[Personalization, Skype] 10 Ways to Grow Your Email List Like a Boss
    However, as more and more marketers reconsider their approach to social , email remains a powerful and personal channel for building and engaging an audience. A personal recommendation from a trusted resource is one of the most powerful tools in your conversion toolbox. Once a subscriber has joined your list, keep them hooked with a standing offer to contact you personally with comments, ideas, and requests. Personalization is the future of effective marketing.
    [Personalization, Skype] 5 Disruptions to Marketing, Part 4: Digital Everything (2018 Update)
    Cross-channel — they’re available on websites, but also on messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, Twitter, Skype, SMS, Kik, etc. Contextual personalization — the nature of chatbot dialogues, their persistent memory, and the directed nature of user requests lets chatbots truly personalize interactions, explicitly and implicitly, much better than what we’ve seen on websites and in email.
    [Personalization, Skype] “How I Work”: Janet Rubio, CMO at True Influence @trueinfluence #HowIWork
    Current computers: Shamefully, I ran marketing for one of the divisions at Dell for 5 years and think they are great, but without Tech support at the ready, I am an Apple person. But as the person responsible for lead generation I eat my own dog food and rely heavily on InsightBASE to guide our efforts. Because we are a virtual company Skype is just like air … I use it to survive each day. I’ve logged more Skype hours this year than I can count.
    [Personalization, Skype] Five Situations Where Marketers Should NOT Use Automation
    It doesn’t matter if your target market is comprised primarily of retirees who’ve just discovered Skype and now use it to call their grandchildren. These canned messages are problematic for the following reasons: They jump right into a sales pitch without trying to establishing any personal connection. You can bulk email a list of over 2,000 contacts, instead of emailing one person with a personalized and perfectly tailored message.
    [Personalization, Skype] How Blending Can Boost Your Business
    Even personal experiences—having parents from different cultures, experiencing different cuisines—show how blending is influencing consumer behavior. Free apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber make it possible to communicate worldwide in real time, and social media and other sharing sites expose people to events in literally every corner of the globe. Until 1991, being lost in a multilevel mall parking garage might have struck you as more frustrating than funny.
    [Personalization, Skype] How to Write Well: 10 Timeless Rules From Legendary Ad Exec David Ogilvy
    The author’s personal satisfaction is irrelevant. Highlight the person or thing performing the action. Put the person or thing performing the action into the subject. Get in front of the person. Get on: Skype. And if you’re down the hall from the person, walk to them. Writing is easy. Most people can do it. If you’re reading this, you can write. But can you write well ? Does your writing connect with people?
    [Personalization, Skype] CMOs, Your Meetings Might Be Stifling Creativity & They Don’t Have To
    Slack, Hangouts and Skype offer compelling alternatives to traditional email and in-person meetings. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) lead teams of forward-thinking, creative people that find ways to make the ordinary a little more exciting. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed more than a few CMOs forgetting their audience during critical presentations. As they unleash “death by PowerPoint”, everyone’s eyes start to glaze over.
    [Personalization, Skype] Publishing’s revolutionary breakout: always-on, multi-way connections in shared life spaces
    We are now expanding our personal lives digitally. They are a precursor for exponential growth in the digital scale and impact of our personal actions, daily lives, and group achievements. In frequency of use order, the largest chat apps vendors are Skype for Business (50%), Slack (14%), Google Hangouts (11%), Microsoft Teams (7%), Atlassian HipChat (2%) and Workplace by Facebook (2%). of Americans read for personal interest, according to U.S. Lesson for leaders.
    [Personalization, Skype] Thanks Live Chat, Messaging Will Take It From Here
    Automated email nurturing campaigns were the answer to individually following up with every single person who downloaded a piece of content from your website. In the name of efficiency, marketers queued up a series of emails via workflows to automatically deliver ever-more-helpful content and insights, gradually increasing the person’s trust in the company and stoking the flames of their buying intent. Context shouldn’t leave with the person who fielded the initial inquiry.
    [Personalization, Skype] How Does Social Selling Tie Into B2B Marketing?
    As millennials continue to drive the web and how its used, marketers and sellers are forced to create a more personalized approach to give users exactly what they are looking for. A lot of social media is one-to-one engagement, whether you have a team handling social media responses or just a single person on staff monitoring mentions of your business online. If an employee only uses Facebook for personal connections, don’t ask them to start posting business articles.
    [Personalization, Skype] Should businesses use LinkedIn groups or Slack for prospecting? Part 1
    Slack is a hybrid of instant messaging, social media, and Skype. For example, a social media marketer may join a sales and marketing group, but that person can opt-in to only the channels of interest vs. every single topic. This is one of my personal favorite features. If you’ve checked out your LinkedIn groups lately, you may notice that LinkedIn groups are not what they used to be.
