Opinionated Content Marketing: Why You Should It?

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In today’s “cancel culture,” many businesses and other organizations are thinking it might be best to avoid opinionated content marketing. Share your opinions as long as they are informed, based on experience, and seek to help your customers. What do you feel strongly about?

41 Expert Opinions on Data Hygiene Best Practices


Their following opinions about data cleanliness were taken from ZoomInfo’s Twitter Chat about — you guessed it — data hygiene. . So marketing is better positioned to maintain clean data. Technologies are a ways away from meeting this need in my opinion.


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Why a Positive Culture is Business-Essential


If we can find a way to foster a positive culture of personal growth and upward mobility – believe me; you can, too. Fostering a positive company culture is not just a nice thing to do. What steps do you need to take to create and maintain a positive culture?

Word of Mouth Marketing: How to Spark Positive Conversations

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Let's talk about some specific ways in which you can ignite positive word of mouth and use it to spark further customers. You can build a positive reputation before customers even purchase your product. Such positive experiences will cement a customer's relationship with your brand. Remember, not every attention-grabbing stunt or message will create positive conversation. Willing to share opinions in a sound and shrewd manner. What is word of mouth marketing?

Drive Positive Buyer Experiences with a Marketing Cloud


These touchpoints are crucial in portraying your brand in a positive light. By the time buyers are at the bottom of the funnel in the buyer journey, you will get to know the true opinions of your buyers, what they think of the brand.

Opinion: An AK47 to go with the roses?


This is a common error known as a ‘False-Positive’. This approach reduces and in a lot of cases completely removes the issue of ‘False-Positives’ and ‘False-Negatives’ that penalise publishers unfairly but also leave advertisers missing out on quality audiences and content. The end result of false positives thrown up by keyword checkers is that publishers are missing out on a huge amount of revenue by not being able to fully monetise a proportion of their inventory.

6 Ways to Position Your Agency as a Thought Leader


Here are 6 strategies you can use to position your agency as a thought leader: 1. To position your agency as a thought leader, there must be an individual personality behind the content you create. You can’t just publish advice and opinions from a faceless entity. Position their opinions and advice as coming from personal experiences at their role in the agency. Why should people take your agency’s opinions and advice at face value?

Break Diving takes online learning to the next level in a positive social media atmosphere

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Some positive aspects of these communities include membership, influence, fulfillment of individual needs, shared events, and emotional connections to a learning community. They should have the ability to express their opinions openly. (Source: unsplash.com, photo by Beci Harmony).

Facebook ads vs Google adwords: 7 key criteria to decide


With any ad buy, Google lets you know the bid for a keyword that gets the best ad position. The stages of the Purchase Funnel are: awareness, opinion, consideration, preference, and purchase. Consider these facts: Digital ad revenue in the U.S. grew by more than 20% last year to a record $72.5 billion. ( IAB ). Google and Facebook accounted for almost 100% of all the growth in U.S. digital ad revenue last year. ( IAB ).

Leveraging Data to See Positive Results With Influencer Marketing


There are different types of influencers , ranging from “micro-influencers” to Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Get the positive results you're seeking from #InfluencerMarketing: 1. The post Leveraging Data to See Positive Results With Influencer Marketing appeared first on ClearVoice.

Introducing Angus Nelson: B2B Messaging, Positioning, and Audience Building

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as an entrepreneur, this is a little side item, is learning how to position yourself, and all the weird things that go through your head when you do that. I got an opportunity to work for an association built around innovation, and being able to build messaging and positioning for a completely different demographic. The second milestone along the way when you were talking about the email list, and you said, "Positioning." Some people have different opinions of that.

NICE Buys Causata to Extend Its Customer Experience Management Position

Customer Experience Matrix

I haven’t formed a solid opinion yet on how NICE in particular or contact center vendors in general are likely to fare in this new arena. So, there I was around 7:30 Eastern time this morning, sending out reminder notices to vendors I need to interview for an upcoming report on Customer Data Platforms. I received an immediate response from the Kevin Nix of Causata , offering to talk that very morning. This seemed a bit odd – Causata is based in San Francisco, so it was 4:30 a.m.

A Brand Messaging Conundrum: Is Your Company Too Scared to Have an Opinion?

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” Yet it’s easier to find examples of brands expressing political and social opinions than opinions about their industry and what they do. Throughout my career as a brand journalist, I’ve tried to coax opinions out of subject matter experts, with most shying away for compliance reasons, claiming legal will never let them express certain sentiments. The post A Brand Messaging Conundrum: Is Your Company Too Scared to Have an Opinion?

Community and Regional Banks Are Perfectly Positioned for Social Influencer Campaigns

Eric Mower + Associates

The way we see it, community and regional banks are uniquely positioned to benefit from social influencer campaigns. They’re highly skeptical of being sold to, and want to feel engaged by good content and personal opinions rather than told what to do. Other outside-the-box influencer types who would be well positioned to talk about savings include wedding planning (save for the big day), parenting (save for college) and travel influencers (save for a bucket-list trip).

