[Analytics, Behavior] 6 KPIs For Content Marketing
    You can calculate this KPI in Google Analytics in its search console. This report can be pulled from Google Analytics’ Audience Overview by comparing and organic traffic segment to overall site traffic. Instead of using anonymous data like Google Analytics does, a marketing automation program should be able to show you the number of “new names” your content generated versus names that might have already existed in your database. Marketing is all arts and crafts.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Tips to build customer loyalty online
    Brands can overcome the challenge presented by the lack of direct interaction with customers by monitoring real-time visitor behavior and making informed decisions that solve critical digital questions so they can improve business outcomes on every digital channel. As customers become more demanding and competition tougher, experience analytics can help brands stay ahead of the game and succeed.
    [Analytics, Behavior] 2018 Content Marketing Toolkit: Tips, Templates, and Checklists
    When you think of your content recipients using broad, catch-all terms like “audience” or “targets,” it’s easy to lose sight of their needs as people – unique, complex individuals, each with a unique complement of needs, interest, preferences, and behaviors. In addition to tracking key metrics, Google Analytics can be used to uncover deeper, more actionable insights you can use to guide your amplification efforts. Ready or not, 2018 is on its way.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Our Favorite Articles & Blog Posts of 2017
    With some good segmentation, as well as ads and landing pages personalization, you can create what will likely be very engaging campaigns. It was great to read how the new technologies built on AI and machine learning, backed by big data, could benefit B2B organizations in key areas such as lead gen, sales, and customer behavior. As search evolves and users’ behaviors change, online marketers must find new strategies to keep up.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Building Customer Loyalty: How and Why to Value Brand Loyalists
    ” For all the work you’ve done towards building customer loyalty, there suddenly seems to be a chasm between the likes and shares on one hand, and the behavior that ends with a conversion for your brand on the other. It’s an entirely better thing to have an audience segment you know you can count on in nearly any circumstance. Content marketing can play a huge role in these projections, however, because they create bite-size segments for your brand to analyze.
    [Analytics, Behavior] The Great Marketing Roast of 2017
    Segment your target audiences and serve them the marketing messages you know they’re interested in. Nina LoCicero, Global Demand Gen & Analytics at Rockwell Automation, explains how she is able to: Identify the personas of her anonymous web traffic. Onsite behavioral data. Marketing doesn’t have to be annoying! Here are a few notorious marketing habits that make all of our eyes roll. Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun.
    [Analytics, Behavior] 30 Experts Discuss Marketing Automation Trends That Will Have The Biggest Impact On B2B Marketers In 2018
    The marketing industry is embracing deeper analytics, integrations that align teams targeting leads at different stages of the funnel, and AI that can predict the results of a campaign and auto-optimize in real-time without human intervention. . . Marketing automation already outperforms paid search and blogging for customer acquisition, and is more effective than analytics and social media for improving customer retention: . . . This enhances segmentation. .
    [Analytics, Behavior] How to Get Started With LinkedIn's New Website Demographics
    If you haven't previously set up Website Demographics, you'll receive this message prompting you to set up an Insight Tag: The Insight Tag is essentially a short blurb of JavaScript code that allows Website Demographics to track visitors to a page, as well as conversion and analytics that are crucial when evaluating the performance of a LinkedIn ad campaign. In other words, without it, Website Demographics won't be able to track any visitor behavior or insights.
    [Analytics, Behavior] B2B Marketing Trends for 2018
    This category includes market and customer insights and predictive analytics. Big data can help you understand your customers and their behaviors better. AI and machine learning are especially helpful with email marketing segmentation. Customer feedback and analytics are always relevant. As the New Year quickly approaches, most marketers are turning their attention to 2018. Here are the B2B marketing trends for 2018 that savvy businesses need to follow.
    [Analytics, Behavior] "Why Did My SEO Ranking Drop?" How to Find and Fix Falling Blog Posts Before It's Too Late
    You'll need access to Google Analytics and SEMrush to follow these steps. Google Analytics (GA) doesn’t pull the “[link] part of a URL, so make sure you manually enter it. In the left sidebar, choose Search Traffic → Search Analytics: Next, click “Pages” → “Filter Pages” → “URLs Containing”, then paste the URL of the post you’re analyzing. In GA, go to the left-hand sidebar and click “Behavior” → “Site Content” → “All Pages.”. Wanna see something scary?
    [Analytics, Behavior] 5 Ways Marketing Automation Makes Engagement Easy
    The email marketing capabilities in marketing automation platforms allow marketers to send simple emails and more complex sets of email—for example building sequences of emails that are sent to customers automatically, based on pre-defined triggers, behaviors, demographic data, or other criteria. And using marketing automation can help simplify your social media marketing by integrating it with your website, blog, mobile app, analytics and more.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Why Marketers Need to Think Like Data Scientists (And How to Do It)
    Data scientists care about three types of analytics: Descriptive. Most marketers collect descriptive analytics. This data, gleaned from a tool like Google Analytics , gives a sense of what has happened – the historical results such as cost per link, click-through rates, and so on. Few marketers use predictive analytics. Prescriptive analytics kick things up a notch, beyond where most marketers are today. Segmentation and account selection.
