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10 Examples of Highly Impactful LinkedIn Profiles

KoMarketing Associates

While I detailed several key LinkedIn profile elements that help convey trust, the objective of this post is to provide even more examples through exemplary LinkedIn user profiles found online. Complete information across experience, education, and other key professional details.

11 Examples of Instagram Ads We Love


In this post, we’ve featured Instagram Ads that impressed us (and in some cases, made us click) with actionable suggestions for your next Instagram Ads campaign. 11 Examples of Instagram Ads We Love. Here’s an Instagram Ad featuring the famous New York Times crossword puzzle.

20 Amazing Examples Of Brand Content Marketing Hubs

B2B Marketing Insider

I have a running list of about 10 sites that I typically use as examples. The criteria I used was pretty simple: They had to be examples of a brand-owned content hub. Now I know there are more great examples out there. Hubspot. And what examples have I missed?

10 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)


If you're looking for some great examples, you've come to the right place. Then, we'll show you eight different types of Facebook Ads, each with real-life examples -- along with some insights into why that ad is so successful. The 3 Primary Formats for Facebook Ads (With Examples).

12 Great Examples That Prove the Power of Repurposing Content


So to inspire your repurposing efforts, I put together some benefits and examples below. 12 Examples of Strategic Content Repurposing. Jay Baer, founder of Convince and Convert, creates three-minute informational videos on a variety of topics -- from business to social media.

20 of the Best Website Homepage Design Examples


But before we dive into the examples, let's dissect some of the best practices of homepage design. Examples include "Free Trial," "Schedule a Demo," "Buy Now," or "Learn More.". Now, get ready to learn about excellent homepage design through the following 16 real-life examples.

15 Hidden Instagram Hacks & Features Everyone Should Know About


To help beginners and advanced Instagram users alike familiarize themselves with the platform, we've put together a list of 15 of the lesser-known tips and features Instagram has to offer. 15 Hidden Instagram Hacks & Features. Check out the example below.

6 Broader Business Questions to Inform Your SEO Strategy

KoMarketing Associates

Online marketers are talking a lot about buyer personas and attributing each piece of content to a respective persona (HubSpot walks you through how to do that here ). A previous client in the enterprise software space launched new product lines and features throughout the year.

29+ Actionable Content Writing Tips [+Examples]


Here are 29+ actionable content writing tips to help you, along with examples, statistics, and quotes. If you give them specific examples of what to do after reading your content, they’re less likely to go looking for more specific information on other sites. Source: Hubspot.

13 Essential Features for Taking Payments on Your Website


In particular, people still get nervous about giving their personal and credit card information to online retailers. 13 Essential Features for Taking Payments on Your Website. Every e commerce website needs an SSL certificate to protect customers' personal and credit card information.

17 Hidden YouTube Hacks, Tips & Features You'll Want to Know About


For example, did you know that YouTube automatically creates a written transcript for your videos -- and that polishing them can help you get your videos found more easily in search? 17 Hidden YouTube Features, Tips & Hacks You'll Want to Know About.

How to Use Snapchat: A Detailed Look Into HubSpot’s Snapchat Strategy


After reporting more than 100 million daily active users , and over 8 billion video views a day, we decided to give it a go: The official HubSpot Snapchat account launched in March 2016. Most brands utilize this feature, as it allows you to reach a larger audience.

6 assumptions push marketing gets wrong


Digital is a literal medium that only works if you build trust and loyalty with your audience by helping them get the information they need. For example, we are all taught that if we write really compelling copy, the audience won’t be able to help themselves.

Sales 68

How to Use Twitter Polls to Engage Your Audience: 13 Examples From Real Brands


We'll walk you through how to set up a poll below, and provide some inspiring examples to help you plan one of your own. Polls are just like any other tweet, just with the added polling feature. 13 Examples of Clever Twitter Polls From Real Brands. 11) HubSpot Academy.

20 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest Features You Didn't Know Existed (But Totally Should)


Social media networks are continuously adding cool little features here and there, and it can be tough to keep up -- especially if there''s no big announcement. Facebook recently added a feature that allows users to save links to articles, events, TV shows, music, and more to read later.

3 Cutting-Edge Examples of Website Personalization


After looking at data from more than 93,000 calls-to-action over a 12 month period, HubSpot found that CTAs targeted to the user had a 42% higher view-to-submission rate than calls-to-action that were the same for all visitors. Here''s one example of this strategy in action.

Facebook Announces New Social Search Feature Called 'Graph Search'


Users will be able to search for people they want to simply talk to and network with, by inputting a search like "People who like marketing and work at HubSpot." For instance, can you really find quality information about, say, your embarrassing medical problems on Facebook?

7 Excellent Examples of Email Personalization in Action


I like to tell stories through examples, so I dug up some companies that are leveraging email personalization abilities in ways that are really useful to the recipient. This example came to my attention via Litmus' blog , in which they highlight an inspiring example of email personalization.

Compounding Posts Generate 38% of Your Blog's Traffic: Here's What HubSpot's Look Like


To give you some more information on what these posts look like in real life and what kind of effects they can have, we decided to dive into our own blog data. Using this information, we can work toward increasing the number of compounding posts we have in our arsenal.

15 Examples of B2B Google+ Pages & Why They Stand Out From The Rest

KoMarketing Associates

Even though the execution of Google+ initiatives are still in their infancy for B2B marketers, there are good examples available. Here are 15 examples of B2B Google+ Pages we found and a brief outline of why they stand out ahead of the competition. Hubspot.

