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  • NUSPARK  |  SUNDAY, JULY 25, 2010
    [Process] Optimizing the eMarketing Leads-to-Sales Process
    The challenge to any business is to optimize every little piece of the eMarketing flow from website visitor to sale. By carefully tweaking the micro elements of the flow, the macro components work better; you’ll generate more leads, more conversions, more sales, increase market share, and be primed for the future. Below is a diagram showing how the eMarketing flow works. There are three phases of eMarketing strategy: Generate Traffic, Turn Into Prospects: Turn Into Sales.
    [Process] The Branding Process for Professional Services Firms
    The branding process is a systematic approach to creating and promoting a firm’s brand. The brand building process can be applied to either the development of a new brand or the rebranding of an existing firm. In this article we’ll review the context in which the process is used, what happens during each phase, and what success looks like. This process is adapted from the one we use at Hinge ­— a program based on a decade of research into thousands of high-growth firms.
    [Process] What Great Stories Smell Like: Inside Microsoft Stories' Editorial Process
    Though they''ve now gotten more internal buy-in and developed partnerships with external shops to get pieces ready to publish, the whole team gets their hands dirty in every stage of the production process. Now, let''s get into what that process actually looks like. Instead, they compare Stories to digital magazines like Wired -- and in the magazine world, editorial processes are much different than those for your typical corporate blog. Crushes are weird sometimes.
    [Process] Building Content Marketing to Support the Buying Process
    Demand Metric is offering a free webinar, “ Building Content to Support the Buying Process ,” Tuesday, January 30 th at 1 pm Eastern. This stage teaches you how to identify your buyer’s specific content consumption preferences, buying process sticking points, and what content they need to meet their educational needs. Sign up for this free webinar, Building Content to Support the Buying Process , now.
  • JUNTA 42  |  THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 2012
    [Process] Setting Content Marketing Guidelines: 5 Templates to Drive the Process
    When you develop a process for your content marketing, you want to do it in a way that ensures creative, out-of-the-box thinking in the most “human” way possible. Gross was asking him about the grind at The Daily Show, and how they managed the creative process. Process and Constraint Drive Creativity. That’s an incredibly important lesson to us as content marketers as we develop guidelines and processes for our content and online conversations.
    [Process] Aligning industrial marketing with the industrial professional’s buying process
    The post Aligning industrial marketing with the industrial professional’s buying process appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. By Jon Franko, Thinker & Partner at Gorilla 76. The following was taken from Chapter 3 of The Definitive Guide to Industrial Marketing, an educational resource from Gorilla 76. When it comes to the Xs and Os of B2B marketing, many traits are shared across niches. One such trait is the fact that the buying […].
    [Process] A sustainable process for optimized content marketing and brand publishing
    Start getting these marketing stakeholders involved in the editorial process by creating an editorial board consisting of them as well as content producers and any analytic stakeholders or other agency representatives you deem necessary. Determine who needs to be involved in the creation processes for different content types (content resources, design and development resources). You spend a lot of time researching, planning, and creating all kinds of content online.
    [Process] Step-by-Step Process for Creating Captivating Visuals for Social Media
    The post Step-by-Step Process for Creating Captivating Visuals for Social Media appeared first on Digital Current. The post Step-by-Step Process for Creating Captivating Visuals for Social Media appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Save the expense of an in-house designer and follow this step-by-step guide to creating consistent visual content optimized for social media channels. Standing out on social media today is no easy task.
    [Process] Optimizing the Lead: A data-driven optimization process
    Tweet Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to share the most exciting aspect of working at MECLABS – Research Partnerships that allow us to test and optimize lead generation processes. You’ll learn how we: Improved the quality of sales-ready leads by attaining better information about prospects and where they are in the buying process. Lead generation optimization can transform research into revenue when the process is data driven.
    [Process] The Business Process that No Longer Works
    B2B Lead Generation | the Process of the Past No Longer Works. The business process doesn’t work anymore. Life used to be simple for companies who sold complex products to businesses, like software, networking, services, etc. They all followed a simple formula in the 80′s, 90′s and most of the ’00′s. It used to work quite well. Back then we had a simple approach.
    [Process] How to Build a Process for Growth Experiments
    While the idea of “growth” -- and all of the hacks, tips, and tricks that go along with the term -- can often feel a bit buzzy and overwhelming, real growth actually is actually the result of well-established processes and an internal emphasis on experimentation and testing. Brian Balfour , former VP of Product at HubSpot and a thought leader in the world of growth marketing, is an expert when it comes to building a process for experiments that enable growth overtime.
    [Process] Where is ROI Best Applied in the Sales Process?
    On average, 76% of deals are now won or lost early in the decision making process – going to the solution provider who helps your Prospect uncover and prioritize the issue and set the buying agenda, while only 24% are won / lost during the later competitive bake-off phase.
