Reward-Based vs. Discount-Based Promotions: Which Drives Greater ROMI?


What kind of promotions hook you? Do you know what kind of promotions hook your customers? Have an idea of which promotions lead to greater return on marketing investments (ROMI)? Read: Next-Generation Promotions: Foster Customer Engagement & Maximize Marketing Effectiveness. Between February and March of 2018, Aberdeen surveyed 212 businesses about their promotions strategies.


Bolster your Go-to-Market plans by prioritizing the metrics that matter

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Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) Hubspot recently reported that 40% of marketers cited “Proving the ROI of our marketing activities” was their company’s biggest marketing challenge. A simple way to calculate ROMI is to compare revenue gains with the marketing investment.

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Is It Time to Reconsider and Reprioritize Your Marketing Metrics in the Time of Coronavirus?

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Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). Net Promoter Score (NPS). A closer look at what marketing tactics seem to be working – and what to watch out for.

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How to Create Your 2021 Marketing Budget Plan [Step-by-Step Guide]

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Return on marketing investment (ROMI) can be tough to navigate, but with persistent research, you can optimize the channels that are working in your favor and pull back marketing spend on the tactics that aren’t.

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Investing in Marketing: Calculate ROI before you Leap

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Home About Us FAQs Our Contributors The RIC Blog Promoting innovation Feeds: Posts Comments Investing in Marketing: Calculate ROI before you Leap July 20, 2010 by Stephen Rhodes By Axel Kuhn Chances are that you – or someone in your organization – are thinking about investing in a marketing campaign at this very moment. Today, more and more marketers are embracing the importance of demonstrating tangible Return-on-Marketing-Investment (aka ROMI).


The Path To Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Success

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We’re now seeing a ‘return on marketing investment’ (ROMI) for our ABM efforts. Resist the temptation to do one-off promotions to targeted accounts. . Introduction.

The Future of Marketing: Is The Science of Marketing Taking Over?

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Last year I was promoted to SVP of Worldwide Marketing Regions, responsible for our regional Marketing organizations around the globe and a member of SAP’s global leadership team. Return of Marketing Investment (ROMI) is a critical way for us to demonstrate the impact and tangible results we generate. Last week we kicked of this Future of Marketing series with an interview with Mark Schaefer. Mark identified culture as the key differentiator of a successful social business.

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How to Define & Measure Social Media KPIs – Part VII


Leveraging social media KPIs in the year 2019 & beyond will be an unbeatable approach for marketers to figure out the loopholes in their marketing strategies & will guide them on how to set social media KPIs to optimize their marketing & other core bottom-line endeavors such as sales revenue & return on marketing investment (ROMI). Therefore, promotions are also amongst the important social media KPIs for Reddit. Prologue.

5 Advantages of Market Basket Analysis in B2B Marketing


The information is then processed to decide which products can be cross-sold and hence, must be promoted together. Thus, the most relevant product or service combinations are promoted together. There are numerous advantages of incorporating Market basket analysis in B2B Marketing.

Creative B2B Marketing Ideas for Small Business Success


Create exemplary Pieces of Content : Encouraging pieces of content to promote marketing ideas & to promote brand equity & resonance is amongst one of the most impactful ways to market your products & services. According to a report by Post Planner, Facebook alone has emerged as marketers’ favorite platform to promote business ideas as more than 8 billion videos are viewed daily on the platform. . Prologue.

What Is Market Segmentation? Why the Divide and Conquer Approach Works in Marketing


Anderson said that “focusing on your ICP allows you to focus on the segment of the market where you’ll see the highest return on your marketing investment (ROMI) with the highest margins because of higher LTV (customer lifetime value). What is market segmentation?

How B2B Brands can benefit from Programmatic Marketing


Abiding by the best practice guidelines is important for all parties in the interactive advertising landscape (IAB), wherein the AdTech industry does everything possible towards promoting brand safety & inspiring trust. In addition to driving exemplary personalization & streamlining profitable customer journeys, programmatic advertising is also a way to effectively automate media buying so that the marketers can precisely quantify the returns on their marketing investments (ROMI).


10 Benefits of Employing a Powerful Content Syndication Strategy


Companies leveraging content syndication leverage their content to someone else to use & promote while they retain the full copyrights for the driving quality traffic, capable of accelerating the conversions on the website. Content syndication networks promote the syndicated assets on their website & libraries & leverage their audience base to drive people to those assets. Consequently, this also promotes the omnichannel brand resonance. Prologue.


