Tue.Sep 20, 2011

The Most Important Question In Business…

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…is “ how are you doing? ” When I started my career as an account executive, I found out very quickly that customers and prospects rolled their eyes the moment I started talking about my company and our services.

How NOT to pitch a blogger


Tweet This Post. Image via Wikipedia. Last week, I talked about how blogger outreach is scary , and I talked about why this fear exists for most people before they start talking to bloggers.

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Useful Tips from Inbound Marketing Summit and Hubspot User Group

Customer Experience Matrix

I spent three days last week at the Inbound Marketing Summit and Hubspot User Group in Boston. These featured a flock of first-rate speakers who presented more useful information than I can jam into a single blog post. That said, here are highlights from my notes.

Five more tips for successful webinars

EMagine B2B Blog

Among larger B2Bs, webinars are a pretty common online marketing tactic… and why not? Along with white papers, they’re a highly effective means of communicating complex material and/or establishing thought leadership …yet they provide a level of visual interest, personality and “live” interactivity that white papers can’t touch. They can be used for brand building, [.]. B2B Web Strategy Internet Marketing

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The Marketing Landscape: Where Data and Content Merge

Understand the importance of good data and good content and how they work together to help your marketing efforts.

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Google+ Now Available to Everyone, Adds Search Functionality


If you're someone who has been anxiously awaiting access to Google+ over the past few months, your wait is now over. This morning, Google announced it has officially released the ability to sign up for Google+ to everyone , with or without an invitation.

How An Old School Product Leveraged A New Mobile App

The Effective Marketer

It has been out for a couple months now, the new myStain app from Clorox, but only now I have seen an interesting account of the marketing campaign and results highlighted in an article from MarketingNews (an AMA publication, requires registration). As I first started reading about the mobile app that gives tips on stain removal, I wasn’t sure who would actually want to download it.

6 Ways B2B Companies Are Using Facebook


Is Facebook applicable for B2B companies? Absolutely! With more than 750 million users, Facebook is useful for far more than just teenagers playing online games. The social network has become a representative sample of the world's population. As a company selling to other companies, Facebook serves as an important tool for generating leads and nurturing customer relationships. Let's take a look at 6 B2B companies and how they are using Facebook : 6 Ways B2B Companies Are Using Facebook.

Book Review: Escape from Cubicle Nation


Pamela Slim’s Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur is the bible for the self-employed—and those burned out on the corporate world who’d like to become independent. Despite the ongoing recession, the book retains its timeliness.

Make No Mistake: How Worst-Practices Derail Successful ABM Efforts

This Quick Study Slide Show from Node identifies the common mistakes of ABM executions and offers practical advice to help teams avoid them.

HUGS2011 – Founders Recap Remarkable Year, Share Big Vision

MLT Creative

With more than 1,000 inbound marketers in attendance for the 2011 HubSpot User Group Summit, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah highlighted a remarkable year of growth and innovation for HubSpot.

On-Demand WebCast: Optimizing Content Marketing to Facilitate The Buyer's Journey

The ROI Guy

Although research indicates a significant 26% of annual marketing budgets are allocated to content marketing, only 41% find that the efforts are effective. Why the crisis in confidence and how can you insure that your content marketing investments are effective? This webinar, looks for answers to the crisis, discussing the latest research and uncovering the prove strategy and tactics for optimizing content return on investment.

New Social Media Features for Marketers to Be Aware Of [Marketing Update]


Last week, Mike and Karen hosted the Marketing Update from the Inbound Marketing Summit where they discussed a number of interesting social media stories from the previous week. Facebook Launches the Subscribe Button.

Best Practices for Running a Sweepstakes


A sweepstakes is a contest or promotion that offers a grand prize. Users submit an entry form containing their contact information, and are entered to win. Leverage the ?thank thank you? page post entry to encourage email opt-ins, social sharing and cross-promotion. Magic Beans, an infant clothing boutique & SnapApp client, drove 28,000+ social media connections during a month of sweepstakes! Use it to: Build your sales pipeline or mailing lists.

Seven Things Marketers Need to Know About Lead Generation

Speaker: Douglas Burdett, Host of The Marketing Book Podcast, Founder/Principal of ARTILLERY

If you are a marketer who needs to generate more high-quality leads that will turn into sales opportunities and revenue, register now for this special event that will show you how to get started and moving in a profitable direction.

7 Examples of Stunning Online Presentations


This is a guest post written by John Rode , marketing direct o r at SlideRocket , the presentation sponsor of HUGS 2011. I’ve seen my share of drearily predictable presentations—one person delivering a series of static slides to a captive (but rarely captivated) audience.

It’s hard to argue with Search Engine Land’s B2B Social Media tips

Wondering Out Loud

Every so often I run across an article that has me nodding in complete agreement, and this one from Search Engine Land had me doing exactly that. The article – while using the work “tips” – actually outlines four reasons B2B companies need to be involved in social media. Putting aside tactics like Facebook , Twitter and blogging, SEL’s Strictly Business points to the four basic elements of why: Influence your online reputation. Better position your brand.