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How a Content Refresh Can Help You Stay Relevant

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Elaine Ip If you’re a savvy digital marketer, you’ve probably been on the content marketing train for years. Bonus points for you, but is that pile of existing content starting to look a little stale? How is a content marketer supposed to keep up with that kind of change?

12 Marketo Summit 2017 Sessions You Should Attend


With this many sessions, deciding which to attend can be tough, so we’ve pulled out the ones that are most relevant to B2B marketers who are data driven and focused on optimizing the entire funnel. Who Marketo Summit Is For. Add to Calendar: iCalendar • Google Calendar • Outlook.

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Top 10 Demand Generation Resolutions for 2014

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If you don’t have that capability in place, look at marketing automation platforms like Marketo or reporting solutions like Full Circle CRM that can give you the data you’re looking for. Make content a part of every campaign planning discussion.

Anatomy of a Blog Redesign – 10 Best Practices from Marketo

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Jon Miller (@jonmiller) The Marketo Marketing Blog has long been one of Marketo’s most important and valuable marketing strategies. Highly visual content design. Merchandise our best content. Connect content to authors. Highly visual content design.

5 SEO Tips for Videos: How Google Ranks Them & How to Optimize

Modern B2B Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are great places to get eyes on your video content, but prospects aren’t necessarily in work- or buy-mode as they scroll through these platforms. How Does Google Rank Videos? Transcribe Your Video Content. Be relevant and applicable to the content.

Is Google Hummingbird a Win For Marketers?

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Maggie Jones There’s something different about Google, but it isn’t something obvious – it’s happening behind the scenes. You may not have even noticed Google’s new search algorithm, Google Hummingbird, but it’s affecting 90% of all Google searches.

How We Built Our Content Marketing Stack to Drive 10x ROI


At Contently, people regularly ask us questions like: How do you build your stack? How does your content translate into actual business? Without a stack, you might as well use a tally system and just guess how effective your content is. Drake becomes a Contently lead.

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Marketo Buys Crowd Factory, Silverpop Buys CoreMotives, and Other News from Pardot, Neolane, Act-On and OfficeAutoPilot

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With its usual fanfare, Marketo today announced the acquisition of social marketing campaign company Crowd Factory. Crowd Factory is a certified cool product, which is probably reason enough for Marketo to buy them. Marketo is primarily focused on business marketing, and in particular lead generation, nurturing and analytics. Few would be considered relevant for most B2B campaigns. Indeed, Marketo already had a reasonable set of B2B social marketing features.

33 Phenomenal Content Marketing and Copywriting Guides and Tips


Content marketing represents the most fundamental and widespread rethinking of marketing practices in decades. Content marketing turns the dominant paradigm of the last half-century—interruption-based mass marketing—on its head. Content Marketing Guides, Tips and Tactics.

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Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit Wrap-Up: Practical Innovation, Being Human, and Going Beyond the Keyword

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Dayna Rothman This year’s Marketo Marketing Nation Summit was a complete whirlwind. And if you missed our day two recap, check out Live from Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit: Chair Potatoes, Empathy Hacks, and Innovation in the Nation. Newsflash—Google doesn’t care about links.

The Top 200 Content Marketing Brands And Influencers

Marketing Insider Group

Earlier this year, Influence Relationship Management firm Onalytica released the top influencers in content marketing. And just last week, they updated that with the Top 200 content marketing brands and influencers in what they call the “content marketing debate.”

22 Noteworthy Content Marketing Guides and Tips


Content marketing is a hot topic. According to Google Trends , searches for “content marketing” have increased 150% in the past two years. Yet marketers still have many questions about content marketing strategy and tactics. What role does visual content play?

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What’s the Value of a Google Hangout for Marketers?

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Jason Miller On June 5 Marketo kicks off Season 2 of the Marketing Happy Hour with Youtility Author Jay Baer. The most compelling feature of Google+ for marketers is the Hangout and Hangout On Air. Marketo has hosted 4 Hangout On Air’s over a period of two months.

