The Eight Best Social CRM Tools


Social customer relationship management (CRM) was being written about as a distinct product category as far back as 2008, but market interest really began to take off the following year. How does social CRM differ from traditional CRM? 6) Base CRM. 7) Zoho CRM.

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Top 20 CRM Blogs of 2009

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Forecasting Clouds ranked the top 20 CRM blogs based on their content, readability and frequency of posting. Here's a partial list of the CRM blogs on their list: PGreenblog and CRM: The Conversation – Paul Greenberg. Brent’s Social CRM Blog - Brent Leary. Destination CRM Blog –. Read Forecasting Clouds' Top 20 CRM Blogs of 2009 I'm honored to have been included on the list.

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SalesFusion Combines Online and Offline Marketing with CRM

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Summary: SalesFusion combines all channels within marketing, and merges marketing automation with CRM as well. This breadth isn’t accompanied by tremendous depth: SalesFusion’s campaign management and built-in CRM tools are a bit limited. But the system does offer a comprehensive solution for smaller firms and, at least on the CRM side, can integrate with more powerful solutions including , Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Siebel CRM On Demand.

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B2B Marketing University: For Now, Marketing Automation and CRM Are Still Separate

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Summary: Marketing automation and CRM systems may eventually converge, but for now marketers need help explaining why they need a system of their own. People still don’t understand the difference between marketing automation vs. CRM. Someone (I think it was end-of-day panelist Meg Heuer of Sirius Decisions ) also pointed out that CRM data is often very dirty, which isn't a problem for salespeople working with one record at a time, but making it hard to use for marketing.

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How Are CRM and Marketing Automation Different?


In addition to Marketing Automation, there were two big topics: Social Media and CRM. I will write about Social Media some other time, and focus on CRM in this post. Many attendees were confused by CRM vendors claiming to offer full marketing functionality. So let’s dig in and find how Marketing Automation and CRM are different. Strong Features of CRM. For CRM, I focused on Today’s CRM Systems Do Not Help Marketing.

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Lead Generation Tips: Business Card Data Entry For Free | Dreamforce Special

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A week later, they get a spreadsheet with all the data -- perfect for importing into Outlook, or other CRM systems. How many business cards do you have laying around in one of the current states? On your desktop in a pile 2. Wrapped in a rubber band 3. In a ziplock bag 4.

Latest B2B Marketing Trends From SiriusDecisions Summit 09

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What I have done is reviewed the tweets from the latest SiriusDecisions Summit 2009 and captured points that I thought were interesting and categorized them.

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Social Media will Disrupt every Function in your Company

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What makes this different from the adoption of the Web or CRM is that Social Media is changing so much more than those technologies ever did. We are at an interesting inflection point with Social Media today.

Tempted to Do Away With Registration Forms? Think Again.

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Offering up pre-populated landing pages gives contacts the opportunity to update outdated or incorrect information, serving to maintain and improve the quality of your CRM data.

8 Tips for generating high quality leads that sales people love

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Connect sales and marketing data in CRM especially to measure conversion. Ask most executives and marketers what sales people need to sell in this economy and they will say, "more leads." " So their lead generation focuses on getting MORE leads to their sales team but I've found that sales people really don't want more leads. Actually, what they want is more effective selling time with BETTER "sales ready" leads that will convert into pipeline opportunities.

Top 10 Triggered B2B Email Marketing Campaigns

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One of the themes for marketers in 2009 is “doing more with less”. These types of campaigns can be triggered by: -Sales reps entering leads into a nurturing program via a trigger in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database.

Lead Gen Call Center In The Cloud - Virtual Hybrid

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We can see people's dials, what CRM records they modify, listen in for training, etc. When we started Green Leads we set out to build the perfect Virtual Call Center. We accomplished it, and other than not seeing people face-to-face, the way we work is identical to a traditional call center.

When leads lie, what should you measure?

