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Opinionated Content Marketing: Why You Should It?

Marketing Insider Group

In today’s “cancel culture,” many businesses and other organizations are thinking it might be best to avoid opinionated content marketing. Share your opinions as long as they are informed, based on experience, and seek to help your customers. Lots of Successful Brands Have Strong Opinions. So go for it! And Arby’s.

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Opinion: Ensuring every woman is seen


This experience highlights the potential for positive change when efforts are made to truly understand and invest in this marginalized community. As someone who has navigated these experiences, I’ve seen how such narratives can obscure the real stories of struggle and resilience, leaving crucial opportunities for positive change untapped.


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Turning B2B Influencers into Key Opinion Leaders

Atomic Reach

Key Opinion Leaders, better know as KOLs, often provide brands the competitive edge needed to win. Opinions vary on what makes key opinion leaders distinct from influencers. Forbes Council Member Rafael Schwarz draws a helpful distinction between experts, influencers, and key opinion leaders.

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10 Step Positioning Process: An “Obviously Awesome” Book Summary – Part 3

Heinz Marketing

By Sarah Threet, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing You might think you know everything about positioning, but you probably don’t know everything about how to DO positioning. How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It ”. In this summary, I will highlight the 10 Step Positioning Process.

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When Brands Voice an Opinion: How to Take a Stand Without Losing Your Audience


With the constant barrage of news and opinions on social media, it can be challenging for brands to know whether — and how — to speak up about controversial topics. How can your brand voice an opinion on something controversial without alienating your audience? .” How you voice your opinion is essential.

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Why a Positive Culture is Business-Essential


If we can find a way to foster a positive culture of personal growth and upward mobility – believe me; you can, too. As a company with a more than 25-year tenure as a sales and marketing extension of some of the world’s largest companies, we’ve learned a ton about leveraging our positive culture to get us through uncertain times.

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The Marketer's Guide to Segmentation, Targeting, & Positioning


This is where segmentation, targeting, and positioning come into play. Let’s unpack each part of the segmentation-targeting-positioning model. Given the vast number of pet owners in the city, they need to segment their audience into smaller groups to better understand how to position their services. Positioning.