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    [Personalization, Skype] How to Work with Influencers: The Ultimate Guide
    Because these folks -- like bloggers and social media personalities -- build a following over a long period of time by producing interesting, quality content, people begin to trust them. That way, if the person really wants to charge you, you can do some math on your end to determine the ROI of the partnership. Tagging of celebrity accounts, yourself and same person repeatedly, or other giveaway contestants will lead to disqualification.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, MAY 30, 2017
    [Personalization, Skype] The Secret to Filming an Awesome Remote Interview
    Filming video interviews with popular influencers in your industry is a great way to stand out as a thought leader; however, as we’ve learned here at Vidyard with our Video Thought Leadership Series , sometimes you line up a terrific interview (maybe you even have Oprah on the line!*), but your interviewee is too far away for a convenient in-person shoot. Alternatively, you could record a Skype split screen , but this can be a bit boring to watch.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017
    [Personalization, Skype] 7 Design Podcasts That'll Get the Creative Juices Flowing
    Listen to this podcast if: You're the type of person who observes design everywhere -- whether it's during your commute or while staring at a row of condiments. The website and production alike are no-frills, and it appears to be recorded all over the place: Moscow, Amsterdam, and via Skype, to name a few. If you've worked among designers, or are one yourself, there's something that's quickly observed: Designers, it seems, are often working with their headphones on.
    [Personalization, Skype] How to get on Influencers’ Radars
    While it’s important to keep your own end objectives in mind, don’t jump straight to the point- think of influencer relations in the same way you think of any relationship- no relationship happens over-night, nor is it a decision one person can make expecting the other party to enter happily with no questions asked or clear benefits to be had. Understand their personal interests and personality.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 1, 2017
    [Personalization, Skype] 58 Best Marketing Tools to Build Your Strategy in 2017
    After all, in-person events are some of the best ways to interact with potential customers and create a brand experience that prospects, customers, and your community will remember. Slack makes remote and in-person work possible and easier than ever. Skype. Skype. In the world of marketing, it seems like there are always new tools, tips, tricks, and trends to discover and incorporate into your marketing strategy. How is it possible to keep up with them all?
    [Personalization, Skype] Microsoft, Marketo and Facebook’s 5 Tips for Focused, Effective Marketing
    Chaired by Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher (himself a former CMO at Salesforce and Skype), the panel featured Microsoft’s Director of Marketing Technologies and Operations Charles Eichenbaum — whose team won the prestigious Revvie Award for Enterprise Marketing Team of the Year — as well as Principal Product Marketing Manager at Marketo Brian Glover (both of whose companies are Leadspace customers), and Facebook Client Partner Lauren Griewski.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2017
    [Personalization, Skype] How to Start a B2B Podcast in 2017 | Rethink Podcast Ep. 14
    In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, we share some of our own lessons learned over the past six months, outline what you need and don’t need to know, as well as chat with Robert Strong, also known as Handyman Bob, a local radio personality in the Portland market, who shares his tips for successful interviews. Just as you wouldn’t have only one voice in your webinars, blog posts, videos, and other content, you should avoid having only one person featured in an entire podcast.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 3, 2017
    [Personalization, Skype] The Real-Life Artificial Intelligence Movie: 5 Futuristic Film Examples That Have Become a Reality
    In the summer of 2016, it was announced that the Anki company would release Cozmo: “A real-life robot like you’ve only seen in movies,” the product description reads, “with a one-of-a-kind personality that evolves the more you hang out.” I’ll be honest. For someone who writes about artificial intelligence as much as I do, I’m a bit behind on my knowledge of science fiction. As much as my father implored, I could never quite build an enthusiasm for Star Trek.
    [Personalization, Skype] The potential of blockchain technology: what every marketer should know
    I might find a world-class SEO person who says, “Yep, I can do that for you in the next 2 months, and it will cost you 2 Bitcoin (or whatever).” ” In a traditional model, that person sends me a contract, I sign it, she does the work and then after 2 months, let’s say she gets the job done. The person(s) who built the great user experiences will be freed from platforms to focus on utility for the end user and they will be created for it.
    [Personalization, Skype] How to Overcome the Challenges of Managing a Remote Agency
    Likewise, a string of messages and a Skype call can never be satisfactory. Understand personalities: Ascertain what drives your team members to achieve. From personal experience, establishing processes can be a huge challenge in the early stages of growth, especially when managing a disparate team. At Kurve, we primarily use Slack for messaging and Skype for conference calls.
    [Personalization, Skype] Why Marketers Make The Best CEOs
    Leadspace’s CEO Doug Bewsher has had a remarkable career – one which has, among other things, seen him take the role of Chief Marketing Office in Skype and Salesforce. “When I took my first job as a marketing person, as a brand manager, I did it because… back in the 90s so many CEOs were marketing people,” he recounted.
    [Personalization, Skype] Three 2017 B2B sales and marketing video trends: it’s time to make your move
    The more pervasive personal video streaming and messages become, the less relevant categories such as webinar, slideshare, explainer, tutorial, and commercial become. Record Skype conversations with customers. Here’s where I think B2B sales and marketing video is headed this year. More conversational. Less advertorial. More formats. More interactive. I think the traditional categories of testimonial, webinar, explainer, etc. are becoming less relevant.
    [Personalization, Skype] PSA: your virtual online friends are part of your family
    But all of these beautiful, human, loving men and women more than deserved a call, email, text, Skype, or even a Facebook Messenger IM — even those who have basically divorced me over politics and the election for the thought bombs I drop maybe too casually. Especially them, because in that case, reconnecting with them personally on a call will do more to remind them that I am still the loving, charming, witty, lovebug they’ve always know and love.
