The Social Media Content Calendar Template Every Marketer Needs [Free Template]


To make social media content easier for companies to plan and schedule across the accounts they manage, we created a social media content calendar template. Detailed instructions for doing this exist in the cover sheet of the template. "We have a 9 a.m. meeting?

Templatize Your Content Marketing – Part 3: Content Format Templates


If you’re just joining us, we’re exploring the world of content marketing templates! Well, because templates can play a major role in improving the speed, quality and efficiency of your content marketing process. Part 3: Templates for Different Content Types/Formats.

How to Create an Ebook From Start to Finish [Free Ebook Templates]


Got your free ebook templates? For example, in listening to sales and customer calls here at HubSpot, I've learned ebooks for use in content marketing is a huge obstacle for our audience, who are marketers themselves. Learn more through HubSpot's Landing Pages App.

How to Write a Sales Email + Sales Email Template Download


When you create a conversion-based sales email template, your goal is to have the person who receive your sales emails take an action. Practice makes perfect, especially when you create your first sales email template. Your first sales email template is just that: a template!

Here are the 7 Best Marketing Software Alternatives to HubSpot


No one can deny that HubSpot is a great CRM and marketing solution for larger firms looking to have all of their tools in one place. For many smaller businesses, HubSpot may not only be overkill…it may actually be less effective than using best of breed tools integrated together.

How to Conduct Productive Exit Interviews [Template Included]


To ensure you're asking the right questions during exit interviews and employing best practices to get optimal feedback from your employees, take a look at our Exit Interview Form template, followed by the best practices HubSpot's HR Business Partner recommends.

10 Free Templates Every Small Business Needs in 2018


That's why we took some time to round up 10 completely free templates that you can lean on to streamline your workflow, save time, and get more done. 10 Free Templates Every Small Business Needs in 2018. 1) Professional Bio Templates. 2) Invoice Templates.

Connecting to Hubspot to Send Email


This video demonstrates how to connect your account to Hubspot so that you can send your content to your mailing list. The template will first appear as a coded file in the Design Manager area: CodedFiles/Custom/email/ContentMX/ContentMX_Default_Template.html.

How To Create Lovable B2B Marketing with HubSpot 3

The Forward Observer

In a HubSpot eBook, the steps to developing lovable marketing are outlined: Develop a Stellar Marketing Offer - It should be educational and helpful, focus on the right stage of the sales funnel, and be in the right formats. Further explanation on HubSpot 3 in this 7:20 video.

Facebook Cover Photo Do's and Don'ts [+Cover Photo Templates]


Read on to learn what you should (and shouldn't) do in your cover photo, and grab some social media performance tracking templates at the bottom of the page. You'll also get cover photo templates for Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ with your cover photo template download !).

How to Make an Instagram Post Template for Your Business or Brand


If that's the case, you're in luck -- there are ways you can create pre-made Instagram post templates, so you've got a stash ready-to-go. Plus, by ensuring you use the same templates for different posts, you'll have an easier time creating a cohesive and aesthetically-pleasing feed.

20 Questions to Ask When Creating Buyer Personas [Free Template]


Download our free buyer persona template here to learn how to create buyer personas for your business. Check out HubSpot Academy's free content marketing training resource page.

New Social Media Image Templates, #INBOUND13 Wrap-Up, and More in HubSpot Content This Week


It''s no secret: We produce and publish a lot of content here at HubSpot. So we''re going to try something a little different for these Sunday roundups to help solve this problem -- each week, we''ll resurface some HubSpot content from the past week that you may have missed.

Best Practice Tips For HubSpot Sequences


Automation tools such as HubSpot sequences can offer substantial value to your sales team; enabling your team to create personalised, customised email templates to follow up, reach out and engage at the right time, in the most efficient way. If you can automate this with a tool like HubSpot’s Sequences, you’ll set your team up for success, with a more efficient process. What Are HubSpot Sequences?

13 Beautiful New Ebook Templates [Free Download]


Last year, we created five ebook templates to help make this process easier for you -- and they were so popular that we decided to create an additional 13 brand new-and-improved ebook templates for you this year. Use all of the stock images provided in the templates, free of charge.

Free Holiday Ecard Templates, Marketing Benchmarking Data, and More in HubSpot Content This Week


Free Holiday Ecard Templates to Customize for Your Leads and Customers. While you plan what presents to buy for family and friends, we decided to help you create a gift for your leads and customers: holiday ecard templates !

How to Manage Your Entire Marketing Budget [Free Budget Tracker Templates]


Are you simply switching to a new template and adding some new CTAs, or are you migrating your entire website to a new platform? Our latest offer, 8 Free Budget Templates to Manage Your Marketing Spend , has got you covered. Click here to download your 8 free marketing budget templates.

How to Create Infographics in Under an Hour [15 Free Infographic Templates]


First things first: Download our 15 free infographic templates here. In fact, I'm going to show you just how easy it is by taking one of our 15 infographic templates in PowerPoint (pictured above) and creating my own, customized infographic with it.

7 Places to Find Quality Email Newsletter Templates


Don't have time to build out a custom template from scratch? We've scoured the internet for the best resources for email newsletter templates and compiled them below. Once you find one you like, download the template and customize it to fit your needs.

9 Link Building Email Outreach Templates That Actually Work


Thanks for joining me here on the HubSpot Marketing Blog today. I've created nine different templates for killer outreach emails that you can borrow and adapt for your own link building strategy. If you're already caught up to speed, skip ahead to check out the templates.

How to Write a Case Study: The Ultimate Guide & Template


To help you arm your prospects with information they can trust, we've put together a step-by-step guide on how to create effective case studies for your business -- as well as free case study templates for creating your own. Earning the trust of prospective customers can be a struggle.