    [Analytics, Behavior] How to Reach Your Audience with Content Distribution
    When you systematically research your audience , you’ll gather the demographic and behavioral data you need to reach them—on the right platform, in the right channel, and at the right time. Make sure to segment your email list so that you’re only sending your content to the subscribers that want it. If you already have an SMS database, you need to segment it and filter out your target audience.
    [Analytics, Behavior] How ABM Masters Do Account-Based Marketing
    “You can use the analytics behind your videos to know who is actually engaged in your content,” he explained. We bring this intent data into Salesforce to: Give our sales team insight into their accounts’ behavior. Watch the recording to learn more, including how B2B teams can: Segment target account lists. Meet the ABM Masters.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Flytxt Offers Broad and Deep Customer Management
    The intelligence (decision) layer provides rules, recommendations, visualization, packaged and custom analytics, and reporting. The roadmap is also impressive, including automated segment discovery and autonomous agents to find next best actions. When a customer appears, Flytxtidentifies the customer, looks up her history and segment data, and infers intent from the current behavior and context (such as location), and returns the appropriate offer for the current situation.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Simplifying Audience Modeling and Personas for the Data Age
    In the absence of more complete data, a businessperson’s ability to understand motivation came from being physically close enough to their audience to perceive them—the age of the shopkeeper as audience analytics. Rather than using personas as a way to hypothesize or explore new market segments, marketers can use personas as a way to gather and organize the key audience behaviors and demographics from their data, which might then be translated to brand-level narrative shifts.
    [Analytics, Behavior] 3 Key Challenges Marketers Face & How to Overcome Them
    The new Marketo Content AI enables marketers to personalize interactions for broad audiences as precisely as if you were marketing to a segment of one, and it does it by using AI-powered insights to predict the best content to engage each individual. They help marketers make sense of their content engagement data and choose the best assets to use to target individuals across segments.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Advanced SEO Analytics Reports that Even Beginner SEOs Can Use
    One source of new ideas that may come as a surprise is SEO website analytics. Reviewing web analytics reports can help marketers find new uses for underperforming content, discover new audiences to engage and educate, and identify gaps in coverage that need to be filled. Even if you’re a Google Analytics beginner, it’s simple to navigate the system and populate advanced reports that will help fill a content calendar.
    [Analytics, Behavior] 3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Marketing Automation
    Analytics and reporting (52%), campaign management (46%) and lead nurturing (46%) are considered the most useful marketing automation features. And it’s no wonder that analytics and reporting resonate with so many. Typically, a marketing automation platform includes reporting and analytics features that provide all the valuable data you need. Monitor your leads’ behaviors. Continue sending personalized messages to your customers and monitor their behavior.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Anecdotal Analytics: How Storytelling Can Improve Your Measurement Structures
    But because Saassy had tied their analytics to a simple goal , rather than the stories of their audience members, these wins were almost missed. Proper storytelling while implementing analytics can help fix this. To shift your analytical thinking to a story-based approach, it’s important to directly broaden your perspective of what ROI can look like for your team. Want to take advantage of a known segment or test one of their interests?
    [Analytics, Behavior] Attribution Will Be Critical for AI-Based Marketing Success
    That is, work is still organized into campaigns that deal with customer segments because the human manager needs to think in those terms. It’s true that the segments will keep getting smaller, the content within each segment more personalized, and more tests will yield faster learning. This means we no longer need campaigns and segments and can truly orchestrate treatments for each customer as an individual.
    [Analytics, Behavior] The Best Re-Engagement Tactics for Your Marketing Campaigns
    Segment Your Email Lists. You can gain clarity into the health of your email list through subscriber segmentation. Segment them as “least engaged,” “somewhat engaged” and “most engaged.” Segmented email campaigns enjoy 14.32% higher open rates than non-segmented campaigns. Maximize re-engagement by automating emails that trigger based on reader behaviors. To cut through the noise, find insights in the analytics functions of marketing automation.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Sales and Marketing Alignment: 45 Experts Explain How To Connect The Dots
    When transitioning from lead to account based, I've also set goals that link lead funnel metrics to account metrics like revenue / lead; leads in target account segments; engagement / account. . My favorite new metric is using ABM technology that groups all my web metrics in Google Analytics by account. Content, CTAs, and web pathing decisions are all driven by the behavior of target accounts rather than all the visitors. . The B2B sales funnel has changed a lot. .
    [Analytics, Behavior] Seven Ways Cohort Analysis Can Optimize Company Performance and Results
    With Gartner predicting the global business intelligence and web analytics tools market to reach $18.3 Here are seven ways cohort analysis can optimize company performance and results: Effects of Unique Behaviors. Accelerated growth in this industry requires in-depth knowledge of user behavior that leads to in-app purchases or the decision to uninstall. Proving this is necessary and possible by analyzing segmented cohorts. Guest post by Dan Schoenbaum.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Your Definitive Guide to Google Analytics
    In an online world filled with competitors, success depends on how well you understand your audience and their behavior. Luckily, Google Analytics is here to help. User behavior. An Introduction to Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, you’ll be able to understand your users on a whole new level, improve your marketing with detailed insights, and use Google’s knowledge to get the most out of your data. Google Analytics Features.
