The emerging challenges for managing brand risk


Today it is almost impossible to avoid taking a position on many political and socio-economic issues, especially with social media ready to spread news (and sometimes distort content) overnight. This exacerbates extreme positions.

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7 ways to stay happy all day long


Make contingency plans for potential challenges: Are you worried about what could go wrong today? Give a compliment or send a thank you: There is something to be said about spreading positivity. Before you think that this is a sappy motivational post, don’t worry: it’s not.

9 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

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However, on the landing page, everything is contingent to the details based on the companies products and solutions. Tweaking it to maximize conversations will positively affect the ROI of your entire B2B marketing efforts.

The Growing Risks to Brand Reputation Could become a Game-Changer


Millennials remain the most active supporters of these social issues (69%), but the biggest surprise was the significant rise in support from the 55+ contingent, +16 points versus 2017.

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How Unsubscribe Requests Can Affect Customer Experience

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Email remains one of the best ways to communicate with consumers directly, but the effectiveness of the channel is contingent upon maintaining deliverability health to ensure messages get to the inbox. “What can I do to reduce unsubscribes?”

More Marketing Will Be Outsourced in 2013

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A secondary benefit of outsourcing , according to the Randstad study, is that contingent or temporary workers are happier than full-time workers – primarily due to increased compensation, career ownership and schedule flexibility.

9 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions


However, on the landing page, everything is contingent to the details based on the companies products and solutions. Tweaking it to maximize conversations will positively affect the ROI of your entire B2B marketing efforts.

How To Optimize your Outreach Sequences


Outreach Amplify's machine learning can help by automatically classifying email replies into positive or negative replies, which provides significantly more insight into next steps than simple vanity metrics like open and reply rates.

8 CRM Stats That Will Help You Get Company Buy-In


That impact is contingent on combining your CRM with benefits such as marketing and sales automation, not to mention any number of integrations , such as account management and social media.

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Which Organizational Structure is Better for Your Business?


The key to effective business collaboration isn’t contingent on the type of personalities that your team portrays. The hierarchical structure can be organized based on a variety of positions in a company involving: Function.

Are Your Internal Comms Doing Enough for Your Brand?


It was just a part of the culture and it radiated positivity in an otherwise difficult work environment. Do you have a contingency plan if a new initiative goes off the rails?

How to Unite B2B PR and Content Marketing for Powerful Results

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The type of content you create is contingent on your goals. You attain this status through the creation of in-depth content, speaking engagements, and the way you position yourself on social media -- all of which blurs the lines between PR and content marketing.

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Inequality of pay undermining trust in CEOs and corporate brands


There has been widespread resistance to greater transparency and suggestions for making CEO pay more credibly contingent on company performance. Inequality of pay in business has become a crisis, fueled mainly by the excessive pay of CEOs.

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Building an Effective Go-To-Market Strategy: Four Questions Answered

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You want your launch to highlight how this new product or service is adding value to the entire organization and contributing to a positive and consistent brand voice. You need to be realistic when creating your launch timeline, which will involve considering contingency plans as well.

Marketer Showcase: Carolina Alves of Aggreko


We position ourselves as experts in each one of the industries we attend, and that’s why creating relevant and targeted content is crucial. The piece of content that got the most downloads this year was an eBook called “Contingency Planning 101”.

Are Your Internal Comms Doing Enough for Your Brand?


It was just a part of the culture and it radiated positivity in an otherwise difficult work environment. Do you have a contingency plan if a new initiative goes off the rails? Throughout high school and for two summers in college, I worked several different jobs at Six Flags in New Jersey.

The Essential M&A Checklist

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Once you’ve identified the major risks, develop realistic contingency plans to handle each of them. Key Messages —Begin by identifying each audience’s likely objections, then craft messages that overcome those objections and lay out a positive vision of the future.

Price Matching Pros and Cons for Online Retailers


But you need to evaluate your brand and market position carefully before deciding this is the marketing strategy for you. Most businesses that offer price matching have entire departments dedicated to price matching contingency issues. Guest post by Alex Walker.

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Earned Media in Professional Services: 3 Strategies for Success

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However, not all earned media is positive. Have a contingency plan ready to go: Identify a public relations firm and a lawyer whom you can call to help manage the crisis. Most importantly, set your firm up for success and build a public reputation that is overwhelmingly positive.

Planning for ABM? Avoid These Common Challenges


Once you get used to the process and start seeing positive results, you can begin to extend ABM implementation to the rest of your accounts. Account-based marketing (ABM) has gained a firm foothold in the B2B marketing world.

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Marketing in the Age of Uncertainty

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Many firms also add a contingency (often 10% of the yearly budget) as a way to plan for as yet unknown adjustments. You need to be in a position to tell your prospective client what they should be worried about. Second, it has a positive impact on your brand.

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3 Things a CMO Can Learn From a Championship Team

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As a leader you need to know that your ultimate success is contingent on you putting your teams in the best possible position for success. Being a marketer as well as a journalist I am always looking for story lines.