    [Personalization, Skype] How to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency: Red Flags and Key Questions
    This can be done in person, by phone, Skype, or email, but it must be done. Take note of each agency’s “personality” and how it aligns with your company’s brand. Author: Mike Tomita Let’s face it, even the savviest marketing teams sometimes don’t have the bandwidth to take on digital marketing , which is a strategy in itself.
    [Personalization, Skype] Introducing ViewedIt: Supercharge email conversions with the power of personal video
    At Vidyard, we’ve created a more impactful, personal way to communicate via email by harnessing the power of video. ViewedIt is a unique tool to create, send and track personalized videos via email — one that’s so easy, anyone can use it in a couple of clicks. There’s a reason we still make phone calls, after all: they’re personal and one-to-one, and there’s still tremendous power in hearing the human voice. The power of personal video. Click. Trash. Click. Trash.
    [Personalization, Skype] 6 B2B Online Marketing Predictions for 2017
    Whether you’re giving a tour of your office, showing everyone enjoying themselves at a company mastermind or giving a presentation, you’re sure to show your client a more personal look inside of your business. Chat and text messaging from places like Google Allo, Facebook Messenger, or even Skype are going to continue to grow in popularity. This year, there are so many great things to look forward to when it comes to what’s next in B2B online marketing.
    [Personalization, Skype] 6 B2B Online Marketing Predictions for 2017
    Whether you’re giving a tour of your office, showing everyone enjoying themselves at a company mastermind or giving a presentation, you’re sure to show your client a more personal look inside of your business. Chat and text messaging from places like Google Allo, Facebook Messenger, or even Skype are going to continue to grow in popularity. This year, there are so many great things to look forward to when it comes to what’s next in B2B online marketing.
    [Personalization, Skype] 17 of the Best Tools to Find and Interview Remote Candidates
    She’s an ideal fit, the right mix of smarts and experience, temperament and personality. Kelsey can’t compete with that local, in-person pool. It’s a wonderful experience, warm and personal. That’s what makes video calls so potent and powerful: They help us forget we’re not in-person. They put Kelsey on the same plane as all those in-person candidates. 2) Skype. Skype is proven. Hiring only one person can be a long, involved process.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2016
    [Personalization, Skype] How to Create a Successful Webinar? Start by Asking These 7 Questions
    Have a look around and determine who is the best person to be on-camera. Is this person consistently available to deliver the webinars? You don’t have to use the same person for each webinar, of course, but it helps establish trust and consistency for your audience. You may have attended a webinar on common platforms like GoToWebinar, Skype, or WebEx. Online learning is having a golden moment.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 2016
    [Personalization, Skype] How to Win More Proposals by Interviewing Your Prospects
    Once you’re convinced that your potential client would be a good fit for your services, ask them if they would like to set up a time to chat -- either in-person or using a product such as Skype. Personal insecurities -- such as the launch of a trendy new competitor -- are not the same as deeper operational issues, e.g., “We’re losing sales to a poor checkout system that was designed 10 years ago.”.
    [Personalization, Skype] Microsoft buys LinkedIn: the largest martech acquisition in history?
    This is the largest acqusition in Microsoft’s history — over three times the size of its acqusition of Skype for $8.5 I know, “personal branding” isn’t the same as brand branding — so you might argue that this isn’t really marketing so much as simply modern career management. These include social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but also sites like Amazon, Google Search, Skype, and YouTube.
    [Personalization, Skype] My Brief, Absurd Stint Blogging for a Giant Tech Brand
    ” By week’s end, I was on the phone reeling off creative pitches for original quizzes dissecting sales personality types. As a person nearing a half-century in years, I definitely needed YouTube assistance. And although he favored using four-letter words in conversation openers, he proved to be very personable. And that’s why I have an upcoming Skype interview with another tech guru.
  • ACT-ON  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 2016
    [Personalization, Skype] Agency Focus: How Content Marketing is Changing, & How to Measure It
    Since you’re reading this blog post, you probably know the importance of content marketing, and getting the right content to the right person at exactly the right time. Meeting/Web Conferencing Software – GoToMeeting, Skype, Cisco’s WebEx, etc. When it comes to content marketing, art + science = measurable success. Apparently, though, few of us are very good at content marketing yet.
  • HG DATA  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 2016
    [Personalization, Skype] Are Bad Sales Reps Turning Buyers into A**holes?
    We tend to rely on phone calls, email, text and Skype—all of which have brought greater anonymity. From a personal perspective, I find it more difficult as a buyer of technology to be tolerant of bad sales reps. That’s the most insulting, side-stepping, b t line that a sales person can use. Losing customers is never something you celebrate.
    [Personalization, Skype] 8 Mistakes To Avoid At Your Next Startup Job Interview
    Sitting across the table from us or at the other end of a Skype call have been our interviewees, sweaty-palmed and usually enthusiastic. Instead we’re trying to bring the best out of the person who’s up for interview. It’s the same for other startups (mostly) – when arrogance is left out the interview room – and our job interviews tend to be quite relaxed and informal leaving lots of space for your personality to come through. Do: try to identify personal weaknesses.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2016
    [Personalization, Skype] How Smart People Do Social Selling
    We know that personalized messages get significantly higher conversion rates. You are the type of person who takes extra care and treats people well. Now, if you got 20% more sales to close from those personalized contacts, would it be worth the extra time? Skype call. They know tricks like how to record a short personalized video (less than 30 seconds) on their phone and then send it to someone via Twitter. Introducing one person to another.
