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What Can a B2B Marketer Learn From a 150-Year-Old Museum?

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Sometime in 2011, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City decided that it could not rely on its 150-year history acquire new audiences—they needed to launch a massive digital initiative.

In Industrial Lead Generation, a Lead is a Lead, Right?

Industrial Marketing Today

Every discussion I’ve had with manufacturers and industrial companies starts with “we need more leads” or ends with “we need results.” I understand and accept the fact that the main goal of industrial marketing is to generate leads.

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2 Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Star Wars

KoMarketing Associates

It’s the start of a shiny new year, a time when most people commit themselves to certain priorities at work and in their personal lives. Even as we look ahead to the things we pledge to do better and more of in 2016, there’s value in glancing back over 2015.

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10 Awesome Small Business Content Marketing Examples

Marketing Insider Group

Pro tip: Before I start this week’s post I’d like to tell you about an awesome new content curation/social media tool that saves me tons of time called Quuu.

The Account-Based Marketing Playbook

Account-Based Marketing is a strategy, not a solution.

5 Simple Steps To Turn Readers Into Buyers – Content Marketing That Sells


Guest post by Tom Hunt. So you have set up a blog and social media profiles…. You are pumping out multiple articles per week and sharing them furiously…. And yes you see some small traffic spikes (though they quickly drop off when you stop posting right?).

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Why a Multichannel B2B Marketing Approach is Better Than a Single One

KoMarketing Associates

There are so many marketing strategies and channels available for B2B marketing companies today, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

4 Content Marketing Tips For Highly-Regulated Industries

Marketing Insider Group

Trying to execute a successful content marketing strategy within a highly-regulated industry can oftentimes feel like an uphill battle. Like a really steep uphill battle.

CEO Liz Pearce Explains the Growth and Development of LiquidPlanner


On Monday, Jan. 11, Liz Pearce, CEO of LiquidPlanner, joined Bizible for a fireside chat during the monthly Pipeline Marketing Playbooks meetup. Pearce began her marketing career with PlayStation, before moving to Google and then Amazon.

The fitness gear and tech that will make me strong and skinny in 2016


OK, I am not so naïve as to assume that all the fitness apps we have have strapped to our wrists, clipped to our shirts, and filling up our iPhones and Androids — but it’s not far from the truth.

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Win Sales Calls with Webinar Production

Speaker: Dawn Baron, President, Passion Profits Consulting, and Shelley Trout, Webinar Producer, Aggregage

As a B2B marketer in 2020, you are being asked to do a lot: brand building, create content, build position as thought leader, generate leads, create ongoing touchpoints with prospects, and ideally generate sales calls. And do all of this with limited resources and time in a crowded world that is fighting you for attention. That’s a big challenge, and we believe a key part of the answer to that challenge is the smart application of webinars for B2B audiences. If you have held back on doing webinars because of the level of effort, or if you want to up your webinar effectiveness, then you won’t want to miss this unique presentation with expert webinar producers Dawn Baron and Shelley Trout.

What Can a B2B Marketer Learn From a 150-Year-Old Museum?

Sales Engine

Sometime in 2011, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City decided that it could not rely on its 150-year history to acquire new audiences—they needed to launch a massive digital initiative.

How A Content Marketing Mission Statement Supports The Brand Story

Marketing Insider Group

I love teaching workshops on content marketing and brand storytelling because there’s such a great opportunity to connect the dots for people. One of my favorites is. The post How A Content Marketing Mission Statement Supports The Brand Story appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

Do Lead Conversion Rates Go Down On Fridays?


For marketers in companies that have sales teams, it makes sense that weekends aren’t a great time to be driving a ton of leads. They’re just not well suited for the marketing/sales process. Here’s why: Marketers create great content that people access by filling out a form.

How to write for social media


This video with Paul Gillin is about the basics of writing engaging social media messages. With so many posts, tweets and chatter filling social media, it’s almost impossible to get a message through. You need to be distinctive.

Key Trends in Marketing: Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a highly effective marketing strategy that highlights an organization’s talent, experience and passion while answering the most pressing questions faced by its target audience.

Changing Your Sales Mindset


In my view selling is 85% mindset and 15% technique. Unfortunately, most sales professionals focus primarily on learning sales techniques. Adopting a better sales mindset might be what’s required. With the typical sales mindset, techniques might be even be experienced by prospects as gimmicks.

