January 2020 30/30: Two Major Updates and Other Fun Stuff to Kick Off the Roaring 20s


Once again, it looks like Google is working hard to de-value questionably sourced information or user experiences built around clickbait in favor of information with a reliable and unimpeachable pedigree. Hi guys! Welcome to 2020.

The Featured Snippet Is Now Result #1: What This Means for SEO


On January 22nd, 2020, Google rolled out a change to featured snippets (FS), the information block that appears at the top of a search results page (SERP). The decay rate for CTR on a SERP was almost like a law of physics five years ago. SERPs will now only have nine text listings.


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Opting-Out of Google Featured Snippets Led to 12% Traffic Loss [SEO Experiment]


All that changed in January when Google announced they would de-duplicate search results to show the featured snippet URL only once on the first page of results. Posted by Cyrus-Shepard. Note: This post was co-authored by Cyrus Shepard and Rida Abidi.

6 Tips to Evolve Your Content Strategy in 2020


Tack & Optimize your Brand SERPs Queries: Branding is one of the most important motivations behind content marketing. Subdomains with gTLD such as de.example.com Subdirectories with gTLD such as example.com/de/ Avoid URL parameters such as site.com?loc=de. loc=de.


10 Steps to Blend STAT Ranking Data with Site Performance Metrics


The idea of analyzing thousands of local SERPs sounded like too much fun to pass up. I analyzed 50,000+ SERPs in the retail banking sector so I could make sense of the massive shifts in rankings and search behaviors during the lockdown period.


Using Python to Power Up Insights For Content Briefs, SEO Recommendations & Strategy


Over the past 12 months or so I’ve shared some content around how, as part of an ongoing struggle effort to learn Python, I have been using this incredibly accessible programming language to analyse language trends in the SERP. Step 1 – Gather List of SERP URLs to Analyse.

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