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Seven Common AdWords Mistakes to Avoid


That makes AdWords a critical component for any company seeking to dominate the first page of search results. Yet I often hear from prospective or new clients that they have used Google AdWords in the past and stopped because it “didn’t work” for their business.

B2B PPC Optimization: Thought Leadership with Terry Whalen of CPC Search

Modern B2B Marketing

The next interview in the B2B Marketing thought leader interview series is with Terry Whalen, a partner at CPC Search , a full-service SEM agency that optimizes PPC campaigns on behalf of its clients. Prior to running CPC Search, Terry led marketing initiatives at Citrix’s GoToMyPC, and before that he received his MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. But for B2B, we are typically only measuring a lead submission via AdWords, and all leads are not created equal.

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17 (of the) Best AdWords and SEM Guides of 2011


Google AdWords) in conjunction to maximize first-page-of-the-search-results exposure. Understand Google AdWords quality scores? Discover the answers to these questions and many more here in 17 of the best AdWords and SEM guides of the past year. How Does the AdWords Auction Work?

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7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Google Adwords

Vertical Response

Google Adwords is a very powerful tool packed with lots of features to help you get the most out of your search engine marketing efforts. Today we break down some lesser known but highly valuable Google Adwords features to help you maximize your campaign performance.

A Simple Guide to Mastering the Basics of Effective Social Media Advertising


The cost per click (CPC) of the LinkedIn campaign was 4x the Facebook CPC. Make It Relevant: Social advertising is different to Adwords search advertising. Impressions, clickthrough rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), likes, shares, frequency, relevance, and much more.

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A Simple Guide for Setting Up Your First Google AdWords Campaign


If it's because you're intimidated by Google's AdWords interface, we get it. Read on to learn everything you need to know about setting up a Google AdWords campaign! Before you even jump into the AdWords interface, you need to be armed with a keyword list to help guide your efforts.

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Are You Making These PPC Mistakes? 10+ Bizible PPC Fails… And How We Fixed Them


Here are some of our fails, as well as what we’re doing to make our paid media more effective. We realized that we were using the same targeting for our Bizible brand campaign for both search and display through AdWords. Bonus Mistake: Not adopting the latest AdWords snippets.

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Social PPC: 17 Tips for Successful Ads on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook

The Point

It seems only yesterday that “PPC advertising” was synonymous with Google AdWords. Almost all ad-serving platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google AdWords) run their auctions based on estimated yield to their network, not simply on bid level.

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63 Digital Advertising Terms Every Marketer Should Know


Cost per Click (CPC) : How much an advertiser pays, on average, for each ad click. CPC is calculated by dividing the total amount spent on a campaign by the number of clicks generated. This has a similar effect to the old-school tactics of gaining reach and frequency through using a range of channels such as radio + newspaper + billboards + direct mail. . Rich Media : Interactive media such as quizzes, games, and ads with video and special effects.

The Complete Display Ads Overview For B2B Marketers


It’s an investment with little transparency into its effects on the bottom line. Filtering your ad placements on these layers will help you find the right audience and lower your CPC. At the most basic level are marketers who use only Google AdWords to measure performance.

Google’s New AdWords Quality Score Reporting: Where Did All My 10s Go?


Recently, Google announced a change in the way Quality Score would be reported within AdWords. As reported on the Inside AdWords blog : "Please note that this is only a change to how a keyword’s 1-10 Quality Score is reported. Will the New Quality Scores Affect Your AdWords Performance?

5 Simple PPC Landing Page Changes that May Improve Your Quality Score

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You can determine whether or not a particular landing page needs help by going to the Keywords tab in your AdWords campaign and placing the cursor over the speech bubble next to the status of any keyword. Only then will you be able to gauge whether or not the changes had the desired effect.

Online Ad Metrics & the Google Activate Initiative

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In the middle of CPA and CPM is the CPC (cost per click) model. Tracked by the hyperlink redirect and not by the image loading, this model drives the success of Google Adwords and similar Paid Search tactics.

63 Digital Advertising Terms Every Marketer Should Know

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Cost per Click (CPC) : How much an advertiser pays, on average, for each ad click. CPC is calculated by dividing the total amount spent on a campaign by the number of clicks generated. Rich Media : Interactive media such as quizzes, games, and ads with video and special effects.

5 Steps to Set Up, Launch, and Manage an Online Display Campaign

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Furthermore, you can also retarget people who have visited your website in the past, making display advertising even more effective. Similar to Google AdWords, DSPs allow the advertiser to set up ads, target specific audiences, report on results, and bid on inventory in real time.

Facebook vs. Google: Choosing Between Digital Advertising Giants


There are a lot of angles you can make this comparison from, but we’re going to take it from the cost effectiveness angle. Keep reading to learn whether you’ll see less expensive cost-per-click (CPC) and more powerful return-on-investment (ROI) from Facebook or Google.

How To Measure Paid Media ROI (ROAS)


But as any paid media practitioner knows, getting the right people to click on your ads is no easy task, especially at a cost effective rate. Moreover, creating ads and getting clicks is one thing; effectively measuring it is a completely different beast.


An SEO’s Guide to Bottom-of-Funnel Keywords


Choosing the most effective or most productive keywords involves strategy, critical thinking, and an understanding of core marketing principles. Lastly, examine Cost-Per-Click (CPC) if you’re using a system that shares that information.

