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The Art of Crafting a B2B Sales Funnel

Binary Demand

[ps2id id=’introduction’ target=”/]As architects meticulously follow blueprints to transform abstract ideas into tangible structures, B2B sellers from B2B demand generation companies navigate sales funnels to translate potential leads into fruitful deals. To truly elevate your customer journey and refine the overall buying experience, a deep understanding of the B2B sales funnel is paramount.

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The Marketing Book Podcast: “The Content Entrepreneur” by Joe Pulizzi & Friends

The Forward Observer

The Content Entrepreneur: Critical Strategies to Accelerate Your Success As a Content Creator by Joe Pulizzi and Friends About the Book From “The Godfather of Content Marketing” comes business-changing insights from 33 experts on how to build a content business. In this comprehensive guide for serious content creators, you’ll find critical strategies to accelerate your success as you move from content creator to content entrepreneur.

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Frontline Empowerment: A Customer Experience Revolution


Frontline workers shape customer experiences but often lack support. Centralized data and smooth transitions empower them to enhance satisfaction and loyalty. Continue reading.

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Stop! Or go directly to email jail


I live in Texas, where the highway speed limits are more like minimums than maximums. Our interstates could pass for the Indianapolis 500 (AKA the “Idiot 500” here in Dallas). I contribute to this fast-moving culture because if you obey the law, you’ll get run over. The other day, I was cruising down the highway at traffic speed (at least 20 MPH over the posted limit), and I got pulled over.

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WorkCast's Ultimate Webinar Handbook 2024

Elevate your webinar game with WorkCast's Ultimate Webinar Handbook! Packed with insights from our seasoned webinar experts, this comprehensive guide is your go-to resource for mastering the art of B2B webinars. Learn the fundamentals, from defining webinars to exploring their benefits and diverse use cases. Discover the key elements of running a successful webinar, avoiding common mistakes, and making your sessions more engaging.

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Coca-Cola Focuses Lens on Innovative, Lower-Budget B2B Content Play

Content Marketing Institute

Coca-Cola didn’t design its new content platform for beverage consumers. It launched Coca-Cola Lens for the restaurants and retailers who sell the products. Find out why this new initiative deserves attention from all B2B marketers.

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10 Best Website Analytics Software to Leverage in 2024

Visitor Queue

98% of website visitors leave your website without a trace. Because of this, it’s crucial to ensure your website is performing to the best of its ability, ensuring that your visitors get what they’re looking for. This is where website analytics software come in to play. Website analytics software provides valuable insights into the user […] The post 10 Best Website Analytics Software to Leverage in 2024 appeared first on Visitor Queue Blog | Identify Website Traffic.

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Salesforce Einstein: A deeper dive into data, personalization and Copilots


Salesforce launched a collection of new, generative AI-related products at Connections in Chicago this week. They included new Einstein Copilots for marketers and merchants and Einstein Personalization. To better understand, not only the potential impact of the new products, but the evolving Salesforce architecture, we sat down with Bobby Jania, CMO Marketing Cloud.

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Make Every Subscriber a Winner: How to Use Email Scratch-Offs


On average, subscribers only spend 8.97 seconds with an email. In the fast-paced realm of digital marketing, standing out amidst the clutter of promotional emails is no small feat. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome the newest quick-start template on the Litmus Personalize block: Scratch-Offs ! With just a few clicks, you can bring a sense of excitement and exclusivity into subscribers’ inboxes.

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Customer Experience Strategies: (Good) Friction Is Great for CX


Friction isn't always bad for CX. Learn how good friction can create memorable experiences and improve customer satisfaction. Continue reading.

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The Top 3 Tips for Writing Successful White Papers

In the B2B marketing toolkit, white papers can be a powerful option for reaching decision-makers and experts, presenting them with interesting information that improves their perception of your organization's competence and thought leadership. That said, a poorly executed whitepaper will not only be unable to influence your desired audience but will also come with significant costs that other assets won't incur.

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Unlocking the Power of Walmart DSP with Choozle


In the competitive world of digital advertising, success hinges on the right blend of data, technology, and access. At Choozle, we’re thrilled to introduce access to Walmart DSP, made possible through our partnership with The Trade Desk. This integration lets you tap into Walmart’s extensive customer insights and leverage cutting-edge advertising tools to drive exceptional campaign performance.

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Why Marketers Should Care About Gemini in BigQuery


Master AI-driven analytics with Google’s BigQuery and Gemini enhancements. Continue reading.

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Inside Deloitte’s Olympics partnership with Annabel Rake, Global Olympic Marketing Leader

The Olympic Games is globally recognised as the pinnacle of sporting excellence and is consequently a massive marketing opportunity for Deloitte which is a strategic partner for the games in 2024. So how is Deloitte leveraging this opportunity to maximise marketing impact, whilst at the same time conforming to the IOC’s tight rules on commercialisation and buyers’ expectations of a more nuanced, less logo-centric approach to sports sponsorship?