    [Analytics, Behavior] How Do You Create a Business Case to Prove the ROI of Your Cross Channel Marketing?
    You may find these within the data analytics software you use. This includes statistics about specific campaigns, audience segments, a marketing channel, and other filters. Use numerous visual analytics to simplify the information. These can also help you stay on top of any changes in preferences and behaviors. Gone are the days where the marketing department operated on a "wing and a prayer." " Data is now available on every marketing tactic imaginable.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Social Media Monitoring: The B2B Process
    While social media is an important distribution tool, it's also a window into your audience's behavior and habits. Their analytics features highlight noteworthy social activity and enable you to filter audiences and conversations by hashtags, locations, keywords and even sentiment (sentiment analysis is a powerful way to assess an audience’s mood and formulate an appropriate response). You may find that Facebook works well for some segments of your audience and LinkedIn for others.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Marketing + Technology + Management – Hype = MarTech
    Frank Bifulco , who led Staples as CMO in their adoption of new marketing technology, along with Mark Pickett , senior director of customer analytics, will share how Staples planned and executed an innovative martech roadmap. Customer profiles are built by integrating behavioral data (from website visits, email engagement and more), and then the company applies data science and machine learning to determine which messaging will best with each customer at any given moment.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Are the Videos you Watch Dictated by AI?
    According to The New York Times , the analytics firm Epagogix offers a neural network that ingests scripts and evaluates them based on plot points and historical box-office data. On a more commercial scale, marketers are using smart analytics to determine what video elements are most likely to entertain viewers and go Viral The #1 video goal of all marketers… (whoa, wait no it’s not!) AI isn’t a far off dream—it’s a present reality.
    [Analytics, Behavior] 5 Ways Marketing Automation Enhances Customer Loyalty
    Instead of hammering your audience with mindless messages, now you can deliver targeted and meaningful interactions across customer segments. Segment customers into separate nurture streams, then ask them how they feel about their current company relationship. Instead of blasting your audience with basic, impersonal content like newsletters, target them with pieces suited to their engagement history and behaviors. Imagine it’s 1953.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 28, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] 6 Predictions for the Convergence of IoT and Digital Marketing
    The boom in IoT ( Internet of Things ) technology will soon allow us to analyze, predict, and respond to consumer behavior in almost every market possible. IoT's surge will overjoy marketers because they can leverage these massive data sets to integrate consumer behavioral signals into their marketing stack. This will allow them to capture interactions, conversion metrics, and consumer behavior predictions and link them to purchase-intent data.
  • SNAPAPP  |  MONDAY, JULY 24, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] 28 Amazing B2B Examples of Interactive Content
    The first question in the assessment is used to segment the 3 core personas: . . The calculator provides extremely valuable information - tax rate comparisons - to a high value segment of the firm’s customer base. . While the CTA is weak in this example (maybe they could direct the user to free tax consultation), it acts as a powerful asset to help the CPA firm boost brand awareness and engagement within a valuable customer segment. . .
    [Analytics, Behavior] Account-Based Marketing Without a Budget
    We needed to capture the attention of hard-to-reach executives with titles such as Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Data Officer, Senior Vice President of HEOR (that’s Health Economics and Outcomes Research), and Global Head of Research and Development Analytics. The messaging was sub-divided by persona and type of company (such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices) into eight segments to assure that it was extremely targeted.
  • 6SENSE  |  MONDAY, JULY 17, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] My Journey from What If to What’s Next
    The early majority is the first sizable segment of a population to adopt an innovative technology – so for these types, think brands like Microsoft, Oracle and IBM. Just last month, Forrester released The Forrester Wave TM : Predictive Marketing Analytics for B2B Marketers, Q2 2017. It was the first report of its kind for the predictive marketing analytics space – and it named 6sense a leader among predictive analytics providers.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Is Organic Social Reach Dead?
    Facebook, Twitter, and Google offer analytics that can help you get to know your audience better in relation to their social media behavior and overall needs. Leverage the targeting and segmentation features that social media sites like Facebook offer for organic social postings as well as deeper targeting capabilities in conjunction with paid reach programs on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
    [Analytics, Behavior] 5 Marketing Trends and How Technology is Helping Marketers Address Them
    Web personalization helps marketers drive conversions more effectively on their website by delivering personalized messages, images and offers to segments of your Web visitors. Marketo Predictive Content uses behavioral information and customer profiles in the Marketo Engagement Hub , combined with AI, to assess an individual’s likelihood to consume certain content and then recommends the right piece of content.
    [Analytics, Behavior] The Evolution of Marketing: From Manual Through Automation To Predictive
    From the explosion of data and multiple touchpoints to changing consumer behavior and demographics, today’s marketers face consumers who take over and help define the brand. “Exploiting new technologies such as AI to amass and process vast amounts of information on companies and decision makers, predictive analytics scientifically guides marketers to the campaigns that create the highest engagement and produce the highest revenue.”
