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Want to start a podcast or YouTube show? Improve your Video SEO strategy, so your videos rank better? The post Top Video SEO Strategy Tips [Podcast] appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Join us for the SEJ Show E253.

Video for B2B Marketing [Podcast]


Episode two of our podcast, B2B Marketing Now, was posted last week and we learned so much about video for B2B marketing creating this episode. We invited Paul Carpenter to educate us on the value of video for B2B marketing, covering the why and how with video programming. Why should have a video marketing program? By next year, over 80% of Internet traffic will be video content. Having a video on a landing page will show an 80% increase in conversions.


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Audio SEO: The Complete Guide to Ranking Your Podcast Successfully

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Audio SEO is rising at a greater speed than you can imagine, and now podcasts have positioned themselves on the first page of the Google search results. Now, in 2021, the mission seems to be successful as podcast listeners have reached a new high – 485 million listeners worldwide ! .

What is: podcast advertising?


Podcasts have grown in adoption in the last few years as consumers adopt this format in their daily routines. Shows like My Favorite Murder, Lore, and This American Life have accumulated over 50,000 reviews on Apple Podcasts. people listening to NPR podcasts each month.

18 Quotes About Podcasting for Business Professionals


Podcasts have captured the attention of millions and millions of listeners in recent years, more than earning their title as the modern-day radio. The success of podcasting is due, in part, to the convenience and pervasiveness of the modern smartphone. And thanks to music and radio streaming services, people have easy access to a wide range of podcasts to listen to during their commutes, car rides, gym sessions, and even during work. Podcasting is great.

The Ultimate List of Marketing Podcasts


Ten or so years ago, podcasts were just a blip on the average marketer’s radar. In fact, 48 million Americans listened to podcasts weekly in 2018—that’s 6 million more weekly listeners than there were just a year ago ( source ). Given its rising popularity, podcasting is now an avenue marketers can explore to publish more branded content and reach new audiences. Keep reading for 50 of the best podcasts for marketers. 1. This Old Marketing Podcast.

9 Ways to Spice Up Your Podcast Strategy


When COVID first struck, podcasts took a hit. With so few people commuting to and from work, podcast shows lost their most captive audience. In March, podcast monitoring company Podtrac found that total downloads and unique listeners dropped during the month—10% and 20%, respectively.

3 Ways to Measure the ROI of Your Podcast


As a podcast aficionado, I’m grateful that so many creators have found sustainable ways to develop their shows. By virtue of being cheap to make and free to enjoy, podcasts typically don’t use up too much time on ads. Even branded podcasts are geared toward an entertaining listener experience, and brand awareness takes a backseat. So, how do producers measure and prove podcast ROI ? For Joe Caporoso, a podcast felt like a great way to grow as a creator.

7 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Videos in 2021

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A lot has also changed in the video marketing landscape. The COVID-19 pandemic forced most brands to turn to video content, notably on Facebook and Instagram: Up to 15% of all Facebook content is solely video, and that number keeps rising every day. 3) Make Your Videos Shoppable.

Why It’s Important to Start Podcasting for Your Business or Personal Brand


Podcasting has emerged as one of the most popular ways for brands to engage with their customers on a regular basis. While most people think of huge media companies – such as the New York Times or NPR – when it comes to podcasting, the reality is that any business or brand can very easily set up a podcast and make it possible for fans and consumers to download this content to their smartphones. In many ways, podcasts are just like talk radio back in the old days.

17 Engaging Video Content Types that People Love to Watch

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This post about the best types of video content that keeps people engaged has been updated for 2020. In 2020, consumers are watching more video content than ever before. watch video content. The truth is, video marketing isn’t as complex as it seems. Video Emails.

Video 114

Podcasting 101 for Financial Advisors

FMG Suite

You can use video, images, and, which is why we’re here today, podcasts […]. Blogging blogging content marketing podcastContent marketing isn’t limited to the page.

Three 2017 B2B sales and marketing video trends: it’s time to make your move


Here’s where I think B2B sales and marketing video is headed this year. Here are a few ideas for different kinds of video. There’s a difference between “making a video” and “using video” to advance your conversation with customers. It’s in line with the trend toward a “video-first world,” as envisioned by Mark Zuckerberg. Video is simply part of the sales conversation.

Video 131

Top 12 Podcasts for Professional Services Marketers

Hinge Marketing

The world is falling in love with spoken audio (all over again) — whether it’s listening to the radio, audiobooks or podcasts. In fact, over half of the US population has listened to a podcast (up from 44% a year ago), and one-third listen to one at least monthly (up from 26%). And if you’ve never tried the podcast format before, here are some great listens to get you started. Looking for a podcast specifically for engineers? The Accounting Best Practices Podcast.