What Are 2018’s Biggest Content Marketing Trends?


What big content marketing trends do you see for next year? This cartoon illustrates why the content strategy echo chamber is so problematic. So as we talk about the big trends that’ll transform content marketing in 2018, let’s look outside the echo chamber.

5 Surefire Ways to Drive B2B Brand Awareness via Content Marketing

KoMarketing Associates

There’s no denying that content is widely considered a critical ingredient to a successful B2B marketing recipe. In fact, we’ve learned that B2B tech buyers typically read between 2 to 5 pieces of a brand’s content before making a purchase. Marketo.

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Three Steps to Identify Trending Content

Modern B2B Marketing

A typical day in the life of a content marketer is somewhat like this: get into work, log in, grab a cup of coffee and, on a good day, get straight down to business to create top trending content that grabs thousands of eyeballs. Step 2: Stay Relevant, Stay (Top) Trending.

The Top Skills In-Demand for Today’s Hybrid Content Marketer

Modern B2B Marketing

Fueled by the internet boom, content marketing especially has seen explosive growth over the past five years. Last year, job listings for content marketers grew nearly 350% on between 2011 and 2015. Content Marketing b2b Consumer

Power to the Publishers: Content Is Going Full Throttle

Modern B2B Marketing

But you can break through the clutter by providing valuable content that effectively attracts, reaches, and engages your audience—educating them rather than advertising to them. In fact, according to Google, smartphones account for more than half of searches in 10 countries.

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Content Editorial Process

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Daniel Tolliday If you ever find yourself banging your head on the keyboard wondering why there are so few hours in the day to produce content; don’t worry, you’re not the only one. But content takes time to produce and get out into the world. Content Production.

The Content Standard: How We Transformed from Content Marketers to Editors

Content Standard

As a 24-year-old journalist-turned-marketer, I wanted nothing to do with a technology startup churning out what I thought was the same rhetoric as every other content company in town. Webinar: Learn How the Content Standard Shed its “Just Another Blog” Perception.

The Life of a Content Asset: Tracking Real ROI

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Dayna Rothman We recently submitted one of our most successful content assets of the year, 2014 Sample Social Media Tactical Plan , for a content award on measurable ROI. OK, so this is a pretty standard measurement, but one that is relevant and that you should be looking at.

4 Types of Social Media Content That Drives Engagement

Modern B2B Marketing

The amount of content being produced can be overwhelming. Marketers are producing more content than ever before. What types of content should marketers look to invest in order to drive social sharing? Interactive Content. Don’t always use quotes relevant to your field.

Why You Should Shift Your Content Marketing Focus to ROI

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Michael Gerard Content marketing will be an essential part of leading marketing strategies in 2014, but many marketers are still challenged by its deployment. Marketers identified their top three content challenges as limited staff , limited budget, and creating enough content.

9 Essential Tips for Researching Your Next Content Campaign

Marketing Insider Group

Coming up with a steady stream of ideas is par for the course for content and demand gen marketers. Not every idea is necessarily perfectly aligned , or can be followed up on, however, what makes a strong piece of content stand out from the others is almost always the research behind it.

Can Your Brand Monetize Web Content Without Serving Ads?

Content Standard

A great content marketing strategy requires time, energy, and sometimes significant resources. You know that content is something that generates long-term ROI, but your team has tasked you with coming up with some immediate ideas—and you’re stumped.

7 Tips for a Successful PPC Landing Page

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Effective PPC campaigns start with effective, action-oriented ad copy that’s relevant to the search term. They end with an engaging, easy to navigate landing page that’s relevant to the ad copy. Where do most paid search (PPC) campaigns succeed or fail?

It’s All About Personalization: Why Consumer Marketers Must Tailor Content to Individuals

Modern B2B Marketing

Consumers feel increasingly comfortable making considered purchases online, and, as a result, marketers must seize any opportunity to personalize cross-channel content. Personalizing Content at Every Step of the Customer Journey.

