Why CMOs should embrace data privacy protection


In most enterprises, privacy is a growing concern, and in the wake of massive data breaches, rapidly evolving privacy regulations, and increasingly expensive fines, we typically see departments such as legal, compliance, security and IT working together to develop a data privacy protection strategy. Unfortunately, one vital department, marketing, often ignores the call for the cultural and technology changes required to protect private information.

Privacy Report 2020


The second decade of the 21st century is shaping up to become known as The Privacy Decade. One thing these regulations have in common is that they don’t restrict their data privacy requirements to emails sent from within their borders. Respect the Privacy of Your Subscribers.

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The Privacy Multiverse: A Fantasy in Three Acts

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The traffic report mentioned an accident nowhere near his route to work. This is a world where privacy has been taken very seriously. Looks like you’ve come from a place where anything goes, privacy-wise. How’s that working out for you?” How does that work?

How an Absence of Privacy Shield Certification Could Put your Brand at Risk


And with good cause; with thousands of martech options at our fingertips, it’s naïve in today’s market to overlook adoption of user privacy controls. But first, let’s get you up to speed on Privacy Shield. Technology brand safety data privacy GDPR Privacy Shield

Why Data Privacy Matters To Win Back Unsubscribers

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It’s a given to most businesses that they need to protect the data of their customers. You might not think of this data as “yours” to protect yet, but perhaps you should. Because you could be inadvertently making a very big privacy mistake if not.

Marketing in Data-Sensitive Industries. Personalization vs. Privacy


With a wealth of data at their fingertips, marketers operating within the digital ecosystem, whether it’s the banking, government institutions, or healthcare industry struggle to keep a balance between data privacy and security, transparency, and marketing personalization. . Privacy Paradox

Data is More Secure Than Ever with Lead Liaison’s Participation in the Privacy Shield

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Privacy Shield Frameworks to increase data security for international clients. The Privacy Shield Framework complies with European Union and Swiss data protection requirements when transferring personal data in and out of the United States. In order to comply, US-based organizations must certify themselves with the Department of Commerce, as well as publicly commit to comply with the Privacy Shield Program’s requirements. About the Privacy Shield Agreement Model.

What is GDPR and Why Does It Matter?


Even more importantly, similar privacy-protecting legislation is being implemented here in the US. The current patchwork approach to privacy complicates issues for digital marketers, so it’s worth thinking about privacy protections now. How To Protect Yourself.

Data Privacy Issues for SaaS Companies in the Age of GDPR

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No longer can you simply send out a 14-page legal document with complicated terminology explaining your privacy policies and consider yourself covered. Privacy by Design. How your organization will work with the customer in complying with their own.

B2B Website Design Trends that Work for Professional Services

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A Professional Services Website that Works. So website visitors who are looking for services like yours want to learn about your firms’ experts and understand the projects they’ve worked on. Many professional services websites aren’t as good as the firms they represent.

FTC Issues Final Privacy Framework Report to Protect Users’ Data


The Federal Trade Commission has issued its Final Privacy Framework Report that outlines guidelines for how companies can and cannot use consumer data on the Internet. The FTC is focusing on five action items in the privacy report.

Building Trust Requires Innovation

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This means that most trust-building methods marketers naturally rely on, which are based in traditional authority, probably won’t work. What does scare them is identity theft , so it’s just possible that regulations addressing that issue might provide privacy protections as a bonus.

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Demystifying data driven advertising


Issues around data privacy with Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal and EU’s GDPR regulations have brought data to the forefront of news coverage and opinion for consumers. What privacy protections are in place during the collection and delivery process?

Email Deliverability Quarterly: Return Path Acquired, CCPA Update, Yahoo-AOL Merged, and More

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In others, it is looking and sounding more like GDPR, which would frankly be helpful for marketers to have one global standard to work toward.” More State Consumer Privacy Bills Brewing. “One way or another, privacy legislation is changing in the United States.

Ensure Your Business Looks Good Online


To keep this from happening, companies like Reputation.com , provide ORM as well as Internet privacy protection to clients. Reputation companies also works to protect a person’s privation information from being made public. A privacy policy can’t hurt either.

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Purpose-Driven Marketing Comes to Town

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Facebook has led the way, with seemingly endless privacy, hate speech, and election scandals resulting in a huge loss of public confidence and threats of government regulation. The best of those workers have many employment options and want to work at firms that agree with their values.

How RTC is Opening Doors to More Human Connections Across the Globe

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This new breed of consumer, armed with smartphones, multiple social and gaming apps, social video and music apps, and a higher bar for personal privacy protection, will expect not just access to apps -- but app experiences that help them live a better life.

