Don’t be a Dinosaur! 3 Social Media Governance Must-Dos for Companies of Any Size


The conversation got me thinking… regardless of the size of your business, there are some basic social media governance principles that every business should consider. Final thoughts: Social media governance has become a super complicated landscape.

Top Tips to Improve Your Organization’s Digital Governance in 2019


The fastest growing threats today are coming from outside the network — digital and social media and third party vendors. As we begin the new year, it’s time to comprehensively rethink how to approach digital risk management and your digital governance. According to the 2017 – 2018 National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Public Company Governance Survey, boards have a high level of discomfort with cyber-risk management.


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Just Released: ABM Vendor Guide Gives Detailed Comparison of 40 ABM Vendors

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Some of pause was due to vacation, but mostly it was because I’ve been working feverishly to finish the Raab Guide to Account Based Marketing Vendors , which I’ve released today and you can purchase here. This was a huge project with the almost insanely ambitious goal of making sense of the ABM vendor landscape. What made it challenging wasn’t just gathering detailed information on 40 vendors but the variety of the vendors serving ABM needs.

Vendor 139

B2G Public Relations: Government Heros


Both technology companies for which the government is an important vertical and those that are solely focused on government agencies struggle to find customers who are willing or able to participate in media outreach on behalf of their vendor. Second, it made the government customers feel proud about they had achieved, and gave them the recognition they most often never get. Government Marketing Public Relations

6 Ways To Reach Government Decision Makers With Account Based PR


When it comes to reaching and selling to government agency decision-makers, a colleague of mine often smartly reminds our clients and prospects of the following: there is no “government.” For other vehicles, PR needs to account for the strengths of multiple vendors.

ABM Vendor Guide: What to Look for in External Data Sources

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Last week’s posts introduced our new Raab Guide to ABM Vendors ( buy it here ) and introduced a framework four process ABM steps, six system functions, and six key sub-functions. But the sub-functions are still important for stack design and vendor selection. External data may seem like a commodity – after all, all vendors have access to pretty much the same sources. Yet there’s probably more variety among the vendors in this category than any other.

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Capture the future’s biggest competitive advantage for yourself


Add new people-first components as services delivered from cloud vendors like Amazon , Microsoft , and Google. With coopetition a leading cloud vendor could help this expand rapidly to make their big competitors decline.). What will have a bigger impact on everyone’s life than governments as large as the United States’ or China’s, and economic partnerships as far-reaching as the European Union’s or the Silk Road’s? Lesson for leaders.

Rules 139

Publishing’s revolutionary breakout: always-on, multi-way connections in shared life spaces


In frequency of use order, the largest chat apps vendors are Skype for Business (50%), Slack (14%), Google Hangouts (11%), Microsoft Teams (7%), Atlassian HipChat (2%) and Workplace by Facebook (2%). Government statistics. Your trusted vendors focus on connected consumption’s new visible marketplace. With digital boundaries, the visibility and participation of people, vendors, advertisements, and content are under your control, depending on what you want each minute.

Plato, the Allegory of the Cave, and the digital enterprise, part 2


We often blame regulations, lawyers, governments, vendors and the like to justify that gap. In my last post, I recalled my experience in 1990s Brazil and how the technological progress in the workforce shaped my comprehension of our digital reality.

How exponential growth publishers can accelerate digital wealth


Other advances include next-generation entertainment with global events navigation, constructed digital realities, new kinds of always-on devices, governances, online utilities, and more. Lesson for leaders. Facebook and Google are currently the most efficient at digital advertising, but can they be disrupted by their negative perceptions and a digital wealth paradigm? Tech’s anti-people bias is increasingly discussed.

Take back advertising revenues: digital boundaries can serve millions and earn billions


Advertisers and vendors will access consumers on each user’s terms, giving people new power to guide a people-first economy. This will not change: government intelligence agencies find vulnerabilities and keep them secret so they can access everyone. With widespread corporate tax avoidance, governments are less able to provide safety nets, retirement, healthcare, quality public education, and much less universal basic income (UBI). Lesson for leaders.

Income 113

Lots of Vendors Can Help You Find Leads on the Web

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Some vendors only rank leads while others build multiple models for different purposes. • Whether the vendor sells prospect lists or only enhance names provided by the client. Whether the vendor provides lists of individuals as well as companies. Here are brief profiles of the vendors I’ve identified in or near this space. Vendors I’ve Reviewed • Mintigo both returns new prospects and applies scores to prospect lists provided by the client.