  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] Leverage Marketing Technology to Improve your Business
    Tools like RingLead and ReachForce allow marketers to gather fundamental firmographic and personal details on their target segments they might not otherwise have access to. Keeping an eye on these behaviors and collecting associated data points can provide you with the intelligence you need to have a better understanding of what your customers care about and what makes them tick. Analytics / Big Data Blog Feed Digital Advertising Marketing Automation / Email
    [Analytics, Behavior] 5 Common Mistakes that Destroy a Drip Campaign
    Do you want to respond to needs they may have based on their behavior on your website? The more specific your audience segments, the more personal and impactful your messages will be. Start by segmenting your audience according to their role on the purchasing team. Too many marketers are eager to finally release their drip programs and fail to follow-up with the metrics and analytics.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] The Artificial Intelligence Impact: Friend or Foe to Marketing?
    Marketing, like most other fields, will feel AI’s impact in several areas, including database marketing techniques, search queries and search engine optimization (SEO), personalization, predictive customer service, sales forecasting, customer segmentation, pricing, and many others. As AI learns and develops, I can foresee buying behaviors and automated nurture- or real time- programs tied together as an example. Marketing is driven by consumer behavior and needs.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Sample Post | Omni-Channel Marketing
    Accounting for buying habits, preferences, and behaviors across channels allows you to create rich personas. 2 Segment Your Audience. Once you’ve uncovered who’s buying what in which way, segment your audience for maximum impact. CRM and marketing automation platforms will automatically segment your contacts based on the personas you’ve created as well as any other behavioral or demographic markers you choose.
    [Analytics, Behavior] 7 Ways to Implement an Effective Omni-Channel Strategy
    Accounting for buying habits, preferences, and behaviors across channels allows you to create rich personas. 2) Segment Your Audience. Once you’ve uncovered who’s buying what in which way, segment your audience for maximum impact. CRM and marketing automation platforms will automatically segment your contacts based on the personas you’ve created as well as any other behavioral or demographic markers you choose. Imagine a bike wheel. What do you see?
    [Analytics, Behavior] Flooded with Data but Lacking Insight? Consider Usage Analytics
    Guest Post by Martha Stuart, VP, Software Analytics, Revulytics. Software usage analytics can help provide a boost to your marketing technology stack, leading to deeper customer engagement and real business results. Supercharge Web Analytics. As it turns out, software usage analytics can lend visibility into usage patterns that give you valuable insight into why products aren’t resonating with users, and how to ensure that they do.
  • FATHOM  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] Marketing Automation: It’s Not Magic, It’s Marketing
    Unfortunately, marketers often answer this question by making snap decisions about what our prospects want to see and how our database should be segmented. We let their behavior show us the way, giving us the ability to rapidly prototype, test the right mix of marketing efforts, and optimize appropriately in all marketing channels. In fact, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.
  • FATHOM  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] Marketing Automation: It’s Not Magic, It’s Marketing
    Unfortunately, marketers often answer this question by making snap decisions about what our prospects want to see and how our database should be segmented. We let their behavior show us the way, giving us the ability to rapidly prototype, test the right mix of marketing efforts, and optimize appropriately in all marketing channels. In fact, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.
    [Analytics, Behavior] How to Pitch Marketing Automation to Your Boss
    Another system to track your analytics. Behavioral-based segmentation of leads. Analytics & Reporting. Change is hard for some companies. Some would rather go with an executive’s gut than use data to back their decisions. Some still have paper files. And some, unfortunately, won’t be around five years from now because they aren’t willing to adapt to an evolving digital landscape.
    [Analytics, Behavior] AgilOne’s Customer Data Platform Enhances Oracle Marketing Cloud: Three Integration Highlights
    AgilOne feeds a single view of the customer data into OMC that incorporates first party information unified across omni-channel event, engagement, and transactional data sources, and enriched with predictive analytics. Send segmented audience lists, along with personalized content based and enriched omni-channel single view of customer, to Oracle Responsys and engage customers via hyper-targeted and personalized campaigns. Enhanced segmentation powered by machine learning.
    [Analytics, Behavior] 7 Ways to Grow Your Luxury Brand
    With marketing automation, you can segment customers within the loyalty program based on behavioral data and then create separate strategies and content to increase engagement in each group. Marketing automation provides data and analytics to help luxury brand marketers understand the most granular aspects and dynamics of customer needs. Using behavior tracking analytics, you find out that the customer has bought only analog watches in the past.
  • RADIUS  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] Future Of B2B Marketing And Sales: 20 Experts Share Their 2017 Predictions
    Move the focus from leads to accounts, and cover the fundamentals of lead-to-account matching and analytics/metrics. Tracking behavior through various touch points and unlocking related insights will become synonymous with the success that GTM teams see across their efforts.”. 16) Sam Ruchlewicz, Director of Digital Strategy & Data Analytics, Warschawski Public Relations – LinkedIn. Revenue, that’s the name of the game in 2017. And has been for a long time.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] Chalk Talks: Using Video Analytics for Smarter Selling
    When you use a tool like Vidyard, you’re actually able to automate all this and then pass this information into your marketing automation platform and CRM so that you’re effectively building a history of that lead’s viewership behavior. ” The second report is video views by segment. The post Chalk Talks: Using Video Analytics for Smarter Selling appeared first on Vidyard.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] The Best Advice for Marketers in 2017: Insights from 11 Experts
    Today, your marketing mix should include social media, SEO, influencers, PPC ads, a mobile-first mentality, segmented and transactional email, remarketing, content marketing, detailed buyer personas , big data, analytics. It can be easy to forget that you're in the business of influencing real human behavior and decision-making -- not just moving numbers around in a spreadsheet. Don Draper wouldn’t know what hit him.
