Why P2P Marketing Might Be a Good Alternative to Influencer Marketing


To understand what peer-to-peer (P2P) marketing is, let's start with an example. Enter: P2P marketing. Given 93% of consumers trust friends and family over all other influences (including review sites, blogs, and social media platforms), it makes sense why P2P marketing works.

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Seven Non-Traditional Ways to Finance Your Small Business


Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P Lending). It’s common for P2P lending to move much faster than traditional lending, so you can usually close your investment within three days if you choose. Guest post by Eddie Segal.


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Healthcare Marketing Insight from New Pew Report [Health Online 2013]


Content Creation & Strategy Healthcare Industry SEO Social Media Health Online 2013 healthcare marketing Healthgrades online diagnosers P2P Pew Internet Pew Internet & American Life ProjectHave you ever gone online specifically to try to figure out what medical condition you or someone else might have? American adults who answer “yes” to this question now have proven company … as in 35% of them.

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Social Media’s Common Denominator

Wondering Out Loud

Whether the market is B2B or B2C they are both, in the end, P2P. But for now you can take this away: whatever your business and whoever your audience is, regardless of whether you’re B2B or B2C, the communication you’re engaging in is P2P. Tags: Social Media B2B C2C P2P I was part of a small group discussing the issue of social media in the B2B market a couple weeks back when another participant said something that sounded odd, if not wrong, yet very familiar.

How to Secure Financing for Your Small Business


Peer-to-peer lending: Peer-to-peer lending, also known as P2P lending, usually happens on finance platforms that link entrepreneurs with individuals or enterprises willing to provide the financing they need. P2P lending offers funding without the need for a third party or intermediary.

Contify Deploys News Feed APIs to help Payments and Forex App Drive User Engagement; Delivers Contextual News on Niche and Unique Topics at Scale


Contify, the AI-enabled market and competitive intelligence platform, has announced today that it has successfully deployed its News Feed APIs solution to help a global fintech major drive user engagement for its payments and forex solutions app.

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9 Top Apps for Faster B2B Mobile Payments


It also shares the same parent company as the makers of Cash App, the ever-so-popular P2P mobile app. The days of mailing checks, arguing with Barbara from Collections, and checking the PO box are numbered.

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Social Media Best Practices with Your Oktopost Experts


P2P over B2B. Following the success of our From the Experts webinar series, we wanted to provide you with this content through another channel to make it easily accessible and digestible for our audience.

Content Marketing for Engineers

Industrial Marketing Today

Call it P2P (Person-to-Person) marketing if you will. I’ll go out on a limb and state that content marketing for engineers is different. Yes, I do get it that the lines between work and personal lives have blurred thanks to today’s hyper-connected world where everybody is always “On.” And I agree that at the end of the day, marketing to engineers is still all about communicating with people.

Interview with Mark Schaefer

Onalytica B2B

In 2010 I wrote business is not about B2B or B2C, it is about P2P — connecting people to people. Mark Schaefer – Keynote Speaker, Marketing Consultant, Author, Executive Branding Coach. Key Topics: Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Keynote Speaking, Coaching. Location: Tennessee, USA. Bio: Mark W. Schaefer is a globally-recognized blogger, speaker, educator, consultant, and author who blogs at businessesgrow.com — one of the top marketing blogs of the world.

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Never waste a crisis


This blog is based off of a presentation put together for the Kitchener-Waterloo CEO P2P Group.

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Swagger: How to Keep It Real and Why Brand Authenticity Matters

B2B Digital Marketer

Businesses are composed of people, and B2B is actually Human-to-Human (H2H) or People-to-People (P2P). Being real and authentic helps you become more confident and enables you to unlock your full potential.

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How Can B2B Organizations Build Loyal Advocates for Their Brand?

B2B Digital Marketer

They treat marketing as B2B and B2C, when in reality, it’s B2H (Business to Humans) or P2P (People to People).

27 excellent MarTech sessions available for free? But wait, there’s more…


Forget B2B and B2C: The Future of Marketing is P2P (On24). Our next MarTech conference in the Bay Area, April 3-5, is just a couple of weeks away. While I’ve written a lot about the editorial program for the paid all-access conference — amazing presentations by Aetna, Cisco Meraki, Docker, IDC, LUMA Partners, Netflix, The New York Times, Nordstrom, NPR, PwC, Zillow, and more — I’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s available to free Expo+ attendees.

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CMO Spotlight: Jonathan Becher, SAP—TEAMS Work for PEOPLE and deliver EXPERIENCES


’ You can sum up the change as moving from B2B to P2P—people to people,” Becher says. ” The important thing to remember when adopting a P2P approach is that people need to work together for engagement to become a reality. Soccer fever continues and the world is watching these teams as they play for their nations to move through the levels and get to the top. Reigning world champions, Spain have had to bow out of the tournament already.

