Perspective on the B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey Report

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Last October, KoMarketing Associates announced the launch of research consultancy Software Advice’s B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey. Software Advice’s Managing Editor Ashley Verrill shared some of the charts and information highlighting results of the survey.

50 Facts about online consumer behavior not to ignore


eMarketer ). RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report ). Aspect Consumer Experience Survey ). 45% of companies offering web or mobile self-service reported an increase in site traffic and reduced phone inquiries. ( Global State of Multi-channel Customer Service Report ).

How to integrate offline campaigns with your digital marketing strategy


A recent survey of 200 retailers in the United States showed that online campaigns delivered better ROI than offline marketing initiatives for over 76% of the participants.

Year-end benchmark report: 2H 2018 benchmarks and best practices


That’s why it’s more important than ever to have this benchmark report data chock-full of digital marketing best practices to back your strategies. digital advertising snapshot, eMarketer estimates that more than four of every five digital display ad dollars in the U.S.

More Surveys Agree: Web and Non-Web Data Must Be Integrated

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a recent survey sponsored by enterprise marketing automation vendor Unica found that “integration with other marketing solutions” was the most commonly cited web analytics challenge (46%). another survey by another marketing automation vendor, Alterian , found the most-commonly cited top obstacle in online marketing (25% of respondents) was “integration of online with database marketing and offline channels”.

Survey 120

[Report] Nielsen to Track On-Demand Video Content

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Nielsen recently announced plans to begin reporting on Netflix’s and Amazon’s video-on-demand services in an effort to better track consumption trends in video content. The post [Report] Nielsen to Track On-Demand Video Content appeared first on The Content Standard by Skyword.

8 SEO Recommendations for Maximizing B2B Case Studies & Collateral

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A recent survey of US agency executives from RSW/US , as covered by eMarketer , revealed that client case studies and content marketing were the top two self-promotional tactics used to generate leads, as indicated by 62% of respondents.

Tools Marketers Need For Cross Channel Marketing Attribution

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The IAB’s recently released survey results confirmed what most marketers and advertisers are already thinking—2016 will (and has to be) the year for cross channel attribution. ” Read the full story on eMarketer.

Over Half of Global CMOs Are Making Data Driven Decisions

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It would appear global marketing leaders are getting that message, at least based on the findings below via eMarketer. In more research via eMarketer 40% of marketers saw an increase in revenue as a result of utilizing a data driven marketing approach from Q1 to Q2 2016.

3 Reasons Mobile Optimization Should Be in Your B2B Marketing Mix

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According to eMarketer , global smartphone use is increasing 25% just in 2014, which will surpass 50% total smartphone penetration around the world. By 2018, eMarketer projects that almost 37% of the entire world population will own a smartphone- that’s almost 3 billion people.

You May Be Surprised At The Biggest B2B Marketing Responsibility Of 2016

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In a recent survey conducted by ITSMA , business-to-business (B2B) marketers worldwide expect that understanding buyers will be their # 1 responsibility in two years (85%). As indicated in this ITSMA survey, B2B marketers will be increasingly looked to as the resident experts on the customer.

The Good News About CMOs and Data Driven Marketing

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I referenced that, despite the fact that is the year 2017, research from Bazaarvoice showed that nearly 70% say surveys are indeed their primary source for customer data. Yes surveys. Before I get to the aforementioned good news allow me to go back in time, be it ever so slightly.

How B2B Brands Can Drive More Leads This Year


In survey after survey, year after year, lead generation is a top priority for B2B brands. In fact, according to the 2017 State of Inbound report , lead generation is the biggest challenge for 63% of marketers. Image Source: The 2017 State of Inbound Report.

Lead 282

9 Recent Studies to Expand Your Content Marketing Horizons (Freelancers, Take Note)


In fact, in a recent survey of 800 marketing professionals, almost 70 percent of respondents said that influencer marketing is a top priority in 2019. eMarketer forecasts that digital ad spend will top traditional in 2019. The report also found that it costs 7.5

Omniture Study Suggests Marketers Doubt Value of Analytics Investment

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Not to beat a dead horse, but Wednesday’s eMarketer reported on yet another survey that touched on the question of why marketers don’t measure. But the snippets published in eMarketer are enough for now.

How to Get More Leads From Social Media


But in a recent survey of marketers from Ascend2 , content marketing actually surpassed social media in terms of difficulty. There was another interesting thing in that report. In this last survey, lead quality beat out quantity by 36%. And, sure enough, later in the same survey, Ascend2 reveals that the vast majority of marketers – 89% ‒ say their lead generation programs are becoming more effective, either “significantly” (41%) or “marginally” (48%).

Think Beyond Mobile-First and Consider Mobile Experiences Like These Brands

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Fast forward to the present, and mobile is the alpha dog of the pack: Two-thirds of marketing emails are opened on mobile devices ( eMarketer ). 60% of Google’s ad revenue comes from the mobile web ( eMarketer ).

Mobile 278

Use Content Marketing to Manage Industrial Sales Funnels

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According to the recent MarketingSherpa’s B2B Marketing Benchmark Survey (June 2011) of more than 1,700 B2B marketers: 52% of the companies reported, “Converting qualified leads into paying customers” (MoFU) as their biggest challenge.

