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The 29 Best Web Analytics Tools


Yet as pointed out on Marketing Charts , “What’s interesting to see is that CMOs don’t seem to be pursuing what’s being touted as the solution to the ROI struggle: marketing analytics.” ” Analytics tools can ultimately help measure ROI. 1) Google Analytics.

Measuring Year-End Marketing KPIs – Where’s the Data?


Not all web analytic tools will provide historical data beyond 90 days. In today’s post we’ll look at common marketing KPIs and their data sources, and review some information about website analytics tools. Many social and website analytics platforms exist today. Conversion Rate.

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A Really Useful B2B Marketing Benchmark Report from Optify

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Also, my personal observation is that reported benchmarks for basic email metrics like open rates, click rates, and conversion rates are usually far higher than the norm. Some of the key findings that I found most useful include: * Web traffic is seasonal.

Balancing SEO and PPC to Maximize Search Results


Great SEO can get sites to the top of organic search rankings, provide valuable traffic from long-tail or high-traffic keywords and play a crucial role in driving growth to your company. With pretty minimal effort and investment, competitors can start driving traffic from the same keywords you spent months attempting to rank for. Fast advancements in rankings and increases in traffic are hard to come by. Drive additional traffic and eyes to your page.

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Seven Expert Search Engine Marketing Guides


SEM, paid search, PPC) is a powerful complement to SEO and an effective tactic on its own. How can test to increase conversion rates while reducing the cost per conversion? How to quadruple a conversion rate by Google Website Optimizer Blog.

How to Perform an Onsite Audit for SEO, Part 3: Take Action

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Expert Tip : Consider adding annotations in Google Analytics as you make improvements and changes to your site. The fruits of your labor may take weeks or even months to test out and become evident in the form of rankings and traffic. Examine your analytics for internal links.

Measuring Year-End Marketing KPIs – Where’s the Data?


Not all web analytic tools will provide historical data beyond 90 days. In today’s post we’ll look at common marketing KPIs and their data sources, and review some information about website analytics tools. Many social and website analytics platforms exist today. Analytics for Facebook has been around for quite a few years so it should come as no surprise that it’s got a lot of bells and whistles under the hood. Conversion Rate. Website Analytics.


3 Reasons Why SEO & PPC Are More Powerful Together


Both digital strategies require research, analytics and weekly, if not daily, management. PPC still gives you the top two or three listings of page and having more visibility and page domination will ensure more traffic, leads and business. Take advantage of the quick-turnaround results in PPC by testing additional keywords to understand which produce more clicks and conversions. PPC remarketing campaigns help drive conversions for ALL campaigns.

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How One SaaS Company Doubled their Lead Volume from Paid Search

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So it adopted an A/B test strategy with the campaign’s landing pages, testing new copy or design (never both) head-to-head against the existing pages in order to increase the number of conversions. B2B Marketing Demand Generation SEM search marketing paid search PPC search engine marketing

B2B PPC Optimization: Thought Leadership with Terry Whalen of CPC Search

Modern B2B Marketing

The next interview in the B2B Marketing thought leader interview series is with Terry Whalen, a partner at CPC Search , a full-service SEM agency that optimizes PPC campaigns on behalf of its clients. It’s relatively easy to measure revenue via Google AdWords using a ‘purchase’ conversion tag that passes through dynamic revenue variables to AdWords reporting. This is because — all other things being equal — there are few conversions in a given time period on which to optimize.

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What is the True Value of Social Engagement?


For example within Google Analytics we can segment our traffic to come from different social channels like Facebook. If you don’t have the tracking set up or you don’t have any transactions or leads, you can go back one step further and use your average Conversion rate through your other channels and figure out the number of transactions/leads you should have based on the number of clicks you are getting to the website.

The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


That means if you are only monitoring your brand’s social media accounts, you’re missing most of the social conversation about your company, products, and services. The analytics tools built into social networks provide a bit more detail, though only within their own platforms.

Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2010


WPO is about capitalizing on these trends, so learn how to integrate your social media, search, SEM, content marketing and other interactive marketing and PR efforts to optimize your web presence here in some of the best articles and blog posts on (shhh!

The 11 Best Social Media Campaign Builders and Ad Monitoring Tools


If you are getting good traffic but poor conversion you can test out different pages on your website to see which gets better conversion. I love the analytics and insights I can capture about my communities, client communities and their competitors.

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The 26 Best All-in-One SEO Tool Suites


Provides organic, maps & mobile search rankings; citations, reviews, and backlinks; competitor benchmarking; and integration with Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. 7) Authoritas (formerly Analytics SEO). 10: The 17 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM. #11:

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The 15 Best Audio and Video Editing Tools


According to networking giant Cisco , online video accounted for 63% of all Internet traffic in 2015, and is projected to consume 79% of all web traffic by 2020. 10: The 17 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM. #11: 23: The 29 Best Web Analytics Tools. #24:

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31 Expert Guides to Maximizing Online Brand Visibility – WPO


Yet despite the analytical and strategic power of the model, WPO still largely remains the concept that everyone talks about, but no one names. This approach isn’t SEM (paid search) though SEM is a key component of a wider WPO strategy.

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Eloqua, TopRank, Demandbase and More – OMS Minneapolis Wrapup


Here’s a recap of a few of the key sessions and conversations from the summit. But few companies have sufficiently sophisticated analytics in place today to do this properly. • Use knowledge gleaned from analytics to scale up what works and kill what doesn’t.

