Survey: B2B Marketers Working Against Longer Buying Cycle

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As B2B marketers look to fine-tune the way they reach out to customers and prospects, new research suggests that B2B buyers are taking more time to think about potential purchases. This indicates that B2B buyers are taking their time when it comes to evaluating their options.

Shortening the Industrial Buy Cycle in 5 Simple Steps

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Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website Shortening the Industrial Buy Cycle in 5 Simple Steps by Achinta Mitra on June 8, 2010 in B2B Lead Generation , Content Marketing , Industrial Marketing Strategies , Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , Website Design & Development The other day I read an interesting article titled “5 Steps To Shorten The B2B Buying Cycle” by Kerry Spellman , Client Relationship Manager at iProspect.


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Use of social networks in B2B marketing (2) The buying cycle!

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I would like to discuss in this post, the importance of social networks in the B2B buying cycle. It’s not enough to be there, but it’s often the central element of a B2B social networking strategy. Provided of course, to respect where they are in their buying cycle.

Matching Webinar Content to the Buying Cycle: Evaluation and Purchase Stages


According to Demand Gen Report’s 2014 B2B Buyer Behavior Survey , an effective content strategy can certainly influence the buyer journey. An overwhelming majority (82%) of senior executives said that content was a significant driver of their buying decisions. 61% of B2B buyers agreed that the winning vendor delivered a better mix of content appropriate for each stage of the purchasing process. Buying criteria.

Deconstructing the Four Stages of the Industrial Buy Cycle

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Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website Deconstructing the Four Stages of the Industrial Buy Cycle by Achinta Mitra on May 26, 2010 in B2B Lead Generation , B2B Marketing Collateral , Content Marketing , Integrated Industrial Marketing B2B marketers agree that lead generation and nurturing campaigns must deliver relevant content to their target audience to be successful.

Why B2B Buying Cycles Are So Long

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Since then, the number of people in the average B2B buying group has increased, and buying cycles are getting longer. New research by the Aberdeen Group explains why long buying cycles are still a fact of life for B2B marketing and sales professionals.) The Original Post New research reveals what influences B2B buying decisions and explains why the B2B buying process is getting longer.

Content Auditing and Mapping it to the Industrial Buy Cycle

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Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website Content Auditing and Mapping it to the Industrial Buy Cycle by Achinta Mitra on September 3, 2010 in B2B Lead Generation , Content Marketing , Industrial Marketing Strategies , Integrated Industrial Marketing These days it is popular to say “Content is marketing currency.” Most B2B marketers find it relatively easy to create and use content to gain search engine presence.

Get Ahead of the Buying Cycle


With over 70% of B2B buyers starting their research with generic search and regulations in Europe of the GDPR, understanding your buyer is critical. As a B2B Marketer based in the UK and operating in the EMEA region, the changes in regulation and how I was going to reach my buyers was a pretty daunting prospect and something that required a shift in focus. Let’s serve them content that is relevant to their business and where they are in the buying cycle.

Manufacturers, It’s Time to Take Back Control in the Buying Cycle


McKinsey research shows that B2B buyers typically use six different channels throughout their decision-making journey, and almost 65% will come away from it frustrated by inconsistent experiences. As much as two-thirds of B2B deals are lost before a formal request for proposal (RFP) process even begins. These are the customers and prospects who are the difference between success and failure. Modern Marketing b2b

Report: B2B Buyers Engaging Earlier with Sales

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For the last decade or more, it’s been an accepted principle – almost a key tenet – of B2B demand generation that business buyers don’t want to talk to a sales rep until the last possible moment. Well, that very basic assumption, that business buyers prefer to be anonymous and self-directed, and uninterested in engaging with sales until they’re absolutely ready to buy, may be in question. The post Report: B2B Buyers Engaging Earlier with Sales appeared first on The Point.

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How Social Media Changed the Sales Cycle into the Buying Cycle


Back in prehistoric times (before the Internet, that is), b2b buyers learned about products and services by reading (print) magazines and (printed) analyst reports. Then sales people would contact the prospects and use a “consultative&# sales process. Customers, competitors, and other people with expertise in a given area even if they “had no dog in the fight&# became new information sources for prospective buyers.

How to Use Email Automation to Nurture Prospects


As a B2B marketer or sales professional you have a number of things battling for your attention at any given moment. So how can you scale communications with prospects and leads in the space between nurturing and closing a deal? Especially in the B2B Realm?).

