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Online Display & Social Media, Branding & Attribution- Affects on Conversions


The industry has made great strides with research initiatives and attribution modeling to determine how online display, and also social media and other internet marketing channels, contribute to “lift.” Other analytics tools include some attribution modeling functionality as well.

Online Display & Social Media, Branding & Attribution- Affects on Conversions


The industry has made great strides with research initiatives and attribution modeling to determine how online display, and also social media and other internet marketing channels, contribute to “lift.” Other analytics tools include some attribution modeling functionality as well.

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24 Favorite Inbound Marketing & Digital Media Buying Tools That Don’t Include Google


Tools that Cover Search Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Conversion Rate, and Content. As a digital marketing lead generation strategist and online media buyer, you just can’t have enough tools to help manage my clients’ online activities. When I am not involved with business development, speaking, and my own social media marketing, I am usually on the computer with some sort of advertising, SEO, social media, or conversion optimization tool. Millenial Media.

A Tour of Online Display Advertising; DSP, DMP, RTB, Ad Exchanges


By using analytics tools, you can measure reach, frequency, attribution, and affect on conversions. YIELD OPTIMIZATION. Yield optimization is a technique utilized by ad servers to improve the performance of a given advertiser creative. Ever wonder how a banner ad finds you?

A CMO’s Guide to Conversion Metrics with Google Adwords


Google AdWords continues to expand and improve conversion tracking metrics, and without a full understanding of the data provided, your firm may not be optimized with regard to generating efficient quality leads and sales. They can’t be tracked as conversion goals with Google Analytics.

Online Display Advertising, Targeting, and Capturing Leads


It’s time to take another look at online display advertising strategy now that Google has revamped its ad planner tool; now calling itself the Google Display Network Ad Planner, and eliminate site research from non-GDN sites. Optimization technology. • Ad units and rich media.

The missing topic on b2b digital lead generation: advertising


Remember media plans? If you believe all those social media experts and SAAS platforms, you’d think advertising has gone away. I use social media because: I want to ask my connections about their experiences with potential solutions. Remember advertising?

Geofencing? And other ways to target ads to trade show attendees without being there.


Have a compelling media package ready for hand-outs; press kits, white papers, case studies, and contact info- with a trial offer if applicable. Just make sure links are tagged so the campaigns can be tracked with your analytics program. Advertising Marketing Strategy Media Planning

Buying Online Display; Click-through Rate & Conversion Considerations


That’s what these networks and platforms need to measure in order to optimize performance across their thousands of sites they represent for the advertiser. The contradiction then is between buying display to brand, and having networks optimize based on clicks.

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New eBook: Pay-Per-Click for B2B Lead Generation; The Ultimate Guide to Paid Search


25% Pay-per-click, and, 18% social media. Are these B2B companies e-commerce or online catalogs, where a lead can be classified as a “request-a-quote” or are they complex products, meaning that multiple touch points via media and content have to occur before the prospect becomes a lead? If you’re a complex product, you’re going to get much of your leads from landing pages, and that’s pay-per-click or other media tactics that attract audiences to sign-up or download.

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33 (of the) Best Marketing Strategy Guides and Insights of 2010


What are our key objectives for social media marketing? As we rely more on all of our employees (not just marketing and PR) to represent our company through social media, how do we train and motivate them to do so effectively? The Best TED Talks To Make Use Of Social Media by MakeUseOf.

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Marketing needs to be more Adaptive!

Buzz Marketing for Technology

We need better systems to take in data and analytics in order to make smarter better business decisions. With today’s fragmented media landscape no single individual can pull together all these media channels to orchestrate and master them.

