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Customer Obsession at the Core of Oracle Eloqua’s New Multichannel Marketing Enhancements

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by Eloqua | Tweet this Is your organization customer obsessed? While the history and sentiment of customer obsession has been around since the dawn of marketing, how we achieve customer obsession has changed. Oracle Eloqua Profiler. Marketing Resource Management.

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13 Events You Should Attend In 2013

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As the former Managing Editor of DemandGen Report, Amanda covered the latest technology, trends and development in the marketing automation technology space, as well as the sales and marketing strategies central to demand generation. . GAUGE (Google Analytics Users Great Event).

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Infer Releases New Predictive Behavior Scoring for Oracle Eloqua


Press Release: Deep Integration Between Marketing Automation and Predictive Solutions Helps Growing Companies Optimize Marketing and Sales. As a result, marketers can better optimize for programs that have the biggest impact on buying behaviors. . Become a Facebook fan of Infer.

5 Reasons Face-to-Face Events Still Rule in Europe

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by Sylvia Jensen | Tweet this The rumors of the physical event’s demise are greatly exaggerated. Sure, we’ve seen a shift in event marketing strategy away from the ‘big shows’ in Europe. And there’s no doubt that virtual events are gaining traction. But we’ve also seen a proliferation of more targeted events focused on specific verticals or solutions in most countries. Sales teams love events. So many different flavours of events. Facebook.

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Memories From Eloqua Experience 2013 (Slideshow)

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by Eloqua | Tweet this More than 2,000 modern marketers gathered at Eloqua Experience last week at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco. The event was special thanks to you, our community. Memories From Eloqua Experience 2013- San Francisco from Eloqua.

A Secret No More: Eloqua on Salesforce’s Acquisition of Radian6

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Today, Eloqua maintains the buyer profiles for the marketing departments of some of the world’s largest, fastest-growing and best-known enterprises. Interactions like Web visits, downloads, event attendance, etc. In other words, and Eloqua share the same path, and our friends on the Bay just cleared a lot of thicket with this acquisition. Of course, there’s an elephant in the corner, and its name is “Marketing Cloud.” Facebook.

Are Your Marketing Campaigns Socially Active? [CHART]

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by Jody Mooney | Tweet this For this week’s chart, took a look at how marketers are using apps in their marketing mix. To do so, we pulled together a list of the most commonly installed apps from the Eloqua AppCloud and what we found was quite interesting.

The 14 Best Marketing Automation Tools


Marketing automation software tools can be very helpful in making lead nurturing and sales acceleration efforts more effective—even if the category is badly misnamed. Marketing can’t be automated.) 7) Oracle Eloqua. ” — Marketing Insider Group.

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Your Life According to Facebook: Facebook Overhauls Personal Profiles

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Suddenly the bevy of changes Facebook has been rolling out the past few days (subscriptions, the social ticker on the Newsfeed) makes sense. Facebook Timeline. The Facebook Timeline will be rolled out to personal profiles over the next couple of months.

5 Tips For Sponsoring Virtual Events

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Like the paperless office or the Segway, the advent of virtual events came with predictions that the physical trade show would go the way of the dodo bird. Physical events still hold too much star power, glitz and glamour to be entirely replaced by their virtual counterparts. But low price tags – not to mention the lack of travel expenses – has turned online events into a hot space. In fact, virtual event trade shows and conferences are expected to generate $18.6

5 Behaviors of Successful Modern Marketers

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The rise of the online research and the ease of getting peer feedback means marketers have to be smarter, finding ways to educate and advise rather than pushy. ClickZ has published it’s own 10 Commandments of Modern Marketing , which offers some sage advice. Modern marketing is about behaviours, not just tactics. Here are five behaviours of that can help marketers be successful. Involving key stakeholders as you build your marketing plans is imperative.

Why Eloqua is Working with Habitat for Humanity

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Companies like Microsoft, and have long been active in “community service&# or charity work, but now companies like Eloqua are building our Community Service Committee to enable employees, partners and those associated with the company to give back as well. Eloqua’s plans : Eloqua is launching our first Community Service program at Eloqua Experience this year in San Francisco with a Habitat for Humanity build-day. Facebook.

Back to Basics: 6 Quick Social Media Marketing Tips

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by Lauren Harper | Tweet this Social media is still a new frontier for many marketers. With the emergence of what seems like an inordinate amount of social sites and tools, figuring out how to get started and ramp up your efforts with social media marketing can be confusing.

Breaking: Announces the Marketing Cloud. So What is It?

