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How to use customer data to develop marketing insights


As long as you inform your customers what you’re doing with terms and conditions and a privacy policy, and have them click or sign their agreement before making a purchase or joining your mailing list, collecting customer data is very legal.

Why Customer Experience is the Hot New Thing in Marketing


Everywhere, companies compete based on product, technology, price. And even recently we’ve seen several new-ish terms that describe what a great customer experience aims to achieve. Companies aren’t embracing customer experience because it’s just a cute new marketing term.

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More New Systems Challenge the Marketing Automation Status Quo

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MindFire Studio grew out of MindFire’s original Look Who’s Clicking software, which is used by more than 1,100 printers and other graphics arts vendors to add personalized URLs to print promotions. The vendor says that between 3,000 and 5,000 clients use SimplyCast 360.

RedPoint Offers Broad, Deep B2C Marketing Automation

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On days when I have nothing else to be cranky about, I sometimes fuss at how business-to-business software vendors hijacked the term “marketing automation” despite its long and relatively honorable history describing systems for consumer marketing. Even some of the less prominent B2C products have been acquired recently: Conversen by Experian and Entiera by FICO , although neither of these are enterprise software vendors.

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Beanstalk Data Adds Service to the Marketing Automation Recipe

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Thinking in those terms, Beanstalk Data is a tasty morsel. But unlike most vendors, Beanstalk typically builds the scoring rules for its clients rather than leaving the clients on their own. I’d say most marketing automation vendors take this view.

31+ of the Coolest Social Media, Search and Web Tools of 2010


Economic conditions may have been tough in 2010, but there was no shortage of online innovation. Discover how to accomplish all of the tasks above and more using some of the coolest free and modestly priced social media and web tools released in the past year or so.

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The Economic-Focused Buyer Drives Need for New B2B Sales and Marketing Strategies for 2012

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This condition, termed Frugalnomics, means that buyers are overloaded and forced to do-more-with-less, uncertain about their budgets, and required to financially justify new investments. At the same time, vendors are inundating buyers with irrelevant campaigns, with the average buyer receiving upwards of 15 sales calls per day and 200 marketing related emails from solution providers each week.

Marketing technology? Digital? It should be #HumanFirst


For her it’s one experience that should get her the best product, at the best price, at a time, location ,and channel — offline or online — of her choice. What could marketing technology vendors do to better help you?

Insights from Eloqua's IPO Registration Statement

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Eloqua doesn’t offer an explanation, but my guess is heavy competition forced them to reduce prices during this period. The company tightened its belt in response to economic conditions in 2009, in particular by reducing marketing and sales costs by nearly $4 million (more on that later).

Demand-Gen Report Interview on Need for New Sales Enablement Tools

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Before sales is even invited to the table, the typical buyer has already used the Internet and social media to research and prioritize opportunities, investigate potential solutions, reviewed relevant case studies, quantify potential benefits, investigate prices and analyze competitive offerings. Third, continued and significant negative financial conditions have caused buyers to be more economic focused.

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Marijuana Marketing: Can the Blossoming Cannabis Industry Overcome 'Stoner' Stereotypes?


Eliminate all those slang terms and phrases used to refer to marijuana and the practice of consuming marijuana. You know, terms like pot, weed, dope, grass, green, ganj, ganja, herb, reefer, cheebah, chronic, Mary Jane, bud, trees, skunk, doobage, sticky icky, and wacky tobaccy.

Mastering modern marketing technology leadership over 2 intense days


at a great price, I encourage to register before that deadline. You’ll also have the opportunity to mingle with over 100 marketing technology vendors and servivce providers — of course, over complimentary beer, wine, and other beverages. (I’m


Act-On Software Stresses Ease of Use

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At $500 per month with no annual contract, it’s priced to make it easy to get started with marketing automation. While some other system provide this, many marketing automation vendors rely on third-party products instead.

Five Reasons You May Not Be Spending Enough on Content Marketing

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Two economic downturns over the past decade have made buyers more spendthrift, and more skeptical of vendor claims. The consumer is now in charge: researching specifications, configuring and customizing solutions, getting peer reviews and advice, comparing prices, and “buying now”.

Building "Social Brand Value" in B2B

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Typically, buyers in the CPG industry try to put all vendors on the same “level playing field” so that they can select based on best price. An ingredient vendor to the CPG industry is not the low cost provider. • Privacy Policy • Terms and Conditions.

Net-Results Simplifies Demand Generation for Small Business

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They’re assigned to campaigns by defining entry conditions for campaign steps, which the system calls “actions”. These conditions are not themselves segments but can be copied from existing segment definitions or built with the standard segment-creation interface. Campaigns can have multiple actions, each with its own entry conditions. Each lead is assigned to the first "child" action whose entry conditions it meets. Pricing is also aimed at small businesses.

LeadLife Mixes Advanced and Simple Features

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You'll find most of the list in our report on Vendor Usability Scores on the Raab Guide site.) Sadly, some vendors didn't get the memo and have built products that straddle my categories. Still, it’s probably significant that “flexibility,” not simplicity, was the first term she used to describe the system. Her second term was “intuitive”, so she wasn’t saying the system is designed only for expert users. Pricing is based on primarily on email volume.

Marketo Aims to Simplify Demand Generation

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As I wrote last week , demand generation vendors have a hard time differentiating their systems from each other. Like every other demand generation vendor, Marketo has wrestled with how a branching, multi-step lead nurturing campaign can be made easy enough for non-specialist users. Each action can be associated with a set of conditions that determine whether or not it is executed. One step can include multiple actions, each with its own conditions.

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For Behavior Detection, Simple Triggers May Do the Trick

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Vendors like Certona and [X+1] tell me they can usually make valuable distinctions among visitors after as few as a half-dozen clicks. But this simple condition is not always met. But trigger events can also be as basic as an abandoned shopping cart or search for information on pricing. This involves setting up the triggers, reacting when they fire, and measuring the short- and long-term results.

Tailwinds for Marketing Automation Software - Insight from CRM Analyst Lauren Carlson

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With more information available, and growing skepticism in vendors, buyers have taken control of the purchasing cycle. They expect vendors to provide them the content they need throughout the sales cycle. Increasingly, the first two-thirds of that cycle is spent researching the market and vendors, without regular contact with a sales rep. Under adverse economic conditions, buyers are less inclined to purchase – plain and simple.

The ROI of RFID in the Supply Chain

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percent of revenue is lost each year due to out-of-stock conditions. Eliminating out-of-stock conditions via better RFID product tracking, inventory visibility and forecasting can have an immediate impact on top-line revenue by retaining lost sales and recapturing lost market share. For example, RFID allows vendors to produce customer invoices automatically as soon as items are shipped.