The Future of Marketing: 50 CMO Quotes On How Marketing Has Changed

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Four major marketing trends emerge from these CMO quotes: Communicating to connect (not promote). Tim Minahan, CMO of Citrix, said that he’s constantly connected with his leadership team through its marketing leadership Slack channel. “I Said IBM CMO Michelle Peluso.

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Martech jumps to 29% of the CMO’s budget in Gartner’s 2018-2019 survey


When Gartner’s annual CMO Spend Survey for 2017-2018 came out last year, many people seized on the fact that the money CMOs allocated for marketing technology had dropped to 22% of their budget , on average, down from 27% the year before.

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2017: The Year of the Data Driven CMO

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Survey Says: Wrong. " Well chances are the answer from a marketer would be via surveys as research from Bazaarvoice showed that nearly 70% say surveys are indeed their primary source for customer data. Surveys? Tag Management vendors. CMO Corner

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Q&A with Will McInnes, CMO at Brandwatch


30-second summary: Will McInnes, Brandwatch’s global CMO, brought over a decade of martech experience to Brandwatch when he joined the company in 2013. Will McInnes is CMO of digital consumer intelligence company Brandwatch.

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Why Are Marketing Automation Vendors Failing to Meet Their Customers’ Most Intense Need: Advanced Reporting?


Marketing automation vendors are being cornered by a monster of their own creation. But like Capone’s tomb, those higher order promises have proven empty, at least according to the 400+ marketing practitioners surveyed by Heinz Marketing last fall.

The CMO Technology Conundrum And How To Solve It

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Or has it simply created another overwhelming challenge for the CMO who now must become a technology expert to apply it efficiently? When the only constant is change, the new role of the CMO dictates the use of new technologies and marketing platforms to increase competitive advantage.

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2018: Survey Says!


Key takeaways: To quote one of our great marketers at Marketo “Just OK or Not Well won’t cut it, and that’s what nearly two-thirds of marketers surveyed are doing.” Technology vendors owe marketers better solutions to address all these topics and specifically regarding ROI and alignment.

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Uncovering CMO Insights On Their Journey To Digital Agility

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Survey Says. The findings of a newly-released survey, presented by The CMO Club in partnership with Accelent Consulting and Oracle Marketing Cloud, provides a snapshot of where marketing leaders stand along the path to digital agility. CMO Corner

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The CMO Struggle For True Marketing Integration Rages On

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Survey participants are asked to respond via a scale of 1-7 with 1 representing "not at all effectively" and 7 being "very effectively." " Oh yeah before I forget, this survey is conducted twice a year, in February and then again in August. CMO Corner

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CMO Council: CMOs and CIOs Are Not Aligned

Customer Experience Matrix

Summary: a CMO Council survey shows that CMOs and CIOs agree they need to cooperate, but disagree on how well they're doing and what their roles should be. This affects marketing automation vendors too, since they sell to both sides.

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What Do B2B Buyers Really Want from Vendors?


Well, when Aberdeen and PJA surveyed over 230 B2B buyers last summer, and asked them why purchases didn’t get approved, the number one response was, “Lack of clarity around what we need.” (The They turn to their vendors for assistance. Vendors Are a Window.

Survey: B2B Buyers Prioritize Reliability and Ease of Use in Tech Solutions

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Lavidge recently surveyed 400 B2B tech buyers to learn about their preferences when it comes to purchasing products and services. Approximately 39 percent use search engines, while 34 percent consult vendor websites. The “Customer in Context” report from the CMO Council discovered that 47 percent of customers engage with businesses across several platforms.

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Why CMOs Aren’t Turning to Marketing Analytics Vendors for Marketing Analytics


The big players — native reporting in marketing automation and cloud-based sales- and business intelligence (BI) vendors — have caused the ground beneath specialty marketing analytics vendors to shake.

5 Expert Questions to Ask Your ABM Vendor


Before you commit to a long-term ABM strategy, ask your ABM vendor these questions. If your ABM vendor doesn’t provide you with reporting at both the account level and contact level, walk away now. Don’t just settle on the first ABM vendor you happen to research.

Customer experience via the contact center: Q&A with Calabrio CMO Rebecca Martin


Customer experience gets hyped at conferences, in board rooms, and by snazzy experience cloud vendors selling “omnichannel, full-funnel, personalized, AI-driven, etc. Contact centers also offer a volume of customer data that’s hard to match with surveys or market research.

Did Morgan Stanley just kill the single-vendor marketing suite?


A friend forwarded me a report, titled “Software Is Eating the CMO Suite,” that was shared by Morgan Stanley at the Ascendant Network event for digital marketers in New York earlier this month. 81% have a higher tolerance level for more vendors.

The CMO Technology Conundrum And How To Solve It

Modern Marketing

Or has it simply created another overwhelming challenge for the CMO who now must become a technology expert to apply it efficiently? Download the CMO Solution Guide to Leveraging New Technology and Marketing Platforms today to increase your competitive advantage.

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What Can a Outsource CMO Do for Your Startup Company?

B2B Marketing Traction

What can an Outsource Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) do for your startup? Your Outsource CMO can research demographics, psychographics and market opportunities by conducting interviews and surveys and by researching existing industry statistics and studies.

