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Viral Marketing Techniques to Get People Talking About Your Brand


Viral marketing is a strategy that aims to reach thousands of people with your product or brand through social media. Viral marketing is valuable because it gives companies an inexpensive way to reach a wide audience. Popular Social Media Platforms for Viral Marketing Social media is a must-have for any business.

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The Viral Coefficient: Your 2020 Guide to Viral Marketing

Martech Advisor

Going viral can give your brand and product immense publicity, generate brand awareness, and acquire new customers. But how does viral marketing work? What is the Viral Coefficient and the Viral Cycle Time? Before we begin, let's first understand what viral marketing is. The Viral Coefficient.


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The Ultimate User-Generated Content Guide

Sprout Social

One of the better avenues to help personalize your brand is social media. With audiences becoming more hyper-focused, brands are seeing success on social by providing user-generated content. For marketers who aren’t seeing much interaction or social media engagement , it might be time to consider user-generated content.

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Facebook Marketing in the Time of #Deletefacebook

Martech Advisor

In the last two years, there were several heated debates around Facebook marketing and what it means in an age when the social media platform is under heavy scrutiny. It all started with the Cambridge Analytica scandal that revealed how the data of millions of users was unethically used. Five experts weigh in: 1.

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Facebook vs. YouTube: Which is Better for Live Video?

Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

Live video streaming is all the rage these days, with both regular users and influencers using it to have their voice heard. Second, live video is great for engaging your followers, increasing awareness about your business and brand, and ultimately, generating leads and driving more customers your way. User Experience and Features.

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Beating the LinkedIn Algorithm in 2024: Expert Tips & Tricks


With a massive user base of 1 billion , LinkedIn continues to be a powerhouse for personal and professional growth. As more and more people are posting, there is a need for a clever assistant to make sure only the content that matters goes viral. LinkedIn expert Neil Patel once said, “ LinkedIn is no longer an online resume.

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How Social Media and Influencers Have Radically Changed B2B Marketing


Put another way, the entire global population of Internet users was less than the actual population of the United States. Social Media Marketing Becomes a Thing. LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and had reached one million users by August 2004. Facebook was opened up to the public in 2006. YouTube got started in 2005.