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Forrester B2B Summit 2024: The Year of Revenue Process Transformation


After being in Austin this month for my ninth consecutive Forrester B2B Summit, I have to say that this is still my favorite B2B industry event. I always feel so energized by seeing customers, former colleagues and coworkers and having so many intelligent and thought-provoking conversations with industry peers. Whether you were able to make it to Austin in person this year or not, I wanted to share my observations and the takeaways that stood out to meon the key themes and takeaways that stood o

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21 Advanced ChatGPT Prompts To Take Your Social Media to the Next Level

Upgrade your social media game with our in-depth playbook: "21 advanced ChatGPT prompts for social media managers". These powerful prompts are tailored to supercharge your content creation, strategy development, and results analysis. Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to endless creativity as you effortlessly generate engaging posts, come up with original strategies, and optimize your social media performance - all in a fraction of the time.

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ClearVoice Content Roadmap: The Pain Points


Our Content Roadmap: The Pain Points A Content Roadmap from ClearVoice provides a clear pathway to creating content that speaks to the people you’re trying to reach. Why It’s Important Content creates a bridge between your business or product and your target audience. It fosters a connection with your potential buyers that can turn leads into customers.

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IP Tracking: The Best Tools To Use For Maximum Effect

Lead Forensics

Whether you’re just starting out with IP tracking, or you’re keen to discover a fresh tool, you need to understand the different types of website visitor trackers on the market, so you can make the best decision for your business. Choosing the right tool doesn’t just boost your results, it also produces a comfortable return on your investment. Types of IP address tracking tools There are many different ways to track IP addresses, all offering different data and varying outcomes.

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The Biggest Questions to Ask a B2B Lead Gen Company

Inbox Insight

When considering outsourcing your lead generation , selecting the appropriate partner is not just imperative—it’s critical for fueling your sales pipeline and enhancing your ROI. Without vetting potential vendors, there’s a tangible risk of allocating budget towards low-quality leads, affecting your sales funnel. This risk highlights the critical value of lead gen in not only sustaining but accelerating your business growth through the acquisition of high-quality, sales-ready leads.

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Secrets of Marketing Ops

Full Circle Insights

Learn all the secrets of Marketing Ops, the strategic teams that enables marketing efficiently execute their strategies (and so much more!

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The Resurgence of Direct Mail as a Growth Marketing Strategy

Speaker: Jeff Tarran, COO, Gunderson Direct & Margaret Pepe, Executive Director of Product Management, U.S. Postal Service

Learn the secrets to direct mail success for growth marketers! Industry veterans Jeff Tarran and Margaret Pepe are here to delve into how direct mail has completely evolved in recent years, and has rightfully earned a seat at the table alongside the email and digital marketing plans of SMBs, enterprise companies, and agencies as they look into strategy for 2024 and beyond.

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7 Ways to Use Webcasts For Better Marketing and Lead Generation


Are you looking for new ways to boost your marketing and attract more leads? Webcasts might be the solution you need. Think of a webcast as a live show where you share useful information with your audience in real-time. It’s like hosting a mini-conference but online. People from all over can join, learn, and interact without leaving their homes or offices.

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From Acquisition to Exit: Maximizing Brand Potential in Private Equity Investments


In the fast-paced world of private equity investments , the journey from acquisition to exit is akin to navigating a complex maze with countless opportunities and challenges. At the heart of this journey lies the potential for brands to not only survive but thrive under new ownership. As a leading marketing agency specializing in guiding businesses through this transformative process, we understand the critical role that effective branding plays in maximizing value and ensuring a successful exit

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How to Register a Company in Estonia and Hungary


Are you an entrepreneur seeking to expand your business horizons and establish a new branch in a promising market? Look no further than the captivating and business-friendly landscapes of Estonia and Hungary. These two Eastern European nations boast a thriving economy and a welcoming atmosphere for startups and worldwide enterprises alike. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the steps and intricacies of registering a company in Estonia and Hungary.

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Challenges of HubSpot Integrations Within Your Existing Tech Stack

SmartBug Media

Integrating HubSpot into your existing tech stack is essential in today’s fast-paced business environment, but doing so comes with challenges. When you have a variety of systems throwing out all kinds of data, how do you navigate a sea of irrelevant information to find valuable insights? Seamless integration streamlines processes, prevents data silos, and yields actionable insights.

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What Regulations Will Impact Sustainability Comms in 2024?

Navigating the waters of sustainability reporting disclosures and regulations can be intimidating, to say the least. With various measures set in motion in 2023 to keep companies accountable, there is a lot in store for brands’ impact communication in the upcoming year. 3BL is kicking off this January with our Navigating ESG Comms Through the Cosmos - Capricorn Edition by highlighting the impact of: The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Climate disclosure rules The European Commission

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Why Use Branded Content?


Branded content is a form of marketing that involves sharing content (articles, infographics, videos, social media posts and more) that tells a story about your brand. Unlike other forms of marketing or advertising, branded content does not directly promote your products or services. Instead, it creates connections with your audience by sharing what’s at the heart of your business.