Top 5 Creative Marketing Ideas to Revitalize a Tired B2B Strategy


Valasys Media leverages an array of services including lead generation , account-based marketing , lead nurturing , event promotion services , list building services & content syndication services to help their B2B clients optimize their core bottom-line goals such as optimized sales revenue & an improved Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). B2B marketing can be a bit boring if you have been doing it the same way for quite some while now.


The Ultimate List of B2B Marketing Software for Ambitious Brands


So, we have compiled the ultimate list of B2B marketing software for ambitious brands, intending to help you optimize your marketing endeavors for a better Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). Valasys Media helps B2B marketers with an array of services including lead generation , account-based marketing , lead nurturing , event promotion services , list building services & content syndication services. Prologue.

How Omnichannel Reputation Management Assists in B2B Branding


Brands in the recovery phase of “omnichannel reputation management” are the ones that have probably been hit through bad reviews & need to substantiate some serious self-promotion & good marketing to win over the trust of their prospects & customers & undo the damage being done. If done right omnichannel reputation management helps in driving a substantial amount of organic traffic as well as promotes online positive word of mouth referrals for marketers to bank upon.


Perfect time to make a Sales Call in 2020


In such a scenario, the best time to make a sales call is quizlet & the only one that needs to be researched & sought answers to for the marketers to effectively carry out their tasks of prospecting & to scale up the Return on the Marketing Investment (ROMI) from their sales endeavors.

Top 10 Email Marketing Tools & Why You Need Them


In a fiercely competitive B2B world, marketers need to optimize their returns on marketing investment (ROMI) & using the best email marketing tools can help the marketers achieve their desired results. The following can be considered to be the best email marketing tools for the year 2019 & beyond that will help the marketers optimize their Returns on Marketing Investment (ROMI): 1. Email Marketing always has been the most effective means of communication for businesses.


Return on Marketing Investment: A Professional Services Primer

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Return on marketing investment — or ROMI — is a measure of a firm’s marketing efficiency. In fact, there are many different ways to calculate ROMI — and just as many opinions on the best way to do it. Online advertising — Online ads can be used to build brand awareness or promote a specific product or service. Professional services marketing used to be a giant black hole — a lot of money got sucked in and no light ever escaped. Sometimes things went well, sometimes not.

Benefits of Content Personalization for B2B Marketers


Benefits of content personalization for B2B marketers pay off in the form of improved return on marketing investment (ROMI), as the data can serve as the microscopic lens for understanding the customers better & improving their experiences. Prologue. Benefits of Content personalization for B2B marketers are innumerable as it is the future-proof way for the marketers to attract, engage, convert as well as retain the customers in an era of digitization of everything.


99 B2B Marketing Statistics to Back Your Bets


72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through email (, 2019). 91% Of marketers agree that return-on-marketing-investment (ROMI) is a top priority. 72% of marketers purchase an attribution platform to show their impact on pipeline and revenue, and 68% purchase it to show ROMI (BrightFunnel, 2019). Undoubtedly, the most well-known fortune-teller in history was Nostradamus.

How a SoLoMo (Social, Local & Mobile) Content Strategy Aids B2B Marketing


Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time-Bound) SEO practices to improve online rankings Optimizing the content by promoting it across omnichannel Optimizing the text color, size & style on the website as well as on the landing pages & optimizing the Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons. Social Media Marketing, Targeting Local Audience and Mobile Marketing are the three most important marketing strategies in the B2B world today.

8 Reasons to Attend “CMO & Future of Marketing Middle East”: A Marketing Summit Sponsored by Valasys Media


Event marketing is the pragmatic marketing of a brand, service, or product through promotional events that involve direct interaction with a brand’s representatives. Valasys Media is a well-known name & we are experts in helping our B2B clients with hyper-targeted campaigns & host of other services such as lead generation , account-based marketing , lead nurturing , event promotion services , list building services & content syndication services to name a few.


How Virtual Event Marketing Benefits B2B Businesses


The benefits of virtual event marketing were summarized by Danielle McFadden, President, and CEO of Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce as follows: “Virtual events can be used to promote a new website or new location via an open house or grand opening or launch a new product. Follow Us on LinkedIn: Follow Us on Facebook: Subscriber Us on Youtube: So, if you got a virtual event to promote or wish any help with pipeline management, get in touch with us.

How to Define & Measure Social KPIs – Part 4


In the year 2019, data is the simple answer to every question & this is the a reason why strategies for defining & measuring the Social Media KPIs from the year 2019 onwards have to be orchestrated around the major data-points of relevance to the businesses so that not only the marketers can optimize their Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) but also the brands can optimize their sales conversions through the social channels. Prologue.

