21 Spectacular SEO and Search Marketing Stats and Facts


The top challenges in organic SEO are link building (easy-to-get links no longer have much value) and keyword research (the low-hanging fruit is long gone). The top challenges in SEO are link building (cited by 41% of corporate marketers) and keyword research (39%).

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#Pubcon 2012: Tips, Tools & Trends

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Links are Soooo 2011. While links are still going to matter for quite some time, how they influence search engines is already changing. Ryan Jones had a good quote at his Sustainable SEO session when he said, “It doesn’t matter how many links you have if people come to your site and think it’s crap”. Not just building them, but maintaining them, utilizing them and most importantly, not faking them!

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Digital Marketing Strategy, Trends & Predictions for 2013


Big Data/Predictive Analytics Content Creation & Strategy Conversion Optimization Education Industry Google Analytics Mobile Online PR/Link-Building Paid Advertising/SEM/Display SEO Social Media Technology Industry Usability Video Web Design & Development

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How to Launch a Successful SEM Campaign for Higher Education


For universities looking to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment, more and more the answer to that question is search engine marketing (SEM). Why Use SEM for Higher Education? SEM is a multifaceted marketing strategy that can’t be learned overnight.

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New Way to Promote Your Google Plus Page & Attract More Customers


Google Analytics Online PR/Link-Building Paid Advertising/SEM/DisplayGoogle has been hard at work trying to find a better use for its Adwords Express Ads application. The interface has seen many changes in the last year, since it was removed from the Google Places dashboard.

The 15 Best Special-Purpose SEO Tools


This post reviews more than a dozen special-purpose SEO tools for functions like finding HTML errors, checking for broken links, performing technical SEO analyses, optimizing video content, checking page-load speed, and more. 5) Link Prospector. 8) Broken Link Checker.

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SEO vs PPC: How to Prioritize Your SEM Strategies


If you want to start improving your SEM strategy overall, here’s everything you need to know about prioritizing SEO vs PPC in 2018. Create quality, relevant content and build up the right ranking signals for it, and you can get search engine visibility without spending a penny.

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What is Paid Search? How SEO and SEM Work for You


What is SEM (search engine marketing)? By optimizing your SEM (search engine marketing) strategy, you’re able to capture the attention of people who already are interested in what you offer. One of the best ways to start building good off-page SEO is by link building.

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So You Are Changing Your Name – Learn What to Do Digitally.


Update your inbound links. Make appropriate changes to signatures and internal links. B2B / Technology Content Marketing Digital Marketing Manufacturing Marketing Automation / Email Online Advertising / SEM / Display Online PR / Link-Building Social Media Web Design & Development Companies change their names and website domains for a number of reasons including right after a merger, completing an acquisition or just to re-launch their brand and identity.

SEO vs PPC: How to Prioritize Your SEM Strategies in 2018


If you want to start improving your SEM strategy overall, here’s everything you need to know about prioritizing SEO vs PPC in 2018. Create quality, relevant content and build up the right ranking signals for it, and you can get search engine visibility without spending a penny.

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100+ Blog Directories and RSS Sites for Promoting Your Blog


The two keys to search success are great content and links. Assuming you’ve already got great content, there are many places to get links (e.g. Not only do they provide valuable links, they can also supply direct traffic and help build your RSS subscriber list. link]. link]. Several of these sites require registration, and some require a reciprocal link, but at last check all were still active and free.

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SEO Optimization - 3 Steps to Success


Popularity means that many other sites link to this page, ideally using the same keywords in the link text. 3) Get links to these pages. (1) Type the following into the Gooogle search box: “cache:[link] without any spaces ( click here for an example ). You can use SEO Browser to see how Google sees your site: check that all content and links are visible in this text-only view. 3) Get links. The link text should be the same as the selected keywords.

Use social media, improve your B2B’s search engine marketing

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We’ve blogged on several occasions about the synergy for B2Bs between social media and search engine marketing (SEM) …but mainly (as in this post) we were pretty much equating social media to blogging. But what about the larger scope of social media …and in particular the major social networks? Well, that’s the burden of a [.].

Best of 2008: SEM Landing Pages


Here are a few of the best posts about SEM landing page design from last year.

How to Calculate Your SEO Share of Voice

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This type of exercise helps website owners better understand competitive pressures in search engines as well as identify link building, content creation, and social media opportunities. Are they using a pillar content structure with thoughtfully organized internal linking?

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About SEO Shortcuts, SEO Tools, and Productive SEO Campaign Development

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Ignoring the SEO details (like cross-links, ALT properties, filenames, etc) even though the opportunity presents itself for implementation. Buying links purely for keyword rankings. Search Engine Marketing Blog Search Engine Optimization SEM Tools Spam

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5 SEO Strategies Every B2B Company Should Be Using

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2: Smart Link Building. Link building is a strategy that increases the number of legitimate hyperlinks on the web that send people to your website. That also makes link building one of the more challenging strategies to find continual success with.

