What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization): the complete guide to reach the top results on Google


After all, who wouldn’t want to show up within the top organic search results on Google? Through optimizations on your own pages and connecting to other sites, you can improve your users’ search and navigation experience. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a set of optimization strategies for sites, blogs, and pages on the web, which aim to improve your position in organic search engine results. What are search engines?

Best Cool SEO Tools of 2011


Evaluate the impact of social media activities on search results? Create XML sitemaps for multiple search engines? 2 Free Tools to Find and Analyze SERP Dominators (for Competitor Research) by Search Engine Journal. The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Chrome SEO Extensions by Search Engine Journal. SEO is a blend of art and science. The “art” side relies on knowledge, intuition and creativity.

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SEO beyond Search Engine Optimization: Convergence with Content Strategy & Towards a Holistic Strengthening of Digital Capability


The best practices in Search Engine Optimization have evolved over the years to coalesce the ever-evolving research methodologies of the B2B prospects. By 2017, the concepts of voice searches & employing virtual digital assistants had attained a critical volume & simultaneously mobile searches surpassed the desktop searches for good. Visit & Visitor Conversion Rate ; are vital factors in deciding the rankings of a website on SERPs . Prelude.

20 (More of the) Best SEO Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011


B2B websites often receive anywhere from 30%-60% from organic search, with 50% or more sometimes coming from Google alone. Discover how to use Google Analytics data, technical tweaks, website audits, keyword research, fresh content, social media activities and more for SEO success here in 20 more of the best SEO guides of 2011, a follow-up to 40 of the Best SEO Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011 (So Far) published last November. 8 Durable SEO Elements by Search Engine Watch.

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Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1

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Or that a third (or more, depending on which study you believe) of all clicks go to the top result on a search engine query? Get the details behind these stats and many, many more here in more than 40 of the best articles and blog posts about social media, search, budgeting and digital marketing research, facts and statistics of 2011 so far. Social Media Stats, Facts and Research Does Facebook Need To Build A Search Engine?

Google Authorship is Changing the Game for SEO and Digital Marketing


In the summer of 2011, Google announced the Google Authorship program and it has shaken the SEO and digital marketing worlds for a number of reasons. At first, it looked like a great way for bloggers and sites to promote their content and hopefully get noticed in the otherwise bland search engine results pages. As of now, Authorship won’t make you jump up the rankings – but it will make your posts more noticeable in the SERPs. Image via CrunchBase.

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Inbound Marketing Bounce Pass: B2B Inbound Links

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Search engines place emphasis on the authority of a web page to determine search rankings. When links are merit-based and placed freely as an editorial selection, they're one of the positive signs to search engines about your site's importance.

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Links Shared on Facebook Lead to Higher Search Rankings


Yesterday, the folks at SEOMoz released a study that shows a correlation between the amount of action your website gets on Facebook (shares), Twitter (tweets), and Google Buzz (shares) and how websites in the top 30 search results rank on Google’s SERP (search engine results page).

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SEO FYI: Optimizing Images for Search

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What about the often forgotten Alt Tag --the search engine version of an embedded caption-- which may default to the weak file name or even be left blank? These habits can leave your images in no-man’s land on search engine results pages. You may have been improperly labeling and tagging your images for years missing out on precious opportunities for search engine referral traffic and getting found on Page One of Google Images - a great SEO reserve.

40 Essential SEO Terms Marketers Should Know [Glossary]


This is a list of the 40 most essential search engine optimization (SEO) terms to help marketers communicate with developers and understand how to optimize their websites. This ensures that people who have linked to or bookmarked the old address will automatically get to the new one, and search engines can update their index. Unlike humans, search engines read only the ALT text of images, not the images themselves.

Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2011

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They use terms like “search and social,” “inbound marketing,” “social media optimization,” “online reputation management,” “internet marketing” and others, with general agreement that the art and science of getting found on the web today require much more than just SEO–but no agreement on what to call it. If published, they’re potentially valuable for long-tail (low volume, highly qualified) search traffic.

Everything You Need to Know to Dominate Local Search


You do everything in your power to get your website in the top search engine ranking positions! From on-page optimization to inbound link building to social media involvement, here is the ultimate guide for how to optimize your website for local search so you can dominate the SERPs. Why Optimize for Local Search? Approximately 3 billion search queries contain local terms every month. 20% of Google searches are for local information.


Google Changes Algorithm to Punish Content Farms


At HubSpot , we are huge advocates of creating content as a way to educate customer, increase reach engine traffic, and improve lead generation. It is critical that businesses create content that is interesting, insightful and, most importantly, original.

