Why You Should Invest In Inbound Marketing Before CRM Implementation


What should you focus on first, building an effective inbound marketing/lead generation process or implementing a CRM to manage your sales and customer acquisition process? The Purpose of CRM. 1) CRM Doesn’t Fix Bad Processes, But Inbound Can. Inbound CRM

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Can CRM and Marketing Automation Be 1 Tool?

Puzzle Marketer

I recently talked with Stewart Rogers ( @TheRealSJR ) and he shared with me a very cool and different approach to CRM and Marketing Automation. How is it different than the other dozen CRM solutions? Literally, anyone can use it without training.

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Got CRM? Why You Need Marketing Automation Too

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CRM changed sales… All this changed when we got an early version of a CRM system. CRM had made us more efficient. CRM and marketing automation are complementary. Even the sales process embodied within your CRM system is just strategy. The post Got CRM?

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Interview Abstract: Why Selling with Value Requires Modern Tools + Modern Training

The ROI Guy

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dario Prolio from leading sales training and performance management firm Richardson. On the surface, a training program looks very basic to these people, and they cop an attitude that the training is too basic.

Why CRM Fails to Manage Partner Relationships

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CRM applications are capable of various functions. “Channel partners want help with marketing, access to training and, when they first become partners, a coherent onboarding process. These are things that are difficult to manage through a CRM application.”

Training Management and Marketing Automation Work Hand-in-Hand Through Lead Liaison and Administrate Partnership

Lead Liaison

Lead Liaison, a world-class sales and marketing solution provider, and Administrate, a cloud-based training management provider, have joined together to build an even better solution for their customers. Administrate offers a complete training management system , delivered from the cloud, that helps companies manage learners, increase course bookings, and deliver better training.

7 Reasons Why a Social CRM Implementation Plan is Essential to Success in Sales

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Social CRM implementation plans are vital to the success of sales organizations for various reasons. Any business that ignores the importance of CRM is losing an opportunity to increase its bottom line. Sales and social CRM programs must be integrated for success to be achieved.

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CRM Series: 3 Ways CRM Integration Creates Alignment and Drives Sales

Modern B2B Marketing

But in an age of marketing automation and CRM, it’s downright negligent. Quite simply, if you haven’t integrated your marketing automation program with your CRM, you’re flying blind. Clean up your CRM data and optimize your lead scoring. Reinforce good behavior with training.

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The Fight for the CRM Admin: The “Floater”


“In which department should my CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) administrator reside?” As a past CRM administrator, analyst, and manager, I usually reported directly to sales departments. However, this doesn’t mean it’s the best place CRM admins should reside, nor is there a “universal” correct answer. While all departments – especially sales and marketing – can benefit from having immediate control over the design and process of the CRM, success is short-lived.

How to Drive Sales Effectiveness with Automation


Effectiveness demands a formal, dynamic, optimized sales process, quality training and coaching, the right technology, good leadership, and the right people in the right places at the right times. At its heart, a CRM is simply a database with a user interface and some tools attached.

Return on Sales Enablement: The Adoption Challenge

The ROI Guy

This weeks’ Dreamforce event, with some 135,000 attendees, brought home the enormous investment organizations make in their CRM solutions and sales reps. But also begs the question – is the large investment in CRM and sales enablement delivering an adequate payback?

Is Sales Training a Component of Sales Enablement?

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Sales Intelligence B2B b2b sales CRM crm 2.0 This post originally appeared on the Focus.com Group, where InsideView regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology for sales organizations. Companies of all sizes that focus on their sales teams have to put effort in building them into superstars. If the sales people are going to be unleashed into the world to follow [.]. Prospecting Sales 2.0 customer 2.0 Enterprise 2.0

The Key Marketing Automation Players On Your Team


every organization, regardless of how big or how small, there are team members that must be available and sufficiently trained to make the most of your marketing automation implementation. The CRM User.

Sales Revenue Growth for 2014? More of the Same Won’t Deliver Results

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To hit these targets you will have to do more, with most organizations investing in three key areas to try and drive results: More Sales Reps More Training More Traditional Content But is “more” really more, or will “more “result in the same, or worse, less?

How to Have a Successful Marketing Automation Implementation


If you know that you are going to be working with custom objects within your customer resource management (CRM), you need to make sure you are implementing your MAP to support custom objects. It is then you can begin to determine the best way to implement so that the technology can enable the strategy: Will you sync all leads over to your CRM or wait until they have reached a desired lead qualification stage? Integration with your CRM. Training and Access.

Is Your Sales & Marketing Team Ready for a CRM?


As a marketer, you're likely familiar with a CRM system; if not, no worries, you're about to learn all about it! And if you find after this post you are ready for one, be sure to remember that you can get pretty fancy with a CRM. What is a CRM? What are the Benefits of a CRM?

March 2011 Release – New Company Profile Design, Prospect List Sorting, and seamless export to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users – Seamless Export & Sync. Seamless Data Export for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Enable CRM users to sync and export data with a single click. We are happy to announce our March 2011 release.

The Psychology of Selling – An Insider’s Guide

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If you’re in sales and marketing, you’ve probably gone through a hundred training manuals, been forced to chug down tons of information, and know by heart each and every CRM software that ever walked this earth.

Make the most of your content mastermind session


If you already use your CRM to learn more about your customers, start with that data. This is where your CRM data helps you plan a great session. A CRM with social media integration allows you to see all the social channels where your customers are engaged.