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6 social media marketers on the future of social messaging

Sprout Social

People buy from people, and whether with a real-time P2P experience or an experience replicated with an automated chat client, messaging is going to make for a more effective and personalized sales experience.”.

Using Content To Create That Zero Moment Of Truth

Marketing Insider Group

Some people call that P2P or H2H, human to human, people to people – the bottom line for me is that when you create content that has one person, and helping one person is the sole objective, whether you’re a B2B company or a consumer company, you’re going to be effective. I was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series.

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SMS marketing is taking over


In the past, business messaging traffic over long codes was sent over the carriers’ P2P networks, which limited them to very low throughputs and restrictions on use from the carriers.

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How B2B marketers can turn Facebook into a lead generating machine


Remember, B2B is really P2P—that is, “person to person,” so post a variety of content to engage and entertain your audience. (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Researchers at Princeton University recently released a study suggesting that Facebook is about to disintegrate and collapse within the next couple years due to a mass user exodus. To misquote Mark Twain, “rumors of Facebook’s death are greatly exaggerated.”.

How Can Marketers Benefit from a VPN

Martech Advisor

Since not all VPNs are designed in the same way, you must look for a reputable VPN that allows P2P traffic and provides at least standard encryption security. A lot of new marketers don't realize, but a VPN tool can be a great addition to their kit.

The Evolution of B2B Marketing—Brain to Brain


We have been talking about B2P (Business to Person), P2P (Person to Person) and H2H (Human to Human) as the changing face of marketing. What’s common to all of these is the fact that marketing is done Brain to Brain. Interesting evolutionary spin on B2B marketing! It’s important to remember this as marketers. You are not marketing to search engines, digital channels and multiple devices. Behind any and all of these is the human brain.

How Your Competitors’ Earned Media Can Power Up Your Content Marketing


Note, many “expert contributor” opportunities in business publications like Entrepreneur and Forbes.com are fee-based, but for the efficiency of execution and clarity of brand messaging, many marketers these days prefer P2P.

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9 Promising FinTech Startups You Should be Watching

Marketing Envy

Clients include cloud service providers, FinTech organizations and P2P banks, for now. From the application of GDPR directives to the implementation of open banking, 2018 was quite a disruptive year for the FinTech industry…. And many startups are here to lead us to the new frontiers. A recent MoneyLive Banking Report concluded that a majority of executives in traditional UK financial institutions now see FinTech startups as a “significant threat” to their business model.

A Quick Guide to Snapchat for Nonprofits


For example, at FrontStream, we put together a geofilter for P2P Forum back in March. Snapchat is on the rise in a big way. The popular photo-sharing and messaging app is becoming so big that even other social networks - like Facebook and Instagram - are beginning to incorporate their own versions of Snapchat's unique features. Check out some of these statistics : 158 million active users creating 2.5 billion Snaps per day, with 9,000 Snaps every second.

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MindTickle Embraces Account Engagement and Creates Personalized Stage-Based Experiences with 6sense


We live in a P2P world. Overview. Mindtickle was previously operating on a traditional leads-based approach, but in 2020, quickly realized they needed to shift their mindset and move towards a more data-driven, account -based approach, to successfully uncover new opportunities and engage the right accounts at the right time.

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10 Worldwide FinTech Events in 2019: Mark Your Calendar!

Marketing Envy

FinTech Junction 2019 brings together public, private, and governmental players in the financial technology space, with open banking, cryptocurrencies, regulation, AI, cyber security, and P2P platforms expected to play an important role in the two-day conference. FinTech continues to evolve at a remarkable rate. With advances in AI, cryptocurrency, and hyper-personalization bringing ever-more disruptions to the financial services industry, you’ll want to keep up.

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B2B vs. B2C Marketing: Four Myths, Six Differences, and One Key Similarity


Regardless of whether one is marketing toothpaste or enterprise software, all marketing is ultimately P2P (person to person). Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is a passion to those of us who’ve devoted our lives and careers to it. But it’s also widely misunderstood. Common myths and misunderstandings can leave you standing alone in the corner at parties when you try to describe what you do.

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This is How Blockchain Could Change Digital Marketing Forever


This P2P network that Skycoin miners power, known as Skywire, will be the foundation for messenger protocols, apps, and other common functions of the current internet, with one big exception: All user data will be encrypted and protected. This model would shift entertainment marketing even more towards P2P communities, since fans could conduct transactions themselves and earn special privileges for being holders of artist tokens.

