Don’t Bore People: 10 Ideas for B2B Newsletter Content


What’s the first thing you think when you hear “B2B newsletter”? Let’s face it, email newsletters don’t exactly have a rep for being riveting entertainment. Neither does most B2B marketing. That’s definitely newsletter content. The analytics company

Three Myths and Realities of Client Newsletters

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Client newsletters are the most widely used, often abused and hotly debated marketing tactic for professional services firms of any size. Here are three highly subjective myths and realities to help your firm determine whether it’s a worthwhile tool, or how to improve your current newsletter.

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Client Newsletters: Empty Suit of the B2B Marketing Mix

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Most Client Newsletters Deliver No Tangible Business Value. Client newsletters are the most widely used, often abused and hotly debated B2B marketing tactic for professional services firms of any size. MYTH #1: Your Firm Needs a Client Newsletter.

Quick Guide to Email Newsletter Distribution

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An email newsletter is a tremendously valuable distribution outlet many brands overlook. Below is a break down of everything you need to know to get started to put an email newsletter distribution strategy in place. WHY AN EMAIL NEWSLETTER? Provides instantaneous analytics.

An Overview of Google Analytics Goals & Conversion Metrics


It you’re monitoring Google analytics, you’re measuring goals. Google analytics measures website activity, with the goal to track visitor behavior. Many of these pages you can track anyway under the Content section of analytics as well. Google Analytics.

Three Things Smart B2B Marketers Will be Doing in 2016


What will successful B2B marketers to be doing more of, or differently, in 2016? Download the eBook to read all of the thoughts from these experts regarding the keys to B2B marketing success in the coming year.

14 Brilliant B2B Marketing Strategy Guides


Much has been written about how the internet in general, and the explosion of content marketing in particular, has changed the nature of b2b marketing. Today’s b2b buyers are typically 70% of the way through their purchase process before they contact a vendor’s sales team.

Content marketing metrics and analytics: it’s all about you


Do your own analytics! Your decisions should be based on your analytics – data about your content and your audience. . Frequency of social media posts and email newsletters. Time of day for social media posts and email newsletters.

Webinar Replay: Tips for Using Social Media in B2B Marketing


Did you miss our #InsightfulMarketer webinar with Oktopost on tips for using social media in B2B marketing? Daniel Kushner, CEO of Oktopost, shared some great insights around social media in the world of B2B marketing and best practices for successfully generating leads through social efforts.

7 Ways to Get Better Results from Your B2B eNewsletter

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Read this post to find out how to increase the return on your investment in time and money on your newsletter. You can achieve many different objectives with an email newsletter. Do you need help getting a email newsletter or other marketing started the right way?

What Were The Most Effective B2B Marketing Tactics of 2015?

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Even though many B2B marketers are already looking ahead to 2016, it’s may be worth recognizing the accomplishments of the past year. Because a component of your B2B marketing strategy certainly needs to focus on leveraging the experience gained executing tactics and campaigns that worked well. In an effort to shed light on how marketers tackled challenges and made strides in 2015, we spoke to a group of industry leaders across the B2B marketing space.

8 (Free) Google Resources B2B Marketers Need To Know

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Late last year I wrote about important changes Google has launched for B2B marketers to be aware of (you can read that post here ). In this blog post, I wanted to highlight eight key (and free ) Google resources that B2B marketers should keep bookmarked for future reference.

How B2B Marketers Create and Promote White Papers That Convert

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Thanks to the internet, there are seemingly endless ways for B2B marketers to reach their audiences. According to the “B2B Content Marketing 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America” report, 71 percent of today’s B2B marketers leverage ebooks/white papers for content marketing purposes. When creating an outline for B2B white papers, consider adding the following sections: Table of Contents – Outline of the sections that will be covered.

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Which B2B Marketing Automation Features Actually Get Used? Here's Some Data.

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Of course they differed in the precise categories used and their audiences, but they generally covered the major B2B marketing automation features: email, Web behavior tracking, landing pages, nurture campaigns, lead scoring, analytics, and social media marketing.