Why teaching your team how to fish referrals is vital to your referral program


How training is necessary for fishing and your referral program. You need training. What referral program training should include. When businesses research different referral programs, they often over-look the in-depth training that the referral host provides.

Why teaching your team how to fish referrals is vital to your referral program


How training is necessary for fishing and your referral program. You need training. What referral program training should include. When businesses research different referral programs, they often over-look the in-depth training that the referral host provides.

Marketing automation is not marketing strategy


Remember ten years ago, when CRM came along? Marketers thought that the new CRM software would solve their customer service and customer retention problems. Train up your team. And junior staffers need training in strategic marketing thinking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

Customer Lifecycle Metrics, Part 5: Retention and Expansion


You’re upselling and cross-selling and adding professional services, training, and anything else you can think of to make them a happy, successful customer. Advocacy & Loyalty CRM customer engagement customer lifecycle customer relationship management expansion loyalty metrics retnention

Three barriers to B2B data-driven marketing


It may be “predictive analytics,” “CRM,” “Big Data,” or a zillion other buzzwords. So classically trained practitioners need to go with the flow and adjust to the new vocabulary. Ask any business marketer about the importance of data, and you’ll get plenty of good answers. “It’s

6 thorny data problems that Vex B2B marketers, and how to solve them


Train and motivate them well. B2B Marketing Social Media Marketing attribution B-to-B marketing B2B marketing CRM customer data data hygiene data matching database marketing de-duplication marketing database unstructured data Business-to-business marketers are plagued by data problems.

Learning from Solution Selling’s Fundamentals

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In the early days of CRM, I worked at one of the indust […]. Sales Intelligence Sales Management Sales Strategy Sales-Marketing Alignment Social Selling Sales Sales Methodologies Sales Operations Sales Tactics sales training social selling solution selling Marketing Intelligence Sales 2.0

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Bridging the Massive Social Media Gap Between Sales and Marketing

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Training sales teams to use social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs can have a huge impact on building pipeline and driving awareness of your company. With the growing desire for Social CRM within companies, collecting social conversations for analysis was only scratching the service.

5-Step Data Fitness Checklist

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Just like getting yourself in shape, getting your data in shape takes dedication, commitment, and a training plan. Is your data in fighting shape to meet your pipeline numbers?

5 Ways Marketing Automation Enhances Customer Loyalty


Retaining your customers helps grow your business with upsells and cross-sells, but also saves on training and implementation costs. And integrating your CRM with your automated marketing lets you pack an even more powerful punch. Company Blog CRM Marketing Automation Personalization

5 Cool Things We Heard & Saw at Convergence (+5 Superlatives)

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Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM | @jeffmarcoux. With recent partnerships and feature announcements, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now providing these insights within CRM. Conferences CRM Intelligence Sales 2.0

How to Reduce Unsubscribes Using Subscription Management

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Or if customers want to receive critical product updates, but not information on training classes.

What the US Marines Can Teach Your B2B Firm about Marketing and Sales

Marketing Craftmanship

At boot camp, every marine receives training in marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat and teamwork. Business contacts are often included in the firm’s CRM system, and may receive quarterly newsletters or other communications issued by the company. Every Marine a Rifleman.

The 25 Best #SaaS and #Sales Blog Posts of 2012

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It was a great year for Social CRM, Social Selling and the world of SaaS. 4 Steps to a Successful Social Marketing Campaign (Part 1) « CRM Software Blog – [link]. 6 Rules for CRM User Adoption « CRM Software Blog – [link].

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Adding a Little More Perk to Your SugarCRM with Sales Intelligence

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The problem is what tools to use, metrics to track and how to train them. Conferences B2B b2b sales CRM crm 2.0 Sales Intelligence sales productivity sCRM Social CRM social intelligence social media social selling sugar crm sugarcon SugarCRM twitter

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Marketing Automation Industry Growth


The marketing automation train has left the station. Or, more specifically, the marketing automation train is moving full steam ahead. Marketing Automation/Email Marketing CRM IDC SaaS

Tomorrow People Leaves Salesforce.com in Favour of Workbooks CRM

Tomorrow People

Tomorrow People has selected British Cloud CRM provider Workbooks.com to replace its Salesforce.com CRM system after two years of using the Salesforce Professional Edition.

Tips On How Social Crm Transforms Businesses

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Considering that the basic function of management is to empower people to be more productive, this can be assimilated in social media through social crm. If harnessed through customer relations management (CRM), social media can produce financial benefits for businesses.

3 Billion Reasons Your Company Should Be Empowering Sales People with Facebook.

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The fact that companies are spending $3 billion on Facebook means that sales teams should be trained on the use of Facebook as a tool for lead conversion and prospect engagement. Social CRM Social Selling B2B b2b sales crm 2.0 facebook Microsoft Dynamics netsuite oracle crm on demand salesforce.com social selling Web 2.0A recent report by eMarketer shows why social media networks like Facebook should be a focus for more sales and marketing alignment.

Marketing Enablement – It’s Worth It


I am passionate about the topic of marketing enablement because I believe we are missing big opportunities to maximize our most valuable resource, our people, by ignoring this area of training. You would either train them, or fire them and hire new ones.

What is a Marketing-Qualified Lead? What MQL Really Means


For example, I just received a call the other day from an unnamed CRM vendor. I have high interest in CRM products, love to study the market, and probably exist in every CRM vendor’s CRM as an MQL somewhere. This takes a talented sales team and training.

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