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New Social Media Advertising Strategies for 2023


Social media advertising requires marketing professionals to proactively respond to continually evolving user habits and adapt to different trends. Image credit: Merakist on Unsplash The last year in social media saw consumer preferences shift, new technologies emerge, and certain social platforms flourish.

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Five Tips for Promoting a Technology Solution On Social Media


Social media promotion uses platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest to connect with your target audience, build brand awareness, drive web traffic , and increase sales. Here are five tips for promoting a technology solution on social media. Source: Pixabay.

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Choosing the Best Social Media Platform for Your Law Firm

Go Beyond SEO

Determining the best platforms to establish your firm’s social media presence and establishing an effective social media presence may seem overwhelming at first. According to the American Bar Association , law firms continue year after year to prefer LinkedIn as a social media marketing platform.

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Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Buyer Personas

Marketing Insider Group

But when you’re dealing with large social media audiences, you need to not only think about who you’re talking to but where they spend their time and what you want to achieve by engaging with them. There are so many social platforms, and new ones are popping up every single day. Define Your Social Media Goals.

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10 Tips to Craft the Perfect Social Media Profile


That’s why making sure you’ve nailed your brand’s social media profile isn’t optional — it’s critical. But a good social media profile goes beyond a first impression. It’s easy to take your social media profile for granted or think your posts will speak for themselves.

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4 Small Businesses on How They’re Changing Their Social Media Strategy in 2023


Social media is always evolving – as should your strategies for creating content. While you may have tried and tested methods when it comes to your social media posts, testing out something different is a great way to stay on top of trends and potentially grow your following.

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How to Measure Social Media ROI for B2B Brands


Yet, organic social media is one channel that still delivers consistent results. Many marketers shy away from social media because they don’t understand how to measure social media return on investment (ROI). Measuring the ROI on social media is easy once you know what you’re looking for.