3 reasons to avoid Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)


This might be okay for some B2C contexts, where people make impulse buys all the time. But in B2B, a prospect might touch 20 pieces of content on her way to purchase, and 10 of them might not even be on your site. In a perfect world, you build all the content the user needs to go through the buy cycle, and you string the content together into client experiences that end in purchase, or advocacy, or renewal, or whatever your end goal is.

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Prioritize B2B Prospects with Intent Monitoring


Studying intent signals helps B2B sellers more precisely source and prioritize the most promising accounts. . Monitoring intent signals gives B2B sellers a better chance to catch target companies entering a buying cycle — or accelerating one. Know What B2B Buyers Do.

Case Study: Nurturing Shaved 54 Days Off The Buying Cycle

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A B2B technology company had just hired me to complete an audit of their lead generation efforts. Their prospective buyer contact repository was comprehensive and their value proposition strong. Yet, the sales/buying cycle was highly variable and difficult to predict. The company has a strong outbound sales effort so there was no lack of contact with prospective buyers. Picture it: A small town outside Boston, MA early 2012. (Yes,

What is business video content marketing and how to get started


Business decision-makers LOVE online B2B marketing videos because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. And what’s good for the company that makes an investment in online B2B marketing videos is that they are proven to increase metrics such as awareness, conversion rates, quality leads that go into the sales process, thought leadership, social metrics, open rates, and click-through rates in email campaigns.

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Five Sales Enablement Tactics B2B Marketers Need to Master


Here are five tactics your B2B marketing team needs to master to empower sales people to close deals faster. To close deals, product language has to be consistent from the top of the funnel down to when a prospect becomes a client. Sales teams are in the best position to inform marketers of the language prospects are using, while marketers are best able to create and develop messaging that takes the language into consideration. Map Content to the Buying Cycle.

Quit Obsessing About the Customer Journey

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And the more that your message and content reflect a prospect’s stage in the selling cycle, the better. At any given time, you do not know where a given prospect is on that journey. Now, to be fair, we certainly have a better understanding of the B2B customer journey today, and it’s certainly true that there are valid, credible insights that can be drawn about the way in which business buyers behave in the aggregate.

How HP Uses 6sense to Find Customers in Active Buying Cycles


With the rise of predictive intelligence and the ability to make sense of large amounts of customer data, HP wanted to take their marketing analytics to the next level and begin targeting customers in active buying cycles. HP, like many advanced B2B organizations, has used firmographic data, segmentation and buyer profiles to improve their marketing and sales outcomes.

Lead nurturing via email series and content marketing

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet Lead nurturing involves a number of activities and channels such as “under the hood” tracking and scoring of prospects behavior and engagement with your campaigns as well as follow-up telephone at times whenever that tactic fits into an overall lead nurturing program. However, the key channel for lead nurturing is email — particularly using email to send a series of relevant content pieces or offers to prospects as they move through the buying funnel.

6Sense Finds B2B Prospects Using Web Site Activities

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I mentioned 6Sense briefly in a recent post about vendors who help companies find prospects on the Web. Since then, I’ve had a more detailed briefing, which clarified that their scope extends well beyond prospect lists to predictive models applied across all stages of the purchase cycle. The advantage of Web site activity is it finds companies early in the buying cycle, when they are most open to considering new vendors.

B2B vs. B2C Marketing: Four Myths, Six Differences, and One Key Similarity


Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is a passion to those of us who’ve devoted our lives and careers to it. Here’s how to combat those myths and explain B2B marketing in a way that’s actually interesting to those outside the profession. In addition, below are six ways B2B and B2C marketing are different (and note it’s not t hat “B2B marketers sell to businesses, B2C marketers sell to people”), plus one very important way they are alike.

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5 Ways B2B Can Learn from B2C Marketers

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Posted in Buying Cycle Conversion Conversion Optimization Customer Customer Experience Personalization Strategy. And it’s obvious why: buying cycles are longer, buyer mentalities are different, and products typically require more investigation before a purchase. But the reality is that B2B buyers are very similar to B2C consumers— whether it’s buying a new car or new enterprise software, consumers want to be educated and informed.

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Expert Q&A: Transform Marketing With A Revenue-Relevant Customer Experience Strategy


by Amanda Batista | Tweet this The advent of social media, empowered buyers, and users bringing their own technology to work has now morphed B2B business models from product to services provision. This expands the sales cycle to a much longer and precarious customer lifecycle: the prospect becomes a buyer; who becomes a customer; and then becomes a potential prospect again for renewal or at least advocacy.

The State of Demand Generation

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Buying cycle control (you need to facilitate the buying process and understand what is required of you as a result). Best Practice B2B Company Rates: Inquiries to MQL: 9.3%. Nurture (care and feeding of prospects that aren’t ready for sales or that have fallen out of the waterfall). The Customer Buying Cycle Framework. According to SiriusDecisions, buyers go through three stages and six steps during their buying process.