How promotional products fit in with the modern consumer


82% of consumers agreed that their impression of a brand positively changed as a direct result of receiving a promotional product. The key highlights of the report findings below are a great summary of some of the best statistics from the research report findings which provide an excellent insight into consumer opinions on advertising and promotional products. Advertisers have a challenging job of increasing recall and improving resonance with consumers.

Creative strategies to improve your brand’s online reputation


If you want to drive leads and convert more sales, you should start by focusing on creating a positive online image and reputation. It takes 12 positive reviews to negate one negative review. No business is perfect and you’re bound to have unhappy customers or employees, but the voice of the few should not represent the opinion of the many. This activity can deflect negative opinion and also drive more traffic and leads to your website.

Online 112

Students are more into social media—is it good or bad?


Positive. More learning than ever: Students have taken to social media as a platform for fun and entertainment along with sharing views, opinions, and learning about what’s going on in the world. Social media is the new way of communication and it is everywhere; its influence is far-reaching and deep. While adults still have control over the use of social media, young minds find it more captivating. Let us look into the impact it has been showing on the students.

5 Ways to Build Positive Relationships with Event Stakeholders


Here are five strategies I’ve found that foster positive relationships and mutual respect with vendors and stakeholders. communicates your respect for their opinions and builds a sense of teamwork and partnership. This article was written by an industry contributor and does not necessarily reflect the position or opinions of Attendify. The post 5 Ways to Build Positive Relationships with Event Stakeholders appeared first on Attendify Blog.

The rise of “morality-via-branding” to add empathy and connect emotionally


Instead, brand positions on social issues are being shaped by public opinion, and are responding to a situation that finds Americans more politically empowered than ever before. For example, a Twitter account called Sleeping Giants has pressured brands into removing ads that appear on Breitbart News, the conservative news and opinion website with close ties to the Trump administration.

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How CSR and social activism are defining brands today


A Nielsen survey in 2015 of 30,000 consumers worldwide revealed that 67% prefer to work for socially responsible companies, and 55% will pay extra for products and services from companies committed to a positive social and environmental impact. . The positive response from major companies has certainly benefited their brand image, even improving their stock prices. And social media has proven to be the ideal medium for sharing their opinions on CSR actions.

Should brands take a public stand on social or political issues?


These recent demands for brands to take a clear position on social (primarily) and political issues are driven by three interrelated forces: Consumers, normally pretty quiet with their opinions, have become so frustrated with the lack of progress for correcting so many social challenges, and are now vocalizing their anguish, especially the millennials who are finally taking action. Can a brand use this platform for proactively turning a negative into a positive?

Brand 158

Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 251: Q & A with Shawn LaVana @shawnlavana

Heinz Marketing

And then, I mean, the formats for any of us to go and publish things and get reaction and response and other opinions about it from others, that’s… talk about the informal learning process, that’s part of it as well. By Matt Heinz , President of Heinz Marketing.

Did The New York Times Purposely Fuel the Goldman Controversy?

Marketing Craftmanship

Rarely has an opinion piece on any topic, published in any major newspaper or periodical, attracted so much attention and controversy. The veracity of Mr. Smith’s opinion and the timeliness of his topic notwithstanding, is it ever appropriate for a publication as widely read and long-respected as The New York Times to provide a platform for one disgruntled employee? A Compromised Value Proposition?

3 common phrases in B2B marketing ‘trends’ that mean absolutely nothing

Ledger Bennett

Time would be better spent really understanding the data you’re capturing, the technology available to help you do that, and how that granular segmentation will positively impact your growth. Insights Opinion

Who’s Driving the Data Movement? Social Media Managers

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Where it can get tough to measure is how this all impacts the brand perception and positioning. Are they positive? Sentiment — Are people talking positively or negatively about your brand? Id love to learn from your experience and opinion. Opinion Social Media MarketingWhat if the most valuable data person on your team is your social media manager ? It certainly might not seem that way at first blush.

Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 250: Q & A with Christel Grizaut Billault @ChristelGrizaut

Heinz Marketing

So it’s better in my opinion, to hire more senior resources to build a framework, than junior resources. By Matt Heinz , President of Heinz Marketing. If you’re not already subscribed to Sales Pipeline Radio , or listening live every Thursday at 11:30 a.m

How newly-energized millennial activists are shaping brand choices


noteworthy brands taking a stand against NRA positions, and. And of course, every company brand must position itself to sustain their bond with their consumers and all other stakeholders, today and for the future. If successful, there will be a huge groundswell pressure for all government representatives, from local to national, to re-position their personal brand and promises.

