Email Marketing Still Effective But Evolving

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As we have said here quite a few times recently, email continues to be an effective marketing channel for those who know how to use it well. For channels measured based on ROI, the census found that email is at the top, tied with search engine optimization.

Take Your Questions To The ‘Targeting’ Twitter Chat

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Easier said than done… Good marketers always will be on the lookout for ways to better research and understand their buyers, so that future campaigns can be even more finely targeted. In this way campaigns become even more relevant to your demanding prospects. But according to the Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census of 2013 , less than a quarter of marketers are actually using advanced segmentation for their email campaigns. “

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Are voice assistants the future of email marketing?


With it is a world of punditry, criticism, and prognostications about what voice assistants mean for marketers in general and the email industry in particular. Back in December, Kevin Mandeville wrote about how Alexa reads emails (with tons of examples to listen to). More recently, Jenna Tiffany wrote about verbalizing emails on the Only Influencers blog , a post that’s spurred a lot of discussion in the industry. This is where email marketers should be focused.

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7 Tech Trends in Email for Marketers

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Four decades after its inception, email is still considered a top channel—fiercely competing with social media and organic search when it comes to delivering ROI. A Glimpse Into Email Advancements. Email subscribers are no longer content with a witty email copy or bright imagery.

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10 Best Practices for Mobile-Friendly Emails

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It’s official: More emails are opened on mobile devices than on desktops. Litmus’s most recent count showed about 53% of emails being opened on mobile devices ; Movable Ink’s Q1 2015 Mobile Device study found 67% of email opens were on mobile. Keep email messages short.