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4 Ways to Get on the Approved Vendor List for IT Staffing


Getting on the IT staffing approved vendor list will make your life a lot easier. Approved vendor lists may seem like a headache to the IT staffing firm that has yet to get their foot in the door with their target companies. And you can make it show through your RFP/RFI responses. Life gets a lot easier. Messaging is important.

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RFQ vs. RFP: What’s the Difference?


In the business world, the process includes having vendors or companies submit RFPs (request for proposal) or RFQs (request for quote) so you can compare their products and services. These documents help businesses decide which vendor they want to buy from. Now, what's the difference between an RFQ and an RFP?

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RFP Template for a Content Management System (CMS)


There are many CMS vendors to select from. Our RFP Template provides some questions that can help guide this process. Read more in our Blogpost!

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20 questions to ask marketing automation vendors during a demo


To start, set up demos with your shortlist of vendors within a relatively short timeframe after receiving the RFP responses to help make relevant comparisons. Does the vendor seem to understand our business and our marketing needs? Does the vendor seem to understand our business and our marketing needs? Learn more here.

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Download Now: 2022 Virtual + Hybrid Event Platform RFP Template - Enterprise Edition

Download 200+ new RFP questions for hybrid and virtual event technology success. After 10,000 downloads, the SpotMe Virtual + Hybrid Event Platform RFP Template is the ultimate procurement tool for event technology. Map out exactly what you want from a vendor and secure your event success. Download the eBook today!

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The Essential Virtual Event RFP Guide: 2021 edition

SpotMe Blog

In a hurry with your RFP for virtual events? Jump directly to the RFP template for virtual events here: Download RFP Template now. Are you running an RFP for virtual events? This article (and free RFP template) is everything you need to run a smooth and successful search for the right solution to suit your needs.

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Questions to ask vendors before buying a customer journey orchestration solution


Once you have determined that customer journey orchestration (CJO) software makes sense for your business , spend time researching individual vendors and their capabilities. Completing this research will better prepare you for when the time comes to select a specific vendor. Narrow your list to those vendors that meet your criteria.

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Free Virtual Event RFP Template: Find Your Ideal Event Vendor

Brought to you by SpotMe: this template is ideal for companies looking for a vendor to fulfill their specific event needs and requirements! Map out exactly what you want from a vendor and secure your event success. Download the essential virtual event RFP guide to learn: What is an RFP and why run one? Download now!

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Put Your Data to Work: The Complete Playbook

A comprehensive Request For Proposal (RFP) checklist – to ensure you are asking the right questions before selecting a vendor. This playbook contains: Exclusive statistics, research, and insights into how the pandemic has affected businesses over the last 18 months.