Why and How You Should Measure Content Marketing ROI

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As data analytics grow in sophistication, measuring the results of your marketing efforts becomes even more critical to your company’s success. So why, then, do 44% of all B2B companies not even bother to measure their content marketing ROI?

Measure the ROI of Account-Based Marketing

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Research from the Altera Group found that 97% of businesses that use an ABM approach saw higher ROIs than with any other marketing strategy. Measuring and reporting ROI has consistently been a top challenge for marketing teams. Once your objectives have been set, you need to set budgeting parameters on your strategies. Don’t expect million-dollar results on a hundred-dollar budget here. As you set these objectives, consider how they play into your ROI.


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Measuring ROI of Industrial Content Marketing is Difficult

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Manufacturers, distributors and engineering companies are finding it difficult to accurately measure the ROI of their industrial content marketing efforts. Only 44% of manufacturing content marketers report their organization measures content marketing ROI. Source: Manufacturing Content Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs and sponsored by IEEE GlobalSpec).

How to Measure Your Content Marketing ROI

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In both B2C and B2B marketing, about a third of the marketing budget is spent on content. The post How to Measure Your Content Marketing ROI appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Many successful brands invest even more. These numbers are predicted to keep going up. By 2019, experts believe we’re looking at a $300 billion dollar industry, which means dollars spent on content marketing will have doubled in less than four years. […].

Report: 21% of Marketers Do Not Know How to Measure the ROI of their ABM Strategy

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Demandbase recently published the “2020 ABM Market Research Study,” and statistics showed that the majority of marketers (21%) said they do not know how to measure the return-on-investment (ROI) of their ABM strategy. About 16% stated that they have not yet begun to measure their ROI.

3 Content Marketing ROI Areas Every Marketer Should Watch

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To know whether your content initiatives are working as intended, measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, and prove the value of your work to your leadership team, you’ll need to tackle the challenge of measuring your ROI. What Does Content Marketing ROI Include?

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Score Big with a Marketing Measurement Playbook

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Why a Marketing Measurement Playbook is a Good Idea . The constant flow and accessibility of data coupled with substantial improvement in analytical capabilities means that measures are in abundance. The challenge is less about quantity and more about the quality of your measures, metrics and KPIs . Choosing the right measures, and acting on the implications of these measurements, is an essential requirement for operating Marketing as a center of excellence.

How to Measure Event Marketing Performance and ROI

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If this is the case, why do so few of us measure the real impact of these initiatives? While this is promising, these tech stacks can often lead to uncertain attribution models that fail to calculate the true ROI of events. In this article, I’ll share an ROI attribution model that will help you accurately measure the results from your events. This way, you can split your goals into two buckets: Objective results: The measurable impact your event had on the business.

Survey: 70% of Digital Marketers are Measuring the ROI of Campaigns ‘Too Quickly’

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Many marketers are largely thorough about the measurement of their campaigns, but new data shows that some of them may be gauging their ROI too quickly. A new LinkedIn survey of more than 4,000 digital marketers suggests that many are too quick to measure their ROI, mixing metrics, and generally marketing under pressure. According to the survey, only 4% of digital marketers measure ROI over a period of six months or longer.

Measuring Migrating Audiences (And Budgets)


Unfortunately, when it comes to thinning out budget line items, advertising is usually the first to get the boot. To hedge this perceived risk appropriately, brands need even more visibility into exactly where their marketing dollars are going to be sure their efforts are generating sufficient ROI. What advertisers need are partners that operate on a common currency across channels, and measurement tools that tell them exactly what’s working, what’s not, and where to go from there.

Report: Marketers Continue to Struggle to Measure Social Media ROI

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New research suggests that marketers are continuing to utilize social media as a tactic, but they remain unsure of how to measure its overall effectiveness. In terms of measuring the ROI of social media advertising, 60.3 Currently, most of marketers’ social media budget (nearly 60 percent) goes toward content creation, followed by advertising (approximately 20 percent), staff (about 20 percent) and management and reporting tools (less than 10 percent).

Measuring B2B Marketing ROI: 10 Things to Track


B2B marketing ROI remains just a concept, unless you track your activities and results. To prove marketing value and ROI, consider all the metrics that could tell your story. How Many of These B2B Marketing Measurements Do You Track?

