45 Phenomenal Email and Mobile Marketing Stats


And now on to the 45 phenomenal email and mobile marketing stats and facts. 14 Email Marketing Stats and Facts. 5 Mobile Marketing Stats and Facts. 7 Mobile Email Stats and Facts. 8 Mobile Advertising Stats and Facts. 4 Mobile Shopping Stats and Facts.

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34 Compelling Content Marketing Stats and Facts


– Case studies (65%). The most useful forms of content when making online B2B purchases are technical brochures / specification sheets (cited by 61% of buyers), followed by instruction manuals / how-to documents (46%), videos (38%) and case studies (31%).

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What is a Q&A Case Study? And Why is it Great for B2B Marketing?


This trend makes case studies more important than ever. A case study is more than a review or a testimonial. A good case study paints a picture, tells a story. A question and answer (Q&A) case study is a simple and natural approach to telling a client’s story.

16 Enigmatic Business Blogging and Other Marketing Stats


As winter comes to an end, so too does the Winter Wonderland of Marketing Stats series that’s been running here over the past few months. This final installment covers some fascinating though sometimes contradictory and confusing stats about business blogging and the value of marketing.

36 Sensational Social Media Stats and Facts


Followers value images, videos, and case studies as the most valued content from brands on social media. Find these and more actionable takeaways in this collection of three dozen social media marketing stats and facts. Stats and Facts About Social Media Strategy and Tactics.

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Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


Discover the answers to all of these questions and more here in more than 40 of the best resources for social media and marketing stats, facts and research of the past year. Social Media Facts and Stats. Everyone Uses E-mail, But Blogging Is On the Decline [STUDY] by Mashable.

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48 Instagram Stats That'll Help You Improve Your Posting Strategy


Read on to uncover more Instagram stats that'll help you get ideas and improve your own Instagram posting strategy. 48 Instagram Stats. Click on a category below to jump to the stats for that category: Instagram's Growth. Tweet this stat! Tweet this stat!

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35 Marketing Automation Stats to Make You Look Smart


Stats. Here are 35 marketing automation stats to know and love and share and cite. They’re all fresh stats, too – none are more than a couple years old. Apteco’s 2016 study found that “eight out of ten marketers use marketing automation, or aspire to do so.”. Two different studies show that top-performing companies tend to use marketing automation. This stat is also listed in Act-On’s Fast Facts 2016. Plenty of studies to cite: 20.

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4 Cross Channel Marketing Stats Marketers Need To Know Going Into 2017

Modern Marketing

As 2016 winds down and we all look forward (hopefully) to some time off from work and spending time with family and friends, I thought it a good time to give some marketers some cross channel marketing stats to get to know up close and personal as we head into 2017.

33 Stats On The Future of Content Marketing

B2B Marketing Insider

Along the way, I’ve been collecting facts, stats and insights on the future of content marketing that support the need for change. What important content marketing stats did I forget: 33 Stats on The Future of Content Marketing. 33 Stats On Content Marketing on Slideshare.

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5 Fresh B2B Marketing Stats & What They Mean to You

KoMarketing Associates

There are so many good reports and surveys being conducted (* cough ) and truthfully, some of the stats surprise me. Today, I’m going to look at some of these more surprising stats and discuss what they really mean to marketers.

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56 Tweet-Worthy Enterprise Marketing Stats from Skyword’s Original Research: “A Study in Brand Transformation”

Content Standard

If you’re like me, I like information in snackable and shareable snippets , which is why I pulled out Tweet-worthy stats so you can Tweet to your heart’s content. If you’d like to step up your Twitter game, consider Tweeting some of these stats from Skyword’s research.

5 Examples Of Exceptional B2B Case Studies


Case studies are an important part of B2B content marketing. According to a survey done by the Content Marketing Institute, the top three most important marketing tactics for B2B businesses are in-person events, webinars and case studies. Best Practices For B2B Case Studies.

83 Exceptional Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014


So before it gets replaced by the next trendy buzzwordy term, here’s some marketing-related big data for you: 83 valuable facts, stats, and research findings covering strategy, social media, SEO, online advertising, email marketing, content, blogging, social networking, video and more.

20 Display Advertising Stats That Demonstrate Digital Advertising's Evolution


10 Shocking (But True) Stats About Display and Banner Ads. A 2013 study revealed that 28% of respondents admitted to hiding their activities from advertisers -- second only to criminals. A study revealed that only 2.8% 10 Stats That Show Display Ad Success.

25 Key B2B Content Marketing Stats


This infographic, featured on OpenView and designed by Rachel Worthman , lays out 25 must-read stats about the current state of B2B content marketing. According to a HubSpot study, having a blog helps B2B companies generate 67% more leads in a month than their blog-less competitors.

59 Killer Content Marketing Stats: 2014 Edition


We’ve curated 59 of the most powerful content marketing stats from the latest, high-quality research reports. 76% of B2B marketers blog, and 73% publish case studies. Want to dive a little deeper into some of the latest content marketing stats and research?

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87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012


The recent 72 Fascinating Social Media Stats post on JeffBullas.com was one of my post popular guest posts ever, so here is an entirely new set of social media stats, facts and research findings. Social Media Stats and Demographics. Facebook Stats. Blogging Stats.

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Martech and marketing technologists go mainstream — 3 key stats


The good folks at DataXu , in collaboration with market research firm MORAR and Withpr , have produced a fantastic quantative research study on the current state of marketing technology management: Modernizing the Mix: Transforming Marketing Through Technology and Analytics.