    [Process] Applying Content to the Social Sales Process
    Although what we will be exploring in this article may be similar to content marketing, using content to attract a target audience, I want to talk to you today about using content to specifically, and proactively, assist and direct identified prospects through the selling process. You might also call this process your sales pipeline or […]. Applying Content to the Social Sales Process by Craig Jamieson - Maximize Social Business.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 21, 2015
    [Process] Rebranding Your Company? How NOT to Kill Your SEO in the Process
    As we moved through the transition process, we identified ten crucial steps that are critical to maintaining your online visibility during a rebrand. We found it easiest to manage this process with a spreadsheet. Here’s a screenshot of ours: There are also a bunch of great tools to help take some of the grunt work out of this process. Much like updating your directories, this part of the process is likely to take a little time. Considering a rebrand?
    [Process] 4 Easy Tactics for Infusing AI and Predictive Analytics Into Sales Processes
    Rather than relying on human intuition to inform their processes, these early adopters are leading the arms race for data by reinventing how their businesses operate based on intelligence that’s generated by AI and other related data science techniques. The post 4 Easy Tactics for Infusing AI and Predictive Analytics Into Sales Processes appeared first on Infer: Predictive Sales and Marketing Platform.
    [Process] How will the Economy Affect the Buyer’s Decision Process in 2012?
    Anyone who has driven a corporate purchase decision knows that it can be a frustrating and long process, one which many buyers wish they could streamline. Solution providers that can help facilitate this ever more difficult process will have an advantage in 2012. The steps may vary based on the organization and purchase, but a typical process includes a set of phases, especially Discovery, Consideration and Decision.
    [Process] 5 Internal Processes to Make You a Marketing Automation Superhero
    Here’s are five internal processes to make you a marketing automation superhero: 1) Be like Iron Man’s Jarvis: Have a Plan. . Define your request process and standards – you might even want to create a marketing automation playbook. As a Marketing Automation Specialist at Hyland Software, I’m the end of the process for campaigns. Having well thought-out internal processes like this are also ideal for training new hires.
    [Process] Using the Unsubscribe Process to Grow Your Company
    However, did you know that you’ve got a solid opportunity to better your company with the unsubscribe process? Let Your Unsubscribe Process Function as an Exit Interview. The biggest way that your unsubscribe process can help your company grow is by that very last tip—survey those who are leaving. Do you have an unsubscribe process that is working well for you? The post Using the Unsubscribe Process to Grow Your Company appeared first on Marketing Action Blog - Act-On.
    [Process] My 9-Step Process to Skyrocket Facebook Business Page Engagement
    My 9-Step Process to Skyrocket Facebook Business Page Engagement by Neal Schaffer - Maximize Social Business. We’ve all heard about declining Facebook organic reach, advertising on Facebook is getting more expensive, and some are even deleting their Facebook Page. Do you ever feel like just giving up on Facebook? I did, but I didn’t, and Maximize Social Business is now thriving on Facebook as a result of the advice I am going to […]. Author information. Neal Schaffer.
  • I-SCOOP  |  SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2016
    [Process] Business process outsourcing in the transformation age
    Despite the variety of business processes and functions that get outsourced, outsourcing in general is changing and several of these changes are not limited to a type or area of business process outsourcing. Disruptive and transformative factors across value chains and outsourcing ecosystems require the business process outsourcing industry to adapt.
    [Process] How to Optimize Your Twitter Process
    But, really, for business, there’s some work that can be done to optimize your Twitter process so that it becomes an effective marketing tool and helps you connect with your customers in a meaningful way. This presentation by Erica McGillivray is a great way to get started: No Time Like the Present: Optimize Your Twitter Process for #isum13 from Erica McGillivray The post How to Optimize Your Twitter Process appeared first on Sazbean.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 27, 2015
    [Process] 2 Big Steps to Remove Friction During the Checkout Process
    Because you have quite a few other tasks to complete in between, reducing friction in the buying process can be difficult. Your goal as an ecommerce retailer is to remove as many obstacles as you can between want and buy. Yes, selling is your main goal, but you want those customers to come back, right? Return customers don’t always come back on their own. They need a little prodding, which is why you have to use the time you have to gather as much information as you can.
    [Process] Copywriting vs Design: What Comes First, and How to Manage Creative Personalit– Um, Processes
    Whether you’re a copywriter or a designer, that means your creative process has to be ruled by one thing: The u ser experience. This is the part of the blog post where I talk about how important communication is to the creative process between copywriter and designer. The post Copywriting vs Design: What Comes First, and How to Manage Creative Personalit– Um, Processes appeared first on Vidyard.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2016
    [Process] Successful Sales and Marketing Alignment, Part 5: The Lead Handoff Process
    Part three outlined the steps to designing a successful lead process. Once a qualified lead has been identified, the next step is to create a lead handoff process where marketing hands the qualified lead to sales so that sales can follow up on it. You can create an automated process to alert sales that they have a new qualified lead. A standard follow-up process for all qualified leads. Here’s an overview of the handoff process.
