The 3 Key Ingredients of Video Storytelling


Now, 20 years later, I’m a visual storyteller who utilizes the power of video to help brands communicate and connect to customers, prospects, and key personnel. Regardless of how authoritative the person making a claim is — even if it is our mum — stories add a key element of authenticity to marketing videos. Back when television was essentially the sole broadcaster of video marketing, throwing your logo on any ol’ commercial that featured a celebrity worked wonderfully.

Brand Storytelling: Capturing & Keeping Your Desired Audience

And back before there was radio and television. And if you want your marketing to cut through the noise, it’s important that you embrace and perfect the art of brand storytelling. The Power of Storytelling. What is Brand Storytelling?


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ABC: How Storytelling Can Impact Lives


The entire staff of ABC13 was at the station for days – not at home with their families, not knowing the condition of their own homes, which in some cases were damaged or totally destroyed,” said Rachel Schwartz, manager of Digital Creative Content at Disney ABC Television Group. ABC as a television station has been a longtime ScribbleLive client,” Schwartz said. “We’ve Rachel Schwartz is the Manager of Digital Creative Content for the ABC Owned Television Stations.

Storytelling for ephemeral media

Digital Marketing World Forum

“It’s all about the storytelling – everything we do. Storytelling is at the centre.” It was the idea of storytelling that Nucco Brain was founded on almost six years ago – that brands could communicate better with people by finding their story and telling it well than with fancy taglines and flashy TVCs. And quality storytelling through ephemeral content is an opportunity for brands to connect more effectively.

How 3 Top Brands Are Using Long-form Storytelling in their Content Marketing Strategies


More specifically, it’s non-fiction long-form storytelling that’s really having a moment right now. Long-form storytelling isn’t new, and it’s also not new to marketing. The magazine puts a high emphasis on visual storytelling, using exclusive photography and illustrations to bring long-form content to life. The user experience is top-notch as well – with multimedia components, like video interviews and original images, that bring the stories to life.

Wondery’s Founder Explains How Audio Storytelling Could Be the New TV


Over the last decade, audio storytelling—one of our oldest mediums—has seen an unprecedented explosion in popularity. This summer, I sat down at the Cannes Lions Creativity Festival with Hernan Lopez, CEO and Founder of Wondery, an upstart podcast network backed by Fox with big visions for the future of storytelling. Because we are all about audio storytelling and the power of sound and the emotional power of sound, I wanted people to experience sound without any visual distraction.

Storytelling Lessons From Kevin Spacey And House Of Cards

Marketing Insider Group

3 Crucial Principles Of Storytelling You Can Learn From Kevin Spacey + House of Cards. It is no secret that storytelling has become the pinnacle practice of 2015. Looking ahead to Friday and a new “ House of Cards “ release on Netflix, I began to think about the parallels between content marketing and traditional media (in this case television). So what advice does Francis Underwood have to dish on storytelling? Don’t Rush Your Storytelling.

Scaling Your Video Storytelling Without Selling Your Soul


For most of us, video exploded across our personal lives 5 or more years ago. But now it’s our company’s turn with videos being created for our customers, partners, resellers, analysts, investors, our sales teams, other employees and of course every one of our executives. It’s just too easy to fall into the trap of converting presentations into animated videos or to simply have someone read a document in front of a camera. Is this video about us or about our audience?

B2B Video Marketing Done Right

KoMarketing Associates

Video content in particular is an increasingly compelling tactic for business marketers to deploy throughout the funnel, with numbers to support its use. Marketers are seeing positive results when they include video in the marketing mix. And on average, there’s a more than 40% uptick in traffic on websites featuring video, due to search. Start planning how to create video for your company now. How can a good B2B video be characterized?

Video 128

Hulu Advertising 101: A Guide to Running Streaming TV Ads

Single Grain

Hulu is an American video streaming platform owned by the Walt Disney Company. Hulu offers viewers the choice to watch videos with or without advertising. In fact, the only thing other than video streaming, they aren't willing to give up is their hair.”

5 Content Campaigns That Changed the Way I Saw Marketing


Enter webisodes, a novel video format with action, animation, and volume. Taking cues from television instead of advertising, the series starred five teenagers at a fictional suburban high school. Storytelling advertising Cannes Podcasts sales series video

Going Viral Is Not a Video Strategy

Contently - Strategy

You’re confident this great video will get people talking. You wait a few days to check the data and… your video got a whopping 12 views. Unfortunately, hoping to go viral is not a video strategy. The online video space is a deeply crowded market. Every minute, 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Marketers are taking notice of the boom, and they’re expected to spend $83 billion on online video this year just in the U.S.

Viral 78

Advertising Anecdotes: Storytelling in Content Marketing


Forbes states: “The increased spending on gaining higher click-through rates both in search and video advertising on social media has grown to new heights, but has reached a considerable level of saturation in terms of content quality. The challenge of coming up with relevant but shareable and interesting content among a pool of video ads is now a challenge.”. One of the most memorable parts of the campaign is the Real Beauty Sketches video released in 2013.