    [Analytics, Behavior] How Are Marketers Capitalizing on Content Personalization? [Interview]
    Innovative marketers are using personalization solutions that include features for behavioral tracking, segmentation, campaign management, testing and analytics. Marketers are turning to personalization to enhance customer relationships, but not all of them are confident in their ability to execute their strategies.
    [Analytics, Behavior] How the Internet of Things Will Disrupt Digital Marketing
    However, unlike traditional market segmentation, the Internet of Things helps create and enable much richer and complex sets of data. The Analytics of Everything. Using information gathered from a wider array of touchpoints—online, in-store, and via devices and products themselves—the trackable range of customer behavior has expanded exponentially. Guest post by Beth Kotz.
    [Analytics, Behavior] How your B2B website can source and influence more revenue pipeline
    Push yourself beyond the metrics that typically come out of web analytics tools. Nurturing those that are not yet sales-ready can also help to better segment and qualify them for future outbound campaigns. Tip 3: Offer a trackable user experience that supports your lead segmentation and qualification efforts. By Nolin LeChasseur ( @nolin ), Co-founder & CMO at Brainrider ( B2B Council guest contributor).
  • PUREB2B  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] Using Buyer Intent to Drive Your Marketing Efforts
    The customer, their buyer’s journey, the sales funnel, and user behavior are at the core of a customer-centric approach to any marketing campaign. These days, marketers use data analytics tools to measure the success of every marketing effort. Keyword searches, engagement rates, email open rates, behavioral data, and demographic information are some of the metrics that contribute to buyer intent.
  • BIZIBLE  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] 12 Marketo Summit 2017 Sessions You Should Attend
    Marketing Analytics at Tibco Software; Thomas Been , CMO at Tibco Software; Dave Rigotti, VP of Marketing at Bizible. 3) Analytics that Matter: The Right Report for Every Step of the Buyer Journey. Understand how email cadence varies by region, segment, and more, using trends in lead behavior to improve scoring and segmentation. Marketing Nation Summit is a massive event that attracts thousands of marketers to the Bay Area every year.
    [Analytics, Behavior] How to Leverage Social Intent Data for Email Marketing
    Instead of sending broad, content-based emails on a weekly basis that may or may not appeal to our segments, we now develop tailored emails grouped by different topics of interest. Rather than sending out an email once a week, we send out behavior-driven emails as soon as our prospects take relevant actions (i.e. Intent data, otherwise known as behavioral data, represents any action taken by a prospect that signals what they care about.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] Email Marketing vs. MA Solutions: Which is Right for Your Business?
    Yet, while email continues to be a powerful tool for these companies, a range of other technologies have established themselves in the marketing arsenal, such as web analytics, landing page hosting, paid search, CRM, and social media. Most companies, no matter their size, need one system that manages and tracks behavior across multiple channels ‒ a system that encompasses all the benefits of email, but with linkages to track and aggregate ongoing cross-channel customer engagement.
    [Analytics, Behavior] SharpSpring Onboarding Part 3: Building Automations That Convert
    In this third segment of the series, you’ll learn how we help you set up efficient automations to increase engagement and guide leads through the sales funnel. Your Onboarding Specialist will teach you how to set up these lists to dynamically segment leads based on qualities you deem important. Next, you’ll learn how to take actions on specific lists or segments of lists.
    [Analytics, Behavior] How Pardot Customers Use SnapApp to Drive Better Marketing Results
    The ability to view that information in Pardot, and thereby your CRM, can help you better segment, target, and connect with your audience. ”. By housing your interactive content on a landing page, you can join SnapApp analytics data with the robust behavioral data collected via Pardot to get an even deeper understanding of your prospects’ interests and expectations. All the commotion you’re hearing about interactive marketing is real.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Serialization and Digital Storytelling: What Victorian-Era Publishing Teaches Us About Generating Leads
    For Margot, site analytics can only definitively tell if an individual user is interested in her brand if they take an action on an in-page CTA. Segmenting users by where in the series they fall off or on board can reveal specific topics of interest or disinterest for future material. Define Your Analytical Strategy.
  • PUREB2B  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] Why Your Marketing Needs to be Data-Driven
    20 years later, direct marketing was used along with computer processing to target specific segments of the population through direct mail and telemarketing. If you know your target user’s behavior, goals, pain points, and challenges, you can develop marketing campaigns that cater to their specific needs. Data such as a user’s browsing patterns, social media activity, online purchase behavior, and other metrics can help you focus your marketing efforts on what works.
  • KAPOST  |  MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] 10 Top B2B Marketing Metrics for 2017
    Predictive Analytics Will Evolve. SiriusDecisions’ latest CMO study reveals that skills in the areas of business analytics, modeling, and predictive analytics are in the highest demand among marketing professionals. Predictive analytics tools will allow B2B organizations to analyze the content that prospects and customers are reading. The increased adoption of predictive analytics tools will lead to a more personalized customer journey.