Vendor 174

Six roadmaps multiply your exponential growth


Your preferred vendors can know what you consume, when, and where. Connected consumption can drive vendors, suppliers, and logistics. Today’s economic stagnation causes widespread rejection of governments, democracy, and capitalism. Lesson for leaders. How should you plan on having your business destroyed by Facebook ‘s, Amazon ‘s, and Google ‘s roadmaps? If you don’t pay Facebook, Amazon, or Google, they make you disappear online.

Take the lead, deliver the future, and rise to the top in four stages


The 20th century was governed by mass market products. When each vendor creates and sells their products, a tiny group of people decided the kinds of products people could make part of their lives. Their tech tracks people to sell targeted advertising with personalized recommendations to sell vendors’ products. Connected consumption will grow customer-vendor partnerships during every use of connected products. Lesson for leaders.

7 Business Intelligence Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

Single Grain

Mobile business intelligence – “the ability to access BI-related data such as KPIs, business metrics and dashboards on mobile devices” – is set for a big year ahead, with many new vendors and solutions expected to debut in 2020. Trend #7: Data Governance Will Be a Top Priority.

MarTech, the vendor-agnostic conference for marketing technology and operations leaders, returns in October


On the contrary, it’s more important than ever to have strong technical and operational leadership in the marketing department — to forge the right infrastructure for distributed digital marketing, with centralized data management and overarching governance for everything from customer experience continuity to new privacy compliance. (Note: the above infographic is just a sneak peak of the partial agenda for MarTech coming up — more sessions and keynotes will be announced soon.).

Data Privacy Day 2020: How to Safeguard Customer Data to Build Trust & Loyalty

Martech Advisor

The use of first-party data is also recommended – in place of third-party data acquired from unreliable vendors – as it can help to deliver a more personalised experience to customers. Learn More: The 2020 Data Governance Guide for Beginners. Data Governance

Developing a PR Content Strategy for your B2G firm


Developing an effective Business to Government (B2G) marketing strategy to reach decision-makers in the public sector requires a handful of marketing tactics, perhaps the most impactful of which is a well-founded public relations program.

Everything Marketers Need to Know About Consumer Protection & Consumer Rights

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Besides such security threats, many organizations adopt unscrupulous practices to acquire customer data unethically or sell it to third-party vendors without the consent of customers. Governments have taken decisive steps to curb data frauds and leaks and give power back to consumers.

The 7 Point CCPA Compliance Checklist for Marketers for 2020

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Discuss this with vendors and contractors who collect data on your behalf. is not alone in evaluating its approaches to regulations, and we’ll continue to see inputs from governments around the world. Data Governance

Trust is hard to come by these days

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Hidden in the data is the fact that CEOs and Government officials are at the very bottom of the totem pole when it comes to delivering a message that people trust. For example look what Apple is going through with its overseas vendors. And be vigilant with those vendors that aren’t in compliance. You would need to say “here is where we are and are not compliant with our overseas vendors and here is what we are doing to fix it.”

Trust 158

How Will Web Hosts Prepare For Upcoming Internet Security Bills?


The SECURE IT Act specifies ways that businesses and government can share information more readily. There will be incentives to share information with the federal government about any potential cyber threats detected. While these two bills have similar goals, the major difference is in the use of government regulation to manage the process. Proponents of larger government control prefer the Cybersecurity Act of 2012. Guest post.

Financial business case justification remains a requirement for IT vendors

The ROI Guy

In Gartner's 2010 trends report, Daryl Plummer, managing vice president and chief Gartner fellow indicates that "For many organizations, the economic and budgetary challenges of 2009 drove important changes in the general governance of IT investment decisions, accelerating the trend toward greater accountability and transparency.

Lead exponential digital growth through publishing and advertising


Regulatory agencies, politicians, and governments are captured by super-wealthy elites, to serve their business, regulatory, and tax reduction needs. The resulting political stresses may destabilize governments in the countries where these mass migrations originate, and overwhelm the destination countries. Even the early shocks of potential cataclysms may exceed the abilities of today’s governments and institutions. Lesson for Leaders.