B2B Marketers Value Events Yet Struggle with Measuring ROI

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B2B marketers continue to invest in event marketing, but new research suggests that it is still difficult for them to determine the ROI of these initiatives. Out of the one-fourth of companies that spend between 20 and 50 percent of their marketing budgets on events, less than 20 percent can tie their efforts back to revenue generation. “In Industry News Performance Measurement digital marketing event marketing

Proving ROI of Industrial Content Marketing is Still a Big Challenge

Industrial Marketing Today

Congratulations if your 2018 industrial content marketing budget increased or at least didn’t get cut. I’ve […] The post Proving ROI of Industrial Content Marketing is Still a Big Challenge by Achinta Mitra appeared first on Industrial Marketing Today. Content Marketing Industrial Marketing Manufacturing content marketing Measuring ROIYou are in good company.

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How to Get Budget for your Content Strategy (in case you forgot to ask)


Did you remember to budget for everything? Let me ask you this, are you about to break out the bold boxing gloves to go a few rounds with leadership, finance, or the higher-ups that hold the keys to loosening up the budget for something you may have not thought of this year?

How to Measure Event ROI


Events and trade shows are an important spend in any marketer’s budget and attracting Event ROI is important. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research found the average company puts more than 30% of their total marketing budget into events and exhibits. Finding a way to measure the success of a trade show is key, but only 30% of exhibitors actually have established goals for their events. A MAP will allow you to track several metrics in order to calculate the ROI.

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Why This Amount Is All the Marketing Budget You Need

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Are you feeling pressure on your marketing budget? On average, this investment delivers measurable returns in the form of 138% more inbound traffic to your website vs last year. Budgets are changing but you only need a small investment for big results with content marketing.

Budget 184

Measuring the ROI of Content Marketing with True Engagement Metrics


Return on investment (ROI) from content marketing efforts is notoriously difficult for marketers to measure and track. If you fail to track one of those micro conversions, you won’t know the true ROI of your content efforts. What is content marketing ROI?

Digital Marketing Budget Allocation: How to Ensure ROI in 2021


One of the most common mistakes that many marketers fall into is making digital marketing budget decisions based purely on their team’s opinion rather than analyzing past performance data to make better decisions moving forward. How much budget am I spending on digital marketing?

How To Measure Paid Media ROI (ROAS)


Moreover, creating ads and getting clicks is one thing; effectively measuring it is a completely different beast. Measuring your performance is critical because it allows you to prove the value of your work, as well as improve your performance going forward. When management asks you why they are investing the amount of budget they are currently investing in paid media, you need to be able to point to data and show them how far their investment is going. ROI / ROAS.

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What is Marketing ROI and Why Is It Important?


Tracking the ROI of a campaign can help companies to define which strategies work better according to their budget, audience, among other factors. In this post, we will talk more about marketing ROI and the importance of this metric. How to calculate marketing ROI?

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Measuring the ROI of Events


We recently teamed up with Kate Athmer, Integrate’s Director of Demand Orchestration, on a webinar entitled, How Marketing Ops Can Maximize Event ROI. In that session, and Kate’s companion blog post, she shared a series of practical tips to help make sure that your events are a success from an ops perspective, and as measurable as possible. In this article, we’ll delve into how marketers can measure the ROI of events. Measuring Event ROI.

How to Measure Trade Show ROI


Trade shows are an important spend in any marketer’s budget. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research found the average company puts more than 30% of their total marketing budget into events and exhibits. Finding a way to measure the success of a trade show is key, but only 30% of exhibitors actually have established goals for their events. The first step in setting goals for trade shows is determining what metrics to measure.

67% of Marketers are ‘Very Confident’ in their Ability to Measure the ROI of Email

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Despite the challenges that can be associated with email marketing, new research suggests that marketers are still willing to invest in this area, primarily because of their confidence in ROI measurement. In terms of social media, the majority of marketers are now dedicating their budgets to Facebook (34%). Just 6% of marketers are still dedicating their social media budgets to Snapchat.

How to Boost Your ROI During a Content Drought


Here are a number of key challenges related to content marketing during and after the pandemic, along with useful tips and methods that you can use to boost your ROI. Content drought and lower ROI in the world of B2B marketing post-COVID. Unsatisfactory ROI.