    [Process] The Sales Process: Different For Every Prospect
    All too often sales reps try to fit every prospect into their sales process, without realizing that every prospect has their own “sales cadence” There are many variables that come into play with each and every sales cycle: title, the level of need, whether the prospect is even aware they have a need, where the prospect is in the buying process or how they approach a purchase. The sales process is not a one size fits all process.
    [Process] How to Create a Logo: Designers Give a Look Inside Their Process
    But for those of us who are brand new to the logo design process, working with freelancers to design a logo can be a challenge in itself. We''ll get to the process of learning what a logo needs to "say" later, but first, let''s talk about what makes a great logo in the first place. Before we get to the design process, let''s dissect two examples of great logos. The whole process took six weeks , and it''s become one of the most compelling logos today.
    [Process] The Simple, 3-Step Process to Generating Leads and Revenue through Social Media Channels
    Below, I’ve laid out a straightforward process that will generate tangible results from your social media marketing campaigns. The offer is attractive and the process to enter is straightforward for individuals. The post The Simple, 3-Step Process to Generating Leads and Revenue through Social Media Channels appeared first on Marketing Action Blog - Act-On.
    [Process] QOTD: Are You Managing Your Event Check-In Process the Best You Could Be?
    Marketing automation software empowers marketers by creating workflows to automate marketing programs, campaigns, and processes, including event management and promotion and post-event follow-up with targeted messaging that takes their persona and event attendance into account. Not only is this process time consuming and tedious, but it allows for human error and follow-up that can occur weeks later versus the next day or even that night. Event Check-In Process.
    [Process] Teleservices Business Process Outsourcing: Want to Go North or South?
    [Process] CFOs are Large and in Charge of Buying Process in 2012
    According to the 570 US executives surveyed, CFO Magazine reports that three-quarters of the organizations surveyed have increased the involvement of finance in the buying process, with the survey indicating that the top areas of involvement now include: 1. 57%) Clearly the role of finance teams has increased, with involvement throughout the decision making and selection process, particularly playing a more active role in final decisions.
    [Process] The Key to B2B Marketing Transformation: Integrate People, Processes and Technology
    Is our marketing budget and campaign planning process making the right use of customer data? Is there sufficient transparency and visibility in our marketing process to facilitate 360° customer interactions with our brand? They need direction on marketing process design that uses an omni-channel approach. Optimize your channel management processes and create performance metrics to manage partners by tracking KPIs.
    [Process] How Thought Leadership Can Help B2B Companies Avoid The RFP Process
    In the case of B2B sales, when the end buyer is researching a solution to a problem, they seek out advice long before activating the procurement process. Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer With a thought leadership marketing strategy, B2B companies can influence buyers, outflank the competition and expedite the purchase cycle. "We We are transitioning from a knowledge-based economy to a wisdom-based economy.
    [Process] 5 Ways to Systematize your eNewsletter Production Process
    Terry wrote back that he spends quite a bit of time on writing each issue and is looking for a way to systematize some of his key processes. Here are 5 ways to systematize the process of planning, writing and producing your newsletter. If you are constantly pressed for time when it comes to the final editing, publishing and distributing your eLetter, outsource this process to a virtual assistant or marketing support person.
    [Process] How Marketers are Rethinking the Content Generation Process [Interview]
    Making content is not a project, it’s a process — a very specialized one — and trying to use tools that were meant to be very broad, like project management software, or tools that are having to be repurposed from number crunching and accounting, like Excel, for content creation — it just makes things harder. Content teams are trying to execute for today’s media climate with yesterday’s tools, processes, and mindset, and that is causing a lot of pain.
    [Process] Has Your Passion Been Lost In Your Marketing Process?
    I had not spoken to Lisa in a year, and only a handful of times ever. So imagine my surprise when Lisa greeted me and then said “you grow Momotaro tomatoes, right?&#. Wow, that is making a connection. That is what relationship marketing should be about. Connecting on a common interest and common passion. That passion is what B2B marketing is missing. As personal relationships in your business are replaced by machine-personalized communications, your passion has been lost.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 2016
    [Process] How to Tackle Your Most Ambitious Goals: A 5-Step Process From NBA Legend Bill Walton
    For many, goal-setting can feel like a daunting process. Trouble is, the planning process is only half the battle. On this week’s episode of The Growth Show , we sat down with Walton to learn more about how Wooden's influence helped him devise a process for successfully tackling even his most ambitious goals. How to Hit Your Ambitious Goals: A 5-Step Process. Let's take a look at his process below.