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34 Stats to Help You Plan Your Social Media Strategy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & More


34 Stats to Help You Plan Your Social Media Strategy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & More. LinkedIn has studied its own platform and found that including images in posts increases the comment rate by 98%.

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The 6 Most Important Takeaways From CMI’s Annual Study


For six years, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) has studied the evolution of content marketing. Of course, CMI loves playing up that stat because the organization can help you build a strategy. B2B B2C Brands CMI Content Strategy study

87 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats

Marketing Action

It’s been expanded from 70 stats to 87. Many of the marketing automation stats we regularly use – to make strategic decisions, craft presentations, prepare for sales calls – are getting a bit long in the tooth. So we set off to uncover the most recent marketing stats.

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6 Stats B2B Marketers Must Pay Attention To in 2014

KoMarketing Associates

We are a month into the new year and there have already been some great studies released (be sure to check out our industry news section for the latest). Industry statistics and studies are also available to help you better understand the market.

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17 Stats You Should Know About Visual Content Marketing in 2015


Keeping pace with this trend, several research studies conducted over the course of 2014 point to the rather amazing effectiveness of visual content for social media. Tweet this stat! Tweet this stat! Tweet this stat! Tweet this stat! Tweet this stat!

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70 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats

Marketing Action

Many of the marketing automation stats we regularly use – to make strategic decisions, craft presentations, prepare for sales calls – are getting a bit long in the tooth. It’s a great stat that gets a lot of traction; I just found it on 3 different blog posts published within the last week.

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8 Stats You Need to Know From the 2016 State of Inbound Report [New Data]


8 Stats You Need to Know From the 2016 State of Inbound Report. But this year, we introduced a new angle in our study: Do marketers believe their organization’s marketing strategy is effective?

8 Interesting Facebook Stats to Help You Increase Engagement [Infographic]


Let’s look at some recent studies. All the evidence suggests that Facebook’s News Feed is now one of the most powerful content channels in the world. Don't believe us?

Why You Should Question Most Video Marketing Stats You See


We all know the value of a good stat. Nevertheless, given the nature of the study and caliber of Forrester, it’s safe to assume that the 1.8 After trying to get to the bottom of that misleading video stat, my team at Hurricane Video Marketing got the idea for a project.

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15 Important Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing


Case studies are an invaluable asset when it comes to establishing proof that what you''re offering is valuable and of good quality. It doesn’t stop there: The CMI also reports that 63% of UK marketers believe that case studies are effective marketing tactics.

21 stats show CMOs leap before they look at ROI


Here are 21 stats that show most CMOs leap before they look at ROI. 91% of senior marketers believe successful brands use customer data to drive marketing decisions; yet, 39% say their own company’s data is collected too infrequently or not real-time enough to be useful (source: BRITE Study).

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The Top 10 Stats from 2015 that Show the Importance of Video Marketing

Content Standard

The year’s most compelling video marketing stats point to where video marketing has been and where we’re headed in 2016. Seventy-three percent of B2B marketers surveyed said their video marketing is generating positive results, according to a study from ReelSEO.

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20 Stats Every Global Social Media Marketer Should Know


That's why we've collected 62 stats that help paint a picture of how social media works around the world , 20 of which we're going to highlight in this blog post. Source: ClickZ ) Tweet This Stat! Source: New Media Trend Watch ) Tweet This Stat! Source: HubSpot ) Tweet This Stat!

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The Top 10 Stats from 2016 that Show the Importance of Email Marketing

Content Standard

If not, take a closer look at the top stats of 2016 that highlight the importance of email, and a few tactics for effectively wielding it effectively in your content strategy. When I think about digital storytelling, there are a few images that come to mind.

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How SMBs Use Twitter: 15 Stats You Should Know


Twitter recently launched a study of 1,000 people living in the United States who use Twitter monthly, and follow SMBs on Twitter, to determine how businesses interact with their followers. Tweet This Stat.). Tweet This Stat.). Tweet This Stat.). Tweet This Stat.).

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What's the Deal With Ad Blocking? 11 Stats You Need to Know


11 Ad Blocking Stats You Need to Know. A study from Priori Data suggests 419 million people (a fifth of the world's internet users) have some type of mobile ad blocker installed.

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17 Compelling Stats That Make the Case for Smarter Site Design


17 Must-Read Stats About Website Design and Optimization. Source: Econsultancy ) ( Tweet This Stat! ). Source: Forrester Research ) ( Tweet This Stat! ). Source: Keynote ) ( Tweet This Stat! ). Source: Mobile Joomla ) ( Tweet This Stat! ).

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3 Must-Read Stats on the State of Inbound Marketing in 2015 [New Research]


3 Must-Read Stats on the State of Inbound Marketing in 2015. Download the full study to discover: The #1 challenge marketing teams face globally. Every year, the marketing industry undergoes some serious changes.

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38 Handy Stats to Prove the Value of Personas


Understanding B2B Buyers Benchmark Study, Cintell ). 8% of companies who exceed lead and revenue goals report segmenting their database by persona ( Understanding B2B Buyers Benchmark Study, Cintell ). Understanding B2B Buyers Benchmark Study, Cintell ).

Case study: Facebook ads create Hollywood buzz

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Campaign Stats. Case studies facebook facebook ads facebook and movies facebook case studyI’d like to welcome Robert Dempsey as the newest {grow} contributing columnist. Here is an amazing story as his first post!

12 Stats from 2012 Every B2B Technology Marketer Should Know


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