5 B2B Marketing Conferences Every CMO Must Attend in 2018


2018 is creeping upon us and what a better way to start the new year than with some conference warm-up? As a CMO, you’re probably looking to be ahead of the industry, gain multi-channel expertise, and as always, improve your marketing ROI; in which case, conferences provide all of this under one roof. B2B Marketing CMO Marketing Strategy

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Announcing: Fast CMO Edition 6


We're excited to announce the publication of Fast CMO magazine edition 6. Clay Stobaugh , CMO at Wiley, describes how the innovation program at Wiley works, and provides advice on how to work cross-functionally at an enterprise-level company. Tiffany Wirth , VP of Marketing at WEX Health, shares insights on succeeding with the partner channel, and how she started an annual conference that is now the revenue driving center-piece of WEX Health marketing. Fast CMO

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How A CMO Uses Storytelling To Engage Audiences


Jeremy Duerksen is CMO at Peaksware. Duerksen : Our marketing tactics can be summarized into three buckets: Education - clinics, workshops, e-learning, webinars and conferences to teach customers how to improve their skills and how they use our products. CMO CornerIn his spare time he rides horses and dual sport motos - presumably not at the same time and races bikes.

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7 Companies Hosting Great Virtual Conferences


In 2020, many companies have needed to pivot to virtual conferences. More than likely, we'll continue to see a rise in virtual conferences over the coming years. Here, we've cultivated a list of seven companies hosting amazing virtual conferences. conferences

Six strategies behind the trend in B2B client conferences


Have you noticed how so many B2B companies seem to be running their own proprietary conferences these days? Should you launch a client conference of your own? Kathleen Schaub, vice president of IDG’s CMO Advisory Service, reports that customer events are twice as common (at 48%) as participation in trade shows (27%) among tech marketers. Although primarily for clients, many of these conferences are designed to include prospects as well.

Keep It Simple and 4 More Things I Learned at the 2016 CMO Club Europe Summit


Recently I attended the CMO Club Europe Summit that took place on September 6th in London. Although they have been dipping their toe in Europe for a while now, this event marked the official launch of The CMO Club in Europe. Here are a few of the CMO-worthy tidbits I picked up: Keep things simple – we often feel compelled to create grand, elaborate plans that don’t always make it off the drawing board. CMO Corner

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How to Build Community-Centric Virtual Events, According to Moz's CMO


Conferences. In the early months of 2020, many businesses were faced with a similar problem: Should we host our event or conference entirely online , and if so, will it deliver the same value for attendees? These sessions included topics like: Ask a CMO. conferences

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Don’t miss the FREE MarTech conference online next week, March 16-17


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, as I’ve been heads down working on my keynote for the upcoming MarTech conference. The post Don’t miss the FREE MarTech conference online next week, March 16-17 appeared first on Chief Marketing Technologist.

Video: How to Set Content Marketing Goals Your CMO Will Love


There’s often a long pause on the conference line, followed by something like, “Well, we were hoping you’d tell us that.” The post Video: How to Set Content Marketing Goals Your CMO Will Love appeared first on The Content Strategist. Content Marketing Minute ROI Strategy CMO content marketing minute Content Strategy marketing goals videoWhat are your content marketing goals?

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3 Things a CMO Can Learn From a Championship Team


I am on constant vigil as well for ways to blend the world of pop culture and sports with the world of marketing — to demonstrate how something that occurs on a playing field can have a direct correlation to the world of marketing and in this case, the CMO. Here's 3 things I think a CMO can learn from Villanova's head coach, Jay Wright. Egos need to be checked at the door but that includes your ego, too Mr. and Mrs. CMO. CMO Corner

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Top Marketing Conferences in 2018


That explains why industry movers and shakers are offering an increasing number of content marketing conferences aimed at helping them make the most of its possibilities. While the scope of such events has become difficult to track, here’s a list of some upcoming conferences that could help your organization with future strategies. Attend the conference to sea! Don’t miss the LeadsCon Conference in Las Vegas , March 4-6, 2019. ” Forbes CMO Summit.

Hubspot Inbound Conference 6 of 9


Sales and Marketing Alignment- Don’t listen to the Marketing Consultants, presented by CMO of SmartBear, Bryan Semple. Bryan Semple, CMO of SmartBear Software, walked us through how he aligns his entire organization with sales and revenue, how the process is measured, and the terminology and nomenclature used to discuss success and failure. Filed under: Marketing Guru Tagged: B2B , Boston , CMO , Hubspot , Inbound , Inside sales , Lead generation , marketing , Revenue , sales.

The Top B2B CMO Challenges


Before the program drained any further resources in time and money, I swallowed hard and gave it to the CMO, “This is not working; it’s actually failing pretty badly. Ashif Dhanani, CMO, Macquarie Telecom hits the nail on the head, “ The idea of failure does not align with the need to have defined KPIs with milestones and targets. Measuring Content Performance: This is the number one CMO challenge for B2B this year, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

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Your Consumer Is the New CMO

Martech Advisor

If you’re ready to make room at the conference table for your new CMO, the first step may be to build a protocol and best practices around harnessing your current customer data. But changing the lens through which an organization views its entire business can deliver powerful, profound rewards – and your new CMO demands it.

