The Founder Interview Series #32: Mike Lewis and Michael Weber, Click360


Year after year, marketing professionals are asked to do more with less. That means both B2B and B2C marketers are challenged to answer the same question: how can I know which marketing tactics are actually driving sales, so I can allocate my marketing budget more effectively?

5 Ways To Incorporate Direct Mail Into Your Marketing Mix

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Yet many B2B marketers continue to be allergic to the idea of using direct mail, simply because it seems such a throwback in our mobile-social-online era. Old fashioned, yes, but used smartly and effectively, direct mail can play a vital role in a well-rounded, integrated marketing plan. Here are 5 areas that make ideal candidates for including direct mail in the marketing mix: 1. Small Business. Customer Marketing. Pop Quiz!

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Marketing Automation Vendor Consolidation: Lessons from History

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Summary: consolidation isn't new among marketing software vendors. As I wrote in my June 30 post on consolidation among marketing automation vendors , I expect the number of competitors to shrink fairly quickly as new buyers concentrate their purchases among a handful of leading vendors. This is a natural result of a maturing market, as technology-oriented pioneers are replaced by buyers less likely to research their options in depth.

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5 Pointless Marketing Metrics You Can Stop Tracking Today


More collaboration between Sales and Marketing? But in many areas of marketing, more doesn''t always mean better. Take your marketing data, for example. Though having data about your marketing programs is crucial to analyzing your success and making changes to future programs, some individual metrics aren''t actually that helpful. We blog to rank for keywords that are important to our business in search engines. We blog to generate leads for our business.

Humans of Marketing: Dan Brackett


We spoke to him for our Humans of Marketing series to get his perspective on the passion that drives great marketers, evangelizing search data, and how taking a spin on a motorcycle can inspire you to better marketing. Christine Schrader: I would love to hear how you got started and what made you get into marketing. I had some latent interest in marketing back in college at Ohio State but the first touch was really my first job out of school.

More Blogs Worth Checking Out


Fans of Marketing Sherpa or RainToday will be probably be familiar with these excellent marketing-related blogs, but just in case, here are four blogs recently added to the recommended blogs list on WebMarketCentral: Email Marketing Best Practices : Chris Baggott is CMO and co-founder of hosted email marketing services provider ExactTarget , and an expert on email marketing. Small Business Blogging : Andy Wibbels, author of Blogwild!:

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Numeric Scoring: The Key To Lead Management Success

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They have added new capabilities for delivering highly personalized direct mail, SMS/voice reminders, and on-demand fax and RSS delivery – interesting stuff that, while I’d need to talk to a client or two to be convinced of their specific usefulness, show that Eloqua is delivering a broader range of lead nurturing, drip marketing capabilities. And this is where I think the marketing rubber hits the sales road. In my view, these marketers live by four best practices.