    [Personalization, Skype] Interesting Infographics: Anatomy of Email Outreach
    There are a few things to keep in mind when writing your email: Personalization. Include your Skype, Twitter, phone number, and anything else you may use. Gone are the days when marketing messages were chipped into stone or shouted by a town crier. These days, marketers have many ways to try to reach their target audiences, and sometimes it can be hard to know where to aim your efforts.
    [Personalization, Skype] Creating Content That Resonates
    Empathy is about feeling what the other person feels, putting yourself in their shoes – and you can’t fake it. Set up a phone call, Skype meeting, or coffee date with a customer. “YES! I know exactly what you mean!” ” “Oh man, been there.” ” “This is my jam!” ” These are all reactions you might have when something you’re reading, watching, or experiencing just clicks.
    [Personalization, Skype] Creating Content That Resonates
    Empathy is about feeling what the other person feels, putting yourself in their shoes – and you can’t fake it. . Set up a phone call, Skype meeting, or coffee date with a customer. “YES! I know exactly what you mean!” . “Oh Oh man, been there.” . This is my jam!” . These are all reactions you might have when something you’re reading, watching, or experiencing just clicks.
    [Personalization, Skype] 5 reasons Leadfeeder is committing to remote work
    The other thing is this: why should our new customer support person in the States work remotely while the team in Helsinki doesn’t get the same benefit? When all the tools we need are on our laptops and we can collaborate by Skype and Slack then sometimes there’s just no point fighting our way to the office to be doing precisely what we could do from home.
    [Personalization, Skype] 12 Handy Tips for Running Better Remote Meetings
    Skype : A decent option for chatting with folks all over the world -- even though it can be a little finicky sometimes. If you really have to do it, send a personal note apologizing and explaining the situation. Plus, it helps people identify more personally with remote colleagues. Go to Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot, and then tap to turn on the hotspot. At that point, one person should just take the lead instead of being overly apologetic and just talk.
    [Personalization, Skype] 5 Common Traits Of The Best Content Marketing Companies
    What should be more of a concern is if you’ll have a point person who will collaborate with you and be accessible should any issues come up. Questions like: How can I best reach you (email, text, messenger, Skype, etc.)? Making the decision to outsource some of your content marketing needs could be the best decision you’ll make for your brand.
    [Personalization, Skype] Content Marketing World 2015: Who Will Inspire Us This Year?
    Is that person even in attendance today? Skype calls during planning months that reflect on Katy Perry’s cinematic successes. Who was the first brand or person to develop a content marketing program? Between encouragements to document our content strategies and to think if what we’re creating makes a difference or adds to the noise, there was a growing flair of nerves and excitement wrapping between chairs at the opening keynotes of Content Marketing World 2015.
    [Personalization, Skype] What the Rise of Mobile Messaging Apps Means for Content Marketing
    Other messaging apps like Viber, Line, Skype, and Snapchat may not be as widely used, but still claim hundreds of millions of registered users between them. But in a messaging app world, content is highly personal; messaging is a one-to-one, private conversation. As messaging apps open up more opportunities for marketers, content marketers will need to build finely tuned, personal content for each platform—and seek ways to scale it up. Move over, email.
  • FATHOM  |  FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2015
    [Personalization, Skype] Healthcare Digital Marketing Industry Update – July
    Imagine Skyping someone, but instead of video calling a single person, you’re linked up to an entire community. Once a month, Fathom Health provides our clients with the latest digital marketing industry news. Topic categories range from social media and content marketing, SEO and digital strategy, to broader healthcare industry news. Starting now, we’re making those updates available to all Fathom blog readers.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2015
    [Personalization, Skype] What's It Like to Go on NPR? Inside One HubSpotter's Experience
    That afternoon, Gillian called Beth to chat about the flowchart and get a feel for whether Beth would be a good person to interview for the podcast. But when it aired, I wished they'd asked me to do it on Skype because that would've sounded clearer.". She became known as the person who doesn't like exclamation points. "I I honestly don't care if people use them on Facebook or on Twitter or in personal notes," she said. Some people don't need the spotlight to shine.