Brand 129

IT buyers are calling for a change in how you market & sell to them on LinkedIn


If you want to reach, connect and engage with more IT buyers, then as a sales and marketing professional, you need to position yourself as an expert who wants to have a real relationship that’s based on up-front value. As Mike Weir (LinkedIn’s tech industry expert) mentioned in a recent audio interview, “You want buyers to feel: I like you, I like your opinions, I want to know more.

The emerging challenges for managing brand risk


Today it is almost impossible to avoid taking a position on many political and socio-economic issues, especially with social media ready to spread news (and sometimes distort content) overnight. Trump tweets his brash opinions to more than 30 million followers almost daily which has politicized many issues and often disparages business leaders and brands. This exacerbates extreme positions.

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B2B Lead Generation Blog: Lead Generation via Industry Experts

B2B Lead Generation

« Asking for referrals does more than generate leads | Main | Lead generation ROI depends on a good handoff » Lead Generation via Industry Experts Proactively building relationships with industry experts is a powerful way to generate sales leads and positive word of mouth (WOM). Four steps to garner expert referrals: Map out the key players, experts, opinion molders in your industry. Positioning: How To Test, Validate, And Bring Your Idea To Market

Glassdoor.com: Social Media Tool or PR Nightmare?

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Learning to Live With Employee Opinion. Effective workforce management, however, does not ensure a positive outcome on the site. I don’t work for Glassdoor.com in any capacity, or receive compensation for promoting its products, but it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of an opportunity to provide credible, positive content that offsets misinformation, warts and shortcomings that others are sharing online.

PR 122

The Complete Guide to Scale Your B2B Business to Success by Marrying PR with Content Marketing


Since the content team focuses on your brand image and PR responds to current trends and conversation, you can strengthen your online and offline brand positioning. So, they know what’s popular, what resonates with people whose opinions matter, which stories get picked up. What will happen if the owned media doesn’t align with your brand positioning in the article? Guest post by Sphoorti Bhandare.

PR 122

How social media is changing what brands stand for


Our world has never been so divided by politics, with social media as a major catalyst for extreme opinions and reactions. The favorite medium for expressing such controversial values and political positions is social media (e.g. Brands are being pulled into battles on what they stand for, willingly and unwillingly, on both social and traditional media.

Not All Press Is Good Press


I suspect that might be a bit of rationalization created by people getting lambasted by public opinion. Is it a positive tone or a negative one? If it’s negative you might want to compartmentalize the excitement bubbling up inside you that a major publication cares enough to write about you and wait for a positive story in which to participate. I suspect that might be a bit of rationalization created by people getting lambasted by public opinion.

Press 35

The Face of Your Company: How to Hire for Client-Facing Positions


For most client-facing positions, experience isn’t everything. Zendesk recognizes how difficult it can be to hire for these external-facing position, so they created the infographic below to identify the specific challenges companies face in hiring for external-facing positions -- and what exactly you should look for during the hiring process to ensure you hire the best candidates. What do you look for when you''re hiring for external-facing positions?

Stats 52

Why B2B brands need to start thinking about ‘The Kindness Economy’

Ledger Bennett

Keep everyone in the organization up to date on personas, positioning and messaging. Marketing Strategy Opinion“The Kindness Economy is a movement for how consumer culture needs (and wants) to change”. Mary Portas, How to Thrive in the New Kindness Economy.

Avoid the Carnival Barker Approach to Publicity

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As a marketing-savvy company, you must work backwards…by first defining what specific behavior or opinion you’re attempting to influence, and then by determining how you’ll apply media exposure to accomplish that goal. Publicity Must Be More Than Noise. Companies of all sizes believe that more publicity is always better, as a means to raise brand awareness and drive business results. But there are several reasons why this noisy carnival barker publicity is a losing game.

How customers will react to a crisis in your company and what to do about it

Chris Koch

In the court of public opinion, customers make a decision about whether the company as a whole is to blame for the crisis or whether the crisis was the work of a few rogue individuals acting outside the norms of behavior. Industry and financial analysts will likely have differing opinions about the current and future prospects of the company. Create a new brand identity and position. I’m continuing the discussion I began in my last post about when a crisis hits a brand.

How Trump’s unpopular decisions can strengthen brand engagement


But now many big brands see these emotional reactions as an opportunity to more positively engage with their customers and strengthen their bond with them. The marketing ground rules have changed radically over the past few years, driven not only by recent controversial political decisions, but also by social media spreading individual opinions so quickly and exacerbating the extreme negativity by activists.

Brand 125

What Is Employee Advocacy? 14 Tips To Inspire Employee Engagement & Build a Better Culture


Employee advocacy is when employees share positive opinions about your company through word of mouth, both online and in person. It boosts your brand as an employer because the voices of genuinely delighted employees are way more impactful than your company tooting its own horn. So why is employee advocacy such a big deal, and. The post What Is Employee Advocacy? 14 Tips To Inspire Employee Engagement & Build a Better Culture appeared first on Influitive.