How to Create Email Campaigns That Generate Word of Mouth


You don’t need existing email lists to launch blockbuster email campaigns that generate word of mouth. Whether you have a list or not, you’ll discover exactly how to use email to drive word of mouth marketing success for your brand leveraging email. Let’s be clear.

Does Your Email Campaign Make a Case for Action?

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If there’s one key element of demand generation copy that distinguishes it most from, let’s say: product collateral, or PR, or even social media, it’s this: a demand generation campaign is designed to drive action. Remember: your campaign has one aim – getting people to respond.

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Why Gmail’s New Promotions Tab Is a Big Plus for Your Email Campaigns

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Email marketers have gained access to a powerful new platform for reaching subscribers: Gmail’s new Promotions tab. Emails containing personalized offers are far more likely to survive spam filters, generate clicks, and deliver revenue. Email Marketing Oracle Marketing Cloud

Maximize Your Email Campaign Results with A Powerful Copy


Planning an email campaign? Most often, the answer is email copywriting. Yes, drafting an engaging copy and winning audiences can make most marketers steer away from crafting an email campaign. An email’s first entry point happens to be the subject line.

Top 10 Tips for Better Email Templates

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The success of an email campaign depends on a number of variables, chief amongst them the quality of your list and the attractiveness of the offer. But one other element plays a key role even before you write one word of copy: the design template. The growing adoption of marketing automation systems is empowering B2B marketers to develop, produce, and execute email campaigns more efficiently, and more effectively, than ever before.

How Automated Email Templates Help You Scale Up Your Personalization

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In the past, many businesses tried to ignore this challenge by simply sending identical emails to every subscriber on their list — and racking up numerous unsubscribes as a result. That’s exactly the problem that automated email templating solves.

How To Make Non-Boring Content For Your Email Campaign

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Most email opens happen on mobile, and if your email can’t be read conveniently off a smartphone screen, the recipient will close it. The same will happen if the content of your email is straight-up boring. But email marketing doesn’t work on its own.

What Are Your Metrics Saying About Your Email Campaigns?


Email campaigns are a great way to reach your audience, whether it’s through monthly promotional messages or automated nurturing programs. Keep in mind, it’s important to set benchmarks for individual types of campaigns, rather than bunching all message reporting together. The following are a few examples of what a change in numbers might be saying about your email campaign and suggested fixes for the problem. Diversify your templates. Template tests.

7 Best Customer Thanksgiving Email Templates to Inspire You


When it comes to email marketing for Thanksgiving, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Here are six of the best email template sites to get your holiday campaigns rolling: 1. Stripo Email. This marketing brand has an informative email blog they maintain.

Best Practices for Email and Landing Page Templates

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Emails and landing pages are the time-tested champions in the world of digital marketing. Creating and reusing these templates is a great way to save time and ensure consistency across your marketing channels. Connect Ads to Landing Pages and Emails.

Campaign Monitor vs Mailchimp - Email Marketing Against the All-In-One Marketing Platform


Russell Brunson in his book Dotcom Secrets explains the importance of building an email list so you can have the traffic you can control. This is why email marketing has become so popular. Well, at least it used to be just an email marketing tool. "The money is in the list!"

Review: SalesHandy as a B2B Lead Generation Tool


SalesHandy is an email tool that helps you understand which prospects from your lead pool are highly engaged and most likely to convert into a lead when you contact them. SalesHandy’s mail merge feature allows you to send personalized mass emails.

How to Develop Great B2B Buyer Personas (With Templates) 


Feel free to use our buyer personas template down below to jumpstart your messaging strategy. Campaign performance analytics is a fantastic place to explore how prospects are interacting with different types of content. A buyer personas template to inspire your framework.

The Ultimate Guide to Developing Buyer Personas (with Templates!)

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This post was updated with more in-depth content, templates and examples on how to craft the perfect buyer persona. Do you feel like your marketing campaigns are falling on deaf ears? No matter how hard you try, or how top-notch your campaign copy is, nobody is responding.

10 Things Every Email Marketer Can Relate To


Sometimes, it can be rough to be an email marketer. Designing email templates, segmenting lists, drafting copy, planning your campaigns — a lot goes into executing a successful email marketing program. Email marketing is hard. By Niti Shah.