12 Essential LinkedIn Groups for B2B Marketers

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SEO SEM Social Media (Digital Search & Internet Marketing) – 61,435 members. With so many social media networks to choose from, it can be difficult to determine what’s really valuable to your business.

3 Top Takeaways from SMX West 2015

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This year, I tried to attend some different sessions (those a bit outside of my usual space of content and link building) and I wasn’t disappointed. Actionable Conversion Strategies for SEMs.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization): the complete guide to reach the top results on Google


It’s where users find the most visible links, as well as those most frequently accessed by users — who generally don’t go past the first page of results to find what they’re looking for. Only 0.78% of users access a link on the second page of results. Internal links. Link Bait.

What is digital advertising and why is it so important?


Search Engine Marketing (SEM). From a work of link building, keywords definition, and high-quality content relevant to readers, the page can stand out and rank among the main results in the search engine. Changes within society have marked the last few years in the way we relate.

The Death of SEO? The Evolution of Search Engine Marketing

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I’m not going to link to the article; you can find it pretty easily on Forbes if interested. Google’s growth post IPO helped fuel an industry (SEO) and an opportunity for prospective business owners to build successful online enterprises through search. The Death of SEO.

31 Expert Guides to Maximizing Online Brand Visibility – WPO


How to build a robust content program by iMedia Connection. ” Though the post goes a bit over the top in spots (“link building as a direct SEO tactic is completely dead”—not quite true), Jason’s overall points regarding the SEO value of social media are spot on.

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How to Survive the Ongoing Confusion With SEO

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I also offer a few steps you can take to preserve your brand’s search influence and authority – even in the face of Google’s ongoing assaults on outbound link building. As Courtney says: Just because you don’t get a click, it doesn’t mean you’re not building influence.


Tools This Successful Marketing Agency Uses to Dominate

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Moz – Our SEO experts rely on Moz and its tools to help make SEO , inbound marketing , link building , and content marketing easy.

10 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2020

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ClickFlow is a tool we built to help companies increase organic traffic without building backlinks or posting more content. As a result, any new site you build should focus on the mobile experience. It helps marketers brainstorm keywords, build lists and filter them by topic.

Upcoming Marketing Events 2019-2020


It will cover everything a marketer needs to know, from in-house team building, online strategies and tracking conversions through keynotes, main stage speakers and site clinics. Pro Link Building.

Fathom SEO Pulse: 9.17.15


Google will rank a link with longer clicks higher that those with more short clicks. link]. link]. “4 link]. link]. Competitive Link Building Analysis For Your Industry”. link]. link]. “3 link]. “9 link]. link].

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The 26 Best All-in-One SEO Tool Suites


One is to assemble a collection of best of breed tools; previous posts here have covered tools for competitive intelligence , content planning , keyword research , rank tracking , and special-purpose SEO tools for functions like technical SEO, link research, and video SEO.

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5 Steps for Crafting an Effective B2B SEO Blogging Strategy

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Learn about PPC management, keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, local, mobile, link building, duplicate content, multiple site issues, video optimization, site optimization, usability, and more. Are you a Search Engine Watch Member? |

Our Favorite Online Marketing Posts of 2013

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Mike Pickowicz (PPC/SEM Analyst). A really creative way to learn how to build a story (or any piece of content designed to attract a target audience) from such a creative organization / company. 50+ More Things Every Link Builder Should Know - Julie Joyce, Search Engine Land.

How to Choose an SEO Agency

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Do They Have Successful Link Building Expertise? Much of their response should align with their comprehension of the current marketing landscape, where advanced link building strategies , or white hat methods, are out playing black hat approaches.

Everything You Need to Know About Performance Marketing

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Allows you to build your own brand: This is one of the obvious benefits this strategy guarantees. Basically, performance marketing allows you to build your brand through third-party partners with their own budgets and audiences.

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SEO 101: Best Practices from a Search Engine Optimization Agency

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SEO is ultimately about building a search-friendly website that you optimize for the best possible user experience. Off-page SEO factors can include things such as inbound links from other websites, social shares, and the geographic location of the user.

4 Content Strategies for B2B Corporate Blogging

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Here are four ideas and supporting examples for B2B corporate blog writing, designed to target specific audiences, help achieve Internet marketing goals, and build links for search engine optimization campaigns. Are you a Search Engine Watch Member? |

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What Is Content Marketing? Definition, Types, Best Practices, Benefits, and Examples

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Right from ensuring that proper technical and on-page SEO practices are implemented on the website, to having a comprehensive off-page SEO strategy (link building, guest blogging, etc.), But since SEM is not the most potent format for content marketing, let's look at other ways as well.

12 SEO Experts Weigh In on SEO 2014 Predictions

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She has expertise in SEO, SEM, pay-per-click management, content marketing, and relationship building for links, and strongly believes in data-driven decision making and in scalable, long-term SEO decisions within a larger inbound marketing program. Sophisticated Link Analysis.

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