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The “marketing cloud”, which has hinted at for a while, was announced today at Dreamforce ’12. Salesforce laid out the framework during the keynote address at the cloud computing event in San Francisco. Analysts and other industry watchers have suspected a marketing cloud was coming as salesforce snapped up social marketing businesses like Radian6 and Buddy Media over the past couple of years. So what is the “marketing cloud?”.

Why Advocates Should Be Part Of The Modern Marketer’s Strategy

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by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Jim Williams, VP of Marketing at Influitive , the advocate marketing experts. Take five minutes to think about the contrast between your life as a consumer and that as a B2B marketer.

10 Data, Cloud, and Social Takeaways From Oracle OpenWorld 2013

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With more than 60,000 attendees, the event highlighted session content relevant to every line of business title. At Steve Woods’ presentation on Monday, he discussed how to take your modern marketing to the next level by changing the way you interact with your customers.

4 Ways B2B Marketers Can Take Advantage of Instagram

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That’s how much social networking giant, Facebook, is paying out for the photo-sharing service Instagram. The truth is Instagram offers a number of effective b2b marketing tactics your brand should be taking advantage of – from raising awareness to engaging prospects and leads. Here we outline 4 ways B2B marketers can use Instagram. This provides a tremendous opportunity for b2b marketers to curate, promote, and engage their most avid customers.

The History of #SXSW [Infographic]

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It’s with this “bigger pie&# strategy in mind that Eloqua is sponsoring this year’s SXSW Interactive Conference. But we are doing more than setting up a booth and hoping some marketers drop by for a visit. According to Black, the event went “national almost immediately&#.

The State of Social Marketing

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by Joe Chernov | Tweet this At last week’s South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin Texas, I participated in a panel discussion on The State of Social Marketing. He session promised to consist of 10-minute rapid-fire discussions of the three most important changes happening in social marketing. Below are my unedited notes highlighting social media marketing trends. I’d love to hear what you consider the future of social marketing.

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How Cloud Connectors Can Guide Your Campaign Strategy

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by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Brandi Starr , the enthusiastic quirky modern marketer and true EloQUEEN, AKA Senior Marketing Manager at Sage. As marketers there is always pressure to develop new and innovative campaigns.

5 Steps to Setting Up A Branded Instagram

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For that reason alone it’s a viable marketing channel. We determined that the most interesting photos to our community would be from industry events and customer communities. We post based on our physical event schedule, content engagement objectives, and when it’s fun on-the-fly.

A History of Dreamforce [Infographic] #DF11

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Enjoy this visualization of the growth of cloud computing’s most important event. And if you attend, please swing on past the Eloqua booth (#717). In the meantime, follow #DF11 for the Twitter conversation about this epic event. <p><a Facebook.

How 3 Global Marketers Are Approaching Mobile

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by Sheila Lahar | Tweet this As you’d suspect, social media and the fast proliferation of apps were hot topics at Eloqua Experience Europe this week. But global marketers had another concern on their minds: mobile. As the event’s keynote speaker, David Meerman Scott , noted: there are more mobile communication devices than toothbrushes in the world? Clearly, globally-minded marketers can’t afford to sit mobile out.

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20 Stats Every Modern Marketer Should See

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this If you were at Eloqua Experience last week, you probably heard a lot of stats cited. At every event we hear statistics rattled off as speakers and attendees attempt to quantify the world around them. Data is simply exploding as social, mobile and apps change the way we work, collaborate and deliver marketing campaigns. As marketers, we need to be able to represent these changes in an easily understandable way.

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14 SXSWi Sessions for B2B Marketers

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We pored through the hundreds of SXSWi sessions and identified the 14 you’ll want to hit up if you’re in B2B marketing. Brands as Patterns – In a fragmented media market, it’s harder than ever for a brand to establish a consistent presence. Don’t miss this event where Guy Kawasaki of Alltop will interview Vic Gundotra the VP of Engineering of Google+ about it’s growth and where it’s heading. This panel of marketers, VCs and CFOs help figure out the regulated landscape.

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How Is Marketing Attribution Different Than Other Marketing Measurement Tools?


Many marketing tools -- ones that most B2B organizations already use -- claim to do attribution, or at least some version of it. It’s a common belief that marketers can hack together an attribution system themselves, using a combination of web and channel analytics, plus some Excel expertise.

Your Dreamforce Survival Guide #DF11

Modern Marketing

With more than 30,000 attendees expected, a jammed expo floor and some of the best keynote speakers you can fit in less than a week, Dreamforce is the cloud computing event of the year. But it can be a dizzying event if you’re not prepped. Be sure to download one now and save time at the event. This advice applies to many aspects of this event. This event draws a lot of folks, and those direct flights to San Francisco get particularly full. Facebook.