    [Personalization, Skype] 30 Creative Ideas for Your B2B Video Marketing
    These can be done by different employees in your company or by one person. You can even record the customer’s question over Skype or at their company and add it to your video. You can take the video or ask to interview them by Skype. According to eMarketer , adults spend (on average) five and a half hours on video content every day. It’s time to produce some videos to help your prospective customers learn about what you do.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 27, 2015
    [Personalization, Skype] Confessions of a Google Spammer
    11:00am: BS on Skype with some SEO spammer buddies for a bit. 9:00pm: Check in on Skype, BS online, read books. During the boring times, my other spammer buddies and I would BS on Skype about our lives. If you fail to attribute a useful tip to the person you found it out from, expect to be shunned. Betray the "family," and you’ll get kicked out of the Skype group forever. Before I became an inbound marketer, I once made $50,000 a month spamming Google.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015
    [Personalization, Skype] How to Launch a Product: Secrets From Silicon Valley's "Most Sought-After Image Consultant"
    You have a better chance of hearing a venture capitalist boast, “We’re bullish on professional services” than read a reporter confess to missing a PR person. She also teamed with Sean Garrett (Twitter) and Brian O’Shaugnessy (Skype, Google) to create The Pramana Collective, one of the Valley’s most influential yet mysterious (two years without a website) agencies.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SATURDAY, MAY 2, 2015
    [Personalization, Skype] How to Sell When You’re on Vacation: Tips for Putting Your Out-of-Office Reply to Work
    In the meantime, check out our most recent article [link to company blog post, personal blog post, or recent good press]. Mobile/Skype] | [Office/Skype]. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Sales Blog. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales. Can you sell when you’re on vacation? Sure you can. but dragging out your laptop and taking calls from the beach is sure to annoy your family.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 23, 2015
    [Personalization, Skype] Humanizing Your Brand: 8 Tips for Making Your Voice Real (and Heard)
    2) Make Your Brand’s Tone Personal, Approachable and Engaging. Put his or her face on your Facebook page with information about that position and personal interests. Whether it’s traveling across the country for trade shows or taking time for a quick coffee or Skype session, our strongest relationships are with the customers we know personally and keep in contact with regularly.”.
    [Personalization, Skype] Working with the Professional Services Marketing Partner (Not Quite) Next Door
    ” “How can I trust someone I’ve never met in person?” Little-to-No In-Person Contact This isn’t an issue for everyone. Video calls may suffice and an overlapping conference trip where you can grab coffee in person is a bonus. In other situations, an in-person meeting here and there (depending upon the nature of the engagement) may be necessary. Is your firm's website overdue for a redesign?
    [Personalization, Skype] 2015 B2B Content Marketing Survey – 3 Takeaways You Need to Know
    in-person events and 6.) in-person events, 2.) Consider moving to a less-frequent newsletter and use it to summarize your marketing activities and share the culture and personality of your business. Build your pipeline and offer in-person events mid- or bottom-of-the-funnel. In-person is the number 1 most effective B2B marketing tactic. If your business is larger and you have built your pipeline, you’ll be able to more easily afford in-person events.
    [Personalization, Skype] Productivity-Boosting Benefits of Virtual Meetings
    How much time do you spend in in-person meetings? The inside sales rep can do a demo in a virtual meeting, going far beyond the impact of a phone call (and far under the budget of an in-person visit). Your first virtual meeting can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re the person hosting and facilitating one. Virtual meetings are designed to replace in-person meetings, but the preparation is different.
    [Personalization, Skype] Working Remotely? Try These 27 Tools for Better Communication, Collaboration & Organization
    This lean project and task management software allows you to assign tasks by person or by category, filter to see who’s working on what, and communicate (or change plans) with your team in real time. Marketed more as a personal to-do list for your phone, Wunderlist is also used by some of us to keep track of client work. 17) Skype. Pro Tip from @zzawaideh : “We have the last person to join update the guides as they go through them.”.
    [Personalization, Skype] The Do’s and Don’ts for Sending Email at Work
    DO: Personalize. A good rule of thumb, address this person as you would address them in conversation. Study past emails this person has sent, recognize their tone or writing style and adapt to that. I know you are out there, the person with triple digit (or worse) numbers of unopened emails in your inbox. Not to condone the act, but this is why we have personal emails, people. DO: Use Skype (or Other Chat App) for the Excess Conversations.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 2015
    [Personalization, Skype] How to Produce an Internet Radio Show
    Additionally, it creates a bond between the host(s) and the listeners and can be a more personal way to connect with someone teaching a concept. But be sure that whoever is hosting your radio show has the right personality for it. You can have them either Skype in or you can get a third mic and have them sit in your studio with you. Designate one person as the "board operator" to control the Spreaker console.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 2015
    [Personalization, Skype] 12 Tools & Resources to Help You Create Better Buyer Personas
    To make sure you''re still having rich and productive virtual conversations, here are two tools you can use: 1) Skype. Skype has a list of useful tools you can use to record Skype calls, and Google Hangouts are automatically recorded. This situation is especially common in sensitive industries such as health or personal finance. We use the HubSpot Marketing Platform for that -- this information is available right with each person''s contact record.
    [Personalization, Skype] The New Brand Building in the Era of Engagement
    Think about Skype’s “Stay Together” campaign : It demonstrated how people are using technology to develop deep, emotional relationships across great distances. The two girls don’t just keep in touch—Skype allows them to become best friends, even while living on separate continents. The campaign is global and spans multiple channels, but it’s also personal and emotional. Technology helps marketers engage with their audience , over time and in a personalized way.
    [Personalization, Skype] Managing Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Content
    Organise regular content meetings whether in person or via Skype; it’s essential that the provider is brought on board as a department and not simply treated as an entity that you “fire and forget.” In an ideal world, a marketing department would be able to provide all the content required to create a successful, lead-generating content marketing strategy.