Variety of Content is the Key in the Early Stages of the.

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In Needs Awareness and Research phases, the first two stages of the industrial buy cycle (see my earlier post Deconstructing the Four Stages of the Industrial Buy Cycle ) your prospects and customers use a variety of online content to find solutions to their current problems and needs. In this post, I’m going to focus on content for the early stages of the buy cycle.

Buying Journeys vs Prospect Experience: Why the Difference is Critical

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On the B2B side, many decisions are met with similar consideration and longevity. So whether we’re talking about your new house or new marketing platform, the buying journey is just a fraction of the overall prospect experience.

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Lead Nurturing – How to Develop a Solid Process for B2B Lead Management


Effective lead nurturing is crucial to successful b2b marketing. Understanding that not every lead is ready to buy right away, but that it’s less costly to convert an existing lead than to generate a new one, you may be asking yourself, “ I need to do lead nurturing right—where do I start?”. Ask yourself and answer these questions: Do I understand my buyers’ buying cycle? You need to be able to map out your typical buyer’s buying cycle.

How to Prioritize Prospects: Sales Secrets for Pipeline Hyper-Growth


In our ABM Master Class Sales Secrets for Pipeline Hyper-Growth , we shared some of our best-kept secrets on how to prioritize prospects to smash revenue growth. For starters, buyer journeys are more complex, and there are more people in the decision-making process at a B2B account.

How Ready is Your Organization for the New Social Buyer Persona?

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  Here is a key issue facing organizations today: each time a new social technology is introduced, it ultimately alters the buying behaviors of the new social buyer persona.    Have organizations today kept pace with the changes in buying behaviors and patterns?    Inside-out based research means will reveal very little about buyer behaviors and buying patterns as well as evolving buyer goals.  Image by daniel_iversen via Flickr.

How to Recognize and Respond to Buying Signals (and Close More Deals!)


You’re armed with your prospect’s buying signals, right? What are customer buying signals? By definition, buying signals are the actions potential customers take that indicate they’re close to making a purchase. How to spot buying signals.

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The Design of Buyer Experience

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  Two notable books in the business and self-help categories are Peter Arnell’s book Shift: How to Reinvent Your Business, Your Career, and Your Personal Brand on how to change your life and your business and Shift: Harness the Trigger Events That Turn Prospects Into Customers by Tibor Shanto and Craig Elias in which the authors make the case for timing and path dependency understanding to transform selling.  Cover via Amazon.

Plan Before You Execute


With technology in place, the next step toward modern marketing success is to build an engagement strategy that stretches across the buying cycle, from inquiry to close. Here’s how: Define the Prospect Buying Cycle and, Within it, What Constitutes a Sales Accepted Lead. The SiriusDecisions demand waterfall is the industry standard for defining the buying cycle, delineating roles, measuring results, and optimizing demand creation efforts.

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How to Engage Your B2B Prospects with Great Content

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Now that you’ve attracted qualified prospects to your brand, company, website, product or services, what do you do if they are not quite ready to buy now ? Engage your B2B prospects that are the middle of the buying cycle. The engagement step is the middle of the buying funnel, or MOFU (middle of funnel). Just as with TOFU (top of the funnel – attracting qualified prospects), it is imperative that you know your buyer’s persona.

Stop Yelling At Prospects: How To Build An Ideal Customer Profile


Building your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is crucial for a couple of reasons: It will help you identify your most relevant prospects. Unlike the term “target customer,” which is often used to describe any company that might buy a product or service, the ICP is focused on the most valuable customers and prospects that are also most likely to buy. As we’ve mentioned before , a well-defined ICP will allow you to focus on the right prospects.

Are Your Prospects Scared to Talk to Strangers? [CHART]


by Taha Sheikh | Tweet this Personalized email signatures are a powerful way for you and your sales team to foster stronger relationships with your prospects. Since emails from a salesperson are typically more relevant with prospects who are further along in the buying cycle, we expect better engagement when they see an email from a person at a company they are already talking to. Are Your Prospects Scared to Talk to Strangers?

Stop Yelling At Prospects: How To Build An Ideal Customer Profile


Building your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is crucial for a couple of reasons: It will help you identify your most relevant prospects. Unlike the term “target customer,” which is often used to describe any company that might buy a product or service, the ICP is focused on the most valuable customers and prospects that are also most likely to buy. As we’ve mentioned before , a well-defined ICP will allow you to focus on the right prospects.