102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)


What is the source of the largest share of social traffic to websites? (It’s 79% of marketers measure website traffic from social media, and 68% track engagement metrics on social networks, but just 26% measure the relationship of social media activity to leads and sales.

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26 Awesome Search Engine Marketing Guides


Search engine marketing (SEM) accounts for roughly three out of every eight dollars spent on digital advertising , with Google alone commanding 31% of the market. So how can search engine marketers maximize their click-through rate (CTR) and conversions from paid search?

12 Essential LinkedIn Groups for B2B Marketers

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Members of this group engage in daily discussions about relevant digital marketing topics such as content marketing, social media marketing, site traffic, lead generation, email marketing, and more. SEO SEM Social Media (Digital Search & Internet Marketing) – 61,435 members.

3 Top Takeaways from SMX West 2015

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Because the site that is listed there, is going to get that traffic and #1 won’t mean anything in terms of traffic. For businesses, you need to understand how this will impact your website traffic. Conversions. Smarter Attribution with Google Analytics.


25 of the Best Web Presence Optimization Guides of 2012


Kaci Bower reports on MarketingSherpa research showing that “while three quarters of organizations think integration of SEO and social is essential,” less than half of marketers are integrating these tactics (much less content optimization, PR and SEM).

54 Content Marketing Stats to Guide Your 2018 Strategy


If your popular content starts slipping down the ranks, a simple update could increase organic traffic 402% month-over-month, as detailed in step #3 of this tutorial. . TV ads aren’t as relevant to each viewer, so the conversion rate is much lower, especially for niche products. . .

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Top Five Content Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

KEO Marketing

You want to be part of the conversation and a reliable solution to a problem, not simply focused on selling your product. Remember, it is not enough to just say you want more website visitors or a better conversion rate. Get Friendly With Analytics.

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10 Essential B2B Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Professional Services Firm

Hinge Marketing

LinkedIn, retargeting, and other industry-focused advertising tend to work best, because they allow you to most directly target appropriate industry audiences, which leads to more conversions, higher click-through rates, and lower cost per download.

Digital Marketing: The 7 Essential Channels

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The tools in the digital marketing toolbox include websites; search engine marketing (SEM) – which is an umbrella term that includes search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search – as well as online display advertising; social media marketing; mobile marketing; and email marketing.

The 15 Best Content Distribution and Amplification Tools


A premium account provides analytics and wider exposure. Reach an engaged audience through Outbrain’s pay-per-click model and grow traffic to your articles, blog, and mobile-optimized or video content. 10: The 17 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM. #11:

106 More Amazing Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 and 2015


Which network drives half of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs? 31% included conversion rate optimization. 60% of all social media traffic to business to business websites come from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 5 SEO and SEM Statistics.

6 SEO Tools to Analyze Your Site Like Google Does


For example, this tool not only gives you an overall link grade, but even tells you which links are sending traffic your way -- because inbound links are important for both SEO and lead generation ! It looks at landing pages, conversion forms, email marketing, and social media.

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For AdWords In ABM, Add the Right AI


An offering like Google Attribution might hold value for B2B, since long sales cycles mean multiple touchpoints are involved, so a marketer will want analytics tools to diagnose what works and what doesn’t. That’s a 4% conversion rate ; for B2B, that’s pretty steep.


THE HACKIES: Hacking a technology stack for local presence management


3) Attributing Online Traffic to Store Visits. In order to convert online traffic to in-store visit, brands must have technology that speaks to the strategy. Conversational Commerce.

How to Create PPC Ads People Will Actually Click


The most effective way to qualify your traffic looking to make a transaction is by including price explicitly in your ad. Chris Darabi is a Senior SEM Analyst for National Positions, an internet marketing company that specializes in PPC advertising.

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Why Host a Blog on Your Corporate Website?

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If you were to read the case study, you would see that in one year’s time, the site’s traffic increased by 1,700 percent (4,000 visitors from organic search per month to - one year later - 63,000 visitors from organic search per month).

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SEO Optimization - 3 Steps to Success


For each of those pages, put the keywords in the TITLE, URL, H1/H2 and in the content itself (example: a page optimized for “ SaaS Analytics “); in the URL, use dashes (&# -&# ) to separate words; if your website doesn’t use <h1> and <h2> tags (do a ‘view source’ to find out), ask you web developer to add them. Then check your web analytics tool to see which keywords bring most traffic. If you monitor conversions (e.g.

12 SEO Experts Weigh In on SEO 2014 Predictions

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She has expertise in SEO, SEM, pay-per-click management, content marketing, and relationship building for links, and strongly believes in data-driven decision making and in scalable, long-term SEO decisions within a larger inbound marketing program.

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Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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Blog HubSpot TV Contributors Marketing Kit Internet Marketing Blog The HubSpot Inbound Internet Marketing blog covers all of inbound marketing - SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Landing Pages, Lead Generation and Analytics.

B2B Search Marketing: 5 Must-Read Tips - Online Marketing Blog

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Because sales conversions for B2B organizations are based more on building relationships, content must position that organization as an industry thought leader and a trusted resource. This tactic contributed to a nearly 50% increase in organic traffic to the blog.

Best of 2009 (So Far): AdWords Tips and Tactics, Part 2


by Search Engine Land Craig Danuloff clearly explains why the AdWords quality score is important, how it affects cost per click for SEM campaigns, and the factors that go into Google's calculation of quality score.


Content SEO

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The mistake many marketers make is to publish optimized content digitally, just to provide another entry point without being accountable for converting that traffic. But you already know that :) Lisa | SEO Brisbane It is also useful to take note of the flow of traffic.