    [Personalization, Skype] Flaunt your humanity: P&G’s former CMO Jim Stengel on the Next Era of Marketing
    Author: Sanjay Dholakia How different would our world be if we judged brands the same way we judged our healthy personal relationships? I thought this was interesting because of how closely it is tied to personalization and marketing automation ; as we see the shift toward engagement marketing, a personal experience from brands is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Jim Stengel: Personalization is a big one. Personalization is going to happen big time.
    [Personalization, Skype] A reminder that you live in the future
    Before I go into a general review of what’s out there, I’ll share my own personal set up with you. I heavily use Skype and SkypeIn. Even so, Facetime is free over Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world, so is Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and a million others. I personally like join.me Look around you. Very few of you are really living the dream that living in the future affords you. Do you spend your work week in an office at a desk, day-after-day?
    [Personalization, Skype] 5 Surprising Studies on What People Consider "Good" Customer Service
    While speed may not be most important for email, phone, or in-person support, in social media, speed trumps all. Set up a screen share on Skype or Google Hangouts and walk them through it. In theory, the “tricks” to delivering awesome customer service are pretty straightforward: Empathy. Appreciation. Helpfulness. Seems pretty easy, right? Just develop these three skills, and you''ll be set.
    [Personalization, Skype] Attention, Word Nerds: The 30 Weirdest Words Added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014
    A person''s best friend; a very close friend. A malevolent spirit imagined as accompanying a person and seeking to influence him or her to do evil, and often paired with an opposed benevolent spirit; (in extended use) a person who exerts an evil influence; a person with an exceptional capacity for wrongdoing or malevolence; (also) a highly intelligent criminal or villain. A person who follows a primarily but not strictly vegetarian diet. Skype , v.
    [Personalization, Skype] Top 10 Marketing Techniques for Professional Services
    Major offline examples include trade shows, networking and in-person speaking engagements. You can “meet” the people you’re working with, get a glimpse of their world and give them a more personal impression. You can use video as a live communication tool with distant prospects or clients, through services like FaceTime or Skype or Google Hangouts. How can professional services firms raise their reputation and visibility in the marketplace?
    [Personalization, Skype] How to Produce Flawless Audio Interviews With Industry Experts
    When it comes to interview equipment, you can go all out and put together a professional-level recording studio in your home, or you can work on a shoestring budget using Skype and a few other tools. Unless you’re the world''s most extroverted person, there’s a good chance you’ll be nervous, at least for your first few interview sessions.
    [Personalization, Skype] 5 Brilliant Marketing Campaigns for Boring Products
    Only 24 people applied, and they set up a fake Skype interview for the position -- then compiled the interviews into the video below. This campaign went against the boring industry standard, and because people weren''t expecting an airline to have this much personality, the video quickly went viral. Not every brand is as exciting and sexy as Apple, BMW, or Red Bull.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2014
    [Personalization, Skype] 8 Clever Ways to Triple Your Content Output (and Traffic)
    To create a video, you can simply record yourself talking about the contents of one of your most popular blog posts, or record a Skype or in-person interview with an expert on the blog post topic. They’re easy to do, engage a thought leader in your space, and allow you to promote your content with a known name (assuming you interview someone with a personal audience).
  • FATHOM  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, 2014
    [Personalization, Skype] Exciting Healthcare Technology Requires Innovative Digital Marketing
    With Skype and online services like Pretty Padded Room, The Angry Therapist, Breakthrough, and Virtual Therapy Connect, therapists can specifically target a younger clientele who are more communicative and vulnerable in an online setting than in person. More than ever the doctor is in, but the patient is online— so what’s a doctor to do?
  • GENWI  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 2, 2014
    [Personalization, Skype] Productivity Tips and Tricks – Rahul Patel, CEO
    Notes, Google Drive, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a whiteboard. For in-person meetings, I like to take notes with pen and paper. We wanted to catch up with our CEO to get an insight into his work habits. He constantly has a lot on his plate, and does an excellent job managing his priorities. As a result, we asked the following questions to get a look inside the man, the legend, the CEO. What software or tools can’t you live without?
    [Personalization, Skype] Visible Expert Profile: Jay Baer
    At Hinge we have been studying Visible Experts℠ , people who have attained high visibility and expertise in their industry, creating a personal brand that is recognizable industry-wide. After Internet Direct, he held a series of positions in the digital media world, winding up as Vice President at Visitalk.com, a startup company focused on Internet video chat, similar to today’s Skype. He says, “I am not the person who is going to break all new ground.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 26, 2014
    [Personalization, Skype] Inspirational Content That #GivesYouWings
    I love Skype. Of course, the content itself needs to be, but the idea, the person, the structure, and other components that you can attribute success to previously, can be used time and time again (and adapted to be made even better). I just had a call with my good friend, George. We chatted about how I’ve moved away from agencies that focus on quantity over quality but how there is so much competition. “Why don’t you just do it differently?”
