Are Advertisers Getting Purchase Intent All Wrong?

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Purchase intent is when a consumer expresses an actual desire to buy a product through their behavior, yet confusing “interest” with “intent” can be a stumbling block, shares, Daniel Heer, Founder & CEO at zeotap. Of course, online shopping takes place every day — millennials, for example, are making 60% of their purchases online in 2019, up from 47% in 2017 according to a CouponFollow survey. B2B vs. B2C Intent.

The Role of Intent Data in SEO Success

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But still, there’s something missing from the usual keyword research/content creation approach—a focus on intent. New search engine algorithms are better than ever at matching results with searcher intent. And with third-party intent data , you’ll have the insights necessary to do just that. 4 Types of Searcher Intent. When we talk about B2B purchase intent , it’s often in the context of capturing total active demand.


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Intent Data Industry News: ABM, Google, Dynamic Targeting

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This week’s intent data headline installment rounds up stories that discuss industry announcements audience targeting, and retail applications of intent data. Users can integrate Journey Acceleration’s criteria with Salesforce, Marketo, intent data and firmographics, enabling granular control over the dynamic targeting of content at buyers within the sales funnel. Direct Mail Influences Purchase Decisions.

Intent Industry News: ABM Benchmarks, Data Strategy, B2B as B2C, and More

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This week, we’re looking at headlines related to intent data and data-driven marketing from the month of September. The roundup includes articles that cover ABM benchmarks, the push for stronger data strategies, treating B2B marketing more like B2C, challenges for the modern marketer in the B2B industry, and an obsession with intent data. Bringing B2C Fundamentals to the B2B Industry. Marketers often like to think that B2B and B2C are in completely different worlds.

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How to Leverage Behavioral Intent Data to Strengthen Your Marketing Efforts


Table of Contents An Overview of Behavioral Intent Data Leveraging Behavioral Data for Marketing Make Your Website’s Experience More Personalized for Anonymous Users Send Customized Emails to Leads. The Relationship Between Intent Data and Account-Based Marketing Conclusion.

5 Key Moves for B2B Intent Marketing

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Using data to fuel and optimize a legacy marketing strategy into an intent marketing strategy is a priority for many Marketing and Sales organizations in the B2B industry. The capturing and synthesizing of insights from buyer intent signals emitted on the web is possible because of key technology enablers such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, automated marketing platforms, and intent data providers. Five Ways to Succeed at Intent Marketing.

4 Lessons B2B Marketers Can Learn from B2C Marketers


The differences between B2B marketing and B2C marketing run deep. Today we’re putting our differences aside because we believe, there’s a lot B2B marketers can learn from their B2C counterparts. Online personalities and experts have a huge influence on the modern buyer’s purchase decisions—even in the B2B world. It’s a common practice among B2C marketers, but only 15% of B2B brands have an established influencer marketing program ( source ).

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Why Timing Is Everything in Digital Advertising

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Not just people who fall in your target demographics and buyer personas—but those who have exhibited purchase intent and have a higher chance of converting. How Intent Data Shapes Timing for Digital Ads. All too often, marketers lack the data necessary to target digital ads on the granular level necessary to reach a buyer right at the point of highest purchase intent. That’s where third-party intent data can come into play for digital advertisers.

4 Effects: The Psychology Behind Intent Marketing

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This is why intent data is so crucial – by placing ads at the right time in front of the right people, potential prospects can become familiar enough with your brand to prefer it over others. Ma’Ruf, Tabrani, & Madjid (2019) detailed how customers evaluate promotions, emphasizing how the customer rates the believability of the deal, their expectations from the sale, and their purchase intention. Attention Vs. Intention.

Reward-Based vs. Discount-Based Promotions: Which Drives Greater ROMI?


Aberdeen defines reward-based promotions as those that offer an incentive in the form of digital or physical gift cards, prepaid cards, merchandise, or checks to encourage action or purchase. Discount-based promotions reduce the purchase price, and the customer can use the discount at the point of purchase. The reason why marketers select one strategy over the other is to drive purchase intent, attracting conscious customer spend in favor of purchasing the product/service.


Interest, Intent, Spend: Intent Data Headline Roundup

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In this week’s roundup of intent data news and features, we’ll assess marketing budgets, touch on LinkedIn, take a trip to an unfamiliar industry, and consider how to format a B2B content marketing strategy. By 2020, 70% of respondents plan to use account-based marketing, which indicates that B2B marketing organizations are finding targeting programs informed by purchase intent data to be either invaluable or inevitable. Travel Industry’s Intent Data Itinerary is Lacking.

Anatomy of a Buyer Intent Signal

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The accuracy of buyer intent data depends upon an accurate interpretation of an intent signal. Intent signals are given off by a prospective buyer’s behavior during their web-based research. Below is a list of the vital parts of a valid intent signal — for this example, I’ve used the category of ‘Corporate Wellness Programs,’ which would be targeted towards HR and benefits staff in medium and large corporations.

Is Your Intent Solution Detecting Buyers or Bots?