Fantastic Video Podcasts and How to Record Them


It seems like everyone and their dog has a podcast these days. As of this writing, there are over 700,000 active podcasts with more than 29 million episodes ! The average podcast listener tunes in to an average of 6.5 3 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Video Podcast 1.1

The Beat Goes On: 6 Ways to Repurpose Podcasts


It’s no surprise, then, that podcasts sprung to the top of marketers’ to-do lists. And the podcasting market is showing no signs of slowing down: The global podcasting market is expected to reach $41.8 Not everyone is going to discover your podcast series organically.

Episode #42: EE Voice Clip – How can I Create the Best Videos with My iPhone?


If you’re like most people, you have a high-tech video camera right at your fingertips ? Grab your smartphone and take in these recording tips from our video maestro, EE production manager Ed Gilbert, who shares his deep audio/visual expertise for our latest EE Voice Clip.

Video 113

Podcast Production 101: The Complete Guide to Starting Your Own Show

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Podcasting is one of the most unique mediums to reach your audience in the most human way. This is the reason that so many marketers, businesses and freelancers are using podcasts as a content delivery channel to reach their target audience. Podcasts are growing in popularity. In 2019, around 90 million Americans listened to a podcast on a monthly basis – a number that is expected to reach 132 million by 2022. Wondering how to start your own podcast show ?

B2B Reads: Podcasting, KPIs, and Business Buying

Heinz Marketing

8 B2B Video Marketing Myths: Debunked with Cold Hard Facts. Find out the truth about these video marketing myths before you write off video marketing. The State of Podcasting: Audience, Content, and Advertising Trends. A modern look at what’s happening in podcasting right now. The post B2B Reads: Podcasting, KPIs, and Business Buying appeared first on Heinz Marketing.

What Wikipedia Won’t Tell You About Video with Tyler Lessard


Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Podcast Episode Summary. Tyler Lessard joined Vidyard in 2014 and almost immediately dramatically changed how the business world uses video to explode sales. B2B Marketing Podcast Video Marketing

Video Marketing Best Practices

SmartBug Media

Video marketing is one of the strongest ways to give a visual introduction or demonstration of your products or services—and it allows you to capture the attention of your buyer personas at the right stage of the Buyer’s Journey. Make Your Videos Search-Engine Friendly. Video Brewery.

How Much Work Does It Really Take to Build a Popular Podcast?

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So, you want your podcast to be the “Next Big Thing.” There are currently more than 750,000 podcasts out there, and that’s a lot of competition. A successful podcast can be an effective marketing channel for your brand, since it can help you develop an intimate relationship with your customers or become seen as a thought leader with your peers – which translates to more sales and more business opportunities. Podcasts are convenient, for one.

Designing a Podcast for Audio SEO, According to HubSpot's Podcast Expert


In 2019, Google began rolling out what is arguably one of the most significant changes to its search engine since the introduction of dedicated video carousels in June 2018, or the introduction of featured snippets in October 2017: Google has begun to ad podcasts to search results.

60% of podcast listeners report looking up a product or service after hearing an ad


According to new data released Wednesday morning from Adobe, podcast advertising continues on the rise. Podcast mobile app usage is up 60% since January 2018, and a full quarter of current podcast listeners have tuned in for the first time just in the past six months. “The growing popularity of podcasts is indicative of consumers’ preferences towards convenience and personalization,” Adobe Analytics Director of Product Management Colin Morris told ClickZ.

Add For Immediate Release to your podcast queue


A couple Sundays ago I met up with Joseph Thornley , Lynette Young , and Shel Holtz on video Skype to record episode 15 of Shel’s industry-trusted and industry-respected PR podcast, For Immediate Release , AKA the FIR Podcast. During our hour and thirty-seven minutes together, face-to-face via video Skype, we covered a lot of ground: The U.S. 76BrandFilms, a video studio.

Why HubSpot is Launching a Podcast Network


And, we've provided free education through our blogs, YouTube, Academy, and podcasts to help. It's why we're excited to announce the launch of HubSpot's Podcast Network , a new audio destination that is home to six great shows that represent a wide range of business topics and backgrounds.

Fantastic Video Podcasts and How to Record Them


It seems like everyone and their dog has a podcast these days. As of this writing, there are over 700,000 active podcasts with more than 29 million episodes ! The average podcast listener tunes in to an average of 6.5 Business is the second most popular category , which means podcasts are a great opportunity to engage with new audiences as a brand. The golden ticket to Viral The #1 video goal of all marketers… (whoa, wait no it’s not!)