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2014
    [Personalization, Skype] A Roundup of Old School Print Ads (Some Weird, Some Wonderful)
    This is the personal set predicted for the decade of the Seventies. Before there was Skype and FaceTime, there was the Western Electric PicturePhone. To listen to some marketers today, you''d think that they invented the idea of brand storytelling. Writing that lede made me feel like a crotchety old ad man grumbling in an airport bar, but it''s also true.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 2014
    [Personalization, Skype] Nostalgia Ahead! What Your 20 Favorite Websites Used to Look Like #TBT
    I personally love the sandy, textured background with the scripty font on top. 9) Skype. but Skype''s logo was once red?! Another fun fact: Skype was created by the people who brought you music downloading service, KaZaA. Tweet about Skype. I just picked up a new hobby. I call it "Waybacking.". It''s kinda like Googling, but even better.
    [Personalization, Skype] 18 Expert Guides to Using Google+ for Business
    As further evidence of the network’s increasing importance, as noted below, 60% of Google+ users log in every day (compared to 50% on Twitter); sites linked on Google+ tend to be indexed in search quickly; Google+ is aiming to become the “social platform of the future,” for example, by using its technology to replace other services like Yammer, Skype, and EventBrite; and it may well become the dominant source of business ratings (not good news for sites like Yelp and Epinions).
    [Personalization, Skype] No Sale Left Behind: Sell More, Better, Faster With Inbound Sales [SlideShare]
    Here are a few ways your sales team can keep every step of the buying process personalized and valuable for both the prospect and the sales rep. Now that it''s so easy to communicate remotely, salespeople rarely, if ever, meet prospects and customers in person. It''s a bit harder to be charming over GoToMeeting or Skype than it was when we were taking prospects out to lunch, which is why spending time with your online profile is important.
    [Personalization, Skype] Are you a social media marketing hunter?
    And to be even more practical, can you use social media as a way to convert a weak tie online via a social network into a key contact that you then are able to make in person into a friendship and finally into the trusted inner-circle? If you engage on Twitter, convert to LinkedIn or Facebook; if you’re on Facebook, take it to messenger or email; if you’re on email, schedule a call or Skype , and if you’re already talking on the phone, meet in person.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 2013
    [Personalization, Skype] What Every Marketer Should Know About Hiring a Freelance Designer
    and by when, so they can make any personal recommendations based on their own experiences. In addition to tapping your personal and professional network, there are sites available to locate designers based on their portfolios and areas of interest, including Behance and Elance , among others. Doing so can help you understand how the designer takes feedback, and whether your personalities are a good match to tackle the project together.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2013
    [Personalization, Skype] How a 24-Hour Marketing Push Could Transform Your Nonprofit's Fundraising Strategy
    The game also had the option for individuals to make personal donations to any of the game’s nonprofit partners. And social media is a great place for this kind of activity to take place if you want to really amplify the effects of consolidating your fundraising into one day -- Facebook supports gamification through app development, and the more personal nature of the network jives with the emotional connection to a cause that nonprofits need to foster.
    [Personalization, Skype] How Professional Services Firm Can Excel at Content Marketing without Jeopardizing Billable Time
    That way one person isn’t stuck coming up with all the blog ideas for the quarter. The possibilities are endless – you can do an interview by Skype or document it on your smartphone with Socialcam. Have you seen the popular news clip that has spawned a media and meme sensation?
    [Personalization, Skype] PowerViews with Bob Perkins: Inside Sales is Here to Stay
    Skype chats and instant messaging. However, personal contact still plays a major role in closing big deals. “It’s Bob cites Salesforce.com’s team as an example of a home-based team that schedules two to three major customer trips each year, ensuring a mix of rapid response and personal relationship development. My guest today is Bob Perkins, Founder of AA-ISP and Vice President of Inside Sales at Merrill Datasite.
    [Personalization, Skype] 9 Mobile Apps Every B2B Marketer Should Try
    It’s cool— the app stores key data, such as where and when you met person, so you can search for your contacts by that criteria, because dates and places can be easier to remember than a name. Fusing together the best of all social worlds, the app supports Facebook Chat, GoogleTalk, Skype, MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today’s guest post was written by Amanda F. Batista , a freelance writer, editor and content developer.
    [Personalization, Skype] How the HubSpot CMO Screens for Top Marketing Talent
    In addition to these specific traits, I personally like to look for a balance of of both creative and quantitative tendencies in the people I hire for inbound marketing. Truthfully, I don’t look at potential job candidates' resumes much except to grab that person's name so I can type it into Google. First off, I like to interview people in person -- or, if geography does not allow for that, on Skype.
    [Personalization, Skype] 2013: The Year of Internet Marketing Basics
    Make it personal – Don’t settle for connections being only virtual. Or even better, use the technology at hand (like a Google Hangout or video Skype) to better connect with someone and make your relationship more real. Photo credit: Wikipedia. This will be the only 2013 prediction or whatever you want to call it kind of post.
    [Personalization, Skype] How to court Google with chivalry and courtly love
    You know how they say that you cannot allow a starving and dehydrated person to eat and drink all they want or they could die? You can simply ask my company, Reputation.com ( 877-258-3166 ), for help — or me, of course, via email , Twitter , Facebook , Google+ , Skype or telephone — and we’ll take care of it all! Online reputation is a marathon and not a sprint.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012
    [Personalization, Skype] Do you have a handle on your online reputation?
