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Trade Shows Canceled? 5 Strategies to Keep Your Sales Pipeline Active

Lake One

Trade shows are an important part of generating leads and filling the sales pipeline for many. In fact, a survey conducted by IDG reported that conferences and trade shows are listed as second, behind companies websites, on effective B2B lead generation tactics. Almost like hosting your own mini-trade show.

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PowerViews with James Obermayer: Lead Management & Integrated Direct Marketing


While everyone wants less expensive leads in the form of prospects who identify themselves via company websites, traditional direct marketing is still needed to educate prospects and drive them to websites. Use large flights of both direct mail and email. But many are going for cold, hard, qualified leads. Use BANT qualifiers.


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Survey: Digital Marketing, Social Media Remain Top Tactics Among Marketers

KoMarketing Associates

S2 recently published the “S2 Research Marketing Decision Makers & Marketing Firm Relationships Survey,” and participants were asked to rank how important they perceived seven common marketing tactics to be, ranging from public relationships to copywriting and design. and grassroots and event marketing (2.8).

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Think Outside the B2B Trade Show Booth

MLT Creative

Here’s a quick B2B case study outlines how we helped our client turn another trip to a trade show into an opportunity to generate leads by integrating outbound tactics with their inbound marketing program. Promote before, during and after the show. Expand our reach to non-attendees.

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The Lead Generation Strategy Guide


Outbound prospecting is a direct marketing channel where salespeople identify target customers and then directly reach out to them in order to introduce them to their company or product. Trade Shows: Investing sponsorship of industry events or even producing an event using internal resources. Outbound Prospecting.

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How to build a Sales Lead Funnel

Direct Response Coach

Advertising campaigns … direct mail campaigns … email campaigns … search campaigns … PR campaigns … content marketing campaigns … trade show campaigns … etc., These are all important parts of your marketing and [.]. The post How to build a Sales Lead Funnel appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing.

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Why you’re not getting credit for your marketing efforts — and how AI can help


Marketing must be constantly available to potential buyers when they become interested in your product — not necessarily when you want to sell it. Here, for example, if marketing participates in a trade show and showcases its latest product, the metrics should be shown with all the other activities happening simultaneously (i.e.,