HubSpot's Strategy for Winning the Marketing Automation Horserace

Customer Experience Matrix

Back on September 20, I posted various tips from the Inbound Marketing Summit and HubSpot User Group. Naturally, the conference also included public and private discussions of HubSpot itself, but I thought those were best shared in a separate post. The conference yielded a clear picture of HubSpot’s business strategy for the coming year. HubSpot originally focused on “top of funnel” or “inbound” marketing, which boils down to helping marketers to attract Web traffic.

195+ Perfectly Optimized Design Templates for Email, Social Media & More [Free Templates]


Well, to make your life easier, we worked with Canva to put together the ultimate set of 195+ design templates for every visual marketing need. This set of 195+ designs includes: Infographics templates. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest templates. Email header templates.

How to Start a Blog: A Step-by-Step Guide [+ Free Blog Post Templates]


Not only am I about to provide you with a simple blogging formula to follow, but I'm also going to give you free templates for creating five different types of blog posts : The How-To Post. Check out HubSpot Academy's free content marketing training resource page.

The Free Templates You Need for Visual Content Design


Luckily, over the past couple years, we've been on a mission at HubSpot to make visual content creation much less of an obstacle for the average marketer. Templates, my friends. templates. Click here to download our full collection of free content creation templates all at once.

8 Budget Templates to Manage Your Marketing Spend [Free Download]


We’ve got something almost as good as a sentient robot that can help you plan your marketing budget: this bundle of 8 Microsoft Excel templates. The bundle includes budget templates for the following areas: Events. Want to share these budget templates with your Twitter followers?

How to Write Your First Blog Post: A Simple Formula [+ Free Blog Post Templates]


Not only am I about to provide you with a simple blogging formula to follow, but I'm also going to give you free templates for creating five different types of blog posts : The How-To Post. Check out HubSpot Academy's free content marketing training resource page.

The Ultimate Collection of Resume Templates for 2018


But, this uniqueness doesn’t mean you need to make your application uncommon — especially when you’re using a template. Resume templates allow job seekers to put together a unique one-page document that’s proven to get results. Even a non-designer could whip-up an incredible resume template in a matter of minutes and see results, including invites to interview or job offers. Work your way through this guide to discover how a resume template can help you land a new job.

How to Build A Business Plan That Actually Works [Free Template]


HubSpot and General Assembly have teamed up to help get you started on the right foot with our free Business Plan Template. Inside, you’ll find templates and checklists to help you: Sell the story of your company.

The Ultimate Collection of Free Content Marketing Templates


I joined HubSpot in September 2011 as a blogger. Download our full collection of free content marketing templates here. In this post, you'll find what I wish I had once upon a content marketer's dream: a full collection of 386+ free, customizable, content creation templates.

Lead Forensics vs Hubspot vs Leadfeeder


An in-depth comparison of how Leadfeeder compares to two other platforms, Lead Forensics and Hubspot for tracking what companies are visiting your website. In particular, two competing platforms we discuss with customers often are Lead Forensics and Hubspot. The chart below gives a quick comparison of Hubspot, Lead Forensics, and Leadfeeder. Leadfeeder Lead Forensics Hubspot Sales. Both Hubspot and Leadfeeder bill month-to-month.

How to Manage Your Marketing Budget [Free Templates]


” Are you simply switching to a new template and adding some new CTAs, or are you migrating your entire site to a new platform? Our latest free resource, 8 Budget Templates to Manage Your Marketing Spend , has got you covered. Website Redesign Budget Template.

Web design for beginners: all the basics covered


The good news is, you can still get your website off to a flying start, just by following these three simple steps: Utilize a Template. Instead, it’s now insanely easy to get started using a template from any number of programs like Hubspot, WordPress, Squarespace, etc.

Design 114

How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business [Free Template]


That''s why we recently updated our free PowerPoint template that walks you through the entire process: How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business. Download the template here , and share it with your coworkers and friends using the click-to-tweet links below.

4 HubSpot Sidekick Replacements for Email Tracking and Lead Generation


For a long time, HubSpot’s Sidekick was the go-to email tracking software for salespeople. In 2016, HubSpot announced the rebranding of Sidekick to HubSpot Sales, which was bundled as part of the HubSpot CRM and Sales product suite. While having little impact on those already using HubSpot’s CRM, this greatly impacted businesses using Sidekick alongside another CRM or users who did not use a CRM at all. It’s a very simple process to replace HubSpot Sidekick.

Facebook Cover Photo Do's and Don'ts [+Pre-Sized Templates]


Download our pre-sized Facebook cover photo template for free here to help you create and optimize your Facebook cover photo. You''ll also get cover photo templates for Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ with your cover photo template download !).

5 Pre-Designed PowerPoint Templates for Creating SlideShare Presentations


We've created five, pre-designed PowerPoint templates to help you focus more on bringing your story to life. The download also includes an instructional template, which walks you through the basics of designing slides in PowerPoint.

55 Free Templates to Make Visual Content Creation Quick & Painless


Templates, my friends. templates. And what''s great about these templates is they''re all for software you probably have loaded onto your computer already: PowerPoint. In fact, we use it all the time at HubSpot when we don''t have a designer handy. 5 Infographic Templates.

How to Send Follow-Up Emails [Free Templates]


Fortunately, Michael Pici of Signals by HubSpot and Bryan Kreuzberger of Breakthrough Email have invested vast amounts of time perfecting the art of following up. The following SlideShare walks through their proven strategies and email templates for following up.

The 28 Best Web Design Tools


” — HubSpot. Showcase reviews: HubSpot, Likeable Media, Siasat. ” — HubSpot. Showcase reviews: HubSpot. Showcase reviews: HubSpot, Likeable Media. ” — HubSpot. Showcase reviews: HubSpot. 28) HubSpot Icon Library. HubSpot.

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