Useful Tips from Inbound Marketing Summit and Hubspot User Group

Customer Experience Matrix

I spent three days last week at the Inbound Marketing Summit and Hubspot User Group in Boston. These featured a flock of first-rate speakers who presented more useful information than I can jam into a single blog post. hubspot lead generation inbound marketing innovation social media marketingThat said, here are highlights from my notes.

How to Write a Press Release in 4 Easy Steps [+Examples]


Bonus: Examples of quotes that work can be found here. Boilerplate: a brief paragraph about your company – what it does, who its clients are, where it’s located, how to get more information, links to its website and social media profiles, phone numbers and physical address.

Press 34

Facebook content strategy is a time bomb for inbound marketing

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Inbound marketing is a term coined by Brian Halligan of HubSpot to describe a way to promote a company through blogs, podcasts , video, eBooks, newsletters, social media marketing , and other forms of content marketing which serve to attract customers.

Creating a Transactional Email Campaign? Check Out These 15 Excellent Examples


Some common examples include receipts, event confirmations, welcome emails, terms of service changes, account information -- the list goes on. We know you love a good inspirational roundup, so we dug through our inboxes to find some standout examples of transactional emails.

17 Examples of Creative Facebook Page Cover Photos


So even if you don't take the time to use new features like pinning, starring, and milestones , it's certainly worth taking some time to make your cover photo stunning, creative, functional, or all of the above. 17) HubSpot. Connect with HubSpot

Six Ways to Search-Optimize a Blog


Nearly every industry has its own specific directories and syndication sites as well; for example, B2B Marketing Zone for B2B vendor and influencer blogs, and Social Media Informer for social media-related blogs. Fee-based platforms like Compendium and HubSpot are also search-friendly. Among it’s other features, this plugin makes it easy to add meta title tags and automatically create search-friendly URLs for each post. • W3 Total Cache.

7 Examples of Brands That Pop on Pinterest


Since you already know how to use Pinterest for marketing , now you're probably craving some inspirational real-life examples of brands using it effectively. For these brands, Pinterest's knack for allowing an interesting, visual way of categorizing information is likely the draw.

Polish up your best content to drive content marketing value

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

For a little over a week, I have been thinking about writing this post, but haven’t gotten around to it, and just a few days ago HubSpot’s Pamela Vaughan posted a blog that is literally the same thing I was planning to write. Add a real life example?

Best 92

Google's Biggest Social Search Update Yet Features Google+ Content


Today, Google is launching three new features to its search update, dubbed "Search plus Your World." Here is a quick overview of the three new features. These results enable you to find information only pertaining to you. Connect with HubSpot

17 Examples of Twitter Brand Page Backgrounds to Inspire You


Take Twitter brand pages for example. Smart marketers are using this space to visually and creatively capture visitors' attention, emphasize their value proposition, promote offers and campaigns, and provide more information than the character limit in their bios allow. 17) HubSpot.

4 Excellent Examples of Creative Google+ Business Pages


But with this week's launch of Google+ business pages (including HubSpot's own Google+ page! ), we've seen some early adopters start experimenting with the possibilities and limitations of the new feature. Connect with HubSpot

34 (of the) Best Google+ Tips, Tactics and Guides of 2011


Kelli Shaver shows how to display your Google+ profile information on a WordPress site/blog, add the +1 button, and even use a Google+-inspired WordPress theme, with details about and illustrations of three examples. The Ultimate Google+ Cheat Sheet by HubSpot Blog. ** 5 STARS.

Google 146

Sometimes More Is Better – Hubspot Research Shows Impact Of Volume On Reach And Conversion

B2B Marketing Insider

But if you’re looking for more solid proof, we can look to the annual study by Hubspot on article volume and frequency. Based on blogging data of their 13,500+ customers , Hubspot found that companies who published more than 16 blog posts every month got almost 3.5x In their study, Hubspot found that 90% of their leads came from old blog posts. These blogs often include current data and stats, original quotes, and relevant examples.

The 14 Best Content Planning and Research Tools


Users can add checklists, labels, and due dates, and project information is kept in sync across devices. On top of providing easy-to-use editorial calendar management, CoSchedule also provides a feature to promote our content on our social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and G+).

5 Noteworthy Examples of Corporate Social Media Policies


The company does not want information shared that isn’t meant to be public. Blog posts can increase brand exposure, but employees must be careful with what they say and how they say it, not divulging new features, products, and confidential information is key.

10 B2B Marketing Lessons from Walt Disney World and Universal Studios


For example, when buying a car, you wouldn’t expect to pay extra for the engine—that’s assumed to be part of the package. For example, a single-day pass may be priced at $95, while a three-day pass costs $235 and a four-day pass goes for $265.

Price 76

New Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide Offers Valuable Advice

The Point

Hubspot and Act-On encompass many inbound features as well as outbound. We have many clients who use Marketo and Hubspot side-by-side, for example.

How to Create an Infographic in an Hour, the Sexiest CTAs on the Web, and More in HubSpot Content This Week


Last week , we tried a new type of weekly roundup featuring HubSpot content you may have missed. To help give you your daily dose of sales information and inspiration, we put together a series of 9 quick tips to send you via email.

FAQ 26

Tools that help generate blogging ideas


You can also reverse the experience to crowdsource information and ask a question yourself. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. Hubspot’s generator came up with these great ideas. Once again, I gave it another whirl to show you some more examples of what this tool really can do.

Tools 56

How To Build Landing Pages That Convert


In other words, they allow you to take control of the interaction and direct them to the information they’re looking for without having to search through your entire website. Visitors will scan the page for relevant information so keep your text clear and succinct.