    [Process] How Growth-Driven Design Impacts on Your Sales Process and Why You Shouldn't Ignore It
    Before we get into how GDD impacts your sales process, we should clear the air beforehand, and this is not something that every marketing professional will let you know from the get-go…but I will because I’m still a rebel at heart. How does this impact your sales process?
    [Process] Why the Enterprise Should Take a Lean, Process-Based Approach to Marketing
    Legal, sales, product management, and support, all have an interest in marketing activities and a share of the approval process. Lean processes involve continuous improvement over time, or “kaizen,” which helps an operation perform more efficiently and instills a sense of ownership by all stakeholders. This philosophy has been applied to process in everything from manufacturing to psychotherapy, so why not marketing? Inbound marketing has reached a tipping point.
    [Process] Robotic process automation is killer app for cognitive computing
    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an increasingly hot topic in the digital enterprise. Implementing software robots to perform routine business processes and eliminate inefficiencies is an attractive proposition for IT and business leaders. And providers of traditional IT and business process outsourcing facing potential loss of business to bots are themselves investing in these automation capabilities as well.
    [Process] How BuzzFeed Makes Money: An Inside Look at Their Sales Process
    What''s the sales process like? Does the structure of the sales process have an impact on the type of salespeople BuzzFeed hires? This post originally appeared on the Sales section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales. Chances are, you''re familiar with BuzzFeed as your go-to workday procrastination.
    [Process] Successful Sales and Marketing Alignment, Part 3: Designing the Lead Process
    With this post, you’ll find out how to design a successful lead process. The most basic version of the lead process tracks the flow of leads from the point at which they are generated, to the point at which they are passed to sales, to the feedback loop on lead quality. When the sales and marketing relationship breaks down, the two sides don’t provide enough (if any) visibility into each other’s processes. Automate the process. Define all the steps in the process.
    [Process] Charting the B2B Social Media Lead Generation Process
    The cool part of the review is that it includes a graphic showing the social media lead generation process. While not a fancy infographic, it still is easy to see the flow of the process. Thanks to Aarne for creating this graphic representation of the B2B social media lead generation process. We wrote a book about B2B social media to share our ideas with others and to help them learn how to adopt social media in their B2B companies.
    [Process] 12 Ways to Create a User-Friendly Website Registration Process
    But it's part of doing business in the online world, and because most website visitors are quite used to the process, they've also come to have pet peeves over UX and UI choices businesses make around their registration process. To put this in context," they say, "a retailer with $200m of annual online revenue could be leaving a further $22m on the table simply due to the complexity of the registration step in their checkout process.".
    [Process] Hiring a person to head BtoB Demand Generation? Don’t just hire a person; Hire a process!
    Hire a process too! But these companies are missing THE critical element – the plan and process to be used. What’s the process that this new hire will use to craft a best practices btob demand generation program in your company? Don’t just hire a person; Hire a process! Buffer When hiring a BtoB demand generation manager, don’t just hire a person. I see lots of listings on LinkedIn looking for BtoB demand generation managers.
    [Process] 8 Email Workflow Tips for the College Admissions Process
    One of the key elements of inbound marketing is the use of automated workflows because they allow you to better engage leads through a set of targeted emails, while saving time by automating the process. The college admissions process is a perfect use case for automated workflows, as they can be used to move a potential student along the buyer’s journey to an end goal – in this case, to apply to your institution.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2016
    [Process] How to Become a More Efficient Editor: 12 Ways to Speed Up the Editorial Process
    To make this process easy, I save code snippets in my Evernote. Just remember to give the document a few extra seconds to process your piece once you've pasted it in there, as Word takes a little longer to "read" your piece and uncover any mistakes. When I first started editing articles for HubSpot's Marketing Blog, I didn't quite realize how much time each one would take.
    [Process] Sales Qualification Isn’t an Event - It’s a Process
    But if—like most of the companies I work with—you’re selling complex, high-value solutions with multiple stakeholders involved in the decision process, qualification isn’t an event—it’s a continuous process. And you’re not the only party doing the qualifying—your prospect is going through a similar exercise throughout their buying decision process. The only practical option is to see qualification as a continuous process, and not as a singular event.
    [Process] 6 Steps to Implementing an Effective Lead Management Process
    It’s a customer acquisition process which identifies potential buyers (leads), educates them, engages with them, and when the leads are considered qualified, get passed from marketing to sales. Is your business following an organized and effective lead management process? If your business is lacking a solid system for managing leads, the following five steps will help you create and implement a successful and efficient lead management process from start to finish.
    [Process] European Sales and Marketing Consultancy Streamlines Processes and Tracks ROI with Salesfusion
    The post European Sales and Marketing Consultancy Streamlines Processes and Tracks ROI with Salesfusion appeared first on Salesfusion.