How to Integrate Email Campaigns With the Rest of Your Marketing


Email as a marketing channel isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. According to Nielsen , email is one of the most effective methods for mobilizing contacts. But it''s also important to note that email marketing is not a successful marketing strategy on its own.

5 Email Copywriting Tips for Creating Engaging Content


Everyone does email marketing nowadays, but does it still have the capability to engage subscribers with so many newsletters arriving in everyone’s inboxes? Most people, 58% to be exact, check their emails before watching the news, using a search engine, or opening their social media accounts.

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Implementing Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns; Free Templates That Help You Plan


Increases campaign ROI. Many of those blogs and articles discuss the “what,” the “why,” and touch on the “how” but really don’t get into actual planning and implementation of actual nurture campaigns. . Email and Landing Page Matrix. Some explanations on matrix fields: Campaigns.

Get Your “Foot in the Door” with this Sales Cold Email Template


Cold email is one of the most common and tested tactics in a modern salesperson’s repertoire. And yet, sales reps still look for ways to improve their sales email strategy. It’s not hard to see why — after all, only 24% of sales emails are opened ( source ).

The Best Checklists, Tips, and Templates for Content Marketing in 2019

Content Marketing Institute

This updated toolkit – featuring some of CMI’s best tips, checklists, and templates – can help you build that solid foundation. Templates: Include links to any company-branded templates (such as PowerPoint slideshows) and boilerplate information.

Lead Nurturing Strategy: How to Create a Killer Drip Email Campaign with Wishpond & MailChimp

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This is where drip email campaigns come in. Counter the annoyance of email with value for the recipient! Create custom nurture campaigns for each type of user on your site. No need to worry – we were still able to maintain our Mailchimp email lists.

Four Email Marketing Sinkholes to Avoid

What Works - What Doesn't

I recently finished an email nurture campaign for a major software vendor. It included multiple emails across multiple streams for each step in the buyer’s journey (awareness, education, consideration and qualification.).

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Industry Spotlight: Email Marketing at Nonprofits


Every industry does email marketing a little differently. As with other organizations, email marketing is critical for nonprofits. Nearly 79% of nonprofits say email marketing is important to the overall success of their organization. Campaign planning. Campaign Planning.

4 Cold Sales Email Templates That Drive Leads (And Why They Worked)


We talked dozens of founders, sales reps, and consultants, and asked them to share their best cold sales email templates with us. But not all 4 were exceptions like that, the other two were more traditional cold sales emails had more typical (but still great) response rates of 6% (outstanding) and 1% (solid for a larger scale cold outbound campaign). We’ve talked about strategies around personalizing cold emails before. Instead she, “Gets on their email list.


How to Plan Email Marketing Campaigns Without Pulling Your Hair Out [Free Template]


If you’ve ever planned an email marketing campaign, you might have wanted to pull your hair out at least once or twice. Email marketing requires a lot of attention to detail. Keep on reading to learn how you can get your email marketing organized. Email Planning.

Road Map to Success: Monitoring and Measuring Your Content’s Performance

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Another way to approach performance data tracking is to consider the most common KPIs for each type of content you create – email newsletters, website articles, social media content , etc. Measurement and ROI Templates and Checklists

3 B2B Email Templates for Personalized Sales Outreach That Aren’t Creepy


Where’s the line between a highly-relevant and compelling sales email and a creepy invasion of privacy? Email marketing and B2B sales teams today are all too familiar with that particular catch-22. You have access to a wealth of data to inform email campaigns—but privacy concerns and varying consumer comfort levels with data collection can complicate things. That’s a consideration that’s missing from most of the B2B email templates you’ll find online.

Is Sales Hungry For Your Marketing Content? [CHART]

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We also looked at total email volume from those same customers to gauge the participation rate in these types of self-serve sales emails, as a portion of total email volume, including all of marketing’s typically voluminous email campaigns, both automated and one-off.

Sales 247

17 (of the) Best Email Marketing Guides of 2011


As figures below show, email marketing remains a vital element of modern B2B and B2C marketing programs. More than four out of five internet users check their email first when they go online for business each day, and nearly three-quarters check email six or more times per day.

