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Words that Sell: 41 Copywriting Templates For Marketers


Do you need some stellar copywriting templates to push through writer’s block? Copy templates, as well as copywriting examples from other successful marketing campaigns, can inspire you and breathe new life into your marketing copy. Our list of copywriting templates and copywriting formulas is subdivided for easy navigation.

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121 Cyber Monday Email Subject Lines to Boost Open Rates


Discover hundreds of Cyber Monday email subject line templates and examples to inspire your email campaigns. The post 121 Cyber Monday Email Subject Lines to Boost Open Rates appeared first on SendGrid.


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Why are my open rates dropping?


If you see a sudden and dramatic drop in your open rates, don’t panic. And even if it takes a bit more digging, your open rates aren’t the be-all and end-all metric for measuring success. In this episode, Alyssa and Melissa outline the questions every email marketer should ask themselves if and when their open rates drop.

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Evaluate Your Email Performance with an Email Reporting Template


To make it easier for you, we’ve created an email reporting template that you can use to collect your thoughts and impress your stakeholders. What is an email reporting template? An email reporting template provides an outline and place to share your email marketing status, recent wins, and lessons.

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5 Newsletter Templates Ideas That Will Help You Increase Conversions

Benchmark Email

With an eye-catching design, easy-to-read layout, and a clear purpose, your newsletters can become more engaging for your audiences, leading to higher open rates that turn into conversions. However, the… The post 5 Newsletter Templates Ideas That Will Help You Increase Conversions appeared first on Benchmark Email.

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5 Holiday Email Templates for Salespeople

Stevens & Tate

The following are five email templates that you can use to send out emails appropriate for the holiday season that will help boost your open rate and that will engage your audience through email : 1. These are five examples of email templates that can be quite successful during the holiday season.

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Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Templates - Ultimate Guide


The only way to tackle this issue is to face it with some great abandoned cart recovery email templates. The Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Template Templates are all over the web. But do you know what goes into an abandoned cart recovery email template that makes it work? What is an abandoned cart?

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