Learning from Our Past Mistakes: A 2015 Guide to Video Storytelling

Content Standard

” The year was 2011, and marketing teams, more familiar with ad buying than sustained storytelling , scrambled to set up their first digital publishing experience. Storytelling was a new concept to brand marketers (and video storytelling was not even on the radar). The Shift to Video Marketing. Enter video storytelling, and let’s dust off that 2011 approach. Marketing Video Marketing

Vidyard’s Personalized Holiday Video Wins Globally-Recognized Telly Award: Best B2B Video Campaign of the Year


Winning video campaign delights the audience with creative storytelling and hyper-personalization that brings each viewer into the story. Vidyard’s Award-Winning Personalized Video Campaign. Unwrapping a Telly Award Winning B2B Video Marketing Campaign: [link] .

10 Video Tactics That Marketers Should Borrow From Media Companies


On this discussion board, people curate and comment on videos that have have runtimes shorter than 14 seconds. There are uploads that last up to 30 seconds, but they’re referred to as video “poetry,” not video “haikus.” ” Videos shorter than 14 seconds can often feel irreverent, disturbing, or evocative, simply because they don’t offer any context. Why is this such a great video haiku?

The Winding Road of Social Video Strategy


The Precarious Pivot to Video. Like many things on the internet, the value of social video has taken a few sharp turns in recent years. At the end of 2016, the digital publishing climate seemed to be weathering an all-in video strategy storm. The shift was elevated when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the platform would embrace mostly video in the next five years, sparking layoffs at publishers — including Vox Media and BuzzFeed.

Video 48

Here's Why People Click Out of YouTube Videos [New Data]


With more than 2 billion active users -- or nearly one-third of the global internet audience -- YouTube has become a vital platform used within most video marketing strategies. Before you begin producing content, it's important to ask yourself, "Why do consumers click out of YouTube videos?".

Vidyard’s Personalized Holiday Video Wins Globally-Recognized Telly Award: Best B2B Video Campaign of the Year


Vidyard’s Award-Winning Personalized Video Campaign Vidyard’s marketing campaign goals were simple: surprise, delight, and share their appreciation for their customers and followers during the holiday season with a memorable video that recipients would actually want to share.

Why the "Pivot to Video" Is Misguided


When I read that the average American spends five-and-a-half hours per day watching video content, I scoffed -- because between video explainers on Facebook, Game of Thrones , and Netflix, that average is closer to my daily minimum time spent watching videos. After all, 2017 is “the year of video” -- so why shouldn’t people consume more videos, and why shouldn’t creators make more? I'm talking about the "pivot to video.". What is pivoting to video?

The Guide to Successful Silent Videos for Facebook Video Ads (+ Examples)


In recent years, Facebook has become a powerful platform for posting, sharing, and watching videos. In fact, nowadays, people watch more than 100 million hours of Facebook videos on a daily basis. To get attention, video is better but it'll have to work without audio.

What No Man’s Sky Teaches Us about Digital Storytelling

Content Standard

In the 1960s, Lost in Space captured the imaginations of families across the country through television and spin-off writing, long before the rise of digital storytelling. But what begins as a case study in digital storytelling and content strategy excellence can still quickly turn into a brand nightmare without proper forethought or preparation. Combining Ideals and Video. Cinematic video is akin to what you might think of as a movie teaser or a company brand piece.

Is Binge Watching the Next Video Marketing Metric?

Content Standard

Many people have stories about their relationships to television when they were growing up. Binge watching, streaming, offline show content—none of these really entered into the traditional TV formula in the decades that followed the television’s creation. Today, the field for television content has dramatically changed. Television is moving online, and in a space with more content, fewer interruptions, and greater variety, viewers seem happy about it.

9 YouTube trends for your content strategy in 2022

Sprout Social

In this article, we’ll seek to offer insights into nine current and emerging YouTube trends you need to know to fuel your video marketing strategy. Short-form video. If you yourself are not binging TikTok videos daily, you likely know a Gen Zer who is. Live videos.

Digital Storytelling In 162 Games: How Major League Baseball Keeps Its Story Fresh

Content Standard

Among that group is a brand executive overseeing digital storytelling strategies for an enterprise organization. Storytelling has emerged as a way to deepen fan interest, and this narrative focus goes well beyond the on-field activity of a team. From individual walk-up music to candid in-game Q&As played on video boards, players are leveraged by teams to connect the game with real-life people and to forge a deeper relationship with fans.

How to Build Video Into Your Content Marketing Strategy


Storytelling takes multiple shapes and forms. Here’s where to focus when building video into your content marketing strategy: 1. Video is expensive—that’s a fact. When the monthly razor subscription service launched in 2011, the founding team decided to produce a hilarious video, which ended up going viral. Ever since, the company has repurposed this content across multiple marketing channels, including television ads on ESPN.

Getting Gen Z: Inside HP’s Colorful & Creative Innovation Magazine


The omnichannel tactic is smart, considering Gen Z’s tendency to prioritize video and other visual content over more traditional forms of marketing. Some reports have even found that consumers trust magazines more than other sources of news, including television and radio.

