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How To Boost Your Business With Facebook Messenger Marketing


Want to learn how to use Facebook Messenger to connect with them and convert them into customers? According to Facebook, more than 1 billion messages are sent on the Messenger platform each month between people and businesses alone. According to Facebook :

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10 Ways to Increase Traffic With User-Generated Content

In a world where AI is taking over quite a few functions, including writing, genuine human-generated content is still valuable, as humans can provide a context to their content. The same survey also revealed that 58% of consumers worldwide viewed user-generated content as the most authentic content amidst everything a brand published.


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How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost in the Philippines?  


What if the world didn’t see the witty banter between Wendy’s and its patrons on Twitter or the recent Facebook face-off between local burg ER joints ? Social media, in general, has become a valuable tool for marketers, leveraging its reach to deliver digital ads to people across the globe. Progress wouldn’t be possible.

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The Ultimate Facebook Audit Guide [+ Free Template]


Are you worried that your Facebook page is not driving qualified business leads or that your Facebook ad spends are not yielding good ROI? Well, it is time for a Facebook audit. A thorough audit can help you identify key areas for improvement, optimize your content strategy, and give a push to your overall Facebook marketing.

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Crowd-Powered Impact: Benefits of User-Generated Content


UGC or user-generated content is an original and brand-specific content created to spread awareness and goodwill about the brand. In this blog we talk on everything related to UGC and answer questions like what the benefits of user-generated content are, how to utilize UGC for marketing, and where does user-generated content come from.

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How Weber put their customers in the spotlight by scaling user-generated video


“The problem we were facing was generating authentic content in order to humanize our brand and build trust/product reassurance. Said Collard, “We wanted to leverage user-generated content across our distribution channels and website.”. Weber generated over $1.5 Still from a user generated video – provided by Weber.

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User-Generated Content Trends Reshaping the Future of Ecommerce: 2023 & Beyond

Huptech Web

Table Of Contents Introduction What is User-Generated Content (UGC)? The Psychology behind the WHY User-Generated Content really matters. Importance of UGC in building trust and credibility How Does User-Generated Content Make a Great Impact on Ecommerce? What is User-Generated Content (UGC)?