    [Analytics, Behavior] What do bounce, user, session and other Google Analytics terms mean?
    Anyone using Google Analytics will probably see terms such as session, bounce, conversion rate and user. This is a Google Analytics glossary to define all these terms once and for all. It’s easy to get confused with Google Analytics terms. are even defined differently in AdWords and Google Analytics. In this post we try to have key Analytics terms explained. A Google user (like user@gmail.com) can have many Accounts on Google Analytics.
    [Analytics, Behavior] THE HACKIES: A customer-centric approach to building marketing and sales stacks
    Buying behavior and profiles have changed. This shift in buying behavior has created an entirely new set of challenges for sales, marketing, and customer success teams to address a multitude of possible buying philosophies. To accelerate B2B buying, marketers need to have more than just a CRM, marketing automation, and web analytics. As much as 80 percent of customer behavior data is unstructured data , made up of information from sales calls, emails and social media feeds.
  • INFER  |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] Account-Based Sales Development In A Predictive World
    and the behavior of each lead (i.e. We also track the full spectrum of behavior we’re seeing from each individual lead in our Salesforce CRM and Pardot systems, so we can make sure that no missed opportunities fall through the cracks. Since we include predictive behavior scores as a distinct data point to inform our sales priorities (in addition to our less dynamic fit scores), we’re able to surface leads and accounts that are currently showing clear buying intent.
    [Analytics, Behavior] CrossEngage Orchestrates Customer Journeys Using Events
    They all ingest data from multiple sources; convert it into unified customer profiles; apply rules and analytics to find the best message for each customer in each situation; and, send those messages to external systems for delivery. Campaigns also make heavy use of events, referencing them as entry and exclusion conditions, in combination with user-defined segments; as campaign goals (which may be one or several events); and, as campaign steps (each step being a different event).
    [Analytics, Behavior] Mastering modern marketing technology leadership over 2 intense days
    The next session will be two back-to-back TED-style talks: Turning Your Marketing Team into a Profit Center a case study with Kerem Tomak , chief digital marketing and analytics officer at Sears , and then The 4 Cornerstones to Become a Universal (Marketing) Soldier in 2017 by Paul Gottsegen , chief marketing & strategy officer at Mindtree. Both will address how the role of the marketing leader needs to evolve to achieve the right balance across technology, analytics, and execution.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 14, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] How to Use Wistia: A Step-by-Step Guide
    In-depth analytics can tell you how your viewers engage with your content and whether or not they take action. In-depth analytics from Wistia lead to great results. Wistia's analytics provide much more detail than other platforms. Here's an example of what it looks like: Capture leads with your videos, automatically pass viewing data into your CRM of choice , and score, segment, and assign leads to your sales team.
    [Analytics, Behavior] THE HACKIES: The case for a cloud-enabled business advisor
    How do you identify your most profitable customers and segments? They rarely have the necessary analytics in place to inform a decision maker whether or not their current business strategy is working or where improvements are in order. How much revenue do we generate by customer segment? How much cost do we have by each customer segment? How quickly can we analyze different segments of our customers? Source: web and ad analytics, including external vendor).
    [Analytics, Behavior] 7 SaaS KPIs You Need to Track in 2017
    Even the poorest segment is projected to see a compound annual growth rate of 19.7 Another way is to use in-app analytics to identify log-ins and usage per month as well. Having a clear view of how different customers close will provide unique data into which campaigns were most successful and into common behavior across all customers. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry has experienced exponential growth over the past several years and shows no signs of decline.
  • VISUMCX  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 7, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] Customer Alignment & Journey Orchestration - An Interview With Raviv Turner of CaliberMind
    The MarTech & Sales Tech stacks grew so big in the last few years that the data is siloed between so many systems that don't talk to each other (CRM, MAS, Web Analytics, Chat, Video, Content, Call Analytics etc) VisumCx: Over the last number of years there has been a lot of attention to understanding customers and buyers. Turner: They would have a single view of the customer, also being able to segment based on needs not just firmagraphics.
    [Analytics, Behavior] How to Get the Most Out of Visitor Tracking
    You can tell a lot by dissecting the behavior of your Prospects. With Wistia, you’ll get business-level analytics and conversion tools, all of which are integrated with Lead Liaison, for better lead conversion and analytics. Run static/dynamic segmentations to have continual lists built of the hottest prospects that meet specific criteria. A website visitor tracking solution will never be a magic bullet to increase visitors to your website.
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 7, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] Machine Learning is Marketing’s Future: 3 Ways How
    What used to be nice only in theory (predictive analytics, often complex and expensive) can now be put into practice, via features that allow for real-time data optimization, automated workflows, and personalized content. The technology has also gotten smarter in the lead scoring and weighting department and can enable marketers to go beyond conditional scoring rules, prescribing scoring values for behaviors and actions across different segments, industries and buyers.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Marketing and Artificial Intelligence: Make Your Job Robot-Proof
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence as “the scientific understanding of the mechanism underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines.” Applying AI in marketing, through predictive analytics , data science, and natural language processing (NLP), is almost an expected outcome. Predictive marketing is just one of the many general applications of AI, analytics, and data science.