Funnel 279

State of Digital Marketing – Priorities, Challenges, Trends and More

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Hiring people with the necessary digital skills was cited as the top challenge for 55% of survey respondents. Additionally, Emarketer estimated that the ad spending on social video in the US increased by 38.1% eMarketer ).

2018 Holiday Shopper Insights Infographic – Part 3


We have put together an infographic and report that gives predictions and highlights trends around consumer behavior for the 2018 holiday shopping season. This report will help advertisers and media buyers gain additional insights for their digital marketing strategies.

Marketing Research to Bookmark for Your Next Blog Post


Whether you write blog posts about social media behavior or report to your team about trends, Nielsen is a great place to start your research. Recent, original survey results provide excellent data to cite, and Gallup provides meaningful insights in addition to the raw survey data.

The new Myspace? Which social channels are here to stay

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Facebook is struggling to attract younger users, according to a study from eMarketer. In a 2014 survey of high schoolers’ use of social networks, 51% reported using Instagram every day, while 55% used YouTube and 61% Facebook daily – second only to texting.

Three Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Start Seeing Visual Search Opportunities


If we told you that more than half of people surveyed have not used visual search, but are somewhat interested or very interested in utilizing it, our guess would be you may have one of two potential responses. In fact, the eMarketer report finds that 61.7

33 Thought-Provoking B2B Social Media and Marketing Stats


As noted in the 2016 B2B Marketing Trends report , B2B marketing strategies and practices are in the midst of significant change, driven by new technologies and evolving buyer expectations for more “consumer-like” experiences. eMarketer ). The CMO Survey ).

Stats 216

103 Compelling Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)


Just 9% of B2B decision makers consider vendor content trustworthy vs. 67% who trust research from professional associations, 50% from industry organizations, 44% from analyst reports, and 40% from independent product reviews. ( eMarketer ). eMarketer ). eMarketer ).

The State of Marketing Technology, in 12 Charts


And marketing technology, according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, is receiving more venture capital investment than advertising technology. ” Hat tip to ChiefMartec for bringing it to my attention (it’s also in the eMarketer report I linked above).

7 Essentials for Content Marketing Success


According to eMarketer, this year, 84.5 Data from Dynamics 365 and web analytics along with customer surveys and interviews can help you develop personas for your customers. Measure and report.

Digital Advertising – Key Trends Heading into 2020

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eMarketer ). eMarketer ). Digital video ad spend continues to climb, according to IAB’s 2019 Video Advertising Spend Report. Marketers report digital budgets have increased 25% year over year. According to a Facebook user survey, the ads seem to be very successful.

The 5 Top Media for Cold Prospecting


Ruth Stevens is Founder of eMarketing Strategy , a consulting practice that assists companies in building their customer acquisition and retention strategies. However, trade show marketing is expensive, costing an average of $276 per contact, according to Exhibit Surveys, Inc.

9 Highly Reputable Resources for Compelling Marketing Stats


For insights straight from leading industry professionals, HubSpot’s annual State of Inbound report is pretty unparalleled. The 2014 report incorporated honest feedback from over 3,500 professionals on habits of the leading marketers, budgetary priorities, and trends for the future.

How Data is Driving Marketing and Other Data News

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In a survey from the Global Alliance of Data-Driven Marketing Associations (GDMA) and Winterberry Group, 92.3% Read the full story on eMarketer. If it's Friday it must be time for The Friday Five , our weekly curated content roundup of five articles.

5 Charts that Say Everything About the Tablet Market

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And the penetration rate for the iPad and tablets is expected to continue, though it will likely slow down a bit, according to data from eMarketer. Based on 451 Research’s survey data, people planning to buy a tablet are leaning heavily towards the iPad.

Stats 254

Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1


” Executives & Online Video [CHARTS] by eStrategy After Hours David Erickson shares eMarketer findings about the popularity of online video among business executives. What’s more, nearly one-third (30 percent) of those in the survey reported a ROI of at least 150 percent!”

The Ultimate Guide of Digital Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

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eMarketer). 82% of marketers report increased open rates with rich email personalization. Email marketing is the most common channel for personalization, however according to Ascend2’s survey, while personalized messages are highly effective, they also rank as the most difficult type of email to deploy. Nearly half (47%) of survey respondents stated that personalization is also the most difficult type of email to execute. 57% of consumers reported doing this.

An Understanding of Data-Driven Targeted Advertising Basics & Effectiveness


in 2018, according to eMarketer. Basic data is reported to the sites they visit, such as the browser and type of device they’re using, their IP address and their entry point to the internet, which—unless a virtual private network is enabled—provides an approximate geographical location.

Target 130

25% of Twitter Users Say Promoted Tweets Are Relevant [Data]


New data from market research firm Lab42 , as reported by eMarketer , shows that 24.8% Interestingly, only about 11% of those surveyed said following brands was a reason they joined the site, with about half saying they followed just 10 brands on Twitter.

Is Amazon Really Gaining on Google's Search Traffic? [New Data]


We dug a little deeper into the numbers, looking at a recent report and running our own surveys to see how people search for different types of information. In 2017, for instance, eMarketer found that 70.6%