4 Critical Ways Google+ Is Changing Search


As social sharing gained greater importance in Google's search algorithm updates throughout 2011 , it makes perfect sense that Google would venture into the social space by creating Google+ and the +1 button to get in on the action. Since then, Google has slowly rolled out updates to how Google+ and +1 impacts search results, and these little changes are starting to add up. Google+ Content Appearing as Site Links in Search Queries.

3 Meta Description Mistakes You Might Be Making


If you’ve ever been to one of my Website Optimization Webinars you’ll be pretty familiar with the advice we give companies on how to get their website to rank better on the search engine results pages.

Everything Marketers Need to Know About Google's Panda Updates


Others were punished severely in the SERPs for grey and black hat tactics. January-February 2011: Google Punishes JC Penney and Overstock.com for Shady Link Practices. In the beginning of the year, JC Penney and Overstock saw dramatic falls from page one of the SERPs when Google punished them for getting links to product pages from irrelevant sites. February, 2011: Panda Cracks Down on Content Farms. This update affected a whopping 12% of searches.


6 Steps to Creating a Successful SEO Strategy


These days, most businesses understand the basic concepts of SEO (search engine optimization) and why it's important. Using search volume and competition as your measure, narrow down your list to 10-15 keywords you would like to rank for. This will make sure you stay in keyword research mode and keep your keyword list evolving with industry and search trends. After all, every blog post is a new web page that gives you another chance to rank in search engines.

The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet


Research suggests that links shared on Facebook have a high impact on SERP (search engine results page) rankings.]. Search for Old Status Updates: Need to access an old Facebook post? The website Social Searching enables you to connect with Facebook and search through your (or your friends') old status updates so you can easily find what you're looking for.

The Ultimate Guide for Mastering Long Tail Search


When marketers and SEOs decide to target a highly competitive keyword, it could take months or even years to see meaningful movement in the SERPs. But the search landscape is shifting, and more searchers are typing in long tail search terms to find what they're looking for in search engines. Not surprisingly, marketers and SEOs are responding by shifting their attention to long tail search optimization. Long tail search helps you rank for difficult terms.

Confessions of a Content Marketer


Content marketers think great content will naturally rise to the top of search engines. There’s tons of great content out there, but if it hasn’t been optimized , search engines can’t find it and won’t return the page in the SERPs. Your writing may be incredibly clever to a human, but a crawler doesn’t know how it relates to a search query when you ignore SEO. If you build it, they will come.

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7 Silly Google+ Business Page Mistakes to Fix NOW


If you don't register for Direct Connect , you won't be eligible to get found in SERPs and added to searchers' Circles simply by querying +YourName, nor will your Google+ business page posts appear in search engine results. For an example, let's take a look at the first result returned when performing a search for Facebook on Google+. It also gives you preference in search results on Google and Google+ if you are approved for Direct Connect.

7 Sure-Fire Signs Your SEO Sucks


If you're handling your SEO in-house, you know how many factors affect your ability to bring your website pages to the top of search ranking positions. If you've outsourced your search engine optimization to an agency, you probably have an idea of how complicated it is (that's why you outsourced it, right?), A loss or gain of a couple positions is pretty natural in the SERPs (in fact, you may even have different rankings depending on which device you use!),

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7 SEO Twitter Tips to Rank Better in Search


Even though Google recently ended it’s Realtime Search deal with Twitter , which means Twitter’s fire hose is no longer catalogued and used in real-time search results, there’s still a good deal of SEO benefit to be gleaned from Twitter. Basically, Twitter is a natural complement to your site and a way to gain some additional spots on organic search engine results pages (SERPs), helping your website and its content get found.

11 Ways to Totally Screw Up Your Inbound Marketing


While your publishing volume should certainly remain competitive for your industry, keep the quality of your content up too, or you'll be penalized in the SERPs and your analytics. Neglecting basic search engine optimization. There are a lot of rules to follow to create a (near) flawless inbound marketing strategy. But no matter how many things you're doing right, those efforts can be quickly cancelled out by forgetting about the fundamentals.

5 ½ FAQs for More Effective Ecommerce Pay-Per-Click Spending


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an excellent way for ecommerce companies to stimulate their competitiveness for traffic from specific keywords moving through search engines. Highly placed organic results typically receive the highest amount of traffic of any position on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) – by far. SERP Placement: Is traffic from the top slot the most valuable?