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A CMO’s Guide to Chatbot Marketing

Content Standard

Surely this is what every CMO dreams of? In a presentation at the MarTech San Francisco Conference in 2017, Ashu Garg claimed chatbots have the potential to eliminate $65 billion dollars’ worth of human cost to businesses. The post A CMO’s Guide to Chatbot Marketing appeared first on The Content Standard by Skyword. Little sets the imagination on fire as much as a robot. It’s the stuff of childhood dreams.

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Four Keys Areas Where the CMO Must Lead


I have been to many conferences and read many marketing articles about having marketing get a seat at the table. In speaking with one CMO of an enterprise company the response was “I see the value in taking a new approach and believe it is needed, but it seems like a formidable challenge, so we will just keep going with things as they are.” The need for leadership from the CMO role is more crucial than ever and still many are not fulfilling this obligation.

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ion interactive GM Mary Ward Promoted to CMO of ScribbleLive


Mary will make her first official appearance as ScribbleLive CMO at this week’s Oracle Modern CX Conference in Chicago. The post ion interactive GM Mary Ward Promoted to CMO of ScribbleLive appeared first on ScribbleLive. Following our formal announcement , we’d like to send our congratulations to Mary Ward , who has been promoted from ion interactive General Manager to Chief Marketing Officer of ScribbleLive.

The Future of Marketing [Slides] – From SAP CMO Jonathan Becher

Marketing Insider Group

“Innovation and inspiration aren’t just nice words for a conference – they’re an imperative.”. Those are the words SAP Chief Marketing Officer Jonathan Becher (@ jbecher ) used to open his keynote presentation to the CMO Club during their recent summit meeting in New York City on April 11-12. See “ Journey To The Future of Marketing ” on Slideshare , by @ SAP CMO Jonathan Becher (@ jbecher ).

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Oxford University Press former CMO weighs in on martech challenges, trends, and predictions


Scollans started her career in financial services marketing as a product marketing manager then moved on to a financial education company where she ran their conference marketing line.

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The Best Marketing Conferences of 2020

Marketing Insider Group

Don’t forget to block out some time for one or two of the many marketing conferences that are scheduled for next year. There’s no way I can recommend “the best” conference to attend if you only have the time and budget to go to one. DigiMarCon Digital Marketing Conference.

Does your startup really need a CMO?

Marketing Envy

Originally posted on CIO Magazine : Many startups are in a mad rush to hire their CMO to take care of ‘marketing.’ Don’t feel pressured to hire a CMO just because other startups do, or because your investors want you to. Do you need a CMO now? Some common reasons startups feel the need to hire a CMO: To attract your first round of clients/users. Determining which stage you are in and your immediate needs will help you establish whether you need a CMO.

4 Keys to Data-Driven Marketing, According to Deloitte CMO Alicia Hatch


Halfway through my panel this week at Collision , the fast-growing tech conference in New Orleans, the moderator told the audience he wished he wasn’t moderating so he could tweet what was being said. Instead, he was referring to the wisdom of Alicia Hatch, the dynamic CMO of Deloitte. As the CMO of one of the world’s leading consultancies, Hatch has a rare window into the minds of fellow CMOs. Brands Voices CMO data Deloitte marketing stack metrics

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McDonald’s drops CMO role and creates a new SVP marketing technology role (under the CIO)


But an article that appeared in Ad Age this week about the upcoming departure of famed McDonald’s CMO Silvia Lagnado — and the company’s decision to not name a new CMO — caught my attention. Another CMO role disappearing is newsworthy — that’s been emerging as a trend lately. I joked at our spring MarTech conference that McDonald’s was now actually a martech company. Come join us at the upcoming MarTech conference in Boston , September 16-18.

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Wells Fargo’s CMO on Lifetime Customers, Mountains of Data, and Coming Back From a Scandal


As CMO Jamie Moldafsky said last month at Collision 2017 , “We have to rebuild trust with our customers. ” During the conference, I interviewed Moldafsky to find out more about how Wells Fargo is tailoring the customer experience and why last year’s scandal has sparked a renewed focus on content. ” Every CMO in 2017 has access to a pile of data. Voices artificial intelligence augmented reality CMO finance ROI video Virtual Reality Wells Fargo

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Don’t miss the MarTech Conference in San Jose, April 15-17


It might be the dead of winter right now, but spring is only a couple of months away — as is the next MarTech Conference , April 15-17 at the San Jose Convention Center. Rishi Dave , CMO Vonage. Sean Hiss , Chief of Staff to the CMO, VP Marketing at Hitachi Vantara.