Video is Killing the Written Content Star


According to Cisco , global consumer internet video traffic will be 80% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019. This number is substantially higher than the 64% of internet video traffic in 2014. In other words, the growth of video has been substantial and will continue to be substantial. As such, 2016 has been dubbed ‘The Year of Video’. After all, the power of video is notorious. Making the Case for Video. The Current State of Video.

When Will Content Marketing Count as Prestige Art?


For years, the tech company quietly made deals to seed images of iPhones and Macbooks in popular television, but Fox has been running a message at the end of TV episodes featuring Apple products that cites “promotional consideration sponsored by Apple.” You could argue that concepts like The Avengers or the Jedi, proliferated as they are across TV, social media, merchandising, comics, amusement parks, and video games, are just brands.

Black History Month Pt 1: Black Innovators Who Inspire Change


She began gaining massive attention after her 2012 YouTube Video, “Ask Amber.”. Her work includes works from motion pictures, television shows, documentaries, music videos, commercials, reality shows, and more. Creating Black History Month Storytelling

“Make Me a Viral Video!”—Tackling Video Content the Better Way

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Video content and other forms of multimedia are often proclaimed the “way forward” for content marketing—more engaging, more shareable, and more effective than large blocks of text. In fact, more video is uploaded to the Internet in a single month than network television has produced in three decades, and it has been predicted that as of this year, 74 percent of all Internet traffic would be video. Just make sure it’s good video.

Viral 50

What’s the Best Platform for Live Video Marketing in 2016?

Content Standard

Instead, the company is sinking a big investment into what it sees as the future: live video streamed via social media. With that comes incredible opportunities for video marketing through social networks, assuming efforts to expand live video production and consumption work as planned. Facebook has already made live video an integral part of its platform, and Twitter is followed closely by Instagram and Snapchat in terms of building a live video experience into its platform.

The Art of UX Storytelling: How to Create Your Brand’s Story

Single Grain

From ancient cave drawings to fairytales, novels, videos and podcasts, storytelling has always been the most powerful communication tool. When it comes to marketing, through narratives and immersion a storyteller can build stronger relationships with their target audience and trigger a desired emotional response. So it’s not that surprising that storytelling has become a fundamental part of any solid user experience strategy.

5 Video Takeaways From This Year’s Super Bowl Ads


I have the great opportunity to work as a digital video producer for a marketing software company, so I’m always watching these advertisements with a close attention to detail. The #1 objective is to make sure your commercial is remembered by the masses the following day, and the same goes for video marketing. Evoke emotion from your audience Storytelling exists as an opportunity to build an emotional understanding between two parties.

Video 51

How NASCAR Drives Better Storytelling With a Unified Team

Content Marketing Institute

The mission was daunting: to engage NASCAR’s fan base beyond the racetrack and win new fans among a generation that seems to watch any screen but television. Videos for the brand website and social channels. And eight people on the NASCAR Productions team help shoot and edit video content for Evan’s group. It republished the audio as a video using shots from its archives of the younger Dale.@NASCAR

Can Content Marketers Escape the Black Hole that Is Facebook Video Autoplay?

Content Standard

It was like some temporal anomaly pulling me through past, present, and future each time I opened up the news feed and was forced to watch or rewatch a Facebook video autoplay. In December 2013, Facebook started autoplaying videos that were uploaded directly to Facebook in the news feed. Coincidently, December 2013 was when my sense of time-shifting first started, only to be exacerbated during the great Facebook Video land grab of 2014. Facebook users like autoplay video.

How McDonald’s Used Social Video to Refresh its Brand


And then there’s video content, an immersive media format that more and more businesses are using across channels, splicing and dicing to mold to the behavior of a platform’s user base. According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index , consumer video traffic is projected to represent 79 percent of all online traffic by 2018. More, marketing tech company Unruly found that 42 percent of all video shares take place within the first 3 days of an asset being live online.

Six Seconds? Bah. YouTube Says Long Videos Sometimes Work Better


Miniature video has been in the news a lot lately, thanks to Twitter’s Vine app where you make six-second movies, and Instagram’s new 15-second video feature. Possibly there’s a shift taking place from thinking of YouTube as a place for snackable content to thinking of it as a place for more engaging content, and more storytelling.”. The problem was that those videos weren’t consistent with the edgy commentary and point of view that people associate with Vice.

Why Can’t YouTube Do Drama?


Given YouTube’s popularity, it’s surprising that the video platform doesn’t have its own Breaking Bad , Mad Men , or Game of Thrones— a singular story that creates shockwaves of influence across culture—especially considering YouTube’s recent push into scripted original series with YouTube Red. Because while YouTube is a great medium for many types of content, from personal vlogs and comedy shorts to music videos and found-footage horror, drama never quite landed.

Why Brands Need to Take the Plunge Into VR Today

Content Marketing Institute

video games), intended to replicate real life (e.g., He is the author of six books, including the bestselling Storytelling for Virtual Reality. John has worked with a wide range of media brands, including HBO, DC Comics, The History Channel, A24 Films, and The John Maxwell Leadership Foundation, and has served as a consultant and writer for numerous film, television, and virtual reality projects.