The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Landing Page Optimization

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As every B2B marketer knows, getting traffic to your website is only half the battle. You also have to make sure that those visitors actually do something when they land on your site – this is where landing page optimization comes in. What is a Landing Page?

How to Create High Converting Landing Pages


Great content, solid organic promotion, paid search, and social strategy are the keys to a successful inbound marketing campaign. But, even the best campaign strategy can go wasted if you do not have a high converting landing page when users arrive. Landing Page Design.


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How to Make and Optimize a Twitter Landing Page


Do you want to set up a dedicated page for visitors who come from Twitter? By sending your Twitter crowd to a generic homepage, they’re less likely to be engaged. But first, let’s take a closer look at the value of adding a Twitter landing page to your sales funnel.

“Land” Your Best Prospects with Landing Page Marketing


Landing pages have a vital, singular purpose — encouraging visitors to begin the sales cycle with a brand. Digital marketers invest in creating landing pages because of their higher conversion rates. And that content is a gateway to a possible sale.

How to Design Landing Pages that Convert

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If you’ve been around the digital marketing arena for more than one day, you’ve heard people talking about landing pages as if they’re one of the most important parts of your website. Even good marketing people don’t always understand how to design landing pages that convert prospects into customers. But there is a process that includes several different elements that can take your landing pages to the next level. Get A Free Consultation.

8 Tips for a High-Converting Book Landing Page


Jump ahead: 6 reasons authors need landing pages for their books/a> 5 essential elements of a book landing page. 8 book landing page best practices. Great book landing page examples for your inspiration. Include a sneak peek.

What's a Conversational Landing Page (& How Do You Create One)?


Marketers have found that conversational experiences on landing pages (such as chatbots and live chat) convert three-to-four times more than a traditional landing page. Conversational Landing Pages. What makes conversational landing pages unique?

How to Do a Landing Page A/B Test and Measure Results


If you have not implemented an A/B Testing program for your landing pages you may be missing out on a valuable opportunity to for conversion rate optimization. Although the name implies there are only two versions, A/B Testing compares the success rate for multiple variations of a single landing page. A/B Testing has recently gained in popularity simply due to the fact that it works. A/B Testing Basics.

The Best Commercial Contractor Landing Page Strategy

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Are you ready to make a few big waves in your digital advertising? One of the most overlooked strategies for commercial contractors is landing pages. Keep reading to learn the best commercial contractor landing page strategy.

How the Pros Would Optimize Your Landing Page


Marketers, how do you solve a problem like Maria? In our profession, the hills are very much alive with the sound of conversion opportunities, but at the end of the day, how do you catch a cloud and pin it down? Just look at your landing pages. Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Design: The Secret Sauce, Reducing the Anxiety Factor


When you’re preparing to build a landing page for a campaign, one of the first considerations is the content. A quick shopping list comes to mind: c ompelling headline, c ompelling body copy extolling the benefits, urgency clause, c redibility elements (testimonials and logos from client companies), call to action and sign-up form. Why do visitors buy from one landing page over another when the product or service is the same?

How To Build Landing Pages That Convert


Landing pages are important for two reasons – they motivate people to click further into the sales funnel and they capture user data so you can connect with prospects and create qualified leads. Though anyone can create a landing page, not everyone can do it well. Landing pages are an indispensable part of an inbound marketing strategy. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to build a great landing page that converts.

Landing page vs Homepage: Differences explained


It’s a common question: What’s the difference between a homepage and a landing page? Can there really be a big difference between the two? It’s why landing pages are so effective for sign-ups, conversions and downloads. What’s the page goal?

How to Build Your Brand with Landing Page Optimization


Let’s face it: brand marketers get a bad rap. Companies have found their edge by investing in incredible brands, and a company’s brand has become its differentiator. It might seem like building a brand doesn’t line up with the idea of being data-driven.

11 Delightfully Simple A/B Testing Best Practices You Can Use Now!


Are you following A/B testing best practices for your opt-in marketing campaigns? Website split testing is an essential conversion optimization practice. ” Fortunately, this guide will help you learn how to A/B split test like a pro! About page.

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The 20 Best B2B Landing Page Examples of 2020


Check out the COVID-19 Small Business Care Package for a roundup of useful resources—including tech discounts, government subsidies, and marketing tips to help lessen the impact on your business. But great B2B landing pages do exist. 20 B2B Landing Page Examples in 2020.

60 A/B Testing Examples to Get You More Conversions


Are you looking for A/B testing examples that you can use to boost conversions on your site? A/B testing is an invaluable part of any marketing strategy. But for most marketers, A/B testing can be something we put on the backburner. A quick A/B test.

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How To Build Landing Pages That Convert


Landing pages are important for two reasons – they motivate people to click further into the sales funnel and they capture user data so you can connect with prospects and create qualified leads.Though anyone can create a landing page, not everyone can do it well. Landing pages are an indispensable part of an inbound marketing strategy. With that in mind, we take a look at how to build a great landing page that converts.

How to Improve E-Commerce Landing Pages with Paid Ads Data

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Paid advertising plays a vital role in e-commerce success. When it comes to getting eyes on your website’s landing pages, few marketing channels offer results as fast and at such a reasonable initial investment. The Importance of A/B Testing in E-Commerce.

A/B testing: how to optimize your conversions and generate more results


Few tools are as fundamental in this process as A/B tests. By A/B testing your pages and contents, you will be able to identify the best ways to communicate with your audience. In this text, you will learn: What is A/B testing? What is A/B testing?