    While 20% of my practice at my last agency included ORM, 100% of my world at Reputation.com is focused on defending the reputations of individuals and businesses from the mad proliferation of online databases rife with intimate personal details and search engines chock full of the spore of what trolls and haters have left behind. If not, the founder of WordPress, Matthew Mullenweg , personally recommended Bluehost, for what it’s worth — straight from the horse’s mouth.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2012
    [Personalization, Skype] Adventures in Frictionless Sharing
    This has been going on for years in the form of those apps that allow you to shamelessly share what you’re listening to on iTunes, real time, as you listen to your status update, be it Skype, Twitter, or Facebook. I have been exploring frictionless sharing for years in the form of auto-tweets, retweets, automatic cross-posting, and attention data. What is it, you ask?
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2012
    [Personalization, Skype] The Ultimate Guide to Creating Compelling Case Studies
    They think, "If this person had these results, just imagine what kind of results I could see!". But when you do get a response, give them the option to either answer the questions in writing via email, or to talk to you personally over the phone. Everyone has different communication preferences -- some like to take the time think about their answers, while others like to talk it through with another person. Another alternative is interviewing customers through Skype.
    [Personalization, Skype] The Ultimate Glossary: 120 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained
    Avatar - An avatar is an image or username that represents a person online within forums and social networks. Lifecasting - Lifecasting is a continual broadcast of events in a person's life through digital media. Lurker - A lurker online is a person who reads discussions on a message board, newsgroup, social network, or other interactive system, but rarely or never participates in the discussion. Timeline - Timeline is the new Facebook format for personal profiles.
    [Personalization, Skype] Cool & Useful Sites for the Holidays
    Skype . Video chatting is now a standard activity for most Internet users – in fact, earlier this year, Skype reported that their users log 300 million minutes of video calls daily. Skype has recently added a new multi-party platform that allows up to 10 people to video chat with each other, which is a great way to get the family together, even if you’re all far away from each other.
    [Personalization, Skype] B2B Marketing & Scientific Research: How the Brain Interprets Online Relationships
    This means that, even though online relationships exist over the internet, they can be just as significant and personal as those that exist offline. He sees their pictures and reads their thoughts, and with Skype and video he hears their voices as well. The internet has given us a new type of relationship we never would have had without it: online relationships. And though they occur online, our brains understand them the same way as offline relationships.
    [Personalization, Skype] 3 Types of Content to Boost the Quality of Your Blog
    Instead, schedule a time to talk to the person you're interviewing, and run it as a conversation. With video interview (perhaps over your webcam using Skype?), you can also incorporate visual aids and allow the viewer to get a better look into the personality of your interviewee. After you've been working on your business blog for a while, there are a number of great things that you can do to give it a boost.
    [Personalization, Skype] 14 Sanity Saving Apps For Business Travelers
    Skype Mobile App. I can say goodnight to my kids in person…kinda. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this If your job involves a lot of travel, you know how maddening it can be: the delayed flights, the missed connections, the inability to find a good cup of coffee in a foreign city. Luckily, the connectivity to travel information, news, music, social networks mobile apps provides can help keep you sane – even after your fifth whole-body scan of the week.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 7, 2011
    [Personalization, Skype] 5 Awesome Techniques to Build Strong Twitter Connections
    Making retweets sincere and personal alongside a certain frequency helps me a great deal to kick off great conversations. If you can, add a short comment and show a sign of appreciation for the person tweeting. Making you aware of what interests this particular person in more detail, makes you more aware about their tweeting and allows you to carry out more meaningful conversations. Had a great Skype call?
    [Personalization, Skype] Is Social Media the New Cold Call?
    Tools like Skype are not just being used for internal chats, I connect and have short conversations through chat and video with Skype all the time with people interested in Social Selling University and InsideView. There are many alternatives to cold calling. Most companies have already discovered that their customers are spending their time online in some social network like LinkedIn, Twitter or forum.
    [Personalization, Skype] 10 Rules for Succeeding in a Web 3.0 World
    everyone's presence online became more personalized and authentic. An example of this type of business is Skype. Pay Attention to Your Culture and Hires From the Start - Each new hire might hire the next person, so it is important that your standards hold over time. LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman took the stage at South By South West Interactive to discuss the future of the Internet and how data is the next major evolution of the social Web.
    [Personalization, Skype] List of Brand-Side Corporate Social Strategists: Twitter Edition
    Manager Citrix Ready Program at Citrix Systems. • Peter Parkes – Social Media Communications Lead at Skype. • Betsy Aoki – Sr.
    [Personalization, Skype] Mobile Marketing In 2011 – Are You Ready?
    Personalization and privacy will drive effectiveness. Free texting, calls and video chat – Skype on the iPad is already accomplishing this but more and more applications will surface to allow more “free&# services like texting and video chat. Mobile Marketing has appeared on many B2B Marketing lists of things to watch in 2011. But are consumers ready to receive promotional messages on their mobile device?
    [Personalization, Skype] 90 Tips to Make Your Blog Rock
    Follow Me On Twitter 90 Tips To Make Your Blog Rock Written by jeffbullas - 30 Comments Categories: Blog , Blogging , Social Media Share Tweet Blogging whether it is for your personal passion or for the corporate blog is quite often a journey that has its highs and lows. Subscribe to the top industry blogs in your market, both company blogs and personal blogs for ideas 10.
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