30+ Ideas for Measuring Conversions on a B2B Website

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Fortunately for B2B marketers, resources like Google Analytics offer multiple opportunities to track leads and conversions, beyond standard website performance metrics. Why should the B2B marketer care about tracking conversions? New to goal tracking in Google Analytics?

11 B2B Content Marketing Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Strategy


However, with B2B content marketing, rather than creating content that will be consumer-facing, your business is creating content for other businesses and the professionals who run them. You must use your B2B content marketing to build up your brand as a leader and as an expert resource in its field. However, the content for B2B marketing must do more than just create brand identity and show brand personality. Guest post by Sarah Saker.

The B2B Content Marketing ROI You Should Care About.

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Measuring content marketing’s return on investment in B2B companies can be a complex calculation, especially if your solution is expensive, requires committee-based decisions, and has long and unpredictable sales cycles. Did they read a newsletter article?

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B2B Sales Cannot Live on Inbound Alone

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However, most B2B companies haven’t been able to supply enough leads through their inbound efforts to make sales quotas and hit revenue growth targets. Successful B2B marketers are combining inbound approaches with outbound methods to build long-term relationships with prospects.

15 Ways B2B Marketers Can Use Twitter to Drive Business Results

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The wonderful world of Twitter has unlocked business opportunities for almost every type of user – from emerging artists, celebrities, big brands, news sources, and (most importantly for you) B2B marketers. With the mission to give users the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, this social media platform allows B2B marketers to better connect, converse and engage their audiences. B2B companies should not limit themselves to just one account.

What Mom Never Told You About How to Find B2B Customers

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MarketingProfs research shows 71% of B2B marketers use content marketing to generate leads. Let’s take a look at a couple different strategies for how to find B2B customers through your content initiatives: Leverage (the Right) CTAs. Oh, sure.

11 Key Factors In Building Landing Pages for B2B Search Engine Marketing Initiatives

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One of the most direct ways B2B marketers can improve SEO, PPC, and ultimately lead generation initiatives is through the development of landing pages, designed to showcase individual content marketing assets. Email Newsletter Sign-Ups. Traditional Newsletters.

5 Ways to Recognize B2B Lead Generation Failure ???and Move On


Among all the feedback I received, some readers expressed their fear and shared common instances of B2B lead generation failure. Sign up for our email newsletter to receive tips and information on B2B lead generation. 5 Warning Signs of B2B Lead Generation Failure.

15 of Our Favorite B2B Content Marketing Tips

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However, effectively planning and executing a B2B content marketing strategy is not something that can be achieved overnight. Investigating search data with tools like Google Analytics is a great starting place for moving down the funel. “Content is king.”

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5 Tips to Refresh Your B2B Lead Generation


Here’s how you can shake, stir and blend your B2B lead generation and marketing activities to deliver a truly refreshing customer experience. Use predictive analytics to decide on the future course of activity. .

A 5-Minute B2B Website Audit

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If launching a new B2B web design for your firm is a top priority in 2018, now is the time to do a quick audit of your existing website. Here are questions to help you perform a quick 5-minute B2B web design audit : How Long Does It Take the Website to Load?

Demand Gen Report Uncovers Value of Marketing Automation in B2B Lead Scoring


Demand Gen Report, a lead publication for B2B marketing professionals, recently released a special report on strategies for improving lead scoring. There is indeed a compelling case for implementing marketing automation to assist in predictive analytics and lead scoring.

How To Extend B2B Marketing With Better Social Media Measurement Tools

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One of the key reasons B2B marketers remain skeptical with social media as a primary tactic in digital marketing is the i nability to determine ROI. What’s In It For B2B Marketers. In addition to demographic data associated with page following, B2B marketers have access to: 1.)

Marketers Are Dramatically Underreporting Results from Twitter

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B2B marketers are undervaluing Twitter’s contribution to their business. That’s hard to believe at a time when many B2B marketers are glomming on to Twitter like it’s the last shiny object opportunity they will ever have (even turning to spamming ), but it’s true.