  • INFER  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] Infer Extends Profile Management to the Oracle Marketing Cloud
    We’re excited to announce that Infer Profile Management now supports Eloqua engagement data, allowing customers to take their segmentation and profiling one step further and ensure that they’re sending the right message to the right person at the right time. The platform joins your company’s internal records with signals from Infer’s data cloud, which contains hundreds of individual attributes and useful data points for use in segmenting your database.
    [Analytics, Behavior] 3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming B2B Marketing
    Based on your past behavior, it knows you won’t want to wake up until 11:00 a.m. More importantly, customer segmentation helps tailor your brand’s message to this group to create a highly personal campaign. Every aspect of marketing works to obtain more data about clients’ behaviors, aspirations, likes, and dislikes (and, of course, track trends in the industry itself). The year is 2020.
    [Analytics, Behavior] How to Create Content for a Winning Account-Based Marketing Strategy
    So when you pair account-based marketing, which is all about micro-segmenting your market for relevant messaging, with content marketing, you have a winning duo. Say hello to the micro-segmentation. This is where a helping hand from predictive analytics is in order. Based on the online behavior of company associates, analytics platforms can tell you when a corporation is pursuing a new initiative or trying to solve a problem.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Make the Shift from Automation to Engagement Marketing
    They listen for the products that buyers are interested in, offer additional content based on specific behaviors, and coordinate sales follow-up based on their behaviors and actions. This does not diminish the value or purpose of predictive analytics , which is a component of marketing that will continue to be vital to understanding audience behavior. Simplify audience segmentation.
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] 5 Smart Ways to Automate Your Marketing
    How about this, Smartypants: Have you hooked up your pay-per-click campaigns and your SEO analytics so that you can tell which keywords generate the most business for you? This is why smart marketers check their analytics all the time. And as with all good marketing automation, it’ll be segmented (according to which products the customer has bought) and personalized. Need to do more with less? It’s a common challenge for marketers today.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] How Personalization Affects Lead Nurturing
    This involves a variety of marketing strategies that require a thorough understanding of your target market’s characteristics and buying behavior and is a continuous process with the main goal of building lasting relationships with your customers. Effective personalization takes time to achieve, so as a marketer, you have to do your target market research, which goes beyond segmenting by demographics. The way you segment your marketing communications is completely up to you.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Lead Nurturing’s Biggest Challenges
    You can use a simple Excel file for tracking or a full-fledged analytics software program for monitoring results in detail. There are many tools and software that you can use to observe customer behavior, many of which are free. Once you’ve segmented your leads and identified those who have expressed interest in your product, don’t leave them hanging. Such programs are also useful when it comes to segmenting and identifying leads in the various stages of the sales funnel.
    [Analytics, Behavior] The Right Data Fuels the Artificial Intelligence Race
    But while a lot of sales and marketing departments look for things like contact records based on intent to purchase and persona-based data, HG Data’s dataset is different because it analyzes past purchases behavior. Because of our ability to analyze the relationships between buyers and vendors, our dataset is empirical…derived from documented and verified past purchase behavior and the technology currently in place. In 1957, Army mathematician Wiliam D.
    [Analytics, Behavior] The Right Data Fuels the Artificial Intelligence Race
    But while a lot of sales and marketing departments look for things like contact records based on intent to purchase and persona-based data, HG Data’s dataset is different because it analyzes past purchases behavior. Because of our ability to analyze the relationships between buyers and vendors, our dataset is empirical…derived from documented and verified past purchase behavior and the technology currently in place. In 1957, Army mathematician Wiliam D.
    [Analytics, Behavior] The 29 Best Web Analytics Tools
    Yet as pointed out on Marketing Charts , “What’s interesting to see is that CMOs don’t seem to be pursuing what’s being touted as the solution to the ROI struggle: marketing analytics.” ” Analytics tools can ultimately help measure ROI. But web analytics tools ideally provide marketers with actionable information. Metrics (measured by web analytics tools) provide actionable insights that feed back into content development planning.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 30, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] Customer Lifecycle Metrics, Part 3: Nurture, Score, Repeat
    Instead of blasting a lead list with one-off emails, automated drip marketing campaigns give you the ability to plan out interaction pathways that take prospects on a customized journey based on their behaviors and preferences. Trigger Emails : These automated emails are triggered based on specific events or dates, such as an action taken (or not) by a website visitor, or a meaningful change in a customer’s behavior or profile.
  • PUREB2B  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 30, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] You Need to Define an Effective Criteria for Lead Scoring
    Behavioral Data. Things that you can look at include behavior on your website, email engagement, eBooks downloaded, and forms submitted. You could ask your sales or customer service teams about the characteristics of your best customers, which segment brings in the most revenue or which customers are most receptive to renewals. Track your customer behavior. Make sure that you have the appropriate analytics tools to collect relevant data.
    [Analytics, Behavior] New Approaches To Understand Customers Needed In A Digital Transformation World
    Approaches that go beyond the multitude of marketing analytical tools that are being introduced. That is, people are driven by goals and exhibit goal-directed behaviors when engaged in using products or services, as well as, in making purchase decisions. Digital technologies have enabled the ability to produce an overwhelming amount of data analytics. 6 – Use Analytics To Scale Insights. Illustration by Nikita Kozin.