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Self-Driving Marketing Campaigns: Possible But Not Easy

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A more positive conclusion is it’s still possible to build a completely AI-driven marketing process but it’s going to be harder than we thought. That, in itself, is a contingency to plan for.

How B2B is Using AI

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Technology has improved to the point that AI can tell the difference between a positive and negative comment. Your sales are no longer contingent on the individuals that you employ, which is a great advantage to have.

Decipher Your Audience’s Visual Language with Image Analysis

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If a large contingent of your regular audience is teens or younger age groups, you can also use image analysis to understand general perception. With it, they know that her 12 million followers now also have a positive association with the brand.

Understanding Brand Identity

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When used to support a brand strategy , your brand identity provides important visual cues that convey positive qualities and help allay concerns people may have about your brand. Each of a brand identity’s components should contribute incrementally to these associations and positive feelings.

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4 Skills for Marketing Professionals Every Firm Needs to Grow

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Regular tracking and reporting of key marketing metrics helps puts firms in a better position to know what works and what doesn’t. But the extent to which professionals can even secure those speaking engagements is largely contingent upon how effectively they demonstrate their expertise through digital means – blogs, social media and e-books, to name just a few. In professional services, business growth is closely correlated to the composition of marketing skills within a firm.

Differentiated Marketing for Professional Services

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Position your firm in the marketplace. Successful positioning rejects conformity. At its best, positioning elevates a brand above the fray so that people can’t help but take notice. Keep in mind that this positioning must work for all of the segments you are targeting.

Defining Lead Status: A Simple Yet Necessary Element of B2B Sales & Marketing Alignment


While each of these strategies is as true today as it was a year ago, there’s one simple contingency that will make or break your ability to align – and that’s lead statuses. Opportunity – This is the positive progression of an MQL or SQL (lead). This classification can be made if you make contact with an SQL and have positive dialogue resulting in a scheduled follow up (meeting or call).

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Best Practices When Requesting Ideas and Pitches From Creatives


Do… Accept a pitch contingent on the candidate modifying it based on your specific parameters and needs. Do not … Expect candidates to come in for multiple interviews when it’s not a permanent position and/or a very senior position and/or they’re in the top three candidates.

5 Legal Mistakes Your Agency is Making in the Pursuit of New Business (And How to Fix Them)


Unless you've agreed with a prospective client that it will own the agency's pre-engagement IP, consider a Nondisclosure Agreement that protects the agency's ownership position. New business is simultaneously exciting and stressful for agencies.

How to Build Your Influencers in Social Media


In this webinar, I will be discussing all the things you’ll need to do to improve yourself, your position, your reputation, your attachment to and connection with the people who are already making things happen on the social mediasphere.

5 Tips to Writing More Effective Cold Emails

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If their response is contingent upon the perception that you can help them, it’s probably a good idea to make that apparent early, no? In addition, this positions you as a straight shooter, which is the type of person with whom people want to do business.

4 Smart Ways to Keep Up With Google in 2017


This approach ensures that your traffic numbers aren’t entirely contingent on people directly searching for your brand name. In fact, did you know that the first position in Google gets 33% of search traffic ?

How to Become a Top Story on the New Facebook


Gaining a high EdgeRank is contingent on creating the type of content that gets people to click on it in one way or another and to do so consistently. You may also try adding a caption that positions the photo in a way that adds to the viewing experience.

How to Justify the Demand Generation Budget You Need in 2018


For example, make Q3 and Q4 campaign spend within a specific new channel contingent upon Q1 and Q2 returns from that channel. If you’re like most marketers, you are probably busily putting together your 2018 demand generation budget right about now.

Effective ABM Needs Effective Planning


Once you get used to the process and start seeing positive results, you can begin to extend ABM implementation to the rest of your accounts. If you have a comprehensive plan that takes into account the potential challenges you might face, you’ll be able to develop contingencies and even find opportunities to improve various aspects of your ABM process. Account-based marketing (ABM) is starting to gain a lot of traction in the B2B world.

THE HACKIES: How leading marketing executives tackle martech


Putting a contingency plan in place will help companies remain agile and shift as the tides of change accelerate. Going back 10 years, traditional marketers were trained to follow proven strategic frameworks where campaigns were crafted from positioning statements, benefits, and proof points.

How to Build a Remarkable 21st Century Brand


An "inside-out" approach, on the other hand, helps achieve a distinctive and credible branding program by tapping insights that emerge from within the organization itself -- a process largely contingent upon leadership support. Creating Bold, Action-Driving Positioning.

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Marketbright Targets Sophisticated Demand Generation Users

Customer Experience Matrix

One hint of Marketbright’s approach may be that Pilcher recommends his clients build separate campaigns for different customer segments, rather than “boiling the ocean” by creating a single campaign with branches to handle all contingencies. My final conclusion was similar to the positions I’ve taken before: usability has to be measured separately for different functions, levels of campaign sophistication, and user skill sets.