The Worst PPC Mistakes Beginners Make (and How to Avoid Them)


I’ve reviewed a lot of Google AdWords accounts at WordStream -- probably thousands -- and I see the same silly mistakes over and over again. The number-one reason most businesses fail at AdWords is they don’t sign in enough. The good news is AdWords doesn’t have to take over your life.

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The Death of Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Tomorrow People

It is sometimes referred to as CPC (cost-per-click) or PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, because most search ads are sold on a CPC / PPC basis.” For example, recent research has revealed that just 18% of SMEs using Google Adwords actually recoup their investment (Source: YouGov).

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How B2B Companies Are Using LinkedIn Marketing Ad Campaigns [Interview]

KoMarketing Associates

It’s still pretty early in the adoption curve for LinkedIn ads, so how marketers use it is definitely maturing, but it’s not at the level of AdWords, for example. At Bizible , we’ve found LinkedIn to be the most effective social channel.

What is Latent Semantic Indexing & Why Does it Matter for Your SEO Strategy?


2) Use the Keyword Planner Tool via Google AdWords. If you have access to Google AdWords, you can also use their Keyword Planner tool. Simply add your query into the search bar and you’ll receive results based on volume of searches and CPC.

26 Awesome Search Engine Marketing Guides


7 deadly sins of Google AdWords by iMedia Connection. New Google AdWords Callout Extensions How-To: Highlight Offers in Your Ads by WordStream. I Raised My AdWords Bids and Got LESS Traffic! AdWords Keyword Diagnosis Report: Diagnosis Statuses Decoded by Search Engine Journal.

10 SEO measurements every marketer should know


SEO is about measuring website and marketing effectiveness and, with the learning, making adjustments to attract more people who take the actions you want. Number of Keywords Driving Traffic : A measure of a site’s effectiveness is the number of keywords drawing traffic.

What is Retention Marketing, and Why You Need to Start Today


In the past SEM and social media were cheap and effective ways to drive traffic to our ecommerce sites. These traditional ads are more expensive and less effective than they were in the past. Adwords CPC’s are on the rise and I don’t see that trend changing!

Unveiling The Pipeline Marketing Technology Stack


In the B2B marketing world, AdWords is a near ubiquitous paid channel. The technology involved in paid channels includes audience targeting through various social, search, and display networks (think: leveraging affinity groups on AdWords or targeting by job skills on LinkedIn).

How B2B Advertisers Can Deal With Google’s Sidebar Changes

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Now we shouldn’t assume that ads below the fold won’t get any traffic, but we need to accept the fact that they will probably be less effective in generating clicks than they were in the past. You can set a bid adjustment for mobile devices up to 300% of your specified CPC.

Will Your SEO Strategy Be Impacted By Google’s Removal of Right-Hand-Side Ads on SERPs?

Content Standard

Think your AdWords clicks are expensive? ” This update has plenty of implications for brand marketers wondering how to most effectively spend their budgets on SEO strategy and other content channels. Regardless, now is a great time to review your Google Adwords strategy.


Google Removes Sidebar Ads: What It Means for Advertisers

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Effective immediately, Google will no longer be showing ads on the right hand sidebar. The removal of the sidebar, which has been a staple location since AdWords’ creation, will certainly shake up results for many differently reasons. Effects on Ad Performance.

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How To Illustrate Popular B2B PPC Performance Metrics

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Connect this information with CPC (cost per click) and average position for these terms as well. Thanks to the conversions report in AdWords we can track the different actions, the different landing pages, and anywhere the tracking code associated with lead generation initiatives is present.

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An SEO?s Guide to Bottom-of-Funnel Keywords


Choosing the most effective or most productive keywords involves strategy, critical thinking, and an understanding of core marketing principles. Lastly, examine Cost-Per-Click (CPC) if you’re using a system that shares that information.

How to Design Content Remarketing Campaigns That Actually Work


Recapturing audience attention to turn lookers into leads is an effective marketing tactic, and if you''re not doing it, you''re leaving money on the table. Creative & Effective Remarketing Bid Strategies. To define an audience, create a new remarketing list in Google AdWords.

Where Is Digital Advertising Headed in 2016?


Obviously, Google AdWords had been preparing for this with the roll out of “enhanced campaigns” on July 22 nd 2013, when they no longer let campaigns be separated by device. email addresses) in digital advertising is in full-effect and will continue to grow on different platforms.

From Scratch: Three (More) List Building Strategies for Agencies (and Others)


Here are three pay-to-play models for list building strategies: Paid media (Google AdWords, LinkedIn sponsored content, banner ads, etc.). Paid Media – Google AdWords, LinkedIn Sponsored Content, Mobile Ads, etc. AdWords.

A SaaS Marketing Plan for High Growth Companies


For example, NewsCred was able to create leads that were 50 percent more valuable using LinkedIn than those acquired through AdWords. This means that effective lead nurturing needs to be made a priority both at the top of the funnel and in your free trial or post-demo stage.

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8 Times When You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Using PPC


Many marketers are moving away from using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in lieu of more cost-effective lead generation methods, like blogging, social media marketing, and creating excellent offer content that drives net new leads and reconversions.

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B2B Pay Per Click Advertising


Interview with Terry Whalen from CPC Search. Jep: How do you track opportunities or revenue associated with specific AdWords Campaigns? Do your clients use Salesforce for Google AdWords, Marketing Automation systems or other tools? Terry: For the most part, clients use Salesforce-for-AdWords, which is a very elegant way to link leads with valuable AdWords data like keyword, search term, campaign, etc. do you find most effective?