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Reality Check: Marketing Technology ROI


So, let's assume you are aware of all of this and you also know that ROI is the key factor why marketers are looking to implement marketing technology. The survey found that: 69% of marketers agree that marketing ROI is the most important objective for their marketing technology strategy. 50% say that they expect this ROI to come from technology for analytics or predictive modeling. Marketing technology can certainly help you to not just measure ROI but increase it.

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The Secret to Measuring the ROI of Brand Sentiment


But amidst all the top-of-funnel engagement metrics, lead attribution data, and fancy Powerpoints designed to convince our bosses to double our content marketing budgets, one question often goes unanswered: What type of relationships are we building? Gansca : I have to say it’s sentiment because that’s what we specialize in measuring. ” So that’s what we specialize in measuring.

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Measuring the ROI of Events


We recently teamed up with Kate Athmer, Integrate’s Director of Demand Orchestration, on a webinar entitled, How Marketing Ops Can Maximize Event ROI. In that session, and Kate’s companion blog post, she shared a series of practical tips to help make sure that your events are a success from an ops perspective, and as measurable as possible. In this article, we’ll delve into how marketers can measure the ROI of events. Our recommendation for event budgeting.

How to Measure the ROI of Brand Marketing With Attribution


Most people in Marketing are skeptical when the topic of using dollars to measure the results of brand marketing efforts comes up. In this post, we’ll walk through how we measure the ROI of brand marketing with attribution -- the questions we ask, the metrics we look at, and how we analyze our results. What was the ROI? It’s good to know, but that information likely won’t help us negotiate more of the budget for brand marketing efforts.

Measuring ROI: 3 Key Metrics That Prove Marketing Success


Historically, B2B marketers have used the MQL as the gold standard of measuring the success of their marketing programs and campaigns. Today, more and more marketers are moving away from the MQL, and instead, are adopting new methods of measurement to prove their ROI. But here’s the problem: Salespeople aren’t measured on MQLs—they’re measured on revenue, and closed deals. How Modern Marketers Measure ROI.

MQL 68

10 Webinar Metrics to Measure Success


Today’s blog post looks at some of the most important webinar metrics used to measure webinar success. Your registration numbers depend on the size of your audience, your webinar topic, budget and more. For example – let’s say you spend a large portion of your advertising budget on paid search ads. To determine the ROI of a webinar, you must keep track of the total cost that goes into webinar creation and promotion.

How to Measure Your Content Marketing ROI


According to a study conducted as part of the State of Inbound 2016, marketing departments that measure their ROI (return on investment) are 1.6 times more likely to have higher budgets. In order to get a higher marketing budget, showing an ROI is very vital and marketers who can show this are able to guide their budgets based on their actual needs and ideas for growth instead of getting stuck with whatever the finance department believes the marketing department needs.

Content Value Is Going to Change the Way Marketers Think About SEO & ROI


Earlier this year, as we were planning our 2021 product roadmap, I interviewed dozens of CMOs about their approaches to measuring content marketing ROI. “This is content ROI.” Cracking the ROI code on search.

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How to Create Your 2021 Marketing Budget Plan [Step-by-Step Guide]

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If you’re like most companies, you realized in 2020 that annual marketing budget planning doesn’t work anymore. Annual budgets aren’t flexible enough to keep up with your audience’s dynamic behavior. Quick Takeaways: Annual marketing budget planning isn’t ideal anymore.

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How to Measure Your Content’s Effectiveness


But being able to measure content effectiveness is still a challenge for many marketers. . So why are marketing teams still not measuring content ROI? Why aren’t YOU measuring content ROI? Businesses today spend about a third of their marketing budget on content , but nearly half aren’t measuring the ROI of their content, and even less consider their content performance as “very successful”. What you should be measuring.

6 Key B2B Marketing KPIs to Measure


The trick is knowing what metrics to identify and how to measure them. Studies have shown that about half of all marketers are only using the most basic metrics to measure the results of their efforts. Here are six key performance indicators that B2B marketers should be measuring.

4 Tactics to Measure B2B Advertising Effectiveness

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Measuring ROI from paid marketing for B2B is a critical problem a lot of marketers are trying to tackle. ROI is measured along a cycle that could span weeks or months depending on your industry and business model. This post will provide some strategic tactics marketers can use to better measure B2B advertising effectiveness, and provide a list of KPIs expert marketers are measuring to help them hit their ROAS goals. Create KPIs and Measure Outcomes.