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How Not to Be Sued Over Images: Understanding Copyrights


This method could put you in violation of copyright laws. Those caught with copyright infringement could end up paying fines, in prison or both. Understanding image copyrights. The best way to avoid infringement is to familiarize yourself with the law pertaining to copyrights. Copyright — what does it mean?

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AI copyright could lead to new Marketing opportunities

Kevin Indig

One boring but important factor makes a big difference in the conversation about how AI might change Marketing: copyright. Copyright lawsuits have the power to decide whether content platforms like Quora, Yelp or IMDB will benefit from generative AI or be disrupted by it.


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Write a Book—Yes, an Actual Book—to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level: Part 2

SmartBug Media

Writing an inbound marketing book—and as we said in the first part of this series , you are using existing content to create a book, not starting a scratch—is more than copywriting and the actual words. After all the compiling, writing, revising, and revamping, you’ll be ready to design your book. Hire a Printer.

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Your LLM Gets Its Data From Where??

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Corpus data Corpus data includes written or spoken data from books, newspapers, articles, websites (including blogs), academic papers, and more. The bad: Scraped data may include copyrighted or trademarked material. The good: Anyone can access and use this data without restrictions or fear of copyright infringement.

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How to Write an Ebook for Your Business


Publishing a book of any format is a significant accomplishment. It’s one thing to have the idea or goal to write a book, but to actually execute that concept requires an entirely different level of discipline. Many people begin the marketing process after completing the book, but you should have your plan before you start.

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Why top self publishers choose print on demand books


Once you’ve written and finalized your book, there’s a big question to answer… How are you going to deliver your book to your audience? I’ll admit this part isn’t typically as fun as writing your book, but it’s just as important because there’s no book if it can’t find its way into the hands of your readers.

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Stolen Thought Leadership / The Ethics of Aggregating Content (alt title: Stolen Goods: The Dangers of Plagiarized Content)


In 1709 the British parliament ratified the Statute of Anne, the world’s first copyright act that granted book publishers exclusive rights to their content for an initial 14 years. Last month Google processed its five-billionth takedown request from copyright holders. Only four were original content. One was deleted.