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How to Define & Measure Social Media KPIs Part V


Analytical tools such as Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics & Brand Lift can help the marketers measure the successes of their YouTube promotional contents across the different stages of buyers’ cycle. We, at Valasys Media, employ lead generation , account-based marketing , lead nurturing , event promotion services , list building services & content syndication services to help our clients with their core bottom-line endeavors such as optimization of their sales revenues.

How to use Account-Based Marketing to Acquire High-Value Customers


It can be used across a consolidated multi-channel marketing strategy to gain the maximum return on the marketing investment (ROMI). Also, the ABM partners will benefit from the greater ROMI which will encourage them to focus on the marketing of brands who believe in intent-based targeting. These include lead generation , lead nurturing , contact discovery , event promotion , content syndication & list building services.

How Many Blog Posts Should a B2B Company Publish Per Week?


Clearly, a lack of confidence in answering delineates that probably you are not executing an optimal blog content strategy focused on bolstering the Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). Prologue. How many blog posts should a B2B company publish per week?

7 Ways to Refine Your Buyer Personas with Community Data

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Once you’ve got it up and runni ng, promote it on multiple channels, like sharing it as a community post or announcement. With research-backed , extensive buyer personas, your marketing team will be able to precisely target its campaign s and content, and create stronger sales enablement materials that will resonate with prospects, improving your return on marketing investment (ROMI) and your company’s revenue growth.

Road Map to Success: Monitoring and Measuring Your Content’s Performance

Content Marketing Institute

As I mentioned, to calculate ROI, you first need to determine the baseline costs involved in creating, distributing, and promoting content in your organization. However, if you look at content marketing from a campaign standpoint, a more straightforward way to demonstrate the business value your content provides is to follow the basic technique Jessica Best outlines for proving the return on marketing investment (ROMI) of an email campaign.

How to Define & Measure Social Media KPIs – Part VI


The marketers should understand how to make the most of their promotional & engaging content to get relevant audiences on Pinterest – by defining the Pinterest KPIs. 78% of the Pinterest users consider posts from brands as useful & 50% say that they buy something from Pinterest after seeing a promoted pin. Promoting the blogs on the brand website which would appeal to the interest of the buyer persona helps in drawing traffic on the blog. Prologue.

21 Steps to be Successful in B2B eCommerce


Content must only be promoted for the products available in stores. This not only helps in improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns but also helps in optimizing the Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

How Content Strategies optimize the number of followers on LinkedIn


Once the B2B brands have been done with their LinkedIn pages, the next big challenge for them is to establish their brand equity through LinkedIn & attract an increased number of followers, for promoting brand visibility. Publish & Promote the Right Pieces of Content: The marketers need to introspect whether they have been publishing the right pieces of content on their LinkedIn pages which resonate with the diverse areas of interests of their potential buyers. Prologue.

How B2B marketers can strategize LinkedIn Advertisement in 2019


Let’s scrutinize the specific aspects of LinkedIn advertising that the marketers need to incorporate into their advertising strategies (particularly those that optimize audiences’ engagement reflecting on the recent algorithm update), to optimize their Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI): 1. LinkedIn also provides the Audience Expansion feature which exposes & promotes paid ads to similar audiences that the marketers are targeting their campaigns to.

How to Define & Measure Social KPIs – Part – 2


Twitter is one of the most vibrant channels for marketers to run their ad campaigns & for promoting their brands. The average performance of the Tweets: When starting on with measuring the endeavors of Tweeter ad & promotion campaigns, the law of averages helps a lot. If somehow the promotional or the ad campaigns on Twitter are below the expected ROI, the campaigns need to be reviewed by the marketers. Prologue.

How Display Advertising Benefits B2B Businesses


In this online form of advertising the promotional messages of a company appear on the third-party websites or the search engine result pages, such as publishers or social networks. Hence, for marketers venturing into display ads, it is important to choose the right format, as thus, they will be able to make most of the medium as well as, will be able to optimize the Return on their Marketing investment (ROMI).

5 Imperatives of B2B Content Marketing


When it comes to B2B content marketing & crafting of a holistic strategy for creation & distribution of content across multichannel, to help the marketers optimize their return on marketing investments (ROMI), the marketers need to be well informed of the changing dynamics of market place around them. The marketers need to optimize the return on their marketing investments (ROMI) to generate maximum business profitability. Prologue.