32 Resolutions to Prepare for Your 2012 B2B Lead Generation Program


Test and measure your content using tools such as Google Analytics, social media insight analytic platforms, and URL tracking such as, and determine which kinds of content via which channels bring more traffic to your site, and engage most audiences. your email and newsletter content. B2B Lead to Sale Process Marketing StrategyEverybody does list-format blog posts this time of year.

10 Things B2B Marketers Should be Doing on LinkedIn

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Add a LinkedIn Follow button to your newsletter, your blog and all digital properties. LinkedIn provides analytics for your Updates, Followers and Visitors. The post 10 Things B2B Marketers Should be Doing on LinkedIn appeared first on Marketing Action Blog - Act-On.

4 Content Strategies for B2B Corporate Blogging

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Real-Time Activity Stream 4 Content Strategies for B2B Corporate Blogging Derek Edmond | Apr 1, 2011 | 0 Comments No matter how much planning and goal setting goes into a B2B corporate blog, the writing and content ultimately is what will make a blog successful. Newsletter problems?

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Hidden Content Marketing Success Metrics for B2B


What exactly does content marketing success look like for B2B? Many teams explore this question through metrics related to lead generation, newsletter sign-ups, and top-of-funnel pageviews. Marketing Analytics

83 Exceptional Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014


2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends–North America: Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs. What do 40% of B2B buyers say about LinkedIn, that only 19% say about Twitter? What do 91% of B2B marketers do, but only 36% do well? (No, B2B Marketing ). B2B Marketing ).

How to Assess Your B2B Website to Increase Lead Conversions


Most of the articles on the web on conversion optimization cover e-commerce, but for this post, we’ll focus on B2B. Many B2B websites aren’t designed well for email capture for a specific product or service. Newsletters. Newsletter leads are good.

30 Experts Discuss Marketing Automation Trends That Will Have The Biggest Impact On B2B Marketers In 2018


This maturity has led to a surge in adoption — B2B adoption grew by 1100% between 2011 and 2014 alone: . . We reached out to 30 B2B marketing executives and asked the following question: . . Macon Raine - A B2B Marketing Agency | Managing Director. . .

Have You Exhausted The Low Hanging Fruit in Your B2B SEO Strategy?

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A few weeks back a marketing leader from a B2B software organization challenged KoMarketing to review their website for SEO opportunities. In other words, this B2B marketing VP could consider tweaking their other tactics in an effort to benefit SEO. Email Newsletters. Email marketing can be incredibly valuable tactic for B2B marketers. In addition, ensure that high performing on-site SEO assets have an opportunity to support the growth of B2B email marketing lists.

5 Ways To Know If Your B2B Blog Is Picking Up Steam

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Are you wondering if your B2B blog is on the right track for successful lead generation? Here are a few reasons: B2B companies that blog only 1-2x/month generate 70% more leads than those who don’t blog. The best way to do that is with an email newsletter.

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Does your marketing automation use machine learning?


Every B2B company I know is pulling all the stops out in marketing automation. B2B Marketing Monthly Newsletter B2B marketing machine learning marketing automation I’ve been in this game for a long time. (OK, OK, I’m old).

48 Ways to Measure Social Media Success


In the b2b world, the “R” is generally leads (website call-to-action conversions) with some monetary value applied to them. company website, newsletters, syndication sites). Note: Google has indicated that it plans to introduce more advanced analytics for Google+ soon. Ultimately, as Olivier Blanchard has pointed out repeatedly , social media marketing has to demonstrate an ROI (though he acknowledges the questions have to be made more specific).

Top 10 B2B Marketers to Follow for Expert Insights


What does it take to climb the ranks of high-profile B2B marketing experts? B2B marketing experts earn their titles as influencers by sharing valuable insight with others within the industry. Their blog provides rich insights about content marketing and marketing data analytics.