    [Process] B2B Buyers Turning to Shorter Marketing Content During the Buying Process
    Research During the B2B Buying Process. In addition, 49 percent claimed that they turn to their peers/colleagues during the buying process. New research suggests that marketers may want to shift to shorter pieces of content to reel in B2B buyers. The “2017 Content Preferences Survey Report” from DemandGen recently discovered that 46 percent of B2B buyers have moved towards shorter formats of content in the past year.
    [Process] How important is contextual content in the B2B sales process?
    Through this process, marketers can reestablish trust—by recognizing context and creating relevant, engaging content. As technology and connectivity advances, marketers have had to move away from mass media targeting campaigns towards producing more real-time, contextual content that creates one-to-one interaction with potential buyers.
    [Process] How to Market Matching Gifts in the Donation Process
    While matching gifts won’t bring your organization twice as many designer denim pants, you can double the amount of donations that you’re already receiving by effectively marketing matching gifts to your donors during the giving process. While there are many ways to market matching gifts to your donors, one of the best ways is to capture their attention with matching gift information during the donation process or in tangent to other donation promotions.
    [Process] Interesting Infographics: How the Brain Processes Content
    First things first – different ways of presenting content are processed by the brain in different ways. That’s no surprise, considering up to 50% of our brains are set up to process it. Video is also processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text, and it doesn’t require as much energy to process. The post Interesting Infographics: How the Brain Processes Content appeared first on LEADership by Louis Foong, CEO The ALEA Group.
    [Process] Why Social Media is Important to the Sales Process.
    Companies across the world are agreeing that social media is changing the landscape of how customers interact with brands. Airlines use social media tools like Twitter to stay on top of customer service needs, companies use social media as a marketing tool to stay engaged with customers. The growing popularity of sites like Facebook, Twitter [.]. Sales Intelligence Social Selling uncategorized Microsoft Dynamics Sales 2.0 Enterprise 2.0
    [Process] Essential 5 Step BuzzSumo Process For Social Media Agencies
    That tool needs to be fully integrated into a system or process in order to provide maximum value to its user. We wanted to help our clients quickly and fully integrate BuzzSumo into a process that scales to meet the needs of agencies handling content marketing for multiple clients and brands. Neal, a self-avowed BuzzSumo power user, outlined a 5 step process that we think will not only help social media agencies, but brands and PR firms to get up to speed quickly with BuzzSumo.
    [Process] Lead Management: 7 Steps to the Process that Creates Revenue
    In this post, he gives us dead-simple guidance for lead management, including what it actually is, and the steps you need to take to create a resilient process that leads to revenue. In short, it’s seven distinct, but interdependent processes that are used to manage the receiving, qualifying, routing, nurturing and closing of sales leads. To think lead management, one needs to think “process.” And a proper lead management process or framework consists of….
    [Process] 5 Ways to Provide Better Feedback and Improve the Review & Approval Process
    By Hassaan Bey, Content Marketing Manager, Slope You can have all of the structure and organization in the world when it comes to your own creative process. None of that matters if you’re stuck in a complicated approval process. The post 5 Ways to Provide Better Feedback and Improve the Review & Approval Process appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.
    [Process] DemandCon – spanning the entire sales and marketing process
    It’s a really different kind of conference than you are accustomed to. Welcome to DemandCon, the first marketing and sales conference to address the entire sales funnel, from first contact to final close. Demandcon was born when co-founders Steve Gershik and … Continue reading → Business relationships Demand Generation
    [Process] Is B2B Content Engagement Heading In The Wrong Direction?
    Applying processes and policies that are applicable to that situational scenario. The buyer personas identified use a different buying process for each specific scenario. With adaptability built-in to apply to the buying process specific to that scenario. by Juan Pablo Bravo. Sometimes more is truly less. When it comes to the state of B2B content marketing and engagement, this proverb is on the mark.
  • FATHOM  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 8, 2016
    [Process] Sales and Marketing Processes: Who REALLY has the control?
    But, when asked to compare existing processes to inefficiencies and how those current processes come to be, they exhibit confusion over where “processes” are truly controlled and therefore exist the way they do. After building a career in CRM consulting and now managing digital marketing accounts, I can firmly say that the vast majority of clients are not only interested in how process is designed, but more-so in how it’s controlled.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012
    [Process] 16 Ways to Simplify Your Prospects' Decision-Making Process
    Here are 16 ways you can simplify your marketing to make your prospects' decision-making process easier. 16 Ways to Simplify Your Prospects' Decision-Making Process. Providing product guides -- either about your own product or an analysis of the industry and the competing products available -- is a great help in supporting your prospects' evaluation process.
  • FATHOM  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2015
    [Process] Lean Manufacturing & Lean Marketing: How to Increase Process Efficiency
    The key to fixing this process divide and eliminating wasted time & effort on both sides is consistent communication between the sales and marketing teams. Whether it’s big or small, identify the elements of your production process that are holding you back and rework them from the root of the problem. After a few rounds of trial & error, you’ll end up with a repeatable marketing processes that you can apply to various efforts.