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Thanks to Jim Berkowitz and his CRM Mastery E-Journal for pointing me to CIO article by David Tabor, " When Leads Lie." And that’s the whole point of CRM. " Check both resources out they are well worth a read. Here's a few excerpts from Tabor's article:  Why do leads lie? Leads lie because we think they’re saying something that they aren’t. A lead is not ready to buy. They’re typically not even ready to talk with one of your sales reps.

Jesubi Doubles Sales Prospecting Efficiency

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You may not want to replace your CRM system with Jesubi, but dedicated prospecting teams should take a close look. As Jesubi president (and LeadJen founder) Bill Johnson tells the story, LeadJen originally worked directly with its clients’ CRM systems but found they were poorly suited for systematic prospecting. Building these links is difficult in most CRM software and virtually impossible in marketing automation systems.

RightNow Adds Social Community Capabilities (But Don't Expect Support Costs to Fall as a Result)

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In keeping with my recent posts about broader utilization of social media, I had a chat earlier this week with on-demand CRM vendor RightNow , who updated me on their recent purchase of HiveLive. Tags: crm systems rightnow social media customer support customer experience Summary: RightNow has extended its social media footprint by purchasing HiveLive, which lets companies build public and private communities.

Dreamforce 2009: Engaging Effectively with Social Networks using

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Even better, the rep is credited with that solution because everything was caught in the CRM, allowing product management and support to report on these issues.

Online Marketing News in 2009: The Year’s Hottest Events

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Here is our 2009 year in review. December 2009 Online Marketing News. Top word of 2009: Twitter. November 2009 Online Marketing News. October 2009 Online Marketing News. September 2009 Online Marketing News. Microsoft announces Looking Glass to let marketers look into a real-time social stream aggregating feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, and will connect with CRM’s and more. August 2009 Online Marketing News.

Email Personalization Gone Bad – Marketing WTF?


And if you have dirty data with things like LEIGH ANNE or Leigh Anne (don't call til Q1) in the first name field of your CRM, using personalization can be pretty scary and it might be time for some I have heard mixed reviews on using personalization in email marketing.

ClickInsights: What ROI metric should B2B marketers use in this digital marketing era?

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B2B Lead Generation Benchmark Study 2009. I’m a small business, and my clients are small businesses that might not have sophisticated CRM systems to measure and monitor results. ClickInsights is an Expert Interview Series brought to you by Connect the Docs (ClickDocuments blog).

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Adobe Buys Omniture: Good for Marketers, Bad for Marketing Automation Vendors

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This puts pressure on marketing automation vendors, who also want to provide Web analytics and content management, and who are already being pressed by customer relationship management (CRM) vendors. I think I've made this point before, but I'll repeat it again: the marketing automation vendors are really being squeezed between the Web vendors on one side, and the CRM vendors on the other. Improved CRM or CMS offerings might actually meet marketers needs.

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Low Cost Systems for Demand Generation

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I did publish a real review in July 2009.] Tags: demand generation software marketing automation lead management software selection vendor evaluation crm software My new obsession with Twitter (follow me as @draab) has led to several messages from people who seemed to have trouble choosing between Eloqua and Marketo.

LoopFuse Offers No-Frills Demand Generation

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The only direct action available in an activity node is to send an email; all other options involve updates to the CRM system such as adding a lead, changing data, or assigning an activity. The conditional nodes can check for several specific conditions, such as email responses, Web page visits, CRM lead status, data values and lead scores. But data from account or opportunity tables is not available, even though it’s imported from CRM.

Should Demand Generation and Sales Automation Be Separate Systems?

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So are independent demand generation systems doomed to be assimilated into larger CRM products? Tags: crm lead management sales automation demand generation I’ve been focusing (obsessing?) recently on the idea that the boundaries between marketing and sales are breaking down because leads now interact with both departments throughout the purchase cycle.

Lead Management and Football

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The defense could be a marketing automation system that is not fully synced with a CRM, it could be your competition providing higher quality products or it could be a breakdown in the hand off process between sales and marketing - there are many more possibilities.