Don’t be Fooled by LinkedIn’s Leads Accelerator, and a LinkedIn Advertising Wish List


The more data we have by segments, the better we can optimize campaigns. Advertising Lead Nurturing Media Planning Social Media

17 Lead Generation- Demand Generation 2015 New Year’s Resolutions


As a demand generation firm, we are consistently reading about new technology, strategy, and tactics that contribute to a client’s lead generation efforts. In the last two-three weeks, I participated in 3 webinars and 5 software demos, with more planned this week. This year look for one on Marketing Analytics and an update on social media lead generation. Paid Media. Plan search campaigns within the funnel. Social Media. Marketing Strategy

7 Metrics Every Marketer Should Check Weekly (And How to Improve Them)


You should use this information to plan out your next few weeks of content so you''re writing the posts that will drive the most views, and help you hit your monthly goals. 3) Social Media Reach. Tracking the performance of your social media is important to understanding its ROI.

The B2B Lead Generation-Demand Generation Book “Hall of Fame”


If you’ve toured the NuSpark Marketing website, it’s evident that proper funnel optimization and lead management approaches must focus on the specific micro elements of the funnel in order for the entire lead generation process to work seamlessly. eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale.

A Helping Hand and Then Some For the Data Driven CMO

Modern Marketing

Agencies sit in a unique position at the cross-roads of strategy, execution and optimization and this can be further monetized through the adoption and on-going management of technology and data platforms.

33 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Resoures of 2012 So Far


Given the widespread adoption of social media marketing practices, the “if” and “when” questions seemed to have now been resolved by most midsized and larger companies (and a lot of small companies as well). Social Media Marketing Tips, Tactics & Techniques.

10 Things That Can Destroy an Email Marketing Program

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Strategies Data-Driven Marketing Marketing Automation Marketing to Latinos Conference Call Local Retail Sports & Entertainment Politics & Advocacy Automotive CPG Financial Services Healthcare & Pharma Agency Spotlight. B2C Email Marketing Email Marketing Optimization Advanced Email Marketing Email Marketing Best Practices Email Marketing. Analytics. Media. Media Planning Media Buying Publishing Display Advertising Video Mobile. Media.

Banner Ads Work; Really


As a business, there’s always a question on the effectiveness of banner ad campaigns (or online display) as a portion of an online media mix. Traditional media planning uses terms like reach and frequency and not click-through rate or cost-per-click.

Will Machines Replace Marketers? Artificial Intelligence Isn't Ready Yet But Watch Your Back

Customer Experience Matrix

Of the three broad tasks I defined – planning, content creation, and execution – only content creation is served by what I consider to be strong AI* solutions. Marketing planning, which includes the all-important task of campaign design, is almost wholly untouched by AI.

How Your Agency Can Prevent Data Overload and Build a Streamlined Reporting Approach


This adds additional stress to agency teams trying to manage more data, more frequently, and from more media sources. This leads us to wonder how the Marketing Marys and Analytics Annies of the agency world are solving their own marketing data reporting problems. Build a data strategy.

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Changes in the Professional Services Marketing Mix: Traditional vs. Online Marketing

Hinge Marketing

While that may still be true, service firms now need to worry about their online reputation —with social media being the new word of mouth. Google and social media continue to open new frontiers. Consider social media appropriately [Attraction and nurturing vehicles].

A Day in the Life of a Terminus AdOps Coordinator: Connor Bloodworth


“It requires incredibly analytically and technically savvy individuals, especially in our case because our team is supporting an account-based marketing technology tool. I’m also a big media junkie.

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Meet WPP’s firm of strategic marketing technologists


I studied media law and telecoms at Columbia Law School and had some brief experience in pay-TV before setting up the first international ad network running on the DoubleClick platform in 1997 in South Africa. We do no creative, no web or app development, no media planning or buying.

Why Host a Blog on Your Corporate Website?

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Mark Jackson | August 18, 2010 | 0 comments ); //]]> Share Tweet My company has recommended blogging to many of our search engine optimization clients. For more thoughts on how you might structure a blog for your efforts, please see an earlier post on blogging for search engine optimization.

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The 39 Social Media Tools I’ll Use Today

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Also, at my social media speaking engagements hither and yon I’m often asked what tools I use. So, I took a personal inventory and created this overview of the 39 social media tools I use daily. Despite being free, Google keeps adding functionality to Google Analytics.