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Email Design Review Gallery « The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Email Design Review Gallery Are you tired of what your marketing emails look like? And what’s up with blog posts (side bar) in this email?

Review 157

Give Your Email Marketing a Video Boost with the Vidyard App for ExactTarget


As a direct line to your customer, email is perfect for communicating with your target market, but it can be pretty static. Templates and witty copy can jazz things up a bit, but the real magic happens when you add video.

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Case Study Template: How to Share Your Comany’s Success & Win Business


In this post, we cover the basics of a case study and then provide a template to help you create a case study that will win over prospects. You can also regularly post the case studies on social media , link to them in blog content, or include in emails. Here’s the template Brandpoint recommends for organizing your case study and ensuring the important details are covered. Case studies are a must-have in any business’s content marketing library.

10 Best Cold Emailing Tools to Help You Quickly Close Sales Deals

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This post has been expanded with new cold email tools for 2019. How many times have you sat down at the computer to write cold email and thought, “There must be a better way to do this!” Quality cold emailing is an extremely time-consuming activity, and without cold email software, the process looks something like this: Find an appropriate prospect. Find an email address. You will have used up 3-5 hours each day just sending cold emails! NOW UPDATED!

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4 Cold Sales Email Templates That Drive Leads (And Why They Worked)


We talked dozens of founders, sales reps, and consultants, and asked them to share their best cold sales email templates with us. But not all 4 were exceptions like that, the other two were more traditional cold sales emails had more typical (but still great) response rates of 6% (outstanding) and 1% (solid for a larger scale cold outbound campaign). We’ve talked about strategies around personalizing cold emails before. Instead she, “Gets on their email list.


4 Cold Sales Email Templates That Drive Leads (And Why They Worked)


We talked dozens of founders, sales reps, and consultants, and asked them to share their best cold sales email templates with us. But not all 4 were exceptions like that, the other two were more traditional cold sales emails had more typical (but still great) response rates of 6% (outstanding) and 1% (solid for a larger scale cold outbound campaign). We’ve talked about strategies around personalizing cold emails before. Instead she, “Gets on their email list.


6 Ways to Spice Up Boring Email Marketing Campaigns

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For a marketer, email is possibly the most powerful medium ever created. In addition to be instantaneous and simple, it’s a personal medium that can be tailored to every person, it’s opt-in, meaning that you’re reaching an already-engaged audience and, best of all, the cost of sending each email is effectively zero. However, the problem with email marketing is that it’s very much like a relationship, difficult to keep the excitement and enthusiasm up for a long period of time.

Email 129

3 Quick Takes: Email Best Practices for B2B Marketers


3 Quick Takes: Email Best Practices for B2B Marketers. The week is winding down and you should already be scheduling your next email campaigns to leads and prospects. But before you push send, take a couple of minutes to make sure you follow these email best practices: Keep Your Data Clean. In order to learn from your content, your audience has to receive your email in the first place. A large number of undeliverable emails can set off red flags.

Top 10 Email Marketing Templates and Design Examples You Need to Try

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Email marketing templates are coded HTML files that have pre-defined elements such as design, layout, content, structure, and styles. Marketers use these templates to create emails by altering them based on their own requirements such as brand guidelines, messaging, images, and styles.

14 Powerful B2B Cold Email Templates to Generate Leads


B2B cold emailing is hard, isn’t it? The average office worker gets over 120 emails a day. And, 59 percent of email recipients say they receive sales emails that are irrelevant. Eight out of ten prospects prefer talking to reps over email. Despite the noise, cold emailing is still effective. Laura Lopuch sent 328 cold emails. And, Sean Bestor used only 5 cold email templates to help grow Sumo to $5 million.


4 Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Email Marketing

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The holidays months are a critical time for businesses to increase their sales and engage with consumers, and what better way to boost marketing than with holiday email? With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to supercharge your email marketing strategy. However, before you start blasting red and white candy-striped email templates, make sure to read our holiday email best practices for the best results. There’s a fine line between follow-up emails and spam.

Spam 40