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5 Ways Inbound Marketing Drives B2B Ecommerce


The more your audience finds your content in their Google searches, the more they will look to you for industry-related information in the future. Housed on your website—and indexed by search engine crawlers—your B2B ecommerce site will quickly become the destination of choice for information on your industry. Attracts search engine crawlers with content-focused ecommerce strategies. Search engine crawlers LOVE new content.

3 Strategies for Getting Found in a Mobile World


By 2012, 20% of all search engine queries will be via a mobile device (source). Optimize for Mobile Search Marketing. While the difference can be minimal between a Google search on a desktop and a Google search on a mobile device there is a key difference that you need to get to grips with, and that’s mobile search engine transcoding.

Become an Expert on Google Shopping, Chapter 1: Google Shopping, Then and Now


Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are a hugely important part of the search engine advertising ecosystem – for Google Shopping in specific. Now that right-rail ads are a thing of the past, PLAs are arguably the biggest winner in paid search, with top placement on search engine results pages (SERP) and massive clickthrough rate (CTR). Of course, PLAs are the image-plus-text ads that appear in both Google Search and Google Shopping.

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SMX East 2017 Day 2 – Paid search trends, Amazon and Automation


Day 2 of #SMX East offers new insights on paid search trends, what Amazon is doing in search engine marketing, and SEM automation. Day 2 Keynote: “Search Marketers Are The Trailblazers In The Emerging Martech Era “ by Scott Brinker. Day 2 Keynote – Search Marketers Are The Trailblazers In The Emerging Martech Era. Search marketers will, according to Brinker, “inherit the earth, or at least martech. ”.

9 SEO-Friendly Content Writing Tips to Outrank Your Competition

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Search engine optimization has come a long way over the past 25 years. Long gone are the days of publishing high volumes of low-quality, wafer-thin content and expecting your search engine rankings to increase. Understand Search Engine Ranking Factors.

The Ultimate Timeline of Google Search Algorithm Updates [2019]


The search engine is imperative to the success of your web content, but no one truly knows how the Google algorithm works (except for the elusive Google search-quality team, of course). Google’s search engine is also ever-changing. Google didn’t become the #1 search engine in the world without prioritizing its user experience. billion Google searches are made every day ? Release date : February 23, 2011. Google is a fickle beast.


5 Lessons Content Marketers Can Take Away from the 2014 World Cup

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Qualification for the 2014 World Cup started in 2011, and after 820 matches, the process ended in November of 2013, when 32 countries were left standing. Relevance to content marketers: Much like the grueling qualification process the 203 teams made for a bid to this year’s World Cup, content marketers also need to earn their place among audiences, communities, and even search engines.

Evolving SEO Content Strategy: How to Achieve Higher Search Ranking in 2019

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No matter your industry, company size, the products or services you offer, or the audience you serve, there’s one thing I can assume with near absolute certainty: You want to appear on the first page of Google’s organic search results. billion searches taking place per day, Google is the unofficial gateway to the internet, and therefore, the main path for building brand awareness. In 2011, Google released its famous search results ranking algorithm update, Panda.

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MozCon 2019: The 2 SEO Trends Everyone Needs to Know


Local search is expanding. Over the last few years there has been a huge increase of Featured Snippets and People Also Ask (PAAs) entities showing up in search engine result pages (SERPs). . of SERPs which is an increase of 165% since 2016, according to Britney Muller of Moz. of SERPs contain a PAA entity. How does the rise of featured snippets and People Also Ask impact search in 2019? Zero-Click Searches: 48.96%.


What is Content Optimization? 5 Tips on Writing for SEO


When search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing professionals optimize content, it means they are updating/editing/fixing a web page to boost its organic search performance and bring more traffic to their website. Using search analytics tools, they can identify the posts that are performing well and the ones that need optimization. Google reports that 71 percent of B2B buyers begin their customer journey with an unbranded search.

The Best Way to Track Your Keyword Rankings in 2020

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Excelling at organic search is vital to driving the traffic of people looking for your services to your website. Appearing high in the SERPs generally demonstrates that a brand is well-established and authoritative and helps put you head and shoulders over the competition.

Everything You Need to Know to Dominate Local Search


You do everything in your power to get your website in the top search engine ranking positions! From on-page optimization to inbound link building to social media involvement, here is the ultimate guide for how to optimize your website for local search so you can dominate the search engine results pages (SERPs). What is local search marketing? Local search marketing is the process and tactics you use to reach your local audience online.