2013 Marketing Survey Results: What Worked Best?

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It was in this spirit that we at Act-On first set out to do a monthly marketing survey, back in 2011. This graph shows the results for Question 1 of Act-On’s September 2013 survey . The post 2013 Marketing Survey Results: What Worked Best?

Survey 100

What Does The Marketing Leader Say? Reactions To B2B Research On How CMOs Buy


PathFactory and Heinz Marketing recently surveyed 204 marketing leaders – Senior Directors, VP/SVPs, and C-Suite – to dig deep into how they make important buying decisions. Why run the survey? “As

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THE HACKIES: A CMO’s guide to integrating marketing technologies


Many martec vendors promote that they have built-in integrations to one or more systems. I recently reviewed the integration capabilities of an online survey platform to an MAP. While the vendor was listed as a partner on the MAP vendor’s web site and claimed having native integration support, I quickly realized that the integration was limited to simply passing a link to a survey for a specific set of recipients so that an email with that link can be sent to them.

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The Marketing Leaders Have Spoken: New Research From Heinz Marketing and PathFactory


Our recent survey with Heinz Marketing unpacks this question. The survey reveals key trends and opportunities for marketers to improve the buying experience. Vendor content is essential throughout the buying process. of marketing leaders rely on vendor content to make decisions.

Make chatbot-ready videos for account-based marketing


And, if you are, won’t you please take our 2-minute survey ?) This is the “flipped funnel” ABM model devised by Sangram Vajre , CMO of Terminus and founder of the #FlipMyFunnel community.

To Be Agile CMOs Must Align Digital and Traditional Marketing Strategies

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According to the findings of a newly-released survey, presented by The CMO Club in partnership with Accelent Consulting and Oracle Marketing Cloud, CMOs the world over would be wise to bring into cooperation digital and traditional marketing. CMO Corner

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10 Key Social Insights About CMOs - and the Huge Opportunity Many are Missing

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As I've written about in the past, most recently just last week - the role of a CMO is changing from one of chief marketing officer to one of chief engagement officer. The CMO-CIO relationship is getting serious. The CMO-CIO Relationship.

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B2B Vendor, Customer Perspectives Differ on "Affinity"


The CMO Council recently released a major study entitled Profitability from Customer Affinity , on the difficulty faced by vendors in establishing customer-centric business practices. To learn more, download the CMO study here.

Do CMOs Really Spend More on MarTech Than CIOs? A New Study Says No.

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One reference point is the known revenues of martech vendors. Even if there are ten other vendors as large as Adobe, the top ten would have just a 20% share of the $82 billion. cio cmo marketing technology martech spending

The Use of Third Party Content: Who’s Down With OPC (Other People’s Content)?

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A basic survey can help you understand which topics your audience wants to learn more about, as well as the resources they find most helpful (and ultimately, which will be most helpful to your content marketing efforts!).

Marketing Leaders: These Are The Problems That Should Keep You Up At Night


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a series of B2B CMO breakfasts with PathFactory in New York City, Chicago, and Austin. rely on vendor content to make decisions yet only 37.7% Best Practices B2B Marketing cmo heinz marketing marketing challenges marketing leader

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How Intent Data Reveals the Anatomy of an AI Buyer

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Would you explore vendors and solution providers that you might partner with? Vendor-related. Content that discusses vendors active in the AI / Machine Learning sector. Uses include: early stage vendor exploration, technology consideration.

The Telltale 8% Drop In Content Marketing Effectiveness

Tony Zambito

Recent surveys, from the likes of Forrester and SiriusDecisions , indicate the sentiment is nearly 70% or more of buyers outright reject content. As much as 80% say, “Vendors give me too much material to sort through”. by Aha-Soft.

Flooded with Data but Lacking Insight? Consider Usage Analytics


At the same time, it is also the favored scapegoat, evidenced by the fact that average CMO tenures have consistently dropped , decreasing by six months in just two years. Since 2011, the landscape for marketing technology has soared from 150 vendors to nearly 5,000, according to MarTech Today.

NICE Interactions 2018 Recap


Paul Jarman noted that the company is currently partnering with vendors with domain expertise across relevant verticals such as retail and healthcare. We recently finished an extensive survey capturing data across the four key pillars noted earlier in this article.

How to Build Trust with B2B Buyers in Today’s Digital Marketing Environment

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The February 2020 edition of “The CMO Survey” revealed that more customers place an emphasis on trusting relationships with vendors when it pertains to business, outpacing factors such as superior innovation, product quality, and low price.

3 Questions to Help You Audit Your Positioning Statement


If you asked customers to rank problems when you surveyed them, this can go pretty quickly.). In 2014, seven BI vendors had positioning around “better decisions.” CMO Essentials branding differentiation positioning

Act-On’s a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ and What That Means to You


As a company built by marketers for marketers, we are – from CEO to summer intern – focused on the needs of the CMO and their marketing teams. So, with that said, we were pretty excited to see Act-On Software named a Leader among lead-to-revenue management (L2RM) platform vendors in the Forrester Research, Inc., Those scores then helped determine the Forrester Wave™ rankings of the 11 vendors invited to participate. Vendors get a score between zero and five.

14 Key B2B Marketing Reports to Inform the Strategic Budgeting Process

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2018 CMO Global Study. From the SiriusDecisions report: The annual SiriusDecisions Global CMO Study is a key deliverable that informs our research by exploring how marketing leaders are adapting their marketing strategy to support their organization’s growth objectives.