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How To Convert Customers’ Passions Into Inspiring Content

Marketing Insider Group

December 1, 2015 Western Union banks on its customers’ passions to inspire remarkable content. Laston Charriez, the company’s senior vice president of marketing for the Americas, explains how it innovates. read more.

Why Account-Based Reporting Is Essential To Successful B2B Marketing


Large deal sizes require a different marketing approach. And a different marketing approach requires a new way to do reporting. If you're targeting large accounts -- i.e. whales -- then you need the best approach to hunting them.

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5 Ways Video will Transform Digital Marketing in 2016

Modern Marketing

2015 saw some incredible growth in the use of video content by marketers in both B2C and B2B markets. But more importantly, it also saw some staggering shifts in how marketers are using video and the kinds of results it’s helping them generate.

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5 B2B Marketing Trends that You Can't Ignore in 2020

Speaker: Pam Didner, Marketing Consultant, Author and Speaker

Pam Didner, B2B tech marketing consultant, speaker, and author of Effective Sales Enablement and Global Content Marketing, will present the essential marketing trends you need to know in 2020. She'll discuss digital challenges that marketers commonly face and share actionable solutions and templates you can apply to your job in real-time.

The big challenge for big brands today: authenticity


Before the internet, marketers had relatively free reign for making questionable competitive claims, creating a brand image of superiority, and hence demanding a premium price. But the internet has changed the ground rules.

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3 Marketing Regulations You Should Know

Marketing Insider Group

They say a “dog is man’s best friend.” ” For those of us in marketing, and specifically marketing in regulated industries, I disagree. Marketing’s best friends can be found in legal and compliance. We need to know them well so they will explain the U.S.

5 Questions B2B Companies Should Ask Their Paid Search Agency


Businesses should be smart about where they invest their marketing budget, of course. But it’s surprising how many businesses work with a B2B paid search agency without asking some very important questions.

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New Gartner Report: Build Your Digital Marketing Hub

Modern Marketing

Gartner has published its Magic Quadrant Report on Digital Marketing Hubs. While the marketing technology industry has many different market assessments, this research very much reflects the emergence of “marketing clouds” as a category of software.

Maximize Results Of Attending A Trade Show

Attending trade shows helps your business find new prospects and make connections. By downloading this white paper, you will learn how setting goals and adding pre-planning to every trade show and industry event you attend makes a considerable difference.

Mindful Marketing – A Strategic Approach


In thinking about focus and strategy, I’m reminded of an experience told by my dear friend Ed of something that happened to him in his youth. He grew up in New York City, where his grandfather owned a restaurant. Ed worked there to help out his grandpa and to make a little extra money.

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Making The Case For Content Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

As content marketers, we constantly preach the value of understanding the questions and objections that customers pose at each stage of the buying journey.

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How many licks in your content marketing?

The Content Factor

Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? If you were a kid in the 70s, you know the answer to that question is three. It only takes three licks, because the temptation to bite into the delicious Tootsie Roll center is too overwhelming!

37 Reasons to Attend the Modern Marketing Experience 2016

Modern Marketing

There is so much for modern marketers to do now that it is 2016, and one thing that should be high on the list is plan to attend the Modern Marketing Experience in Las Vegas from April 26-28, 2016. This will the place to be to soak up the latest and greatest that modern marketing has to offer.

Why and How to Dominate Google's Featured Snippets

Speaker: Kathleen Booth, VP of Marketing at Prevailion

Until recently, getting to position #1 on the search engine results pages (SERPs) was the holy grail of digital marketing. Now, Google has introduced featured snippets - effectively creating a “position zero.” Through real-world examples and case studies, learn why owning the featured snippet is so important, how to dominate position zero, and what impact it will have on your traffic and leads as the future of search continues to evolve.

4 Reasons Your Marketing Plan Saves You Money

B2B Marketing Traction

Have you been saying, “ We don’t need to invest in a marketing plan! We know what to do! ” If so, read this blog post in which I explain the reasons a marketing plan can actually save you money.

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3 Steps To Drive Higher Content Marketing Engagement

Marketing Insider Group

You only have 15 seconds to get an average reader’s attention, according to a study from Chartbeat. And even when people click through, most don’t read your entire article or page.

We Tried Launching A Full B2B Marketing Campaign From Start To Finish In 1 Day – Here’s What Happened


What would you do if you only had 24 hours to create a complex B2B marketing campaign that involved your entire team?