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FAQ drops and other SERP feature landscape changes

Kevin Indig

Google recently announced significant SERP Features changes: the removal of FAQ and How-To rich snippets. Google’s announcement to reduce the visibility of FAQ/How-To rich snippets is highly ambiguous. It’s one of the web’s largest sites and covers many millions of keywords. Or did they?

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11 ChatGPT Prompts for Super-Optimized Copywriting

Marketing Insider Group

Keyword Research and Idea Generation As marketers, we know the power of the right keywords. ChatGPT can be your go-to tool for uncovering those hidden keyword gems that can drive your strategy forward. “ChatGPT, help me out with 10 fresh keyword ideas and content angles for digital marketing trends in 2024.”


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Voice Search Optimization: How to Rank Higher in Voice Assistant Queries


For instance, instead of focusing solely on keywords like “best restaurants,” consider incorporating long-tail conversational phrases like “What are the best restaurants near me?” Affiliate sales support independent publishing Additionally, incorporating FAQ sections within your content is a powerful strategy.

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How to Find Competitor’s Keywords with SpyFu

Directive Agency

Why You Should Spy on Your Competitor’s Keywords In PPC, you compete in keyword auctions to determine ad placement. By analyzing your competitors’ keyword strategies, you can replicate their success, target missed opportunities, and drive more conversions. What is PPC Competitor Keyword Analysis?

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FAQs & Zero Clicks: How to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets


To seek out featured snippet opportunities, type the keywords you’d like to rank for into Google. ” Incorporate the frequently asked questions into your content, or add an FAQ section to the bottom of the page and answer three or four questions on each page of your content. FAQs about featured snippets.

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How to Use Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Pages as an SEO Treasure Trove

Content Marketing Institute

Bad FAQ pages confuse, bore, and fall short of their SEO potential. But FAQ pages done right can pay off for your users and your branded and non-branded keywords. Continue reading → The post How to Use Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Pages as an SEO Treasure Trove appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.

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10 Simple SEO Basics for Better Rankings


A B2B SEO strategy might include keyword optimizing your content, building more links to your website pages, and handling more technical areas (like making sure your website doesn’t load at a snail’s pace). Use your most important keyword in the title, but do so naturally. Simple SEO: Don’t overstuff keywords. Make sense?