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What you need to know about social media copyright

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Navigating social media copyright can be like sailing in uncharted waters. In this guide, we outline the specific practices your company should follow when posting to help avoid social media copyright infringement and protect your brand. With every new wave of social trends come unanticipated legal consequences.

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Guidelines for Responsible Content Creation with Generative AI


This brings several ethical questions to the forefront, including: Who owns the copyright to AI-generated content? The European Union has issued several documents on AI, including ethical guidelines for trustworthy AI. What guidelines signify responsible content creation with generative AI? Establish guidelines.


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Local Service Ads: Photo Guideline Updates

DAGMAR Marketing

Google Updates Its Photo Guidelines for Local Service Ads (LSAs) The year has brought many new updates to Local Service Ads. In addition to the looser photo guidelines, Google will also be speeding up its review process. For now, this photo guideline update means that potential customers can see images directly from your LSA.

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6 Precautions to Take Against Copyright Infringement of Content


Copyright infringement swings both ways. On the other, you need to ensure that your own content doesn’t run afoul of copyright law. On the one hand, you need to watch out for content infringement of your website content (people stealing your words, images, etc.). So how can you protect yourself and your company from these issues?

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How Not to Be Sued Over Images: Understanding Copyrights


This method could put you in violation of copyright laws. Those caught with copyright infringement could end up paying fines, in prison or both. Understanding image copyrights. The best way to avoid infringement is to familiarize yourself with the law pertaining to copyrights. Copyright — what does it mean?

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Legal Versus Ethical: Web Scraping Edition


However, there are other laws and legislations that guide web scraping, such as breach of contract, illegal access and use of data, trespass to chattels, and copyright infringement. Copyrighted material. Also, it is not possible to copyright ideas, only the representation or specific form of those ideas. Is the data copyrighted?

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How to Manage a Social Media Crisis


This policy should tell your employees the following: Brand guidelines: Not everything is fit for posting. Copyright guidelines: If you’re using images from external sources, always check if the image can be used and credit the original owner if necessary. Failing to comply with copyright laws will tarnish your reputation.