    [Analytics, Behavior] Why CMOs Need To Be Bullish On Mobile DMPs
    DMPs power cross-channel mobile marketing by: Building sophisticated audience segments across first- and third-party data for precision at scale. Generating robust audience analytics to get deep actionable insights into your mobile audience composition and in-market behaviors. Not sure why I used the word "bullish" in the title. I don't think I have ever used that word before in a title or any of the thousands of posts I have written.
    [Analytics, Behavior] How to Leverage Intent Data to Drive More Revenue
    Intent data is behavioral information collected about an individual’s online activities, combining both topic and context data, which I’ll explain in more detail below. There are several different categories of topic data: Anonymous 1st Party Behavioral: People visiting your website who are identified by their IP address, which is then mapped to their company’s name. Known 1st Party Behavioral: People visiting your website who have also filled out a form online.
  • INFER  |  TUESDAY, JANUARY 17, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] Leveraging AI for Sales & Marketing – Beyond the Hype
    In sales and marketing, the potential for 10x conversion rates and accelerated growth from AI-driven predictive analytics is enticing. Predictive Analytics vs Other AI Technology. In sales and marketing, predictive analytics is a type of AI that has gained impressive momentum in recent years. Predictive analytics isn’t the only type of AI used in sales and marketing applications, but it is where a majority of innovation is happening today.
    [Analytics, Behavior] How to Drive More Sales with Intent Data
    Intent” is behavioral information collected about a person’s activities online which combines “topic” and “context” data. Types of topic data: There are several different categories of topic data: Anonymous 1st Party Behavioral: People visiting your website identified by their IP address. Known 1st Party Behavioral: People visiting your website who have also filled out a web form online. The value – and challenges – of 3rd party behavioral data.
    [Analytics, Behavior] 3 Reasons to Adopt a Scalable Marketing Automation Platform
    Now, with our new instance, we can reach our entire database with one email blast if needed, while also maintaining the ability to segment and personalize. We can also keep track of behavior, such as when a recipient opens an email, clicks links on landing pages, and more. In other words, we can cut right to the heart of our prospects and customers’ needs, and reach out to them in the ways that are most appropriate based on their actions and behaviors.
    [Analytics, Behavior] The Importance of Understanding the Difference Between Personalization, Segmentation and Individualization
    Learn the Difference Between Personalization, Segmentation and Individualization The word “personalization” is thrown around quite a bit by marketers, but in general terms has a few different meanings. Instead of getting hung up on labels or buzzwords, it’s important to break down “personalization” and understand the similarities and differences of: segmentation, personalized messaging, and individualization. The reality is this is just beyond segmentation.
    [Analytics, Behavior] How Data Will Change Marketing in 2017
    Data has been driving many aspects of business success for the last few years, especially as the amount of information available to us through analytics tools has increased significantly almost to the point of not knowing what to do with all the insights. Data will deliver more tailored recommendations related to each customer or segment that will enable more personalized content and interaction across social media and other channels.
  • KAPOST  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 2017
    [Analytics, Behavior] 10 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Customer Experience
    You need to know which behaviors to cultivate and have the discipline and willpower to regularly execute those actions towards your goal. Eventually, when done correctly and consistently, these behaviors become a habit. Firmographic and demographic fields are key for segmentation, lead routing, and analysis. Create manageable, consistent business segments in all systems. Make sure ALL your systems and internal users and can identify and enforce these segments.
    [Analytics, Behavior] 2 Zero Risk Predictions for 2017
    For everything else that happened in 2016, I think it’s best summarized as the “year where our collective analytics and predictive prowess failed us,” at least in the U.S. There’s an article I recalled from 2008 in Psychology Today which asserts, if our behavior (as humans) is completely predictable, then it makes it easier for other people to take advantage of us. Like when Amazon knows which products you prefer based on past buying or browsing behavior.
    [Analytics, Behavior] 10 Trends for B2B Marketing in 2017
    Dissecting the sales funnel and marketing to specific segments – TOFU, MOFU, BOFU, ROFU. When it comes to lead nurturing, look beyond the funnel and see it in segments. By really getting to know the customer and their behaviors through sales analytics, B2B organizations can begin to forecast needs and create campaigns that are hyper- targeted to a specific segment of the funnel. Paid media options that focus on segmented re-marketing.
  • INFER  |  TUESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2016
    [Analytics, Behavior] Predictive Marketing: The Next Must-Have Technology for CMOs
    Predictive analytics is surging in popularity among marketing leaders. This technology eliminates a great deal of manual and redundant work from marketing and sales analytics, letting reps spend more time on high-value outreach and lowering chances that a calculation error will cost the company important deals. Predictive analytics lets you take large sets of data and mine them for actionable insights using specific types of AI.
    [Analytics, Behavior] 73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017
    Segment these campaigns based on each persona of yours and speak to their unique needs. so you should definitely use research tools (including Google Analytics on your site, Facebook Audience Insights, and the Facebook Ad dashboard of who is responding to your ads and where) to find out who your customer is and what devices they use. Cognitive Marketing / Predictive Analytics.
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