Supply Chain Planning Software

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Our data and research coverage includes factors such as: buyer demand; buyer selection preferences; buyer perception of vendors; market share; and a range of end-user and buyer behaviors. As a percentage of the total number of companies, the Government and Public Administration, Wholesale Trade, and Finance industries also demonstrated a high level of in-market activity. This suggests that these industries should serve as high-priority segments for vendors in this sector.

Blockchain Will Be Huge. We Think.

What Works - What Doesn't

Non-technical governance, regulatory and legal questions loomed as large, if not larger. To start, be sure you have answers to (or at least a feasible approach for) dealing with the security and other limits of blockchain, and the regulatory or governance hurdles it faces in your specific industry. One example that surfaced repeatedly was database vendors disguising their wares as distributed ledgers, whether they meet the unique needs of blockchain or not.

Driving Thought Leadership in Blockchain

What Works - What Doesn't

Why (and if so, how) should governments or regulators change how rates are sets and financial returns regulated to encourage such a shift? Ideas (and actual projects) range from delivering credit and secure transactions to the billions the billions who are now “unbanked” to low cost identity assurance programs that can widen access to government aid and even fighting human trafficking.

What's New at DataFlux? I Thought You'd Never Ask.

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In fact, and this is what I find interesting, much of DataFlux’s focus is now on the larger issue of data governance. DataFlux tells me the change has been driven by organizations that face increasing pressures to prove they are doing a good job with managing their data, for reasons such as financial reporting and compliance with government regulations. Back to governance.

Why RFPs Are Not Right for Everyone (and When You Still Need Them)

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The traditional process for selecting software involves gathering requirements, embedding these in a Request for Proposal, sending the RFP to qualified vendors, and making a decision based on the replies. I don’t know where the process got started; I suspect in government procurement but perhaps it was large corporate bureaucracies. Sometimes you can conduct a “bake off” by giving vendors a specified problem and actual data, and seeing how they solve it. know the vendors.

RFP 120

Data Privacy Terminology 101


Data Governance. Data governance signifies how businesses intend to use data. The world of data privacy is vast and complex. Almost everyone has an opinion about the topic, but few truly understand how it actually works.

Is your entire martech stack becoming one big virtual “platform”?


Governance — establishing and enforcing rules and standards in an app ecosystem. Virtual Governance Layer. Finally, at a layer above, there is now a rich collection of tools that help govern all these different SaaS apps. The Great App Explosion can’t be stopped.

FTC Issues Final Privacy Framework Report to Protect Users’ Data


” The five main action items in the report: Do-Not-Track: Includes browser vendors that have developed tools to allow consumers to limit data collected on them. As an enforcement agency, it can take actions against companies that opt-in to its guidelines but many feel that legislation, especially around Do-Not-Track, is necessary if the government really wants to protect consumers on the Internet. Web advertising Browsers Government web

Five Impacts of CMO Budget Cuts – Gartner 2021 CMO Spend Survey


There was an expectation that once the fear of COVID and government-imposed lockdowns were behind us, live events would bounce back strongly. But B2B vendors have moved more sales online as well. CMOs are reporting that marketing budgets are being slashed.

How Outreach Keeps Privacy Top of Mind with Sentiment Analysis


In 2020, we were the only vendor to score a 5 out of 5 in security and compliance, privacy and governance criterion in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Engagement, Q3 2020.

Gartner CIO Study Highlights Need for Outcome-Based Technology Sales & Marketing Strategies

The ROI Guy

Gartner Value Marketing IT Economics IT Budgets Pisello IT Governance Alinean Value Selling IT SpendingGartner's latest CIO study, "Reimagining IT: The 2011 CIO Agenda" highlights several important trends that will have significant impact on technology marketing and sales enablement into 2011 and beyond.

The Straightforward Guide to RFIs


Both RFIs and RFPs are tools used when procuring new tools, services or vendors. An RFI is the initial step a company takes to solicit information from potential vendors, as described above. Be specific about how and when you want to receive vendor responses.

RFI 54

Informatica Buys AllSight and What It Means for the CDP Industry

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Informatica announced last week that has purchased AllSight , a Toronto-based Customer Data Platorm vendor. This is interesting on several levels: A CDP vendor is being bought by an established enterprise data management firm. which purchased Treasure Data , is not a typical enterprise software vendor. By contrast, Informatica is very much a leader in enterprise data management, with a major presence in integration, Master Data Management (MDM), governance, and security.

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