The Best of the Best: 2016 Video Marketing Awards


Marketing can be a bit of a thankless job. And that’s why we created the Video Marketing Awards. It takes passion, creativity, resourcefulness, and a whole lot of hard work to make awesome video content, and we believe that marketers producing great video deserve to be recognized.

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Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter

Marketing Insider Group

Who are the top B2B Marketing influencers on twitter? Earlier this month, I released the 20 B2B Marketing Blogs you need to read. I hope you find this to be a valuable resource for your B2B Marketing efforts. Top B2B Marketing Influencers – Companies.

Cloud Connectors & Revenue Performance Management: An Interview with Steven Woods [Video]

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Simply put, a Cloud Connector is a seamless connection between Eloqua’s marketing automation workflow and any other system. So the data derived from a third-party application, or even from a homegrown Eloqua Connector like the Name Analyzer, are fed into our platform so it can be used for marketing campaigns, nurturing flows, lead scoring or communication efforts. You need to get data from all kinds of sources, from social media, from events, from webinars.

B2B Marketing Trends From Eloqua Experience 09 Via Twitter

Anything Goes Marketing

Earlier this month I left my newborn and poor wife at home for an unforgettable week at Eloqua Experience in San Francisco. This sold out event brought together some of smartest marketers from all over the world. The result was better than Eloqua could ever have expected.

Play ball! Moneyball for Marketing

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Even stranger is how similar it is to the data-driven revolution that’s happening in marketing. In 2003, financial journalist Michael Lewis released his groundbreaking (and engrossing) book “ Moneyball ,” which detailed how the small-market Oakland Athletics compiled a competitive team despite their limited funds. Marketing is undergoing a similar overhaul. Indeed, revenue attribution is the OBP of marketing. I’ll provide an example from Eloqua’s own history.

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New White Paper and Eloqua Prospect Profiler

Customer Experience Matrix

Eloqua yesterday announced Eloqua Prospect Profiler , which makes it easier for salespeople to review prospect behaviors that are captured by the demand generation system. Back to Eloqua Prospect Profiler. But whether this is truly unique to Eloqua, I can't say.

Wish B2B Apps Talked To Each Other? Introducing The AppCloud.

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But as a marketer what’s even more fascinating is that a business can learn I am single, socially active professional in need of a vehicle in just 20 minutes. Even when marketers have access to this cross-channel activity data, piecing it together is painful and time-consuming. Today, we launched Eloqua AppCloud , a new open exchange for sales and marketing applications. Let’s say I use Eloqua for demand generation and ON24 for hosting webinars. Facebook.

Why Teens Don’t Use Twitter: A Teenager’s Point of View

Modern Marketing

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today’s post comes from Evan Cernea, a high school student who just finished up a stellar summer internship at Eloqua. Compared to the fact that 45 percent of online teens are on Facebook , that number is miniscule. Facebook and Twitter might both be social networking sites, but that is where there similarities end. Facebook is like going to an event with all of your acquaintances. Facebook.

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11 Tweetable Digital Marketing Notes from ad:tech

Modern Marketing

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Ad:tech is billed as the event for digital marketing. Over three days marketers come together to discuss strategy, brand awareness, content, apps, search, video…I could go on. Instead, I figured I would chop all the digital marketing goodness and present you with the most tweetable lines from ad:tech. Check out Fischer’s three steps to building a brand on Facebook.).

VEST Report: Latest Trends in Marketing Automation, and Where's My Hoverboard?

Customer Experience Matrix

I just finished the latest release of the B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool , a.k.a. All six of the vendors new to this report sell primarily to small businesses, and most are “all-in-one” systems that combine marketing automation with integrated CRM.

73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017


As 2016 draws to a close, it's time to look forward and see what B2B marketing trends will shape the road into 2017. What trends should B2B marketers be leveraging to break through the noise and create more compelling experiences for their audiences? Marketing automation.

A Very Cloudy Year: How the Cloud Drove Apps, Mobile & Social

Modern Marketing

But if you think about it, every trend that dominated the tech headlines this year – social media, the proliferation of apps, the surging market for mobile devices – owes a debt to the cloud. As the data and tools we use for work and play became accessible in the cloud, the market took to platforms and apps that were increasingly social and mobile. The result is a fundamental shift in how marketers must approach prospects and enable their sales counterparts.

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“Revenue” Turns One

Modern Marketing

We’re donning our party hats at Eloqua today. At Eloqua, it serves as the base of the social media strategy soup. Our philosophy is to act like publishers, not marketers. Facebook. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.