How to Hire an Awesome Inbound Marketing Manager

Modern B2B Marketing

Because we believe that to continue our fast growth we need to scale both paid programs as well as inbound programs including SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing. But what qualities are key in an inbound or social media expert? Program Manager, Social Media & Content Marketing.

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Driving Traffic to Your Homepage All the Time May Be a Big Mistake

Industrial Marketing Today

Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website Driving Traffic to Your Homepage All the Time May Be a Big Mistake by Achinta Mitra on October 26, 2009 in Industrial Websites , Website Design & Development You’ve read up on all the traffic generation tactics and optimized your site to rank high on major search engines. The above two web analytics are not mere statistics for your webmaster.

B2B Websites: To Publish Prices, Or Not To Publish…That Is The.

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Source: CMP (now United Business Media ) Electronics Group’s Global Media Usage Study, 2006) 74% industrial buyers went looking for prices but only 23% of manufacturers published them on their website.

Industrial and B2B Customer Engagement Simplified

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To add a new twist to a thorny problem, I read a very interesting quote from Avinash Kaushik, the man who literally wrote the book on Web Analytics 2.0 , he said, “Engagement is not a metric, it’s an excuse.” Let’s see how Google Analytics can help you do just that.

B2B Marketers’ Big Challenges: GlobalSpec’s Industrial Summit Recap

Modern B2B Marketing

Today’s marketers need to be more focused on analytics and link their efforts to organizational successes. It is important to work with your sales team, and create plans that will have measureable impact. Panel: Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector.

High-Performance Email Marketing for Attracting and Engaging.

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The old email marketing strategy of batch and blast or spray and pray is no longer effective. Select only those that will help you optimize your nurturing campaigns and accurately gauge where the prospect is in their decision making process.

Is Your Industrial Website Still Just a Business Card?

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These include: Lack of page titles No optimization of headlines and subheads (H1, H2 tags etc.) Install site analytics, the free Google Analytics is a good start. Use social media judiciously to increase name recognition, drive traffic and build a community.

How Relevant Marketing Content Helps B2B Branding

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In the Needs Awareness and Research stages (the first two stages of the industrial buying cycle ), buyers use a broad array of sources, including social media, webinars, e-newsletters, Google, Bing, Yahoo and vertical search engines like and

Content Creation Made Easy

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REVISE Our brains have two parts – the left side is analytical and the right side is visual and tends to see the whole picture. Once you have your first draft completed, allow the left side of your brain to take over and start being critical and analytical as you go over your copy.

The 6 essential rules of a website redesign – Ignore them at your.

Industrial Marketing Today

Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website The 6 essential rules of a website redesign – Ignore them at your peril by Achinta Mitra on January 26, 2010 in Industrial Websites , Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , Website Design & Development Is you current website an asset or a liability? Optimize, optimize, optimize : That’s the golden rule of online marketing as is location, location, location in real estate.

B2B DIY Media Buying, or Use A Pro?

B2B Marketing Savvy

Media Buying: DIY (Or Not?) Media VP, David Rowe , and I sat down over a virtual cup o’ Joe to discuss the ins/outs of a question that faces many marketing managers today. Complexity and Scale: Think more about the complexity of the media buy than the $$ size of the buy.

Top 47 B2B Marketing Posts - Hot Topics Ning and Facebook - July 2010

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

True Confession: I Don’t Have a Social Media Strategy - Dianna Huff - B2B MarCom , July 22, 2010 Social media gurus tell you to have a strategy. 8220;Not having a strategy&# was the #1 marketing mistake people listed on the survey Mac McIntosh and I did (the upcoming e-book will list the other nine). 8220;You must have a strategy before you begin social media,&# I say at my talks. Do You Plan For The Content Experience?

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Top 60 B2B Marketing Posts and Hottest Topics November 2010

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Social Media in B2B Marketing - Survey Results - Everything Technology Marketing , November 16, 2010 The B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn conducted a survey earlier this year to explore the rapidly changing landscape of social media in the context of B2B marketing. Monitor your social media in less than 10 minutes a day - inblurbs , November 26, 2010 Social networking is very essential for today’s online business world. Google Analytics. Strategy (212).