The Frustrations of a Cybersecurity CMO

Marketing Envy

The graveyard masses of unqualified leads that will never convert - cluttering your CRM, reflecting a chunk of wasted marketing budget - is a scene no CMO needs. Half a day at RSA Conference is sufficient to grasp the severity of this problem. RSA Conference 2018. There is little choice whether to rebuild the website, spend significantly on PPC, SEO, branding, SMM and regular participation and sponsorships at industry conferences.

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CMO's Organizational Readiness Indicators for Multi-Touch Attribution


Trade shows / conferences. Are you doing direct mailers, conferences, trade shows, industry events, or field marketing? According to the State of Pipeline Marketing Report 2015 , less than half of CMOs believe that their team is using the correct attribution model. This means that less than half of these marketing leaders are actually confident that their team is accurately attributing marketing activities to revenue.

5 Social Media Strategy Questions Every CMO Needs to Answer in 2021


Social media hit historical highs in the CMO budget this year. In fact, spending on social media marketing spiked by 74% to reach 23% of marketing budgets according to The CMO Survey , and marketers anticipate spending will remain close to this new high level as we enter the new year.

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Highly accurate predictions about MarTech in 2019 (well, at least the conference)


MarTech will be the best vendor-agnostic conference to attend to master this discipline, to learn from and network with your peers in marketing technology leadership, and to keep ahead of all the changes that continue to disrupt marketing as we know it. A few highlights of the conference that you can count on in 2019: The latest marketing technology landscape — what’s really happening in the market. A fireside chat with the remarkable Ann Lewnes , EVP & CMO of Adobe.

Red Herring CMO Conference: What Do Marketers Really Want?

Customer Experience Matrix

I’ve spent the last two days at Red Herring Magazine’s CMO8 conference , which was both excellent and a welcome change from my usual focus on the nuts and bolts of marketing systems. Reflecting Red Herring’s own audience, the speakers and audience were largely from technology companies and many presentations were about business-to-business rather than business to consumer marketing.

Marketing Thought Leader: Christine Feeley – CMO @ Amptopia

Cody Ward

CMO @ Amptopia. Following my education at the University of Iowa, I can break my career into 3 distinct stages: Consumer Package Goods/Advertising Agency – I was on the Tostitos and Salsa Launch team; Telecom & technology – working my way up to CMO of a publicly traded enterprise, and; Entrepreneur – launching amptopia.com in 2008. The post Marketing Thought Leader: Christine Feeley – CMO @ Amptopia appeared first on Cody Ward Christine Feeley.

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CMO Council: CMOs and CIOs Are Not Aligned

Customer Experience Matrix

Summary: a CMO Council survey shows that CMOs and CIOs agree they need to cooperate, but disagree on how well they're doing and what their roles should be. The CMO Council and Accenture Interactive recently released a study Aligning the CMO and CIO to Achieve Agile Intelligent Marketing based on parallel surveys of about 300 members of each group. The CMO Council generously shared the detailed data with me.

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Customer experience via the contact center: Q&A with Calabrio CMO Rebecca Martin


Customer experience gets hyped at conferences, in board rooms, and by snazzy experience cloud vendors selling “omnichannel, full-funnel, personalized, AI-driven, etc. To learn more about the point of view of customer experience from the contact center, we talked with Rebecca Martin , CMO at Calabrio. The post Customer experience via the contact center: Q&A with Calabrio CMO Rebecca Martin appeared first on ClickZ.

CMO Tip: How to Make Sure Your Team Is Getting the Most Out of a Conference or Event


And ever since I started managing marketing teams, I’ve had people ask me if they could attend conferences and events. 6 Tips for Making Sure Your Team Is Getting the Most Out of a Conference or Event. This shows they have researched the agenda and have thought about the conference content in detail. This can be important for events at resorts or especially fun cities to visit because people may be focused more on the trip than the conference.

3 Keys to Great Content Marketing, According to Lego CMO Julia Goldin


At the dmexco conference in Cologne, Germany, Lego CMO Julie Goldin sat down for a fireside chat in front of a packed audience to reveal how her company has become one of the world’s most popular content creators. At an ad-tech conference obsessed with data, Goldin was one voice advocating for a balanced strategy that incorporated more traditional marketing tactics. By the late ’90s, not everything was awesome at Lego.

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3 Nightmare-Inducing CMO Challenges and How to Vanquish Them

Content Standard

We’re breaking down three of the most common CMO challenges, with tips on how to conquer these nightmares for good. A whopping 97 percent of marketing leaders cited ROI as one of the top CMO challenges, according to a survey by Brand Keys. “Nearly any idea can sound great in the conference room,” says Brit Morse, a writer and web producer for Inc.com, in an article about the worst brand fails of 2018.

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What We Learned From Our Latest Account-Based Marketing Campaign, CMO Box [Data]


CMO Mailer Execution. Within those target accounts, we targeted CMO or senior-level marketers. On the outside of the box was messaging (“Something sweet and something smart”), a book targeted at senior level marketers ( The CMO’s Guide to B2B Marketing Attribution ), custom branded Theo chocolates (local, fair trade, organic, and delicious!),