    [Process] The Lead Generation Process: How Content Marketing and Lead Generation Work Together
    “Content is King.” ” Never has that phrase been truer than in today’s business landscape. Faced with seemingly endless outlets and opportunities to share and promote content, many business owners and marketers are overwhelmed by the idea of content marketing. But once they understand that content is among the most effective marketing tools for generating leads, marketers perk up.
    [Process] Involving SEOs in the content creation process
    If you plan on creating content for digital marketing purposes, it is imperative you include an SEO in the creation process. It is important to also involve an SEO in the content creation process and have them work closely with your content team. One reason SEOs should absolutely be involved in the creation process is because they can make suggestions based upon past SEO performance of similar content.
    [Process] Optimizing the Sales Process: Before, During & After [Q&A with Authors Dave Stein and Steve Andersen]
    [Process] Content Strategy Within The Design Process – Smashing UX Design
    As a writer and content strategist myself, I’ve worked with designers in all of these areas and find the creative process highly enriching. Via – Content Marketing Now. By Brad Shorr of Smashing Magazine. The first thing to understand about content strategy is that no two people understand it the same way. It’s a relatively new — and extremely broad — discipline with no single definitive definition.
    [Process] The Emerging Importance Of B2B Ethnography To Buyer Personas
    This is still a narrow buying process perspective designed to view the buy/sales cycle to a “win” as opposed to a “loss”. This is then combined with win/loss questioning focused on the buying process (or buyer’s journey). Better, deeper, insightful, and well-rounded understanding of customers and buyers is on the top of the list for many CEOs and CMOs today.
    [Process] THE HACKIES: 6 areas to make your martech stack work with people, processes and data
    We are not talking about sales, marketing, or customer service, but processes of relationships where there is an engagement with dynamic journeys — where the customer is in control, not the enterprise. We believe in the creating and nurturing relationships where there is a continuous engagement using customer data, processes and people. All processes should be 100% focused on the customer, not in marketing, sales or service (no silos).
    [Process] Buying Marketing Automation Software: A Best Practice Process
    But here’s an unbiased process you can follow to maximize the chances you’ll buy the marketing automation software that is right for your company. Remember, you aren’t ever “done” with marketing automation, so build time to evolve, adapt, and learn into your process. Start the selection process? What it your organization’s maturity when it comes to things like process, skills, lead flow, and content — will you need additional help to get those into shape?
  • ANNUITAS  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 29, 2014
    [Process] Change of Seasons –Might be Time to Change your Process Too
    Take a look at five ways to make a change in your Demand Process to drive better results: 1. Appoint a project manager to lead the process. If you don’t have the numbers you need to be able analyze demand generation results and processes holistically, make that goal number one. Evaluate the current processes. You don’t have to change everything in your quest for optimization of your Demand Process. Might be time to make a change in your lead process.
  • VOLACCI  |  FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014
    [Process] Process Day Email Address [Ben's Productivity Podcast]
    I love that quote because it really speaks to what I want to talk to you about today and that''s a process that I''ve put into my company called Process Day. And Process Day is a day that we stop, once a quarter, and we don''t schedule any meetings, we don''t answer the phone, and we all work on improving the processes that run Volacci, my company. And then how we use it, and why we use it - that''s to get better processes and doing that Process Day thing.
    [Process] PowerViews with Carlos Hidalgo: A Holistic Approach to Driving the Demand Process
    Carlos is a recognized thought leader in B2B marketing and known for his keen insights on the development and implementation of lead management processes, as well as marketing automation. The Core Issue: It’s Not Alignment – It’s Driving the Demand Process. It was here’s the issue, let’s develop the process, let’s implement the change that’s required for that process, and now let’s measure to it.
    [Process] When is a Diagnostic Assessment best used in the sales & marketing process?
    Diagnostic Assessment Tools are used best during the Discovery phase of the buying cycle, where buyers are exploring which issues they might have, and which should be a priority. These buyers are struggling with tight budgets and low risk tolerance. For these frugal buyers, it’s easier for buyers to “do-nothing” than to change. Buyers often need proactive help determining what issues are inherent and a priority worth addressing.
  • BEYOND  |  MONDAY, JULY 29, 2013
    [Process] Why do B2B buyers decide to buy? The Buyersphere Report reveals thinking behind the buying process
    A Buyersphere mini-report by Base One and B2B Marketing. Produced in association with McCallum Layton and Research Now
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2016
    [Process] Successful Sales and Marketing Alignment, Part 3: Designing the Lead Process
    With this post, you’ll find out how to design a successful lead process. The most basic version of the lead process tracks the flow of leads from the point at which they are generated, to the point at which they are passed to sales, to the feedback loop on lead quality. When the sales and marketing relationship breaks down, the two sides don’t provide enough (if any) visibility into each other’s processes. The moment a prospect becomes a lead is the first step in the process.