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What Is A/B SEO Testing?

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Are you struggling to get website traffic from Google? Instead, you can run experiments to determine the optimization tweaks you need to make, without: Changing your entire website. A/B SEO testing. In this guide, we’ll explain why A/B testing is important, the SEO elements you can split test, and a handful of companies who’ve run controlled experiments that resulted in increased search traffic. Get A Free Consultation. What Can I A/B Test?

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Beginner’s Guide to SEO: Landing Pages and Website Infrastructure (Pt. 2)

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Now that you’ve spent some time learning the basic steps of SEO , let’s dive a little deeper and discuss the importance of landing pages and infrastructure on your website. . Landing pages. When it comes to landing pages, ask yourself: does the page make sense? . Look at everything before you create the page. Look at everything while the page is being created. Look at everything after the page is created.

The Ultimate Guide to Landing Pages


A landing page can be the designated page you’re taken to when you click on an ad. It can be the page that follows a call-to-action button. A landing page can also serve as the homepage of a website. What distinguishes a webpage as a landing page is its objective — the purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads. Why do you need a landing page?

7 Ways to Optimize Your Lead Generation Landing Pages


B2B sales and marketing professionals are constantly looking for ways to increase their qualified website leads. Yet, a staggering 80% of marketers also say their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective ( source ). We say, go straight to the source—your lead generation landing pages. With just a few small adjustments, you can increase your conversion rate and generate more leads overnight. Tip Number Five: Facilitate a conversation.

This Marketing Consultant Hit 5x Growth With Landing Pages and an AI-Powered Sidekick


If you’re running a small business or marketing agency, this isn’t some theoretical paradox or Goblin King riddle —this is actual advice you’ll hear on how to grow your revenue. A single conversion on a roofing landing page can drive anywhere between $6,000 and $10,000 in revenue.

5 Landing Page A/B Tests (And Their Surprising Results)


Intuition is a powerful and often unexplainable phenomenon of human nature. It’s a beautiful thing, but one that often has negative repercussions on your marketing. When it comes to designing landing pages, there is a difficult balance to achieve between making data-driven decisions and using your intuition. Rather than making guesses or assumptions to fuel your landing page’s performance, your success is dependent on trial-and-error.

How Ecommerce Company Packlane Delivers On-Brand, Targeted Campaigns with Custom Landing Pages


Does this $50 Airbnb come with a three-digit cleaning charge? Why does this anonymous benefactor need a credit card number to give me my millions? Not so—at least when it comes to landing pages. But do oodles of customized landing pages equal oodles of time?

Top 20 Landing Page Design Examples for 2020

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Landing pages are a crucial component of the digital marketing strategy to improve User experience and, therefore, conversions. Marketers work with conversion rate optimization (CRO) experts, copywriters, and designers to design high-performing landing pages.

How to Use A/B Testing in Digital Marketing Strategy


This is often because of a poor call to action, poorly optimized landing pages or a lack of effective pop-ups. It is also a result of many marketing professionals failing to properly utilize A/B testing in digital marketing strategy.

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Everything You Need to Know About Landing Page Design


Whoever said “You never have a second chance to make a great first impression,” makes a valid point. You only get one opportunity to have your first interaction with another person … and the last thing you want is for that first interaction to be a bad one. Great first impressions matter when meeting someone, going to a new place, and even visiting a website. The answer: Great landing page design. Landing Page Design.

How to A/B Test Your Pricing (And Why It Might Be a Bad Idea)


Choosing the right pricing for your product is a little bit like Goldilocks. Too high, and you risk alienating a large majority of your potential customers. Too low, and you likely won't have enough revenue to run a sustainable business. This is where A/B testing comes into play.

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How to Create a High-Converting Book Landing Page (and Find More Readers)


So, you’ve written a book. Now, you’ll probably want to get people to read it—which is easier said than done, especially when we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. If this is your predicament, we have three words for you: book landing page.

4 Ways Marketing Automation Takes the Uncertainty Out of A/B Testing

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The mark of a successful business is its commitment to constant improvement. But of course, change is never easy, especially when it comes with a big price tag and runs the risk of lost sales if things go wrong. The goal of any A/B testing is ultimately to boost conversions.

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The Best 14 Landing Page Builders for Any Business


There are plenty of different methods for generating leads, but one of the most effective options is a well-designed landing page. Building a fully-optimized landing page has never been easier -- in fact, it's now possible to create a lead generation gold mine using drag-and-drop tools without seeing a single line of code. Key Features of a Landing Page Builder. A/B testing and optimization. Landing Page

8 Principles of High-Converting Landing Pages


Landing pages are distinct, standalone pages on your website that serve as a tool to convert your visitors into leads. What distinguishes them from other pages is that they drive user action via a lead-capture form. In other words, your landing page is a way for you to compel your target audience to convert. Resist the urge to include a lengthy list of your company’s achievements in your niche market.

How to Create a Landing Page


Knowing how to create an email sign up form is a great start, but when isn’t it enough to convert your ideal reader ? Depending on the size of your email opt in form, you may only have a few dozen characters to make your pitch. When you need more room to highlight the benefits and features of what you are offering, creating a landing page can be the perfect solution. Unlike an email sign up form, you can customize a landing page that fits any device screen.

The Ins and Outs of Facebook Landing Pages


How many times have you interacted with an ad on Facebook and gotten lost down a rabbit hole? Sometimes, though, I come across an ad that's seamless — They're quick to grab my attention, and it tells me everything I need to know when I reach the landing page. Choose a template.