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In the online buying journey, the concept is realized anew in the form of fraudulent bots and crawlers that consume content, ad placements, clicks and dollars from advertisers — skewing analytics and falsely inferring buyer intent when none truly exists. A “focused capture” approach — which detects intent signals only on a fixed, “in-context” set of publications — will generate far too few signals to allow for proper identification of fraudulent devices.

Approaching Intent Data: Why the Disillusionment?

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Intent data is nothing new, and neither are the advantages it’s utilization offers. B2C companies have continued to push the envelope of what intent data can offer and how it can revolutionize their marketing efforts. So why is it that so many B2B major players have ridden on the coattails of this success, rather than approaching intent data in a way that provides new details for each industry, company and even the individual user ?

Intent Data Industry News: Privacy, Paid Search, Data-Driven Creativity

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This week, we’re looking at headlines related to intent data and data-driven marketing from the month of August. Zero-party data is information that customers intentionally and proactively share with your brand, including purchase intentions personalization preferences. We talk a lot about the value of data visualization , especially when it comes to intent data.

Intent Data: A Common Language for Sales and Marketing Teams

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And intent data is the common language that can bring sales and marketing together. High-quality intent data can be that shared language for your ABM practice. Making Intent Data the Bridge Between Sales and Marketing. Purchase intent data gives you the perfect foundation to bring sales and marketing teams together. When you get access to the right third-party intent data, you can work with sales to create more complete profiles of target accounts.

3 Reasons Sales Reps Leave (And How Intent Data Helps Retention)

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In the following three cases, equipping sales reps with intent data can help improve your retention rates. Giving them access to third-party intent data can ensure they’re only reaching out to in-market prospects that are showing purchase intent signals, cutting out many of the inefficiencies that come with improper targeting. Or, worse, they waste time pursuing a lead that isn’t actually in-market or prepared to have a conversation that could lead to a purchase.

Intent Data Industry News: ABM Innovation, Politics, Acquisitions, and More

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This week, we’re looking at headlines related to intent data from the month of June. Especially in terms of intent data and data-driven marketing, it’s important to be able to gain actionable insights from all of the information available to you. announced the launch of its Contact Level Intent Data. One announcement, in particular, stands out in the intent data industry. Political Campaigns Using Intent Data. This ad placement was based entirely on intent data.

Solving 3 Brand Awareness Challenges with Intent Data

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Using intent data to overcome the following three key brand awareness challenges will make it easier to drive tangible results. This is where intent data can help. Investing in third-party intent data gives you insight into what content really matters to your target audience. From seeing what industry media sites prospects visit to gaining visibility into the competitor content they engage with, intent data offers a foundation for promoting content more effectively.

Bridging the Gap Between Lead Gen and ABM with Intent Data

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The average B2B purchase involves 16 unique contacts from both the IT and line-of-business sides of the account. As individual leads show more intent signals , you can get a better understanding of the role they play in the overall purchase decision of a target account. Working with third-party intent data can fill the gaps and help you collect the lead, contact, and account information necessary to close deals. How Intent Data Turns Leads into ABM Insights.

How to Use Buyer Intent Signals to Market Ed-Tech Services

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That means the online education sector works like any other B2B or B2C industry where the customer drives the sales. Therefore, today you have to market your ed-tech services like any other SaaS products using intent data. What Are Buyer’s Intent Signals?

Which Intent Data Use Case is Right for You?

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Using intent data to fuel your marketing activities seems like a no-lose situation. At least that’s the promise of quality intent data. It’s why about half of B2B companies are already investing in intent data to some extent. But intent data shouldn’t be used as a magic bullet for marketers. For intent data to live up to its potential within your organization, you need to find the more practical ways to put it to use.

Intent Data: Your Key to Becoming Known, Liked, and Trusted

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And with intent data infused into your funnel, you’ll have a foundation of knowledge that will help you become known, liked, and trusted and boost sales. This is why intent data is so important to becoming known. Intent data gives you the information necessary to go beyond high-level, theoretical buyer personas. Instead, you’ll have insights into the specific organizations, teams, and contacts that are looking to purchase solutions like yours.

How Intent Data Makes Storytelling More than a Buzzword

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3 Ways Intent Data Fuels Storytelling Success. “In Gaining access to the right intent data can give you insights that will help your stories and content have greater effects on sales performance. There are many ways that third-party intent data can improve your marketing efforts, but the following three squeeze more ROI out of your storytelling: Unifying Messaging for Sales and Marketing: Consistency is key to storytelling success.

5 Ways Intent Data Improves Content Marketing

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There are several ways that B2B purchase intent data can improve your content marketing efforts. However, to have the desired impact, the intent data you are using must give you two things: Visibility into traffic to as many web pages as possible. Which brings us to our first lesson: Lesson 1: Start with the right intent data. Once you have your intent data sorted, you need to connect it to another critical data set: Your site data.

Want More from Event Marketing? You Need Intent Data

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With third-party intent data , you can gain insights into your ideal audience that improves marketing effectiveness before, during, and after the event. How Intent Data Impacts Event Marketing. Intent data is most often associated with account-based marketing. But the insights you can get from intent data also apply to event marketing. Let field marketers take advantage of intent data to have more personalized conversations with attendees.