    [Process] Take the Poll: Which aspect of the B2B lead generation process frustrates you the most?
    Which aspect of the B2B lead generation process frustrates you the most? Getting a volume of names. Figuring out which names are valuable. Passing leads to sales. Converting leads to pipeline revenue. Closing the loop on every lead. Take the poll here
    [Process] Feeding Sales Is a Process, Not a Project.
    They realize that engaging with prospects through the internet is a process and not a series of projects—and marketing’s job is to generate leads that create actionable sales intelligence. In fact, Forrester says that as much as 90 percent of the buying process is complete before the prospect engages with a vendor. For sure, this process this is nonlinear, and there’s no way you could have predicted it. The process won’t be the same with the next prospect.
    [Process] My unbeatable process for building links
    Yeah, I have gotten several emails lately trying to sell their unbeatable link-building process or asking me to reveal mine. Because my link-building process is not terribly exciting. Even calling it a process seems overblown. Er, my process. A process. My process is to create very good content that answers questions that the target audience is asking. It won’t yield a process patent.
  • FATHOM  |  TUESDAY, JANUARY 27, 2015
    [Process] How to Put Your Customer Personas to Good Use: A Step-by-Step Process
    The post How to Put Your Customer Personas to Good Use: A Step-by-Step Process appeared first on Fathom. When I create customer personas for my clients here at Fathom, I often get this reaction: “That’s great, but what now? How do I use my customer personas?” ” Customer personas are crucial for understanding who you’re creating content for, but is that enough? Do you create personas simply to learn about your audience, then stash them away without another glance?
  • AVITAGE  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 2012
    [Process] To lower video costs while volume grows, change your process
    The refrain is: true value and productivity gains come from redesigning the workflow processes that software enables. For this, we’ll need process change. Traditional Video Production Process So let’s look at the underlying process of traditional video production. Over the past year we have had the privilege of working with two large software companies: SAP and PTC.
    [Process] Change your content process to leverage accelerate and scale
    But there is little thinking or discussion about content process change. By changing your content process for strategy and operations you can leverage resources and assets, accelerate production time to real-time, and scale outputs without compromise. ” Companies re-engineered their accounting, manufacturing and product design processes. How would your content process change if … A standard practice in our 20 year custom content business was to develop […].
    [Process] A Website Design Process that Works: How to Get the Professional Services Website You Want
    You’ll need three things: 1) the will to make it happen; 2) a talented team to carry it out; and 3) a website design process that will get you to your goal. The third binds the first two together and drives the process forward. But with the right process in place, you can avoid the pitfalls and misadventures that plague so many web projects. Informed by research and validated by years of experience and analytics , this is a process that works.
    [Process] Graphic Design Process: Creating an Impressive Logo
    The post Graphic Design Process: Creating an Impressive Logo appeared first on Marketing Insider Group As everyone knows, a logo is the original image of the full or abbreviated name of a brand or a special non-alphabetic figure. Psychologists say that the logo is a true indicator of the success of the project in the eyes of a visitor and a certain signal of trust. As a rule, a logo […].
    [Process] Buyer Decisions Are Not What You Think
    When marketing and sales leaders often think about how buyers make decisions, they are viewed through a prism of buyers making rational and process-driven decisions. Leading to many strategies and tactics devoted to attempts to market or sell to the rationale behind decisions and buying processes. Essentially another name for mapping the buying process. It is yet another example, however, of the search to understand the process of decision-making. by Gregor Črešnar.
    [Process] Four Strategies for Transforming your Demand Process
    If marketing is going to earn 2013 as our year, this has to change and organizations need to begin thinking in terms of a transformational demand process. This first step to transforming your demand process is to take a buyer-centric approach. a buyer who has access to a wealth of information available on the Web and is less reliant on marketers and outside salespeople for information–and their buying process. A porous lead management process and lost opportunities.
  • WRITTENT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2013
    [Process] High-ROI Content, Streamlining Processes, and Other Content Marketing News
    It’s challenging to streamline the process of content marketing , and cutting corners can result in lower quality, which should be avoided at all costs. A marketer’s best bet for getting more out of each work day is to carefully examine their processes and workflows to become more efficient, so they can focus longer on quality blog creation.
    [Process] [Infographic] Data on What Makes an Effective Sales Process
    The Data That Makes an Effective Sales Process" gives salespeople some insight on what data is important, but also delves into how marketers can better qualify leads for sales through smart lead nurturing. So, I wanted to share it with you here: ++ Click Image to Enlarge ++ Source: The Data Behind What Makes an Effective Sales Process – Infographic.