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Is It Really B2B, Or Something Different All Together?


You're a P2P marketer. Jason Falls is an author, speaker and CEO of Social Media Explorer. He is also co-author of the book No Bullshit Social Media: The All-Business, No-Hype Guide To Social Media Marketing , available on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere. Marketing to the business consumer takes a special pedigree. The complexities of the non-commercial arena often overwhelm even seasoned marketers from the consumer-facing world.

Taking Your Brand from “We know who they are” to “We know what they do”


The B2B mindset has traditionally been different, but it’s changing now with the increasing emphasis on B2P (business to people) or H2H (human to human) or P2P (person to person), or whichever acronym catches your fancy. CMO Spotlight: Philip Clement, Global Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Aon . As global CMO, Phil Clement has much to be proud of in terms of recognition for the Aon brand.

5 Simple Secrets to B2B Lead Generation on Facebook [SlideShare]


Smart Guy said, "B2B is still P2P" (meaning person-to-person, not peer-to-peer illegal downloading ;). And we''ve seen first hand how successful you can be on social media if you think of B2B like P2P. I once went to a marketing conference. I don''t remember the name of it. What I do remember is that some smart person presented about the difference between B2B and B2C marketing. The thing is, I don''t remember his name either, so I can''t give him credit.

Vertical SaaS: The Future of SaaS Is in Niche Industries

Single Grain

Lufax , a Shanghai-based financial asset exchange SaaS product that focuses on P2P lending solutions for banks and insurance companies, rose in valuation to $39.4 The SaaS industry is growing rapidly: Between 2019 and 2023, the global SaaS market is forecast to be worth a staggering $60.36

3 Tips to Promote Your Giving Tuesday Campaign


Peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising is the hot term in nonprofit fundraising right now—and rightfully so. P2P is all about empowering individual supporters to raise money from their network of friends, family and colleagues on behalf of your nonprofit. Yet another P2P opportunity around Giving Tuesday is to help supporters sell something that benefits your organization. The key to P2P fundraising success is giving supporters the tools they need to succeed.

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7 Best Buy Now Pay Later Sites of 2022 Ranked and Reviewed


That means you can manage your loans, P2P payments, mobile wallet, and even crypto transactions all from your smartphone. Buy Now, Pay Later sites have exploded onto the market in the last few years.

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7 of the Coolest YouTube Banners We've Ever Seen


That’s what tech company Taulia did for “P2P Superheroes”: a campaign that shows how its software can eliminate difficult, time-consuming tasks, helping everyday professionals focus more on the work that matters and turn them into superheroes. The banner communicates two things: 1) That Taulia is in the business of P2P (“procure to pay”), and 2) the brand really celebrates procurement specialists.

B2B Marketing Plan Best Practices: 5 Simple Rules to Follow


Many firms take segmentation to the next level – P2P (person-to-person) – by creating buyer personas and tailoring their marketing messages to similar groups of people within a target market. “We’ve tried a lot of marketing tactics but nothing seems to work.” ” “We start out the year in one direction and then completely move in a different direction when senior leadership gets an idea.”

Plan 89

Moneyball for Marketers


William Tyree, CMO of RingDNA, suggests that marketers examine historical data and start benchmarking future channels, campaigns, and sales people to your P2P index. Author: David Cheng If you’ve seen them movie Moneyball , you already know the basics: the “Moneyball” way of winning relies on analytics, statistics, and numbers, rather than opinions, intuitions, or appearances.

Achieving customer experience excellence at seven critical life cycle points


In short, now is the time to shift to person-to-person (P2P) marketing. To ensure that marketers can scale and operationalise high-quality CX and personalisation, there must be an exchange of deep customer preference data in return for authentic and effective personalisation based on the P2P data. Article by Ernan Roman Featured in the Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing A recent study by Retail Info Systems asked execs, ‘Who does personalisation best?’.*

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Achieving customer experience excellence at seven critical life cycle points


In short, now is the time to shift to person-to-person (P2P) marketing. To ensure that marketers can scale and operationalise high-quality CX and personalisation, there must be an exchange of deep customer preference data in return for authentic and effective personalisation based on the P2P data. Article by Ernan Roman, President, ERDM Corp.

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Tailor Content to Buyer Personas with Choose Your Own Adventure Videos


Taulia did something similar with their P2P Super Heroes series. Marketing to anyone is a challenge – but what if one of your key buyer personas is… marketers? The odds are stacked against you. We, as marketers, have seen it all, and we don’t fall for gimmicks. That’s how Linda West, Act-On’s Director of Digital Marketing opened her talk at Viewtopia 2016. And she’s right.