3 Ways Intent Data Helps Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

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These stats are sending marketers in every industry on a mission to improve customer service, implement more innovative loyalty programs, and maintain stronger relationships with accounts following a purchase. While it may seem easier said than done, intent data gives you 3 key advantages that will lower acquisition costs and improve marketing performance. Intent data helps you go from addressing a broad total addressable market to understanding total active demand.

Buyer Intent and Predictive Analytics – Unified Through Data Science

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When the concept of buyer intent was first introduced, the mathematics behind it were fairly basic. It took time to be able to leverage true Data Science to account for a multi-stage buying journey and the massive quantity of buying intent signals available in today’s advanced buyer intent models. Predictive Analytics, often misunderstood as an alternative to buyer intent, commonly had the exact opposite problem. Today’s buyer intent analytics have come a long way.

The Next Stage of Intent Data – Part 1

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Rather than segmenting based on gut feel, or even historical sales data, we recommend leveraging intent data and segmenting the market based on the observed behavior exhibited of potential customers. In the example that follows, I examine intent data related to a tool that first debuted in the mid-1980’s (1987 for Windows users) and has since become ubiquitous across every organization, regardless of industry, size, or geographic location: Microsoft Excel.

The Monthly Intel: How to Beat the Competition Using Intent Data


In the marketing world, that’s referred to as intent-based marketing. There are numerous techniques involved in the process, some more effective than others, and B2C marketers have developed and honed these techniques over the years. How to leverage intent data to tailor content.

Intent Targeted Ads Outperform Paid Search in B2B

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What are intent targeted ads? Intent targeted ads are programmatic display ads directed solely to device IDs from target accounts showing purchase intent for what you sell. Why do intent targeted ads outperform paid search in B2B? . With intent targeted ads you only pay to reach an individual at a target account who is actively researching what you sell. Check out Aberdeen’s comprehensive report Demystifying B2B Purchase Intent Data to learn more.

Intent Targeted Ads Outperform Paid Search in B2B

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What are intent targeted ads? Intent targeted ads are programmatic display ads directed solely to device IDs from target accounts showing purchase intent for what you sell. Why do intent targeted ads outperform paid search in B2B? . With intent targeted ads you only pay to reach an individual at a target account who is actively researching what you sell. Check out Aberdeen’s comprehensive report Demystifying B2B Purchase Intent Data to learn more.

The Content Marketing Engagement Challenge (and How Intent Data Helps)

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3 Ways Intent Data Solves the Content Engagement Challenge. Buyer intent data is your key to cutting through content shock because of three key benefits : Knowing What to Publish: Intent data gives you deeper insight than keyword research or even customer interviews. Using intent data allows you to recognize behavioral patterns of your most coveted prospects. Intent data gives you greater insight into which opportunities have the greatest chance of delivering results.

Intent Data: The Foundation for 4 Pillars of Sales Enablement Success

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Especially in B2B, so much of the purchase process is self-serve, leaving you with limited time to stand out from competitors and build relationships with prospects. When you already have a foundation of intent data for sales and marketing, you’ll be able to make these 4 pillars of sales enablement success stronger. With intent data at the core of your sales enablement strategy, you’ll have deeper insight into buyer behavior.

How Intent Data Reveals the Anatomy of an AI Buyer

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Among the many uses of web-based intent data is its ability to profile the buyer’s journey for B2B technology. Aberdeen’s intent data tracks buyer behavior and content consumption across millions of websites to connect web-based search activity to discernible buying intent signals. Check out Aberdeen’s comprehensive report Demystifying B2B Purchase Intent Data to learn more. The post How Intent Data Reveals the Anatomy of an AI Buyer appeared first on Aberdeen.

Intent Driven Sales Prospecting is Crucial in B2B Sales


This is where intent driven sales prospecting comes into the picture. How do intent driven prospecting tools help? Intent drive sales prospecting tools are third party tools that help in knowing: What is being searched?

How Does Intent Data Providers Can Help You Scale Demand Generation?

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Around 87% of intent buyers research data online before they make a purchase decision. The Promise Of Intent Data Providers. That imagination is exactly what data intent data providers can help you do. What Is Intent Data. What Is The Intent Behind Intent Data?

Understanding intent in the era of work-at-home B2B purchase research


Employees who once did all their purchase research from a business campus now work remotely, and B2B marketers need to identify and activate these new sources of purchase intent signals – no matter where they originate. B2B purchase research comes home, for good.

3 Steps to go from Total Addressable Market to ABM with Intent Data

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Just because a company has purchased from one of your competitors in the past doesn’t mean they’re a fit for your ABM strategy. Use Intent Data to See Total Active Demand. The most important step of this process is when you use intent data to narrow the focus of your total addressable market. What if they just purchased from your competitor a month ago and have no interest in going through the buying process again?

How Marketing and Sales Teams Can Grow Faster with Intent Data in 2020

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Intent data is an important predictive tool for marketers. Intent data can either be internal, meaning that you can obtain it from your company’s website or CRM. Purchases on personal website. But first, let’s look at what makes intent data possible: The “How” of Intent Data.