3 Ways to Make Your Corporate Blog’s Sidebar Work Harder

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If you post blog content to your Facebook or LinkedIn or Google Plus page, add those also. Offer downloadable content. Want a simple way to have your corporate blog show measurable results? Take a hard look at your sidebar. Here are 3 techniques guaranteed to make an impact: 1.

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7 Must-Read Tips To Simplify Content Marketing Planning

Marketing Insider Group

Well, if that is the case then we should stop being stupid with our content marketing planning. Too many brands have an enthusiastic, scattershot and complex approach to their digital and content go-to-market strategy. Sales, marketing and content creation have converged. 7 Ways To Solve The Content Marketing Planning Conundrum. If there is ever a sacred cow in the brand strategy room, it’s content creation – who owns it, who deploys it, who measure it?

The Powerhouse Content Marketing Team: Build It and They Will Come

KoMarketing Associates

It became clear to me that I had content marketing on the brain when I heard “If you build it, he will come” and immediately thought of distributing content across social media channels. because we’re going to break this thing down content marketing style.

If Your Writing Sucks, So Will Your Content

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jason Miller Content marketing is taking a bit of heat these days as marketers scramble to jump on the latest trend of thinking like a publisher. The problem isn’t necessarily content itself; it’s the lack of quality content.

9 Essential Tips for Researching Your Next Content Campaign


Coming up with a steady stream of ideas is par for the course for content and demand gen marketers. . Not every idea is necessarily perfectly aligned , or can be followed up on, however, what makes a strong piece of content stand out from the others is almost always the research behind it. .

Gum, Glue, Marketing Too: 3 Ways to Make Your Content and Campaigns Stick

Modern B2B Marketing

In a time when people are content grazers (scanning, snacking, and quickly moving on), you need to find ways to make your content and campaigns stick. In this blog, I’ll share three unique ways to make your content and campaigns more engaging: 1. Make Content Interactive.

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How to Create a #Winning Content Marketing Campaign

Modern B2B Marketing

by Kieran Flanagan Content marketing is nothing new , but its role in a successful online marketing strategy has continued to increase over the past number of years. But what are some of the key steps to a successful content marketing campaign? Define Your Content Marketing Sweet Spot.

Marketing in a Downturn Part 2: Content, Content, Content

Modern B2B Marketing

by Liz Smyth In the second part of our Marketing in a Downturn series, we’re examining the importance of content marketing. Here are our top 7 tips for getting the most value from your content marketing during an economic downturn: 1. Plan your Content.

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Marketo’s Greatest Blog Hits of 2011

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jason Miller With 2011 now in the history books I thought it would be interesting to collect Marketo’s most popular blog posts from the past year and revisit them as a Greatest Hits collection. Instead I present to you the most popular Marketo blog posts from 2011 based on views and shares.

5 Key Takeaways From Content Marketing World 2012

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jason Miller I was fortunate enough to be in attendance at this year’s Content Marketing World conference which wrapped last week in Columbus, OH. Only 36% of Businesses Believe That Their Content Marketing is Effective. . You can create the content yourself.

10 Fantastic Tactics to Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy: Part 1

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jason Miller Content marketing is the new black for B2B marketers and many analysts predict that it’s only going to become more vital as businesses adapt to today’s social savvy buyer. 2: Make Every Employee a Content Creator.

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The 3-Step Guide to Better Blogging

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Maggie Jones Having a blog for your business used to be a “nice to have”– great if you needed a project for your summer intern, or a centralized location for SEO-boosting content. On our blog, however, it’s more like the 10-1-1 rule — we hardly run any promotional content at all.

How To Boost Conversions With Personalized Remarketing

Modern B2B Marketing

In order to stay front-and-center we need to make sure that we deliver relevant messages to them both on and off of our websites. How To Boost Conversions With Personalized Remarketing was posted at Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. | [link].