How is Opening Doors to More Human Connections Across the Globe

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This new breed of consumer, armed with smartphones, multiple social and gaming apps, social video and music apps, and a higher bar for personal privacy protection, will expect not just access to apps -- but app experiences that help them live a better life.

Unriddled: New Data on Trust in Facebook, Product Announcements from Apple, and More Tech News You Need


When asked how much they trust a selection of tech companies to obey data privacy protection laws, 41% of Americans say they trust Facebook, while 51% do not. Out of the same set of respondents, 66% say they trust Amazon to obey data privacy protection laws, while 62% trust Google.

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New California Do Not Track Law Affects Online Marketers

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You need to add language to your privacy policy that addresses two key issues: Disclose whether you respond to DNT signals. California’s Governor Jerry Brown has approved “Cal AB 370,” the world’s first legislation to directly address the “do not track” (DNT) issue.

MWC 2016: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

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More than 2,200 companies attended, exhibiting their new products aimed at transforming our personal and working lives. Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 took place in Barcelona from 27th Feb – 2nd March 2016.

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How Can Marketers Benefit from a VPN

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Before we jump straight into the benefits of a VPN for marketers, let's have a quick look at how it works. How Does VPN Work. Learn More: 5 Key Elements of Customer Data Privacy. Protect Your Sensitive Data. VPN is an ideal tool to protect sensitive data.

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How to Make a Global Black Friday Happen

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Obviously, cultures differ outside of the US – as do consumers, and the knowledge that marketers use to interact with American consumers does not inherently transfer, and building trust in regards to data and privacy protection is not easy to do with an international audience.

5 Fantastic Strategies to Win Corporate Buy-in for Your Marketing Plan


These traits make CMOs great leaders for transformation and growth initiatives, but may also explain some of the relationship challenges they face when working with their peers. According to a recent study by Russell Reynolds Associates, CMOs think differently than their C-suite colleagues.

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What Does GDPR Mean for US-based B2B Firms and Their Marketing?

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While all European Union (EU) businesses should now be fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), B2B firms based in the United States are still wondering what GDPR means for them. While only EU citizens are currently protected under the GDPR, we anticipate similar regulations might make their way to the U.S. Level 1 – Your firm is not actively doing work in the EU and does not have a cookie-tracking system.

Do you have a handle on your online reputation?


I have spent years blogging forth everything I know about online brand promotion in the form of social media marketing and digital PR; now, I will be focusing primarily on online brand protection in the form of online reputation management and online privacy protection.

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Obey Facebook’s Rules of Engagement (Or Else)

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Protect data. This section is all about privacy and control. Always include a publicly accessible privacy policy. Protect data. Don’t knowingly share or collect information from children under the age of 13 (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act – COPPA ).

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Differences & Benefits of the Different Video Hosting Options Out There

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Videos can be easily integrated with social media or privacy-protected with a password when you’re working on a project that isn’t quite ready to be seen by the world. Because Vidyard provides an enormous amount of features, pricing and plans are based on your specific needs and the Vidyard team will work with you to figure out a custom plan with a monthly subscription. Video!

? 5 Tips for Marketing in a Highly Regulated Industry

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Marketers working in highly controlled industries face multiple challenges when it comes to reaching their audiences in a personal, relevant way. And any business advertising to children under 13 through online channels must comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act ( COPPA ).

Email Deliverability Quarterly: Gmail Spam Filter Changes, SparkPost Acquires eDataSource, and More

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“Coming into this important holiday season, we worked with our affected clients to adjust targeting and plan for the impact of the Gmail filter change,” says Moore. It’s widely acknowledged that federal-level regulation to protect consumer’s online data is long overdue.

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12 Days of Data Health Analysis


Which contacts are subject to data privacy protection laws? Welcome to the 12 Days of Data Health Analysis. Tis the season for cheer and getting into the spirit of giving!

8 of the Biggest Social Media Moments in 2019


Pivots to privacy made by Facebook, Instagram. Ahead of its annual F8 Developers Conference in April, Facebook unveiled what it calls “ A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking.” Because “privacy gives us the freedom to be ourselves,” he says. Had so much fun working with my friends at @Instagram to bring ‘90s style back for the holidays. As I write this, we're working to address your concerns & we’ll have more updates soon.

The Internet Had a Busy Week. Here's What You Missed.


Senator Al Franken has joined the conversation, in his questioning of Face ID’s possible violation of privacy protections. (He As Yoo said herself in the memo, after five years with the company, her work has become “incredibly hard.”.

Are You Still Content Marketing Like It’s 2018?

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You can then put the data to work in many ways (just don’t creep them out by getting unnecessarily personal): Personalize calls to action in your content and on your site. Ignoring Privacy Protections. Privacy policies are straightforward and follow a familiar format.