    [Process] 5 Pieces of an Effective Lead Management Process: Part 1 [Series]
    Why Create a Lead Management Process? Lead management is the systematic method that a marketing team uses to acquire (by importing, creating manually, or automatically capturing from a website), evaluate, nurture and hand off leads. Lead management is about moving quality leads through the stages of the marketing funnel, from an anonymous visitor to a sales-ready lead. Successful lead management […]. lead enrichment Marketing Marketing Intelligence
    [Process] What Buyers Want: The Buyer’s Selection Process
    As part of our study of professional services buyers , we asked private sector and government buyers to offer insights into their purchase decision process. Confidence in the project team is another critical factor in the selection process. A great reputation creates more opportunities—buyers want a market leader in the proposal mix—but reputation can also tip the scales during the decision-making process.
    [Process] Change your content process to leverage accelerate and scale
    But there is little thinking or discussion about content process change. By changing your content process for strategy and operations you can leverage resources and assets, accelerate production time to real-time, and scale outputs without compromise. The post Change your content process to leverage accelerate and scale appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. When it comes to customer facing content, much is written about creative techniques, tools and infrastructure.
    [Process] When are Interactive White Papers best used in the sales & marketing process?
    Interactive White Papers can be used at various stages to help facilitate the buyer’s decisions, depending on the content of the white paper itself. Early in the sales cycle, during the discovery phase, buyers need help in identifying issues and understanding what solutions might exist to help solve their priority opportunities.
  • SNAPAPP  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2015
    [Process] Is Marketing’s Content Dead On Your Desktop or is it a Part of Your Sales Process?
    Once a salesperson locates the material and tries to use it in their selling process, the second hurdle is ensuring the content helps move the needle – showing value in the areas where it’s needed most. If speaking with marketing isn’t an easy process for you, speak with your manager and ask if they can field the conversation at first. Keep the Process Alive and Fine-Tune for Optimal Collaboration. By Megan Tonzi , Director of Marketing, QuotaFactory.
    [Process] Content meets the B2B buying process (part 2 of 2)
    Larger firms: For large firms, the relevancy is not about the actual size, but rather the logical conditions or situations that exist in these sized firms, such as different locations, multi-decision makers/influencers, complex processes, etc. It pays to map both titles and functions to your selling process and develop content accordingly. The post Content meets the B2B buying process (part 2 of 2) appeared first on Biznology.
    [Process] 5 Steps to Successfully Build Your Company's Sales Development Efforts
    Whether they''re Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), Market Development Representatives (MDRs), or simply inside sales, their role is a critical and strategic part of an efficient, scalable sales process. Build a process. They’ll need a lead disposition process , including voicemail scripts and email templates for their follow-up. Build them a process and give them tools to succeed.
    [Process] How to Build a Growth-Minded Design Process at Your Agency
    As important as creativity is to an agency's success, no great work can be produced without a great process. Modern agency processes like Growth-Driven Design (GDD for short) and the Agile Methodology give us a new way to optimize the production of creative projects, helping us develop work that consistently looks great and exceeds client expectations. Your team, however, might be harder to sell on adopting a design process.
    [Process] How to Add Healthy Competition to the Sales Process
    Two camps divide popular opinion on the topic of salespeople competing with other members of their teams. On one side, sales representatives are inherently competitive because their jobs revolve around winning customers and beating competitors and they thrive in situations that bring out their competitive drive.
    [Process] Successful Sales and Marketing Alignment, Part 5: The Lead Handoff Process
    Part three outlined the steps to designing a successful lead process. Once a qualified lead has been identified, the next step is to create a lead handoff process where marketing hands the qualified lead to sales so that sales can follow up on it. You can create an automated process to alert sales that they have a new qualified lead. A standard follow up process for all qualified leads. Here’s an overview of the handoff process.
    [Process] PowerViews with Bob Kelly: Redesigning Sales Process Basics
    Tablets: Fundamentally Redesigning Basic Aspects of the Sales Process. He references recent SMA that points to the fact that tablets aren’t simply a device that helps you do the same things a little bit more efficiently or in a different place or more often: “They’re actually fundamentally redesigning basic aspects of the sales process. I am pleased to have as my guest today Bob Kelly, the Chairman of The Sales Management Association.
    [Process] 5 Ways to Provide Better Feedback and Improve the Review & Approval Process
    You can have all of the structure and organization in the world when it comes to your own creative process. None of that matters if you’re stuck in a complicated approval process. Everyone knows the risk of reviewing work too far along in the creative process - getting things wrong without enough time to change them. But an equally damaging, and commonly made mistake is combatting that by reviewing too early in the creative process.
    [Process] How to Run a Webinar: Define Your Invitation and Registration Process
    The next step is to define your invitation and registration process. Define Your Webinar Invite Process. Once you’ve got your data ready and your target audience defined, it’s time to start putting together a process for inviting people. We propose the invitation process below. The process sends out three invitation emails to your database. Define Your Webinar Registration Process. With the invite process, there are nine (9) emails in total.
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