Best Cool Web Tools of 2009, Part 1


CRM Diagnostic. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems have become ubiquitous, yet many—perhaps even most—implementations fail to take full advantage of the software’s capabilities in one or more areas. This free analysis tool from on-demand CRM consulting firm Demand Chain Systems short-circuits that process, helping to identify the most promising areas for improvement in just 40 minutes. Looking for a more powerful way to share presentations online?

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Aberdeen Predicts Web Content Systems Will Add Marketing Automation: I Agree, But.

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Major contenders include Chordiant , thinkAnalytics and Infor ’s CRM Interaction Advisor. Doesn't this contradict my prediction that touchpoints like Web content management and CRM will expand their marketing automation functions, threatening the current marketing automation vendors? The logical candidate for this joint role is a company’s primary touchpoint system, which these days is probably either the Web site or CRM.

Web Analytics Is Dead. So Is Customer Centricity. I Need a Drink.

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Yet bear in mind that looming behind the marketing automation vendors are the enterprise CRM vendors, who also offer largely on-premise installations. Even as analysts are still sorting through the implications of last week’s acquisition of Omniture by Adobe , the industry saw two additional important announcements this week: Omniture combining its data with comScore to help measure Web advertising audiences , and Nielsen working with Facebook to poll consumers on advertising impact.

Take a Sales Guy to Lunch: Bridging the Sales & Marketing Divide

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Companies like Eloqua and Marketo have 1-click integration into CRM systems that make it easy to synchronize marketing and sales processes and lead data. Today, lead management in the CRM system starts when sales get the lead. BAS) I think the marketing systems are maturing and becoming more easily integrated into leading CRM packages like and Oracle CRM On Demand.

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The five components of a successful thought leadership program

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For that reason, thought leadership programs need to be tightly integrated into the company’s IT systems—and particularly its CRM systems—so that the impact of thought leadership can be tracked all the way through to the sale. This lead tracking system should be integrated with the company’s CRM system (most traditional CRM systems are not set up to handle lead nurturing) so that leads can be handed back and forth between marketing and sales without losing anyone along the way.

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Email Autoresponders 2.0 in B2B Marketing

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The best in class marketers have their CRM synced up to their marketing automation platform which means that known contacts from their CRM should already have an associated sales rep.

3 Steps Towards Tackling Your Database Woes – B2B Marketing and Sales Tip #262


Create a CRM data standard sheet and separate the data elements into three categories: Information Having trouble seeing the good in your database? Separating the diamonds from the dirt can be tough and time intensive, but if you map out a plan ahead of time it can save you time and sanity!

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Are Your Leads Lying to You?


Sitting down with my coffee this morning I stumbled across David Taber’s article CRM Tips: When Leads Lie, In it, Taber makes the case for really focusing on the right metrics in measuring performance, interesting stuff, but I got stuck on a particular statement he makes: “In many B2B and

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Keep Your Leads from Lying to You


I want to dive a little further into David Taber’s article CRM Tips: When Leads Lie. As a follow-up to yesterday's post, Are Your Leads Lying to You?, There are some truly interesting statistics in this article, but the meat of the article is his call to focus on the

Aprimo Marketing Studio Expands the Scope of Marketing Automation

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The new offering is designed to support all stages of interactive marketing, starting with traffic generation from paid search, Web banner ads and blogging, and continuing with visitor behavior tracking, landing pages and forms, interactive dialogs, multi-step email campaigns, lead scoring and CRM integration. Summary: Aprimo Marketing Studio includes traffic generation features missing from nearly all existing marketing automation products.

Adobe Buys B2C Marketing Automation Leader Neolane: One Gap Filled, But Where's CRM?

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That frankly didn’t take much insight, but I’ll brag a bit more about having pegged Adobe as needing to add marketing automation as far back as this post in 2009 and again in 2010. It still doesn’t put Adobe on equal footing with Oracle , Salesforce, SAP or Microsoft , since they all have major CRM platforms which Adobe does not. Everything will eventually converge Web-plus-CRM, with marketing automation baked in so deep you can''t see it.

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