B2B Video Marketing on LinkedIn: How to Embrace Video in Your Content Strategy

KoMarketing Associates

Does your B2B marketing program include LinkedIn video marketing? LinkedIn video content generates five times the engagement as image or text-based content and Live video on LinkedIn generates a whopping 24x more engagement. It is how you should be doing Linkedin video marketing.

Podcast 001: Kirk Faulkner – Director of Marketing at FMG Suite

FMG Suite

Marketing expert reveals secrets to great video content. Welcome to the first episode of the Market in Motion Podcast for Financial Advisors! One of the most popular opportunities our attendees took advantage of was a 1:1 session with Kirk Faulkner to plan and record an intro video for their financial advisory website! In this discussion, Mike and Kirk dive into everything you need to know to create the right intro video for your advisory.

The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Podcasting


In a short span of a few years, podcasting has evolved from a niche form of media to one of the most popular ways to consume information today. Consider the statistics: 48 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly ( source ). Podcast fans listen to 40% more shows than last year ( source ). Apple features more than 525,000 active podcast shows, with more than 18.5 The average number of monthly podcast listeners will reach 112 million by 2021 ( source ).

How to Repurpose Content Into a Podcast, According to HubSpot's Podcast Expert


2019 will be remembered as a Teutonic shift in the world of podcasting. Nowadays, over 51% of the United States have listened to at least one podcast. In this post, we want to help marketers leverage their existing content and turn it into a branded podcast. How to Podcast

Clubhouse vs. Podcasts: Which Should Marketers Use? [Data + Expert Tips]


Ah, Clubhouse versus podcasts — an age-old debate. Hear me out: Podcasts, at their core, are meant to inspire and provoke interesting conversations around a variety of topics, including crime shows, celebrity interviews, health and fitness, or business and entrepreneurship (to name a few).

18 Blogs, Social Media Posts, Podcasts, and More We’re Thankful For This Year

Content Marketing Institute

On this day devoted to gratitude in the United States, the CMI team shows their appreciation for some of the blog and social media posts, audio, and video that inspired us in this challenging year.

David Ginsburg, CMO of Pluribus Networks: How to use Marketing Technology to Market Technology [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

Content that’s King: From David’s experience, videos of demos and customer case studies on Pluribus’ website are viewed more frequently than 1 or 2 page information sheet downloads. The post David Ginsburg, CMO of Pluribus Networks: How to use Marketing Technology to Market Technology [Podcast] appeared first on. Marketing Technology Podcasts

Sales and Marketing Unite | Oktopost Podcast


We’re very excited to share the new Oktopost podcast, B2B Marketing Now! Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, as this is the first topic of a twice monthly program. Next time we will be reviewing the power of video in B2B marketing. “Walking videos on LinkedIn” Sales professionals love videos on LinkedIn. The individual’s brand developed through videos or podcasts can have a positive impact on deals won, and not just for social selling.

How to Create Engaging Video Content for Social Media


With a huge spike in video content across social media and no signs of it slowing down, producing engaging thought leadership videos have become the latest trend for B2B marketers. Listen to the podcast: About Sivan Felder: Sivan Felder eats, sleeps and breathes video. Born a consummate storyteller, Sivan has spent her career working in the video industry, and now serves as the co-founder and CMO of TwoHeads , a video marketing firm.

Atri Chatterjee, Act-On Software CMO: The Top Challenges Facing Integrated Demand Generation Marketers and How to Overcome Them [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

Websites, blogs, review sites, social search, video, podcasts, physical stores, trade shows, print media and webinars are but a few of the marketing channels that sellers must contend with to deliver their message and impact demand generation. “As The post Atri Chatterjee, Act-On Software CMO: The Top Challenges Facing Integrated Demand Generation Marketers and How to Overcome Them [Podcast] appeared first on. Demand Generation Podcasts

Act-On 178

How to Advertise on a Podcast [+Tips from a HubSpot Podcaster]


According to a report from Podcast Insights , there are more than 750,000 active podcasts and counting. If you're an advertiser interested in spreading awareness to podcast listeners, the huge pool of podcasts might seem promising -- but also overwhelming. On a promising note, the growing number of podcasts has resulted in even more advertiser interest. Statista recently reported that podcast ad spend is projected to hit $534 million in the U.S.

Powtoon CMO on Measuring the Return on Emotion in Marketing


Listen to the podcast: For more thought leadership on measuring emotion, check out our Radically Transparent podcast on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , or YouTube. Radically Transparent is a podcast geared towards the modern-day B2B marketer.

CMO 104

I Failed at Podcasting, and So Can You


So I figured — why not launch a podcast called "Students vs. Startups … Showdown on the Potomac?". Ultimately, the podcast's failure boiled down to five major factors. Here, let's dive into the five factors that led to the failure of my first podcast, and what you can learn from them.