketing communication
    Business video production services are a professional service and just like any professional services purchase there is a wide range of options. With corporate video production companies, the five main areas are. Pre-production time. The first factor, pre-production time includes everything that a professional business video production services company will do to plan.
    [Product] As the Demand for Online Services Grows, Will The Product Based Business Fade Away?
    adults questions pertaining to their online services use, as well as their product use. “You see the signs around you every day, whether it is listening to your Internet radio, virtually hailing your Uber limo ride, finding and paying a flat-fee for legal document creation instead of by the hour, we are surrounded by services,” said Michael Ni, CMO/SVP, Marketing and Products at Avangate. Services are being productized and are now more accessible and easy to consume.”.
  • VIDYARD  |  MONDAY, APRIL 10, 2017
    [Product] 12 Perfect Video Types for the B2B Customer Lifecycle [Infographic]
    And different areas of the require different video characteristics like length or production value. Some videos, like those created specifically for social campaigns will be early-stage content that require higher-production assets; whereas others, like product demos that are targeting leads closer to purchase can get by with lower production value. the recommended production value. Product – Act-On.
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